Letter(s) from Katarina Berezina to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1

hello dear so thank you very much for your letter massage, i also will write you just few words about me, so you know who you are talking too and of course send you a picture of me. First of all i want to tell you that i am Kate, my last name is Berezina, i am 27 y.o. still not married. So, you may ask me how comes? I have been in relations before for 4 years, we have been just living together and then broke up because it was full misunderstanding between us and no love any more, so i am looking for another kind of relations. Just want to finds a decent man who will love me and appreciate our relationship!
As you see i speak English, so i can speak, write and read English, Ukrainian and Russian : ) how many languages do you know? I have a good level of English language because i have been taking some extra lessons, i wanted to go to live to the USA with my ex, so that is why had to learn it. So, may be now i need it to find my soul made!
So, i am working is a cook in the kinder garden, i cook for children and staff. So, my education was the cook but i was dreaming about some better future like cooking in some good restaurant, any way right now i am getting more experience at this job and who knows may be i will be a great chef : )) Any way i am more family oriented lady, who likes to stay home with her beloved man, sometimes to go somewhere together. I am ready to de many things just to stay happy until the moment i see that this person is indifferent that i do for him, i hate indifference in relations.
Well, i live in Ukraine as you know, in Lvovskij region in Borislav town, so in my profile mentioned just that i live in Lviv, that is because i couldn't finds my town in the proposed ones! My birthday is the 3 of September, i am Virgo according to the sign of zodiac and what about you?
Well dear, that is all at the moment that came to my head to write you about myself, if you have any questions you are welcome to ask. I should say that i will be really happy to continue our correspondence and i hope that it turn to be something pleasant for both of us!
I kiss you in the cheek ; )

Letter 2

Hi! It is really nice to meet you my dear, just tell you that again : ) Thank you for your reply to me, i am sure that there are still lots of things we can say to each other. So, from your letter i understood a lot of things about you, what you are looking for, what kind of woman and so on but still don't understand how comes that such a man lie your is still singe, you are so nice and of course i like your pictures, you are a very sexy and handsome man!
So, if you afraid that we have some age difference and i should tell you that you shouldn't be, first of all i have always been seeking for a serious and mature man who will not think about parties and something that other young and silly boys think about, so i should say that i really like the way you are and i don't think that age is a problem!
Well, you know already that here i am with the only one aim to find a serious man to be in relations with, and that is not only friendly relations as you can understand, i am looking for serious ones! So, i really would love my man to be serious, mature, interesting, loving, caring and attentive and of course from my side i would be the same for him!
So, also i wanted to tell you more about my family. I live with my parents and also i have a sister, who is some older then me and one brother who is younger them me. Their names are Alena and Boris : ) So, that is it! My parents are 60 years old both of them. They are both are pensioners and don't work, my dad in the past was a military man and my mom is still working in the library at school. Actually i have very warm relations with my family and it is so important to love my family and to feel their support!
Also i wanted to tell you that unfortunately i don't have the computer at home, well it comes like that and that is why i usually go to the Internet club to write you, but also i have an opportunity to write you from my work. So, that is why as you see it is not the comfortable to use the messenger, so i think that it would be better to talk on the phone, what do you think? I can give you my phone number so you will call me, just tell me if you want to have it!
So, in my next letter i will write you more about my and my hobbies and interests, ok?
Well, thank you very much for your attention, i will be waiting for your another letter!
I kiss you!
your Kate

Letter 3

Third Letter:
Hi there! Thank you very much for your reply! it is great that you like the idea of developing our relations, so first of all i will give you my phone number so you can call me to this number (it is my cell phone number )+380664785866. You know of course i can be busy sometimes because i work and in the evening i go to the gym sometimes, but still you should call me during the day like 3-5 p.m. Ukrainian time, ok? I like your pictures ;)
Thank you for telling me more about your life and your family, so i can see that you travel a lot, well that is really good for you : ) So, your mom is a teacher, great : ) You have a son, that is great, i see that he is rather active and sportive, i am sure that you bring him up in a good way and you are a good father, so good for you ; )
Well, i promised you to tell you more about my hobbies and preferences and so on. You know my real hobby is to cook and to produces cakes, i really like to bake the tasty cakes and then to decorate them with the cream and stuff like that : ) I will send you some pictures of my masterpiece : ) So, every time there is some holiday i start to prepare the tasty things for the whole family, they really like it and for me i bake the dietary ones not to get fat : )
I really like to read book, the latest one i have read is of Bob Show, the fantastic story 'Two faces' i am not sure about it's English name it was Russian language : ) To watch films, have you seen the film 'Hatiko'? It is about one doggy! oh, i have been crying so much, i really suggest you to watch it when you have some sad mood in order to cry and then you will feel much better ; ) Also i like to learn languages, i have been trying to do my best to learn English and now i am planning to start to learn French but never can find a time for that, hope that soon i will : )
I like to meet new people, i hate being sad, i hate seeing when someone is sad. The only one thing that make me really happy it is the happiness of other people and what about you? i really would love to know what kind of woman would be perfect for you? i mean her appearance and character? As for my preferences, first of all i don't pay too much attention to the men's appearance because it happens when man is not handsome but very nice, loving and caring! Well, i really appreciate when men are attentive, loving, caring and not indifferent to any problem you have even if it seems to him some trifle.
Well, dear, i hope to hear from you soon, if you have any question you can ask me ; )
I kiss your cheek!
your Kateryna

Letter 4

Hello dear! How are you there my darling? it was really nice receiving your mail. So, i should say that i am also more then happy to write you and to have the correspondence : )
Well, i see that you are really very serious and i think that it is not a problem for me to give you all my information, first of all my phone number is +380664785866, my address is
Ukraine, Lvivskij region, Borislav town, Staropramena street, 17/18. Zip 82300.
As for talking with a web cam, of course i don't have any problem, just at the moment don't have much time for that, that is why i give you my phone number : )
So,as for your questions :
1) What interests you about me? That you seems very serious and really interested in finding a woman for serious relations that is also all about me that is why i am so interested in that : )
2) I am older than you, is it a problem? You can be intimate with such older man?
So, you afraid that we have some age difference and i should tell you that you shouldn't be, first of all i have always been seeking for a serious and mature man who will not think about parties and something that other young and silly boys think about, so i should say that i really like the way you are and i don't think that age is a problem!
3) How affectionate are you? Give me details! Yes i am affectionate woman, i can love, i can give all my self and to devote all my time to my beloved person, i love kisses and making love, i love romantic evenings, i love cooking for my beloved person, actually i am very tender and passionate woman!
4) What are your traits to consider? Good & Bad? well, what about my good trait, i am very honest, open, and kind and what about bad one, it is rather easy to offend me!
5) What do you feel a woman should be to her husband? And husband to the wife? I think that friends, relative, lover and supporter in all senses.
Today i also have a very good news because one friend of mine gave a birth to a child, it was a boy 3.100 kl : )) Can you imagine, i am really so happy for her, so i am going to go to congratulate her for the maternity home! We go together with all her friends, i imagine how happy she will be to see us, just it is not allowed to enter there if we are not the close relatives any way i will try, just really want to see her little baby : )
I am also dreaming to give a birth to a child, to have a warm, friendly, loving family, that is really what i am dreaming about and what about you? That is your cherished dream, don't worry i will not be offended if it differ from mine ; ))
Today, have been listening for my favorite songs, that are classic music, that makes me feel very calm and also i like the music plaid on the Sax and Guitar and also Piano : ) Well, ok dear i am sorry that today i wrote you not that much, just have to run : ) You take care of yourself and i am looking forward your reply!
your Kate