Scam Letter(s) from Julia Vasil'eva to Klaas (Netherlands)

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Letter 1

Hello my new Friend klaas!
I am very pleased that you have left me his E-Mail Online RussianEuro.
I'll tell you a little about yourself My name is Yuliya I'm 25 years old I grew up and live in the city Sanchursk a small town in Russia, about their city, I'll write in my next letter.
I live with my mother and brother. I work in a law firm lawyer ...
I love to watch her figure and it seems to me that I look good =))
Like all the doubt I love watching movies, dreaming and looking at the starry sky ...
You're probably now asking yourself why I can not find the man in Russia ...
This year I celebrated the New Year with my friends and a friend of mine told me to go to dating ...
She found herself a man and soon left for Europe. I also decided to try to find a man in foreign countries.
For me it's all in the first and I do not know what else to write ... I'll be glad to answer all your questions.
If I'm interested in you, I'll wait for a letter from you and just as I would like to see a photo with you!
P. S I am sending you a photo and wait for a letter from you!
I am not as fluent English hope you understand me. At the moment I am using a translator!


Letter 2

Hello my Friend klaas
I am very pleased to receive a letter from you ....
I like that you're interested in me and want to know me.
I congratulate you happy New Year in his first letter, it's probably because of the excitement ...
Congratulations on the new year and wish you happiness, health, success at work!!
What would this year all your wishes come true! Happy New Year to you my new Friend klaas
Thank you sent me a photo on the photo you like me!
I'll be glad if you will send me a picture in each letter ...
The first letter I have not written any relationship I'm looking for ... In my plans to find a husband as you already know I'm 25 years old and I want a family. As they say in Russia "want to love and be loved" I'll tell you a little about myself I'm not tall and 164 cm, but I'm not a complex about it!
I love to walk in high heels, the figure I have almost perfect, you can see it on my photos that I sent you ...
One time I was on the Black Sea, times 2 was in Moscow. Have you been to Moscow??
I do not smoke, hardly drink alcoholic beverages! and you smoke?? Very much love children ...
Do you love children?? I do not when not married ...
I will finish my letter ... I am waiting for your letters your friend Yuliya
PS I hope you understand what I write ...

Letter 3

Hey my love friend klaas
I am very happy to get another letter from you!
You write to me means I'm really interested in you, and we begin to know each other more =))))
this very much pleases me .... Today we have good weather on the street - 4 and almost no wind! In the morning I was awakened by the call of his girlfriend, she called me to ski ... Do you like skiing?? I was a little prepared for the skiing but I woke up and got ready ... The forest was just amazing, I got into a fairy tale, we went with the slides, even when we fall on our faces had a smile =))) Today I had a wonderful day .... and how was your day??
Even in this letter, I want to continue the story about my family! As you already know I live with my mother and brother ... My mom call Anastasiya, this is a very wise man, I listen to it at all ... This year she turned 51 years old. She brought me to the most rigorous traditions and for that I love her very much! My mother works in a hospital as a cook ... Preparing it just fine! You know someone loves Chinese food, who is Italian ... And I love how my mom prepares =))) Now I'll try to find a photo with her mother and to send you this letter ... My brother is still young he is only 20 years old, I love him very much, it is to learn from the builder so that my mother and I hope that soon he would build us a big house LOL =)))
My dear friend klaas I will finish my letter .... And wait for your new emails.
With love and affection from Cold Russia Yuliya

Letter 4

Hello klaas
I just have a great mood today! Very glad to see your letter !!!!!
Today we simply have excellent weather on the street -10 and the sun shines brightly, when you look at the snow, he shines and shimmers!! Very nice =)
How did you weather today? I'm flying in the clouds ....
I told you already about my family =) Now I will tell myself:
As you probably already noticed, I love photography, love to climb on all sorts of abandoned places, summer, love to ride on the lake ... I am generally an active person, I do not like to sit still ... I do not when it is not leaving the country ... Although my plans to visit many places! I want to see everything .... My biggest dream is to see the ocean =)))
I saw him only in the movies! My most favorite movie I saw recently ... you watched the movie "The Law obedient citizen" My favorite actress Rinata Litvinova for me it ideal of beauty and femininity! My favorite season is summer of course! This summer, Russia had a very hot =)))
Here are just now remembered about another 1 dream =) I want to live where it's always summer =)))
Tell me what you dream? I think any human being has a dream ... I also very much want a family, I want that I had a man who is willing to do anything for me =) and I would do anything to him was comfortable and pleasant to live with me! Just like any girl I love shopping =))) I like a trail and I have a big wardrobe ....
in clothes, I love everything, dresses, jeans, skirts .... Once a week I visit the gym and pool, I have it already in the habit .... So now I look out the window and then the sun is shining, as if calling me =)))
so I'll finish my letter and go to meet for a walk .... I'm always waiting for letters from you klaas Your Yuliya!!!!
I am sending you a kiss! I wish you a successful and complete a positive day !!!!!

Letter 5

Hi my interesting friend klaas. I was glad to receive again the letter from you.
I today in fine mood, and me would be desirable to joke constantly. The smile does not descend from my person.
If every day was such fine for each person all world would be perfect, but... It is impossible to be always cheerful, in fact it is necessary to be sometimes sad to have contrast and interest in a life. What mood usually happens at you? You frequently are sad or on the contrary too cheerful? You are in a condition of affect?
In general it is interesting to me as usually you express the emotions, and what mood usually test.
I know people which are always cheerful and carefree, or are on the contrary constantly loaded and in bad mood.
I can not explain why to me it interestingly. Probably I have no experience in acquaintance to the help of the Internet.
Usually if you get acquainted in a reality frequently you pay attention to a mimicry, gestures, intonation.
From this there is a first impression about the person.
My first impression about you has developed in how you express the ideas in words. I present intonation, a mimicry and gestures and so there was my first impression about you.
This impression was very positive, and till now I am very pleased with you, and you are very interesting to me.
I today have reflected on in what can result our relations.
You for me now as the friend with whom I would like to have closer dialogue.
The Internet does not give an opportunity to feel usual feelings, but I feel, that I miss when I do not read your letters or when I can not write to you the letter.
What my ideas about the future... I am sure, that we should meet once, but it "once" needs time. I believe that relations are checked by time, and I think, that we can discuss more detailed details about the future later, perhaps in a month.
Though if to think, what terms can be? I simply do not want to hasten.
Probably I should understand myself and the feelings, and then already to speak about it...
You should know the most important I wish development of our relations!
When I shall receive your letter, it will be the most remarkable event of day so I wait with the big impatience.
Sincerely, your friend Yuliya

Letter 6

Hello my good friend klaas. I was very pleased once again to hear from you.
With every your letter I feel an interest in you more and more.
I think that we should develop our relations to a close. I thought that we should discuss some points about how it will develop further our acquaintance with you.
Interest to me such a question. If fate allow us to be together, how will it respond to your parents and friends. The most important thing for me, that your relatives would treat me the positive side, and were not against our possible union. Personally, I'm sure I'll have a good opinion about your parents and friends.
I'm sure you're a wonderful person and I believe that we can be happy together in the future.
But I do not want too much hurry. I think we should be honest with each other, and no doubt in our feelings.
I think that in building relationships between men and women should be trusted. I hope you trust me, trust my words, my letters. You should know that every word I say is true, and I treat you as I write this.
My friend, when suddenly the Internet will take us, we can lose touch with each other.
Can you send me your address, and if suddenly something happens I will write you a letter.
I will finish my letter on this. I have many thoughts in my head about you, about us, but now I find it difficult to express it in words.
Your letter brings me great joy, and I'm waiting for him with impatience.
Sincerely yours, a good friend Yuliya.

Letter 7

Hello my lovely klaas. Getting your letter to me a holiday! I glad everyone your letter, because if you write to me, so it is not just right! I feel that between us something there! As if the power approach, I was just drawn to you, I think of you constantly!
I only need you! Of all the men in the world, I want to communicate only with you! I wish that we could focus more on each other. I do not write to anybody except you, and would very much like you to also did not write the other girls.
I was at a Japanese restaurant. Possession chopsticks. You know how to use chopsticks? At first It may seem complicated, but in fact it is very Easy!
I wanted to say that I'm undecided, and I would like to do develop our relationship. I really like you, and I feel a closeness with you. Although sounds so weird, we're at a great distance, but I feel you near, I close with you.
I'll wait for your letter with great look. Your Yuliya.

Letter 8

Hello my lovely klaas. I was infinitely pleased to re-read your letter.
My dear, I thought about you, about us, and I decided we should write each other that we are more likely not suited to the past relationships, that these mistakes are not repeated. I want to tell us a little about my past relationships.
We had small differences, for example, as to where and how spend an evening. But this is by no means the essence of the dispute. He started argue, because wanted to prove that he is chief of the house and a completely his decision. In the end we reached a very strong conflict. Once I ruined his white shirt, wash it with colorful things. This was serious conflict, although shirt is not too expensive. All began with trivia and developed in substantial conflict with the cries and tears, etc. It is very bothered me, and I have suggested, was friends. I am romantic woman, I'm serious, I have the common sense humor, but I'm not kidding above, because the conflict is not a joke. And most important, important to me that the man is not all up to you, and sometimes listened to my opinion. Honestly, I do not care to remember sad past. But without a past can not be future.
I'm looking for in a relationship? I want to have a relationship in which man and woman are equal to each other, but the man should be head of family, because he's a man! It may sound paradoxical, but I do not I know how to explain what I want to say in other words. Man should be able to surprise. This does not mean that it should do crazy actions. For example, an ordinary home life. Woman 2-3 times a week, cleans the house, and suddenly the week, got himself man, it will surprise the woman.
What I would like to know about your ideal relationship? I think it is would be a better way, if you also tell me about the former love ... but have more specific questions. You're a responsible person? You always you try to fulfill the promise, if there is a possibility? You often give promises?
Today I will finish my letter. I'll wait for your letter with great look, because your letters are forced to beat faster my heart.
Kisses, your Yuliya

Letter 9

Hello handsome man by the name of klaas. I am pleased once again to hear from you.
I think our intentions about creating a family is equally serious.
I have never believed that it might be easier to get acquainted with foreign men on the Internet. But now I've reconsidered my point of view, I now get to know you and understand what it really is absolutely real.
You know, dating on the internet is new for me and I do not know what to write in the letters, so I'll write what I think.
I hope you understand me, and will not focus on the minutiae, it's not important compared to what we want.
What more do you write about.
I would like to dwell on the subject of marriage. I am a very responsible girl and I always try to achieve this goal.
I am against divorce, even if the conflict is very serious. I think that if we ever had a family, I will not let any outside factors influence the relationship. I believe that if the relationship is no truth and loyalty, then they do not make any sense.
I'm not looking for the ideal of man. As we both know that the ideal does not exist, and each person has its "pluses and minuses." The only difference is that we should look at the pros, and if there is true love then not have to think about the "cons". I must say that we need to know about the shortcomings of each other in advance so that in future we have no conflicts on this issue! Do you agree with me?
Well move to a more cheerful note. I did not tell you that went to music school when I was 10-17 years.
I play the piano and occasionally singing. But, unfortunately, my favorite piano broke and we had to throw it.
Well, here again started talking about the sad ...
Okay, I'll finish this letter. I am sending you a photo of the club where I usually play in bowling.
I look forward to wait for your letter.
Sincerely, Yuliya

Letter 10

Hello my lovely klaas. Your letter again brings joy to my heart and soul!
My dear, sometimes I am unable to write to you every day. I'm not every day you can have access to the internet, and if I do not have access, I feel guilty that I can not write to you.
But I hope you are not angry at me if I'm not writing to you.
I am not now a huge busy at work, in fact more important to me now you and our relationship, perhaps our meeting!
I seriously thought about it, because I can not sit still, I am very thirsty, to meet you.
My vacation will be in February, and I want to meet. But I also think if we can, meeting to stay together forever?
I want this week to learn more about what I need to arrive to you. You do not mind that I came to you? or you can come to me? Maybe I could stay with you forever. I believe that when we meet and know each other even closer, we do not want to leave. For me, of all the men in the world, only you and I do not want to lose you.
I have for you, there are some important questions.
My dear klaas, if we're together, you will not want to leave me? Do you believe that between us will be very strong love? I believe!
If we are to live together, you will support my interests, if we can sometimes go to the bowling? Could we go somewhere on a ski base to have an active holiday, skiing?
You'll be able to take care of me until I get used to the new environment?
What do you like to drink morning tea or coffee?
Today I have a headache. I do not know what was happening, but I do not feel "at ease". I hope that soon my head will stop feeling the pain. I have to finish the letter today.
I hope to receive your letter very soon!
Kisses, your Yuliya

Letter 11

Hello my lovely klaas. I was infinitely glad to receive your letter!
I now know how we can walk together perfectly. I really want to meet as quickly as possible.
I feel for you something special deep within my heart! I can not imagine now that I have done if it had not met you!
I was looking for a friend and found more than a friend. I wanted it to be my gentle and kind!
To my friend to understand me! And you know what I mean! You're like my other half! I'm without you can not!
I could not imagine that I would feel something similar to what I feel now about you.
I think about you every day, and there is nobody better than you! All my dreams now, it's see you in reality!
I promised you to know something about how I come to you!
I was a travel agency, and told me how the visa and what do I need to know.
First I have to sign a contract with the agency for a visa, passport, insurance and tickets.
Makes it easier for me. The Agency will seek the best options for your arrival. The agency gives the request to the embassy for a visa. That is, I do not have to go to Moscow for most of this.
As I was told I had to do a tourist visa. The best option is for 3 months.
Now, as the process occurs. First I need to sign a contract with the agency. Going for a passport, here in Sanchyrske, then order tickets. Most likely, I need to depart from Moscow airport "Sheremetyevo-2". I need information from you, in what airport you will be able to meet me.
Which airport should I fly?
Once tickets are booked, all the necessary data for a visa together with my questionnaire sent to Moscow for approval.
I was told that the embassy approves 94 of the visa, ie visa, I will not have problems. After all, I have all the necessary information about health.
After all these steps are fulfilled, is to wait. Wait is long, usually a visa have to wait about 2 weeks.
As a result, I can prepare all the documents within 3 weeks.
Now we can solve some of us it's best to meet!
Remember, I asked about what do you like in the morning. I want to collect a few recipes for cooking the morning drinks to prepare it for you!
I have to finish my letter today and will wait for your letter with great impatience.
With love, your Yuliya

Letter 12

Hello my lovely klaas. I was infinitely glad to read your wonderful letter.
I liked the one interesting phrase. This often send out sms, and now my girlfriend has come a sms: "One day you ask me what I love most, you or your life. I'll answer your life and you go, without ever knowing that my life - it's you !
Indeed, I feel that we should be together, that fate has allowed us to know each other, and we found a spark in our hearts!
I spoke to friends last night that I was going to meet with you, and may stay together forever!
My friends said I was a fine fellow, that I decided to change his life, and said it was happy for me and support me in my decision.
This morning I was at the agency. I chose the best agency for travel to you. I again explained in detail what I should do. I also explained about the visa. The best option for 3 months, it's almost free rein. I shall arrive to you on this visa, and if we stay together forever, then I can extend my visa without returning to Russia. Also I was told that the contract is that all the agency does, and if I conclude this contract, for I will not have any worries with the tickets or documents, no visa.
Also, I specified the value of the contract, ie all documents. That made me a little upset, and I'm afraid that I could not be with you on, if I rely on my financial situation. It's really expensive for me to pay for everything. And I'm quite disappointed in it.
My intention is to connect his life with you, very seriously. I can not keep thinking about you. I feel that you're the one I was looking for my whole life.
My darling, I miss without you and I shall be glad to receive your letter soon!
I am waiting with great anticipation.
With love, your Yuliya



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