Letter(s) from Daria Abrashieva to Derek (United Kingdom)

Letter 1

Hi my dear and sweet Patrick!
you just can not imagine how I was waiting for the moment to write you a letter!
I think of you constantly! you are in my heart and my feelings only for you! I trust you and you become family to me man! you become part of my life!
Today I was very tired at work (((it was a lot of clients and We sold a lot of things)) is well reflected in my salary)))
I only get it through the month!
fell as a free moment, I decided to write to you)) you are happy with this?
I approach today to the chief and asked about the vacation and he said that while neither of which can not say specifically, and as soon as everything is known then immediately let me know! I very much hope that it will be soon!
Patrick! I go crazy on you! I beg you not to think badly of me, I I tell you all sincerely and from the heart!
I really want to be with you! I want to give you my love and affection I give you the hunt of their destiny and trust you! I know that you are in able to appreciate this! am I right?
my cat! you do not mind if I call you that?)))
you're my kind and caring cat. I LOVE YOU! and me who does not need except you!
I want to live with you and build your family with you!
please answer me as soon as possible, ok?

My fervent kiss you !!!!!

Letter 2

Hi my love Patrick!
I miss you and want to be with you!
I want to love you I want to take care of you! prepare you and keep your home fireplace! I want to give you my life and affection!
I am very lonely and because of this I suffer very much!
Today I went to a travel agency and asked all about my trip with your travel agent! He told me everything completely!
in order to leave the country I need to do a lot of paperwork!
Medical certificate - 10 USD
passport! - 50 USD
Visa! - 100 USD
Tickets! - 1000 USD
service agency! - 100 USD
He said that if you do all of the documents individually then it will take a lot of time about a month, or even more! He also said that their agency deals with such issues and they do all the documents in within 4-5 days, I think it is very little)))) and very convenient! I will not have to run somewhere and just pay them for everything!
Patrick, there is no big deal! The fact that I have no such a lot of money, I thought that it costs about 300 USD! I do not know what I making love ((((not it possible that we will not see ???(((
sorry I'm asking you this but my desire to be with you much stronger and I do what I can not help myself! you can help me and we'll be together next week! I might have to pay tomorrow, 300 USD to the agency that they have started to do papers! I hope you do not leave me and help me with this?? I beg you darling!
I love you and miss you MUCH!

Letter 3

Hi my love!
I'm going crazy from our senses. I have everything turned inside when I read your letter, and my heart was beating faster! I realized then that we will soon be together and everything will be fine, at least I do all for it and I think that you too are my favorite!
I would really like you to see my photos, which I did in holiday village on the banks of the Volga River, it was summer and we celebrated hen my friend!, she now lives in another country with its her husband, and they all just wonderful, I think that we all too will be just fine )))))))) I hope you enjoy these pictures)))
Today I learned how to securely send money to our country!
I went to the bank and consulted!
I was told that the surest and quickest way to send money from other countries to Russia is to use the WESTERN UNION! you know such company? I've heard a lot about them but not when I did not use them services! I asked what it takes, and I do not detail explain! I need you to write your data that I now do:
name Darya
Surname Abrashieva
Moskovskaya Street 100
Kod 610020
then you go to the WESTERN UNION and send this data money, then you are given a secret code MTSN, and you will need send all their hard data, and MTS that I could get these money, but it would be better if you send the form that you fill in)))
I think of that does not miss )))))
favorite Patrick, please tell me how much and when you can send money so that I could come at this time in Internet cafes and get your information, ok?
I love you and I can not wait the moment when I'm next to you! not yet lot and within a week I sit on a plane and fly to you!
YOUR for ever DARYA!