Scam letter(s) from Elena Zakharova to Jacek (Austria)

Letter 1
Hello nice stranger! I am very pleased that you responded to my post. Although for some reason I had thought that you will not answer. I immediately confess that I do not know German. And I do not live in Europe.
Honestly, I liked your page on the friendscout24. On this site I learned from my friend who was able to find their happiness, her beloved husband. I decided to try my fate, I hope to get. -)))
Now about myself a little bit, my name is Elena I'm 34 years. Was not married and no children I think that I still have everything ahead. I live in Russia, in the city of Yakutsk.
Yes it is very far from Europe, but it seems to me to date technology walking with long strides. And very soon, perhaps, the distance does not play a significant role.
I do understand if you do not respond to this letter. But if you decide to answer
Before you write me, I advise you to think
Are you ready for a serious relationship? I understand that the distance will be the first problem.
I think it would be without difficulties and not interesting.
On it I finish my first revelation. And just want to ask you not to play and not a joke.
I am absolutely serious, and not used to communicate with non-serious people.
I shall be very glad if you answer me and send your new photo.
I send you my picture, I hope you will enjoy.
Yours sincerely, Lena.
Letter 2
Hello my new partner Jacek ! I'm sorry about that late reply to your message.
It was nice to see your letter in my mailbox. Begins to seem that
You have forgotten who I am? Let me remind you, we accidentally met at a (Friendscout24) I want to ask you what you're looking for here?
Long have you been looking for, you have been meeting with the girls from this site?
Now a little about yourself
Yes, I saw your pictures, and I'm looking for a man is your age.
Me it's not scary to me is fine.
I'm not joking with you and want you to be treated too seriously this. I have little experience with men from abroad, and
Yet I could not find happiness.
Tell me why you're divorced his wife? Do you have children?
On it I finish my short message would be nice if you
answer me. With greetings from distant Siberia Lena.
Letter 3
Hi dear Jacek! I am very pleased to receive your letter today, to be honest I'm really waiting for your answer.
After reading the letter, I have risen even mood.
Now I do not have much time, so I will write shortly. I have to go to work, and I do not have time.
Later I'll try to write more about yourself.
My job is in the business of selling, and I represent the interests of the company as a sales representative. Our company sells a set of productions, mainly because of cosmetics or perfumes. My higher education is unfortunately not suitable for my specialty, but have to work where possible. My specialty is in the institute was as an economist.
Many names, it's because I do not use your mailbox. Tell honestly I had not enjoyed the email =) My friend has already found their happiness on the internet, gave me his email. And helped us in looking for you to frienscout =)
I do not know what is skype? I have my own computer and Internet home.
On this I finish. Your friend from Russia, Lena.
Letter 4

Hello my dear Jacek. Today I was very pleased to receive your letter. For several days, it pleases me.
After reading, I just want you to write a reply. That you did not think that I do not think of you
I have a few days I was in good spirits. And I think I know who's to blame, I'm wondering what all you write. For me this is all new to Europe, I have only heard on TV.
Sometimes it even seems that on television do not speak the truth. And to you I have full confidence, you can write about everything I do is very interesting.
A little about yourself, as you already know I live in faraway Russia. We have a very harsh climate, send you a little proof temperature. This happens often, the coldest temperature was fixed -72,2 ° C, this horror =)
I'll tell you a little about the family, my parents divorced 20 years. My mom lives near me, my father lives in another town with another family. I have a sister she younger than me by 5 years, now she is married.
He lives just in our city.
In his spare time, I love to ride horses. I love animals.
I live alone in the flat, I have a favorite cat (Giant)
I also have loved friend with whom I meet when there is a possibility.
We sometimes go to a cafe, cinema, or theater.
What is your job? Yes, you have a good phone, which makes
You have a very mobile person. I have internet only at home.
You can send a photo where you live, an apartment or house? Own? Do you have a car?
I think today enough what questions you are interested you can write?
Yours friend Elena from cold Siberia.
Letter 5
Hi dear Jacek.
Apologies for the late reply. The long-awaited weekend has ended.
And already a new week again, back to work .=)
I was very pleased to read your letter.
I never wanted to laugh at you, very nice that you're so sentimintalny people. Maybe later we can talk in chat, but yet for this I have little time. We must remember the difference of our time of 8 hours. Really like your song, I will also listen to it and thinking of you.=)
The weekend passed very quickly. I spent those days with her mother at her home.
There's no internet, and I could not write to you.
I want to tell you what else I love to skate and roller =) I forgot say it in my last letter. And you roller skate?
I have no bad habits such as smoking or alcohol.
Just a little wine or champagne during the celebration.
and you have bad habits? I once a week with my friends jogging in the park, usually in the morning on weekends. winter we go to the Ice Palace and skating or skiing.
I constantly keep up her figure and form an active lifestyle.
My height 170 cm, weight 53 kg. Do you do sports?
and how you rest with your friends? how do you usually spend your free time?
I wonder this because you live in another country and I think that you have a different culture, nature, world.
Tell me what music you like to listen? what movies to watch?
I like to listen to romantic music. in childhood, when still I was in school, I went to music school and played the piano.
sometimes listening to classical music, I remember certain moments of childhood.
sometimes I go to the cinema for the premiere movie interesting.
I still I have a huge weakness is that I love to go to the sauna or (Russian sauna)
Do you like a hobby?
At this point I will finish my letter, I'll wait for your answer.
Regards from far away Russia Lena.
Letter 6
Hello my dear Jacek.
Today I am very happy after reading your letter.
At work was an unusually hard day, after which only wants to rest.
Immediately after thinking about the holidays come the memories of holidays =)
Last year, I really liked it a rest in Morocco. It was an unforgettable vacation.
More than that, I was in Gankok in 2005.
Which countries do you relax? And where do you like most?
I've never been to Europe, and dream like every woman of Venice =)
I hope sometime in the future, my dream will come true.
I want to congratulate you on Merry Christmas.
You will have a wonderful Christmas at the hotel 5 stars 11 days.
It is a pity that I can not decorate your loneliness out there ), or vice versa.
I have to spend the holidays with my mother I suppose.
I look forward to your reply.
Given our time difference 8 hours probably your letter, I see only tomorrow morning.
With greetings from cold Yakutsk Lena
Letter 7
Hello my dear Jacek.
Today I am very happy to see your new letter.
With every your letter I am more and more nearly all my free time I think about you.
Sorry for not writing this morning. I was late for work.
After work, I visited the pool. And as I learned from you that you going to the Emirates on the way back I went to a travel agency. It was interesting to find out about tours, it was found that the new year in the Emirates in the 5 star hotel costs from 1230 dollars.
I never thought that such high prices during the holidays.
More interesting to me was to visit Europe in Austria, there is more expensive.
Tickets are more expensive first need to Moscow for a visa.
And today I see in your letter that you would like me travel. Very nice to hear such desires, as I can only dream about at the moment =) Perhaps it would be really fun.
You are approaching holiday weekend. But in Russia we party Christmas is only 7 January. Thus the holidays will only from January 1-10. I probably Holidays Christmas and New Year will be a mother.
In Yakutsk many different nationalities.
In terms of population is dominated by the Yakut and Russian. I am nationality entirely Russian. And who are you nationality?
It is interesting turns when you are holidays, I will work everyday.
In this letter, I want to tell you about myself a little more.
I think you just wonder why I do not build relationships here in Russia.
Of all his unsuccessful novels, I realized that important in a relationship is trust. It is hard to find a reliable man which would be respected, understood and loved. I have little free time, and I rarely go to cultural and entertainment centers. Therefore, it is difficult find a good man in real life, and I decided to learn to Internet. Now we can say that to you I spend most of their time.
One might think that I'm not free =)
What do you think about the ideal relationship? In my understanding, it must Partners understand each other in words, in thought, in movement. They should do so that another person was nice stay close. Make pleasant surprises, fun, please close all possible ways. Parents and children should complement each other, maintain and protect.
With this I close this letter and continue my thoughts tomorrow, now I have to go to sleep.
With great respect Lena.
Letter 8
Hello my beautiful friend Jacek! I am glad to receive from your interesting letter.
I thank you for every answer to my question. Your answers are very important to me.
When I start to think about his future plans, I imagine myself in the circle of extended family! I want to find a good husband, I want to own children.
This is probably my most cherished dream! My dear, tell me your future plans?
What more do you want to do in my life?
Very good that you've got to the hotel, I imagine how it all beautiful. I would now give up everything and flew to you to decorate your loneliness, really uncomfortable to be alone. In these holidays, all employees of the resort are set to see the love pair. It is not surprising that they are all surprised that you are alone.
I do not know what the weather in February in Europe, but we are in Yakutsk cold and therefore it is better not to go out, because health important. I do not know what we could come up with you, but I want to believe that we can indeed meet somewhere.
Today I decided to pamper yourself a delicious meal. After work, went to the store and bought it, products for cooking the pie, some salads and main dishes took the meat deer. Today dinner will be venison in pomegranate juice, mashed potatoes for garnish.
What dish for you is the most loved? If it is not known for my dish I would really like to cook it and taste =)
At Christmas, you will probably a lot of tasty, and I'm wondering what is the mandatory dish should be on the table?
Since we now can talk about everything, I can fully trust you.
I do not want to show you a perfect, everyone has their flaws.
On its flaws, I mean, I think I am too trusting, may be naive, dream as a little girl, too, believe in lack. I fear the darkness, perhaps like many girls. Sometimes it seems to me that I grown up, and how afraid of the dark?
Sometimes I think that'll always be lonely, and it scares the most ...
These are the thoughts swirling in my head))) And what do you have weaknesses and fears in life?
With this I close this letter, I will wait your answer is.
From frosty Yakutsk, Lena.
Letter 9
Hello again Jacek!
I'm not going to find somebody.
The fact that the friendship between us, not to say that may be something more than friendship. I understand what you 58 years, but is this the life over?
I nor how many does not scare your age, even in the turnover of You have a lot of experience. And you could always good to me something to advise me catch you at all times. And take advantage of expert advice. I do not exclude that that we may have relationships. We need to get to that, only
After the meeting, we can know we are coming to each other. Why do you hurt your heart? I love you than hurt you? If so then I'm sorry, I do not wanted.
I wish you a wonderful holiday, and Christmas. Write me there is fun, if you can send photos. Your Elena.
Letter 10
Hello my dear Jacek.
I'm sorry that you could not immediately answer. At the weekend I was visiting my mother.
Do not think that I have overlooked about you, it is very pleasant for me to see all yours
Letters. You very emotional person, it are very pleasant for me. Not
I can tell about that that I can arrive to Vienna in February on some
Days, I think if to go that it is better for 4 weeks during a vacation. But
While I have no opportunity to pay this trip, therefore I think for
Me it will be impossible to arrive. You can can arrive to me?
We can say preparations for the celebrations had already begun. I now have a lot of unfinished work necessary to settle all matters in the workplace. Besides, today was the pre-Christmas evening the whole team celebrated party. The evening was in a good restaurant, many employees have come with husbands and wives. Only I was without my pair was a little sad about this.
I thought about how would rather go home and see your letter.
After reading your posts I have cheered up .=)
The main thing - it's right to choose the script for the new year and then the cheerful, handsome, bright and really New Year's holiday, you are guaranteed!
To attend a New Year mood we set Christmas tree.
You, too, have already established tree? You want your New Year's corporate, or the New Year celebration was held at the highest level, was remembered as a vivid and memorable holiday event?
For many people, especially children - a New Year holiday is the most magical and fun holiday of the year, with a lot of surprises and gifts! I have received gifts from their relatives, and at work as well as monetary gifts. Have you got a gift, what?
I can not wait for your answer, Lena.

Letter 11
Hi dear Jacek!
I've got all your letters, so sorry that yesterday I was not able to you answer. I've had problems with the Internet in the evening, I could not send you a letter. But today, I hope to get.
After reading your letter, I was very pleased. I have the whole evening thought there was much excitement. You say you want me to come.
Willing to pay for my trip, then I'm even a little scared.
But after I had long pondered your proposal, I do believe I can not what is possible in this life. I had not had anything like, you're the only man in my life that I propose a trip to Europe. From my side it would be very foolish to abandon it. I still can not believe this, please tell me what you say is absolutely serious?
I really want to meet with you and if you really can help me with a trip I will gladly come to you, my answer is YES, I I want it. You say that love with me, I'm very pleased.
Maybe you fell in love with my appearance. But I think we need to know each other better, and our meeting will help us in this. I'm sorry that I can not admit you love, for my part it would have been a hoax.
But I really like you, I do not want to lose you. Thank you for your phone number, I will write to you if your feelings seriously.
I can give you my bank account, I need you to Confirm you're not fooling me. I would be very happy today if I could quickly get your answer in 40 minutes I have to go to work.
Yours Lena.
Letter 12
Hi dear Jacek!
Today I very much waited your letter, with you everything is all right? Probably you
Now you lay on a beach and at you all is good. You're always in my head and in my mind and no longer even in the heart.
I always wonder what you write to me. And now, on the eve of New Year we wish you a happy New Year.
let all your wishes come true in the new year, and will bring much joy next year. This year for me was not easy, it was a lot of work.
But most of all I am glad that I met you. and want to believe that we can meet in the future. It's my little wish for the New Year.
I believe in miracles, and I hope it comes true.
I send you my holiday photos, I hope you like it.
What do you have the desire on New Year's plans may not come true this year? I would really wait for your answer, I really like getting a letter from you. Congratulations Lena.
Letter 13
When I saw what you wrote about an angel, I immediately remembered that I had there exists Photography, especially for you =)
My dear, I do not know how many need money to travel to you, but I can provide approximate prices.
Ticket Yakutsk to Moscow, is worth about 500 euros. Ticket Moscow to you about 300 euros. The visa must be booked in the travel agency in advance, that its time to prepare before I come to Moscow. Another mandatory insurance payment of about 50 euros, and the order of hotels in Europe, even If I was not going to live it is a prerequisite, this price I do not represent. Thus it will be worth more than 1000 euros the exact amount I can not tell you yet. It will be known only After I order, and pay. I am very happy that you want to help me pay my travel.
You have a very huge costs for your mobile, it's all because of me?
I would be very happy if we had met as early as possible, I always think about it. You're always in my heart. I want to ask when for you is the best time when I arrive? I want to travel immediately after the New Year, but this requires a visa to order in the next tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. But perhaps this is not possible, you're probably can not deal with these financial questions from the Emirates? If you pay until December 31, visa, I can come right after the New year. What do you think dear? You know the program icq, we could chatting. I await your response, your Lena.
Letter 14
Hello my dear Jacek.
I could not answer you, because I was not home.
I've always thought of you.
That's the New Year 2011. I want to congratulate you, this year to bring you much happiness and success in all things, and most importantly health.
I've seen the holiday with relatives, it was very fun.
I told my mother about you, that I meet you =)
As you said holiday, where and with whom?
I'm sorry that the letter is short, I'll write more next time.
Congratulations Lena.
Letter 15
Hi dear Jacek!
I'm very glad to receive your letters. Yes, I saw all your letters, just in I was not able to write to you.
Only now I have started working online, and I write to you.
Christmas holidays begin after 2 days, I'll go to church with mum. May not have been able to write 7 and 8 January. But then I come back home, and will always be in touch.
In the last letter you say you want to send 1000 euros. I very nice that you want to help me pay for my trip.
You've already found the money from a friend in Poland? Dear when you'll be able to send this amount? If I get any money back to Jan. 11, here in Russia will end holidays and I will be able to settle the documents.
How do you please send 6 points, I send you.
5. IBAN (International Bank Account Number). Here in Russia not exists.
Home address
Yakutsk 677000
The Soviet 34 apartment 10 The bank name: OAO "ALPHA BANK"
BIK bank: 044525593
The correspondent account: 30101810200000000593
Full name of the client: Zakharova Elena Olegovna
Account number: Eur: 40817978008250001065 I really liked your song. I've asked you about you icq you know what that is? I also always think of you, I want more meet with you. Sorry that there is no pictures, tomorrow I'll find for you-) I'll wait for your answer, perhaps even today I can not sleep. Your Elena from Russia.
Letter 16
Hello my Jacek
I'm all right, only with the connection had problems.
This is probably due to the accident at the communication station. A few days I have not it was the internet, and phone did not work. Just today, I can write you. With the money all right, I was able to get them on Monday.
On the trip, too, everything is fine, I leave for Moscow on January 31.
As soon as I get a visa, just fly to you. Number of flight to Austria not yet known, it remains open until I get a visa.
I'll write you a little more, now I need to work urgently.
I really miss you, kiss you Lena.
Letter 17
Hi dear Jacek.
Today, you were not there in the morning on icq you all right? I hope that Yes. I really miss ...
Today saw the news in Moscow's Domodedovo airport was a terrorist attack, the I have a slight fear of flying. I hope that everything will be fine.
Yesterday the call from the agency in the evening, perhaps a trip to Moscow will suffer on January 28. I have to leave earlier, I'm very happy of this,
But on a trip to Vienna is not reported yet.
I kiss you, your Elena.
Letter 18
Hello my dear Jacek. Now I am in Moscow, and I have good news. I have terrible news!
I do not know what I do, I do not know what to tell you!
Today I arrived at the airport much earlier. I wanted to be sure that everything will be fine and I will not have problems at customs. I was told that the documents, everything is fine, but I have other problems because of which I will not be released from the country.
I was surprised by this. I was asked to go into a private room and explained. What I mean debt for my apartment. I was surprised by this because I did not think it's important to travel outside Russia. I really do not even remember it. Because money is deducted each month from my salary to the bank.
I took this apartment in 2003. Cost of apartment at the time of purchase was 35,000 euros.
Now cost about 42000. It was a small place, but I really need housing, so I took the loan.
And now I have to pay 2700 euros to the bank does not hinder my departure. But I do not know where to get that kind of money. Today, I even threatened that they could pick up an apartment.
But I do not think the bank is profitable. I was told that this extreme action, and the debtors are often well received. I was broken after these words, I do not know what to say.
Perhaps I need to pay the debt to repay the loan. Then they let me out of the country, and then I'll stand flat on the sale. I do not know what to do. I can now set the apartment up for sale because I do not have this property.
I'm sad now, Jacek. Perhaps I should solve this problem to come to you with this money.
Money from the sale of apartments will be in great demand, so we could start a family.
I want to come to you, I want you to be my husband, because I'm confident in you.
I want to come to Austria to be with you. You are my prince, you are my life.
Your Elena.
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