Scam Letter(s) from Anna Sergeeva to Kevin (UK)

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Letter 1

Hi. Was remarkable to receive your message. How you? I hope everything is all right. Kevin, I the beginner in acquaintances on the Internet. Therefore it is difficult to me to begin dialogue. I hope, that you will help me.
Thanks for a photo. You have a good sight! It very much is pleasant to me. Would be remarkable to see more pictures you as.
I think that, first of all, it would be good to be presented. As my real name Anna. Friends as name me Anisa. Danna this my assumed name. You can address to me as wont. In it is not problems.
Kevin, probably, as you have noticed I the lonely woman. But thus I the widow. My husband was lost in the Chechen war. And I do not have children. It was the big tragedy for me, but time goes. And I have decided to try to create a new family.
I think, that I do not need to describe myself as you can see a photo. Except for that that my growth 5-5, and weight of 55-57 kg.
It is really difficult to me to begin dialogue as it is my first attempt to speak in the similar way. I a lot of time on work. And me absolutely not time speak in online.
I work as the dentist and as I have the class of dance. I learn small children at the age from 12 years to some dances. At our school teach, salsa both other Latin and classical dances. Thus, I have two works.
I think that it quite enough for the first letter. Kevin, I will wait for your answer. Also would like as to learn about you a little bit more. For me it will be very pleasant to see your answer tomorrow.

With the best regards


Letter 2

Hello dear. Thanks for the message. I was very glad to see your messages. I am sorry for the long answer. But I really was with mum, and for me was difficult to find the Internet. Yesterday was very occupied for me as, and only today I can write the answer. I have read your message yesterday, but I did not have time what to write the message. And I really would not like to write two words that I only am occupied.
And yesterday I received documents, but I have spent much time in travel agency. Almost before their closing, therefore I could not write to you at once. And to inform good news. The agent has told that all has passed perfectly well. And they did not have difficulties in registration of papers.
I have spent really good time with mum, and it is very glad, that we meet and that it should occur very soon. As thanks that you do not refuse to what to help me with ticket purchase.
Kevin, I ask your help with ticket purchase. Because I did not plan to do the big holiday. And at all did not assume, that I will visit other country in the beginning of this year. Therefore I have not enough means for the ticket.
I will receive all details, when I will pay the ticket, or to do the order. Because now I need to find only the necessary sum, and to take the ticket. Then I can tell start and planting time, flight of the plane and terminals. As today already on February, 1st. There are 9 days, and I can count only on your help what to reach you 10 numbers.
Kevin, I have no representation that such “pay pal”. And about that as it is possible to transfer money from other country. I need to consult about it. Because I do all payments on mail. Even credits which I took, were paid on mail. I had not to face something another. I think, banks should do similar operations, but I do not have bank account. I will try to learn today about it. And as it is possible to transfer money between the countries quickly and safely. Well?
As to a call, it is a pity to me that you played this time. Certainly I understand that you could not answer me. But I call when to me the girlfriend comes, therefore I cannot plan certain time about it. I do a call when I have this possibility. I hope, that next time all of us can talk.
Now I should return to work. I very much miss and I wait for your answer. anna



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