Scam letter(s) from Zuwieratu Abubakari to Peter (USA)

Letter 1
Hello darling, i just got on here and saw ur offline message which says that yoou are stuck in a trafic and can't be home till later my love... am a little bit worried because am going to miss you tonight peter.. but am okay baby ... am really happy here and really can't wait to be with you there darling, like i told you the Embassy said the visas will be done this thursday baby, honey just do your best to get me the money send to get the booking done here and be there with you as soon we plan peter, i love you so much and you are all what am thinking of here darling... honey i have find out from the airlines of KLM the prices of the tickets baby, there are tickets which cost $1,500,000 for a one way for a first class flight baby, and $1,200,000 for round trip with that same first class flight baby... and they have second class flight which cost $1,350,000 for one way and $1,100,000 for a round trip baby.. and they also have the third class flight which is the cheapest one baby, $1,200,000 one way which the round trip is $1000 baby, honey am very glad to have the least of the flight direct from the airlines here now baby,,, well Peter as i use to tell you always, been with you is what i want and it doesnt mather the vlass of the flight i will be on baby so darling just check on this list and lets choose the cheapest one baby, i don't want us to spend much money on this baby.. so honey just look at this and fo your best to send me the money baby and i will go get it booked as soon as i got the money here okay my love..... i love you so much and i can't wait to be with you there..... love and care always .....THELMA
Letter 2
to be honest you have just made me feel very bad and like a foolish woman on here Peter , anyboday that hears about this sees me as a monster here but i really don't mind anyone because i know we feel for each other on here.... well peter only you know and you are doing everything for me from your heart then just let's forget about everything and get me the money to get my booking complete i do want to get there for that friend of you to know how real and honest i am here and never be here for games or to cheat on you here.....i do loves you but what you did yesterday has drove me crazy.. and tell your friend Jack to expect me in few days after i get the money ..... i want nothing now than been with you to prouve how honest and how much love i have for you....
Letter 3
Good morning Peter, i just got up on bed here and decided to come on to say hi and let you know how much i love and want to be with you there.. peter you are the one that am waiting on now baby try to get this money sorted out withing this week days , it will help me to get my booking done earlier and fly to you on the weekends... i will be waiting to here from you soon.....
Letter 4

22:00 Accra (Kotoka Airport, Ghana)
to 05:45 Amsterdam (Schiphol, Netherlands)
Flight number:KL 0590
08:40 Amsterdam (Schiphol, Netherlands)
to 11:40 PHL { USA)
Flight number:KL 6253... my love i will be flying tomorow morning my time here baby
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