Scam letter(s) from Zuwieratu Abubakari to Adrian (Australia)

Letter 1
Hello Adrian,
Good morning love, *** did i just say love? anyway seems am getting used to you.I just had to let you know that these last two days without so much as talking to you has given me a lot of time to think about how I feel about you. I have decided that I am definitely, hopelessly in love with you. What made me realize this is not so much that I think about you all the time, though I do. It was how I think about you. Not only do I think about how much I love you, but why, how much, and mostly do I deserve to be loved by you. It just feels so lucky to finally be able to love you like I have been wanting to for so long. What have I done to deserve this? And that is another thing I was thinking - It is a little too strange, I think, that we are so right for each other. Some might want to argue this, but I have a few examples for those poor misguided souls. Your smile is like a world-famous painting. I see the love in your heart reflecting on my own. I will soon be dressing up for work and hope to chat with you soon. All of this tells me one thing ... our love is real. With all my love,
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