Scam Letter(s) from Ksenia Boulina to Numlig (Egypt)

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Letter 1

Hello ;-). How you?
My name is Ksenia, i from I have received the letter from the administrator that I can will get acquainted with you, I hope you not against to speak with me. I wish to write a little about myself:
I like new meetings, wild nature walking, dancing. I love to travel very much, I love to feel the another's countries and cities, I like a sea, wind and surf, stars, sky, yet all will not list. I have a good sense of humor. I like fashion, arts, design, movie, cooking, sports, learning something new. I enjoy Life.
I would like to meet a kind, tactful, educated man to love and to marry. I am seeking an open-minded and sincere man for a serious relationship.
I want someone to explore and share everything in life with. Someone who I can love, care and support, and who can do the same for me.
I'll try to tell about myself more in my next mails. I send you some photos, please, send me your pictures too. If, I am interesting to you, I'm looking forward to learning more about you. *smile*
I wish you all the best, Ksenia

Letter 2

Hi Numlig. Thank you for your message :).
I was surprised to find your email. Good surprise.
I use Internet at my work, and we had some troubles with local network and there was no Internet connection.
As I have and home a computer, but it very old and I do not try to use frequently with that computer.
I hope, that you have time to send me some messages that we could it is better to find out each other.
I am on work and consequently I have no a lot of time to write to you.
I shall write to you today on later when at me to appear a free time.
Wait for my answer!!!!

Letter 3

It is I, hope now you know where I live. I read different books, but prefer books about history and countries.
I read a lot of Russia and about your countries. These countries are great. As for fun, I like the same thing like all people.
Movie, walking, theatre, i like to drink tea with friends in cafe. We talked about everything and nothing. :).
I dont have a lot of friends, but all they are good people. To be honest I dont like empty people.
My friends are almost my old friends from childhood and youth. They are already almost married. Dont think that I am close person.
I like to meet new people and make friends. I am easy-going and I easily strike up new acquaintance.
From another side I am not easy approachable woman. I am serious. I think it is from my upbringing.
What I want? Simple things. Happiness, family, careful husband. I put spiritual life to the first, not material things.
I am not looking for better life or getting rich. I am looking for full life.
Why I cant find husband here in Russia? I can, but I dont want. I see how my mother lived, I see how other people live in Russia.
Yes, here is bad economics and I dont want to live here. I love my Motherland but I dont like the State. I want to have comfortable life and dont always be in searching good job and better salary. I want to dedicate my life to my husband and my family.
I dont want to say that I am lazy. I like to work, but I dont want to dedicate my life to my work. I hope you understand what I am talking about.
I see that many russian women try to go out from Russia looking for better life.
They mary to foreigners to get citizenship of another state. Then they divorce. I dont like them. I believe in marriage for life.
I want to marry for love. I want you to understand me in full, until we will make some any steps.
Tell me what you think about this all and what else you would like to know????
Hi Numlig! Have good day!
When I today have come for work it was very interesting to me to look e-mail.
But, when I have opened the mail and have seen your letter, I am glad that you have answered my letters.
I have overlooked to inform you in the first letters where I live, it probably is very important for us.
You probably wish to ask me where I live: I want to be explained before you that i live in an average part of Russia, in city Perm.
But if we shall decide to meet, I hope, that it not will be a problem for us because I have made a little travel to other city.
I was in the several big City of: Sochi, Samara, even was in the country Turkey. I have not enough time now,
I will write to you on later, ok??
I hope that you received from me a photo. How I to you???
Now certainly would like to ask you that you have told about yourselves: What you love an entertainment??? What your character??? What you love qualities in women???? Whether you had the wife????I shall wait from you for the answer to my questions,
up to fast a meeting my new friend Ksenia. :)
It again is i ;-) !!! I now have some free minutes to write to you the letter.
Well, now I tell a little about myself. My name is Ksenia. I am 29 years old. My birthday is on the may 2.
My phisical details: height - 5 ft 5 in (172 cm), weight - 119 lbs (54 kg), i have grey-blue eyes, i dont smoke, but drink occasionally, red wine or champagne. I have never been married and I have no children .
When i has left school I began to study in university, now have my BS Degree in Elementary Education/Early Childhood Education.
But my professional now is poorly claimed und therefore I work as the manager in firm which delivers food stuffs to shops.
I keep active life, like sport and outdoors. I like to meet good man with kind soul and great sense of humor.
I am family oriented person and my goal is to make happy family. I need support and understanding in my life.
I want, that it was the kind, sympathetic, decent and honest man.
As for me I am ready to become the fond and tender wife, good friend and partner for this man.
I attached my photo, the most recent, I hope what to like you :). Ksenia.

Letter 4

hi, ;-) how you today? Wished to congratulate you MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! I wish you all the best that your dreams have come true that this day it was remembered on always that you were happy, healthy and always smiled. Once again MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!
I now am at home, I not for a long time had a supper. Would like to ask some questions, I hope that you not against to answer them.
How you concern to the Russian women???? What in the woman to you to like??? But it is interesting to me to know It about you.
I have shortly written to you my outlooks on life if to you there will be it interesting, that we can discuss these themes in more detail then. I again send you a little bit photo, these photos have been made not for a long time, it was in June, in the summer.
I very much love summer and to me very much to like to be photographed. It seems to me, that my photos have very well turned out.
I shall write to you again tomorrow as I shall look forward to hearing from you. Ksenia.
I would like to ask you, you not against I write many letters so much? Soon at me to end the working day and I should go home.
I live far from the work, to me to come to reach a house of 30 minutes. I do not have own automobile to go and consequently I each time I go by the bus. After work I at once leave home because I am afraid to go one in the evening along the street.
As at us in Russia it is a lot of crime that there are very bad people which can rape or beat women. Therefore I am always very cautious!
And how struggle with criminality in your country?? I heard on the TV that at you few criminals! It is the truth??
Ok, me to have to finish this small letter. I shall write to you today when I already shall be at home. Yours Ksenia

Letter 5

Hi Numlig. I so am glad to see your letter.
I in last letters said to you that I live in Russia, I hope that for us will not learn any problems about each other.
I hope, that I write clearly enough and much about myself. I shall try to answer all your questions.
If I shall not answer your question mean I could not to understand him, do not take offence at me and write him once again.
I never was for the husband and I have no children, but I very much would like them to have, but from the person with whom our love would be mutual and that the child anything did not require.
The main features of human character I think Sincerity, kindness, politeness and as I think, that the person it is necessary should be the respectable citizen with love to the country.
I very much frequently see young pairs, I see as they are happy, I sincerely am glad for them, but thus I remain itself the person whom not loved At me when that was one friend, but it is little bit sad history, I was possible shall tell to you about it little bit later. I as like to be on a nature, there I feel quieter.
On it I also shall finish the letter to you, and with impatience I shall look forward to hearing.
Your new friend from Russia Ksenia.

Letter 6

My dear Numlig,
I have just come for work, opened the mail and I see your letter, I so am glad to see from you the answer.
I would like to tell you about my family. I want to say to you that I have a large family too.
This are my mom Nadejda, my daddy Petr too. On professions my mom is a seller in the shop, and my dad is an engineer on the factory. Our family are living without any conflicts too, we have a good understanding between our members of our family.
Because, I think that our parents gave to us a good education. I think that its so good and Im so proud that we have my mom and my daddy.
Also I want to say to you that I live with my family in one apartment. Also I want to tell that I have consulted with my parents about the account my acquaintances with you through the Internet, they have estimated it as positively because they care about my future life of course. My parents would want that I have a happy life, and would want that I will find my man. As I told you earlier, I have never been married Numlig.
I would like to ask you, would like to have in the future the family, to have children???
I hope that we will continue to correspond with each other and you will tell me much more about yourself, and I will try to tell about myself as more as possible in future e-mails. I want to ask you about more things, Numlig, and I hope that you will understand my questions and will answer me for them.
A great friend hello to you from my family, my friends Nastya. I hope to see your message soon Numlig.
p.s...I send you a photo from my mum and some mine. Do not forget to send me the photos.
I have written today you already three letters, I hope that you have received them.
Probably I very much set too many questions, if you not against, I would like to learn about you on better.
It was very interesting to know new interesting things about you. And to you, I hope, it was pleasant to learn about me more.
Under your letter I see, that people everywhere identical, and there is no distinction of what country there will be my future person.
The god who created this world, it did not create geographic border so I do not see any distinction.
I know that when at me will appear my unique loved persons then I shall move to him in any place in this world.
I sure, that good peoples may live in any place, is especial when they like together.
I shall try to write something about me which might be interesting to you, and only to a thing which I want to inform you.
And if you will want to ask me something, be not afraid to ask. I always have only two choices, when whom - that asking me something:
Answer fairly or to not answer. I never shall be to you Lie; I shall answer you always your questions sincerely.
I shall finish on it this letter and I hope to see your letters today or tomorrow.
I shall wait from you for the answer. Yours Ksenia.
I do not know that to me to write to you as I hope that I do not frighten you of my letters.
How you? How are things going with you? Than you were engaged today? I wish to talk what was in your life?
I wish to talk to you about the last relations. I was familiar with the guy at school.
He gave me flowers for a holiday and birthday and we together with him and my girlfriend went to school.
With it I had a first kiss. But more nothing was. He has left for other city and I know nothing about him more.
His parents were militarians and they should leave for other city. Then in institute for me other guy looked after, but he married the rich girl, and with me simply played. I have learned about it from girlfriends.
They have told that saw it with other girl. She not so beautiful but at it the rich father.
I do not understand people which live for the sake of money. I have no many money, but I want love because I have understood that without love nothing is necessary.
And when to have which person you love also which loves you then there will be in a life no barrier. How you think?
I am not right? Would like to send you still some photos, I hope they to you will be pleasant.
I would like to tell now about my interests:
My favorite kinds of sports it is volleyball, fitness, Art gymnastics, figure skating on skates.
My favorite color blue, my favorite film: "The Ugly Truth","Back-Up Plan","Law Abiding Citizen","Admiral".
My favourite actors: Angelina Jolie, Lindsay Lohan, Brittany Murphy, Salma Hayek, Nicolas Cage, Channing Tatum, Will Smith.
My favourite singers: Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, Maksim.
My favorite ice-cream strawberry, my favorite flowers of a lily, lilies of the valley and red rose
My favorite drink cold green tea, my loved perfume " Little a black dress " my favorite season spring.
I love dance and with me very to like dances. I did not think of much and I do not know, where I shall be in 5 years.
The life will show. I wish to talk today about your friends, I wish to learn more about that who surrounds you and as them call.
Than you are engaged together? How for a long time you together? How you think, in it world to have the present friends?
They at you to have?
At me to have the best girlfriend, is name Nastya. We grew with it in one house and went to one school.
After school it has entered the institute and now she works in the company of sale product.
Earlier we often were together, now we meet on weekend and we talk about much. By the way, I have told to the girlfriend that I have started to speak with you on the Internet.
I will finish on it this letter, I hope to see your answer. Your beautiful Ksenia.
p.s...Here a photo with my girlfriend!!!

Letter 7

hi my dear ;-)
I wish to congratulate at once you with coming new year!!!!!
I wish this year happiness, love, health and successes in affairs. With whom you will celebrate? I will be at home with the parents.
Today I have not enough time as it is necessary prepares for new year. It is necessary to help my mum on kitchen, to prepare.
This such holiday, I wish to wish you this year happiness that this year your dreams have come true. Once again Happy New Year!!!!
Be happy. I will write to you tomorrow or after tomorrow letter.
I now homes that has decided to write you the letter.
Know I kept the house and wished to ask you, what do you think of pets: for example to cats and dogs?????
In the childhood I had a small dog: in day a birth my daddy has presented a dog, I have very much grown fond of it.
I so liked to play with a dog that I looked after it, fed and went to bed with it.
But in some days she has died, to me that was sick to say goodbye to a dog that after that my parents were against to have a dog.
Now I have grown, I have now very beautiful cat that I each time before a dream go to bed with a cat. Name of my cat is Kusya.
There can be you have an allergy on cats????:). I would like to learn, what pets have???
I on it say goodbye to you to tomorrow!!! Your Russian woman Ksenia.
It again i, have some minutes to answer your letter.
I so have got tired today to work that to me hunting go home and to go to bed.
Know last night I saw on the Internet that it is possible to speak in a chat, through msn, yahoo messenger and skype.
It is very convenient chat to say about each other that we could exchange thoughts and ideas.
But when I tried to instal these programs of the house at rumpling there was what error and could not establish.
As I could instal these programs on work, but there to me do not allow to use such a chat.
I so would like to speak with you in online, but I do not have such possibility.
I hope that we can as to continue to communicate. I will wait from you for the following answer.
Yours Ksenia.

Letter 8

Hi my dear Numlig!! I do not have video to send to you. I am now on work, know I wished you to warn that today I will not have a lot of time to write to you of the letter. On work my director has given me a lot of work that I wished to warn at once to you about it. Know, I have some questions for you, I want that you have told to me about the the childhood???? How you went to school??? What at you the best toy was in the childhood??? I hope that these questions to you will not complicate to answer. I will wait from you for the answer. Your beautiful Ksenia.

Letter 9

At us now night, I so am awfully tired today. I wished to write to you the letter before a dream, I want that you knew that I think of you.
It is very interesting to me to communicate with you, know to me with anybody so it was not good, as with you. You see that today from me was letters very little. Whether I do not know you have received the letter with which I have warned that I will not have a possibility to write to you. I hope that tomorrow at me a lot of time will write you letters. Yours Ksenia.

Letter 10

Hi my dear Numlig!
I was so happy to get your answer again and again, it was so good part of my day when I have saw your words in the computer.
Numlig, before my coming to managers computer,I had a sad mood because the weather was very bad. And when I have saw your answer in the computer, my mood became so good.
Dearest Numlig, I see that we are interested in each other more and more, and I think that its so good for us, because I have so good and liked friend as you. Im so interested by you, that my life became better than before an acquaintance with you, I feel it, really.
You are so good friend, you can understand me as a good friend to good friend, and I think that its important thing in the life.
Numlig, I see that you trust me, as I do it with a great pleasure to you, and I think that its so good thing in our friendship, really, Numlig?
I hope that you understand me, that in my opinion, all people in the world must to understand each other in spiritual plan of a dialogue. Do you agree with me? Tell me about it, ok?
By the way I want to say to you that believe in God very much, I believe in Jesus, I am a Christian woman as I said you earlier.
I like to go to Church( Russian Ortodox), its not far from our bar too. Our Citys Church is a very beautiful place, there is a lot of an beautiful icons too, I like this. The priests sing beautiful songs and I like it very much.
This so calms my soul when I have a bad mood too. But now, I want to say to you that your e-mails calms me too when I have a bad mood, I feel it. I want to say to you that some people of our work personal, here in our bar know that we with you write to each other by the Internet.
They said me that its so good for us, they ask me to say to you a friend hello and they, as me, want know more about your country, about your culture. On this note, I will finish my e-mail to you. Please, answer me soon, ok? I will wait for your messages.

XOXOXO Sincerely Yours, Ksenia.

Letter 11

Hi my dear Numlig. It was a pleasure to hearing from you.
Yesterday I have written you the phone number that we could speak on the phone.
But I did not know, whether you can phone to me. And consequently has this morning called in the telephone company, learnt about, whether that my telephone line accepts calls from others the countries.
The agent has told that it is not possible, because at me other line. But for this purpose I will need to connect other line that you could call to me. But for this purpose, certainly it is required to pay the certain sum of money. I spoke with the parents, they to me have told that it very expensively and have disagreed with me to connect other telephone line. It is very a pity to me, but I very much would like to speak on the phone with you. But it will not be for us a problem because I will be capable to call to you from a pay phone.
Would like to write to you that I most of all want in a life.
I dream to find my love and be happy together.
I want, that he was honor attentive to me.
I want, that there was a mutual understanding.
I had sad experience with the male.
I am disappointed in our males.
I not want, that it to repeat.
I know, that the people everywhere are be different.
But I not want to make mistakes. I want to learn about you more. I think you to understand me.
It doesn't matter for me where my love is from, the main thing, is to love, care, match each other and be happy together.
Don't you think so? All right, I will finish on it this letter.
I hope that today there will be at me a free time and will write you other letter.
Again I write to you the letter, I hope that you have received letters which I today have written.
I hope, what you too can tell something about the city????
I am very glad, that our acquaintance so well develops! For me it is very pleasant.
I correct choice means has made. Each person in a life should make a choice, sometimes a choice it is obvious, sometimes the choice needs to be found most! Situations happen different.
Sometimes on your choice does not depend anything and sometimes all your life depends on one decision! It is necessary to think always some times before to make any serious step in a life!
Some people try to leave from this choice, but sooner or later this choice to make it is necessary.
I am not afraid of this choice. I have made it!
I think that we can talk to phone, you want it? I want to call you, for me it is necessary know your full telephone number, I want to be I shall be sure what to call on correct number. Please write me the phone number.
In the near future I necessarily shall call you!!Or you can call me!My number +7 (342) 745-172.
Whether I do not know I can accept a bell from other country. But I shall hope that you will call me.
I have found some free time that has written you the letter.
I would like to ask you how my English language, whether you understand, what I write to you????
Tell fairly to me please, I will learn to write better in English.
Today I would like to write to you about my city. In a city live over one million 100 thousand persons.
Population density - the lowest among cities-millionaires. The city to share on seven areas: Lenin, Sverdlovsk, Industrial, Ordginikidzevski and Kirov. The river station, railway stations Perm I and Perm II, the airports Big Savino and Bacharevka are city "collars". Perm - one of the large industrial, scientific and cultural centres of our country. Our city is the important river port. Passenger steam-ships, cargo vessels and barges come to Perm from five seas. Quay of Kama near river station - one of the most picturesque places.
In Perm about 1400 streets and lanes. The main street of our city is Lenin's street. Here the ten-storied House of Councils is located.
A main square - October. The Komsomol prospectus is one of the most beautiful and brisk city streets.
In September, 14th 2008 year early in the morning on border of two largest microdistricts Krohaleva and Eranishi passenger "Boing-737" of flight of 821 companies "Aeroflots", following of Moscow to Perm has broken.
Everyone who was onboard "Boeing" - 82 passengers and 6 members of crew - were lost. It so was awful, this day I was at home, know, I even have heard at night such noise that I have woken up at once from noise, to me so it was terrible.
I that day could not sleep normally. Now at us on September, 15th day of mourning.
I shall finish on it this letter, I hope to see today your answer.
P.S... I send you photos of my city.

Letter 12

hello once again Numlig. Again I write you the letter, I hope that to you pleasantly to read my letters.
Because I did not give a lot of time to anybody so much, as to you.
I did not say to you probably that I have such small notebook where I always write down beautiful verses, a poem.
When I was small, I always there wrote down any love stories, as about the first love.
Yesterday, I have opened this notebook and there have seen very beautiful poem.
I have decided it to write to you, very much it to be pleasant to me. I hope to you to be pleasant this poem:
Dawn or midday,
Day or night
I wait for you favourite.
When from a pain to me not in can,
I wait for you favourite.
When with happiness the breast aches,
I wait for you favourite.
When my eyes will fall asleep,
I wait for you favourite.
Whether with you I divide hours
I wait for you favourite.
And if has just left,
I wait for you favourite.
And if will tell you have died,
I wait for you favourite.
When nobody waits for you,
I wait for you favourite.
The sight of your love is necessary to me
I wait for you favourite.
I give myself to you,
Native my, gentle, lovely.
How to you this poem???? I do not know as sounds in English, but this Russian poem and me was necessary to translate this poem.
Can be not so already well sounds, but I wished to tell, that me very much it to be pleasant to you.
Your beautiful Ksenia.

Letter 13

hi my dear Numlig.
I am glad to welcome again you and I with impatience wait, when I can tell to you HELLO MY dear - personally.
Well, I continue to tell about me and my life here. My usual day is not too interesting.
I get up at 6 oclock and at 8 I must be at my work. It takes me about 10 minutes to get there by bus or about 30 minutes on foot.
I like to go to work on foot because it is very invigorative. Morning, fresh air. Especially now, when spring is coming.
Then I am at work until 5. About 6 oclock I return home. Make some domestic things like cleaning and washing.
Three times a week I go to gym, make some aerobics and dances. Sometimes I go to library, theatre, to my friends.
When I dont want to go anywhere I stay at home to read a book or play piano, I like to learn a new music composition.
In the evenings I watch some film or show on TV and go to bed. With the favourite cat is Kusya.
Forgive me please, whether but I do not remember you have written to me how to pass your day????
In how many you rise, in what days you work???? At us in Russia the working day from Monday till Friday, the days off Saturday and Sunday. If I you do not receive from me letters in the days off I did not have a possibility to write to you the letter, I spoke to you that I very seldom use houses the computer because it is very bad ?
ok, I hope today to see from you the letter.
I have a little free time to write you the small letter.
I have written you today very beautiful poem, very much it it to be pleasant to me.
That when, I the first have fallen in love with one person I each time read this poem.
Know, I would like to ask you that you showed nobody this poem because I showed to nobody and did not read this poem.
That you the first person to whom I execute this poem. I think that you have too any beautiful poem, write to me please, it will be very pleasant to me to read????
I never thought that I will get acquainted with the man through the Internet.
But it seems to me that is easier to communicate through the Internet In general I think, that the Internet this big achievement as people from two different ends of a planet may communicate with each other freely I have got acquainted with such male as you, already because of it only I shall tell to the Internet many thanks!
My dear, also I want to tell you, that I would like to speak with you by the phone I hope, that it's a good idea, really????
I want to hear your voice, I hope that you want to hear my voice too???? Now I will finish on it this letter.
HELLO TO YOU FROM MY FAMILY. I will wait from you for the answer. Your beautiful Ksenia

Letter 14

Today I got my salary at work. ;-)
That small pleasant event always makes people to love their work if only for a day. *smile*
I dont earn large sum of money. It is 6500 rubles (about $216 USD) for a month. But I am enough satisfied with it.
I wish I got more money, but I dont want to become crazy about it. I saw many people who wanted to get much money.
Some of them gained it. But they almost changed their personality. They cant talk about anything, only money.
Yes, it is difficult to make good money in Russia. But money is not my life goal.
For my salary I can buy something of clothes and it is enough to buy food. For russian standard I have less average earnings.
I dont have a car, but I can drive it. I have my bicycle and I enjoy to ride it. *smile*.
Not sure how interesting it is to read about these things but I want you know.
Numlig, how much do you earn? I am just interesting. You dont need to answer if you dont want.
I know that we have different life levels. But it is interesting what are expenses for living at you.
We pay about $50 USD for my flat and electricity. In winter we pay additional 10 for central heating.
This flat was given to my mother by the where she worked. Actually it is not my accomodation.
I can just live here.I dont want to complain of something. It is usual things here. I want to show you life here.
By the way how much is Internet access where you live? I tell you it because I wish to hide nothing from you, it is very easy to me to speak with you, I do not know, it can to you is not interesting.
You tell to me please at once, ok if you that that not to be pleasant. All what you think and dream.
I need it. Looking forward to getting your letter. Take care of you.
All my love - always Ksenia.

Letter 15

It again is I, have simply decided to ask as you today????
Know when I do not see from you the answer I think, what you do???? Where you now???
ok, I will wait from you for the answer, I hope today to see your letter.
p.S....I send you some photos, I hope that you see them

Letter 16

Hi my love Numlig. I shall be possible to name you so? :)
I already for a long time did not speak such words to anybody.
I am glad that you could answer me some questions. Thanks that you are fair with me that you do not hide from me anything.
I think that because of it I turn out a true love.
I was more and more and began to be convinced more, that I have already attachment to you and already I wait your letters with impatience. Your letters heat to me soul :-) May be, I present fairytale for me, but I feel very good about you and I, that you feel the same about me, I think, that you place in words less than you really think, only because words may not transfer all our ideas. But nevertheless it is not necessary to do it as it most likely will not be received here by me. Certainly, I knew, that I shall be the Course for love to any place in it world :-), but I eventually thought Found out, that there is almost nothing in Russia which may connect me with this country urgently.
Really, if to think. It usually connects peoples and the Countries.
Friends, but real friends will be happy for their friend if she will find true love. The family, yes, but moving to other country does not make the Means breaking all communication. Work, maybe, but not for me.
I do not think that it might be the problem with detection of work with my specialization and education.
I really live for the person who will enjoy things which I creation and who might surprise me something too :-)
I think, what at us in the future can receive serious relations how you think????
Now I now sit home, today I was secretive with the mum.
I have told about you about everything, have told that I have got acquainted with you on the Internet.
My mum to see that I lately began to smile, rejoice much. I have suggested it to show your letters, she wishes to learn as about you on more, I hide nothing from the mum that I have nothing to hide from it.
I have not dared to show your letters to my mum without your permission.
i shall be possible to show your letters to mum? It is interesting to her that you write.
But if you do not want I shall not show your letters. Love Always Ksenia.

Letter 17

My girlfriends at work speak, that I became absent-minded, speak, that i have fallen in love, I do not know, that to them it and to answer, because i do not want them to deceive, even it seems to me, that i have already found, that person whom searched, and this person you! So it seems to me, what I too to like you, or it not so?
Tell me please, it may be not mutual at us these feelings, and I very much would like, that the our love was mutual!
Yes though I and hesitate slightly! It is very interesting to me to learn, whether this feeling so, try to me is mutual at us to answer it as soon as possible!
Today there was really ridiculous case with my cat Kusya, I still hold houses fishs, my cat observed of them with top, but was unintentionally broke and has fallen in an aquarium to fishs, having frightened thus and and ?uaie after that she was all crude, but I of her have turned in a towel and she has gradually dried up.
I shall wait from you for the answer. Ksenia.

Letter 18

My dear,what foodstuffs is loved for you? That you prefer; sweets, meat, a fish? Inform me it Numlig.
My liked dish it pelmeni, this very tasty dish from Russian kitchen which consists of forcemeat of a beef and pork with an onions and spices wrapped up in a dough and are cooked. This really excellent dish.
There may be sometime I of you him shall feed.
I am able to consult not bad on to kitchen, my mum cared of it many years back. You can be convinced of it, in due time.
I easily make various salads, soups, and also caviar and a fish. In the greater degree I prefer a fish, and also to me very much to like fruit; kivi, bananas, pineapples and a melon.
Today home I shall prepare for the Chinese hen and vegetable salad. Probably you Numlig, love the tasty foodstuffs.
We have proverb; " the way to heart of the man - passes through his stomach! "
I was many times convinced of it when observed of my father. Therefore Numlig, I shall reach to your heart with the help of my culinary abilities. It is a joke!!!
I wait for your messages. Big hugs and tender kisses, Ksenia.

Letter 19

Hello my dear Numlig. How are you ? How mood?
I think, that at you all is good. I shall ask the God, that you were healthy and is happy.
I am so happy to hear from you. I really like you more and more after each your letter.
You know I would be so happy if you find out I am the woman you are searching for.
Well, I want tell you, that my heart began beat more often, when I think of you!!!! I want to feel you, your gentle sight, your a smile, your hands. I so require in heat and care and I think, that I ask not so much. I search clean love and romanticism in the relations.
I love when all is beautiful, perfectly, is gentle and it is romantic!!! Desire have family favorite man beside, feeling care and constant support in difficult minute, that aspire each man in life and I too.
I really like your letters and feel that you can make the woman of your dreams happy. You have stolen my heart.
Your words are like a sun ray, which take the dark clouds in the sky! But such a dark life now - very dark.
It's really so pleasant for me to get your letter! From your letter to me I understood that you are very sincere and kind person.
Unfortunately there are very few men such as you in our country.
I will wait from you for the answer. Big hugs and tender kisses, Ksenia.

Letter 20

I have written you today 2 letters on my feelings to you, now would like to hear from you??? What do you think of me????
Today we with my girlfriend go walk on city to make some purchases. I again thought only of you and waited for that moment, when I shall read your letter. I feel what our hearts are beaten in one rhythm, you feel it?
In the free time from my work i sleep if it is a good weather, i go for a walk in park and eat ice-cream.
I also go in a cinema to watch a film I also have a rest at home I read the books, i continue to learn the English language and watch TV I erase the clothes and prepare something tasty i would like to prepare such dish for you, after which you will want to love me and we shall be engaged it all night!!!
A little it is a shame to me to speak about it but as I already wrote, we should be sincere with each other i think that you agree with me to me it is boring here without you very much, as would be cool, to appear with you, to be now near to you and to nestle on you On it i finish this letter and i shall wait for your answer with impatience. With love Ksenia.
I am sure that our relations will start with sincerity and of course with trust to each other?
I hope very much that our relations will be good and that we'll be able to trust to each other the most our personal wishes.
I want to see your pleasure and share it with you.
You want to know what make you happy? I shall try to do the utmost for that you were happy Please give me chance to make it!!!
Give me chance again feel by the favorite and fond woman. I start to be pleased lifes, and this pleasure is connected with you that we have found each other. You - remarkable male! With such male as you, I would agree to lead all life I know, that it is possible to rely on you, I completely trust you and I know that such male as you, never me deceive. The deceit is the most bad character trait of the person, it at all does not decorate the person!
Probably it is interesting to you, why I in general began to correspond with you? I can tell you only one.
Understand me I can not find male in Russia, which loved me and respected.
As one wise man has told " when we live we are in search, in search that who can go with you on vital ways, because to one to go very much and very much Difficultly. " I think what you agree with me?
I wait for your letters and I can tell that they became for me more than simply e-mail It much greater.
I think of you very often and I recollect all letters which you wrote to me. In them I see many warmth and kindness.
I want to hope, that I am not indifferent to you too. I send you photo my parents, now you can see my parents.
Please write to me as much as possible, I like reading your letters and communication with you makes me very happy and i look forward to it. I shall wait for your answer. Always in love with you Ksenia.
p.s...these photos have been made in the summer.

Letter 21

Hi lovely prince...
I again and again with by stop of heart read your letters and i understand, that they are written with soul and understanding. To me very strongly to like to read your letters they very interesting and beautiful.
I already for a long time have understood, that you the very good man. Our attitudes of steel already for a long time not friendly, and i consider, that we should reflect on the future. We together already long time and we already well know each other.
You have learned about my life, and I about yours very much. Our attitudes grow very quickly, and I consider, that we having time to grow fond each other. We could construct the attitudes on trust and understanding.
It is very heavy in have given from you and I would like to be closer. We have missed main, we did not see yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We, knowing about the friend the friend everything, but have not learnt one feeling, and we can learn only when we shall meet and we shall be together.
It's again me. Before a dream, would like to tell to you that would like to see you in a dream.
I want that you has come this night to me to a dream.
My parents have transferred to you huge hello, and as from my girlfriend Nastya.
I wish you to spend very well this day and to tomorrow.
I will wait from you for pleasant letters for me. Your love Ksenia.

Letter 22

Dear Numlig. Thank you for taking the time to write me, If you only knew how happy your letters make me. Thank you for being so sweet.
Every day I find myself spending more time thinking of you. My dear prince, your letters are pure inspiration to me.
I want to see you and tell you that I miss you more and more as the days pass.
I want you to be my happiness for ever. A lot of time has passed, i feel nervous, because i think that love has finally found me, can this be love???? Perhaps, i want it to be, only time will tell, but i don't need to wait for time to tell me if it is or not, somehow i know it is. I think of the future, many years from now and i see you and me,together, married,with a boy and a girl, our family, I know it maysound a kind of silly but it is my dream, you are my dream, a life byyour side.
My dear Numlig, I wonder how will it feel to have you in my arms, to kiss you, to love you. Dearest prince!
I am sure we will fallin love and we will overcome all the difficulties if we have a goal to reach and our goal is to make each other happy, isn't it? I love you, Your Ksenia.

Letter 23

my love Numlig!
I should tell to you, that I have ocean of emotions which I had no before. I feel a little lost, when I have no opportunity to use a computer to read your letter.
In my soul I feel satisfaction and pleasure when I think of you. I never in the life tried to begin attitudes with the person who is from me far on the other continent.
I also believe, that people which like each other, should share the ideas, feelings. I hope that you understand, that I have in view of because it is very difficult for me to transfer you all that I feel through a computer.
I cannot explain why the woman lasts to the man or the man to the woman. It occurs at a subconscious level.
I feel heat and care in your letters, it forces to beat my heart faster.
With each letter I understand that we become more close to each other. I want to tell to you that my feelings and words concerning you always were sincerely.
I want that between us there was not simply a friendship. I want to tell to you that I feel. I have understood that I love you!!! It is uneasy to me to speak it because I spoke nobody of it.
I LOVE YOU!!! I LOVE YOU!!! I LOVE YOU!!! I LOVE YOU!!! I LOVE YOU!!! I am ready to speak you these words again and again!!!
And now I understand that it is true love. It I searched for all life. So to be bad far from you. I want to be near to you.
I would like that you have strong embraced me and have kissed. I want that you have told that you love me, I cannot live without you.
I have understood that my searches of the man are finished, anybody because I have you is not necessary for me.
I want to begin a life where there is no place to a deceit. I want to see the world where there are only you and I and we are happy because we together. Our happiness in our hands and is very important to estimate it.
I shall make all that it was good you, I shall surround you with care and love. To me it was necessary to tell to you, I cannot live more than one, I LOVE YOU!!! I very much want to be near to you Numlig!!! To look in your eyes...
To kiss your lips... And silently to whisper: I LOVE YOU!!! I shall wait for your letter with impatience.

Letter 24

My love Numlig! Would like to name you my prince, whether I can name so???
My prince, I love you more with each day Yesterday i saw fantastic dream about us with you.
I think that you would like to hear it: I had a wonderful dream of us together.
We were walking in the gentle waves of the water at the beach. Walking hand in hand kicking sprays of water on each other.
We walked for a long way and then you lay to my down on a soft blanket away from the waves.
I began to kiss you very gently on your lips, then I kissed every exposed part of your lovely body.
Then we slowly undressed each other and began to explore each others bodies with our hands and mouths.
The moon was shining brightly and you soft skin glowed from the moistness of my kisses.
Our skin was on fire for each other and we made passionate love for hours.
We lay on the blanket and looked at the stars as we held each other in a warm embrace. We saw a shooting star and made a wish together.
Our wish must have come true because we once again gave in to our feelings for each other and began to make slow and wonderful love to each other again.
When we finally were so tired from all of the wonderful love we had made we noticed the sun was beginning to rise above the water.
We watched the sun rise from the darkness until it beamed all of its wonderous light upon our still unclothed bodies.
I slowly put your clothes back on you and then dressed myself, you then picked to my up and carried to our room.
We both fell to the bed from exhaustion.
I hope you enjoyed my dream as much as i did. When I woke from sleep i wanted so badly to hold you in my arms for real and I was upset very much that it dream. After that, I would like to speak by with you to phone.
After such dream, i want to hear your voice.
I wish to send you record of my voice. As at us it is impossible to speak by phone, I have decided to record the voice for you that you I can hear me. If so it is not difficult for you, too would like to hear your voice. I hope that you can open a file mp3 and listen to me.
I shall wait your letter I love you
I love
I love
I love
I love
I love
I love
I love
I love YOU!!!
Your Ksenia.

Letter 25

Hello my love Numlig!!
As is glad to see your letters, so it was pleasant for me to read your letter.
How are you? I love you! I see your smile and it makes me so by a happy internal part!
I like to dream of us with you. I am a person of dreams. I live on dreams. I dream about The future with you.
My sun raises also sets on dreams. Dreams - all I Have left for lifes. I live during the future. The future of miracles and pleasures!
I hope, that I can live to your expectations, I - only the person. I always shall be kind and gentle,
But I - only the person who loves you!!! You - the most fine, that are at me in life.
I have found the happiness, and more than nothing it is necessary for me.
I love you!!! I love you!!! I love you!!! Yours Ksenia.
p.s...I send you air kisses and I kiss you.

Letter 26

Hi my love Numlig!
I have gotten your warm words from your answer on my last message my arling.
My dear, my love Numlig, in my last e-mail i have told you about my love feelings to you, I wrote this message with so close love feelings to you, dearest, I didnt can to hide my love to you, my soul prompted me that I must to tell about my love to you, because it is so dificult to hide a close feelings to love man, Numlig.
I love you, Numlig, and I want to say to you that, please, dont discharge me from you.
Numlig, its so pity for me that our messages connect us only, I want to see you in reality my Numlig.
I so want it, darling! Our e-mails connect our close love feelings to each other, our messages are our rescue with boredom and from all of boring things.
I want to say to you my darling that I cannt without your messages now Numlig, your e-mails are necessary for me so much my Numlig, I love it and I love you my dearest!!! I wish to inform you that at my girlfriend oday birthday.
She has invited me to herself home to 19.00 o'clock in the evening. I do not know even what gift to present.
Today to me to have to leave on earlier from work, it is necessary to buy a gift to my girlfriend.
My girlfriend Nastya, would like to invite us a two that we have come together, but you is far from me that I will go one.
I hope that you are not afflicted what I will go one on birthday to the girlfriend????
Tell to me, often you go for holidays, per day a birth at the friends????
I shall write to you today on later, ok???

Letter 27

Hi my love Numlig. I am glad again to speak with you!
Answers to your questions: yes, I very much want to speak with you on phone. Here my number: +7 (342) 745-172/but, you cannot will phone to me, I wrote to you in the letter. At me is not present web cam to make video. I will never send naked photos.
I can speak English, I studied at school, after passed special courses. I do not have brothers and sisters, I the only child in a family. By the way, yesterday I have very well carried out time to day a birth at my girlfriend.
It so liked my gift, that she was very very glad to this. First we had the good supper and some glasses of champagne, then played balling also danced. Impressions have remained good, only when I saw , as some my girlfriends danced With the husband - I had small envy to them. I thought of you and represented for itself, what you beside.
That you too embrace me and whisper to me on an ear gentle words. And you Numlig, when see around the in love pairs people, that recollect me? I would like to ask you, you frequently go the to friends per day a birth or go for holidays??
I can not live without you and on this want to ask you: whether you Want mine love that I to arrive to you.
That I was ms. Numlig that we two had one bed that at us the general pleasures and general to mountain that we were the best pair in the world that all people looked at us and were surprised to that we the happiest pair in the world full with love and trust!
That your friends looked at us and envied, to that what at you the remarkable wife that my girlfriends looked at you and envied that at me the best and beautiful husband all over the world! There can be I have hurried it conclusions, whether we need to meet and we then we will solve we wish to be together. But I love you and wished to be with you. When we will meet, if you refuse me I will back come back in Russia. If you have possibilities to arrive to Russia I would be glad to meet you, I could acquaint you with the parents. I of you ask to think of it as it is possible more seriously, but I think, that these feelings at us are mutual also we like each other. On it I shall finish the letter, and very much I wait for your answer, it is necessary for me to know your opinion of that I have told you. I shall wait from you for the answer.
I have solved before my leaving to the girlfriend to write you the small letter.
I all the same have not received from you the answer, would like to learn that you think, if I will give to the girlfriend a kitchen set. Well it is fine, I have already bought a gift, I am assured that it very to be pleasant. When I read your letters, in my soul to become so warm, and in this minute it seems to me that you are beside me, looking my eyes.
I read your letter and my heart is sinking as I've got a hope for future with you. You know, for me marriage it is not only mutual living together under one roof, but also mutual understanding.
I suppose marriages are made on the heavens and here, on the Earth we are looking for our second halves.
I'd like to believe that you are my half. I think that in person the most important is his soul, but appearance is only a cover, and under it there's our existence. I dream my Beloved never betray me, I am not jealous and I think that the jealous is the poor attribute of the soul. Ok, I need to run, I and so already I am late.
I very strong kiss you and I embrace. I wait from you for the answer. Your beautiful Ksenia.
Again I write you the letter, I have some minutes before to leave work.
When I worked, as thought, what gift to me to buy to my girlfriend Nastya.
I wish to consult to you because you now my second half and is not present from you any secrets.
Can buy to it a kitchen set is better, she very much likes to cook food,
what it will be very pleasant to it to receive a kitchen set how you think????
I want, that this gift was from us a two.

Letter 28

I understand now perfectly that you are the male of my dream.
I was searching for you all my life and now I have found you and I am not going to lose you.
We will be happy together, I will do everything for it. I am strong enough to overcome all the difficulties and hardships which are between us. There is no barrier which can stop me.
My love will overcome all the difficulties on our way to each another. We will be together, believe me.
I will cross the ocean just to be with you. I don't need anything else - I just want to see you, to look into your eyes, to kiss your lips, to touch your strong body. I will love you, my baby always, and it doesn't matter for me what will be in the future.
I will love you, you are the air I breath, the reason for me to live. And there is no life for me without you.
Your letters was the ray of light in my life. At first I was not interested in visiting to other country but I will do it because I found my love and it's YOU!!! You do not think that I solve it spontaneously, I very long think of it.
I do not want to miss the happiness again.I will speak tonight with the chief from work, I will ask for leave holiday for some month that I could visit you. But I did not receive from you the answer, whether I do not know you that I have visited you want.

Letter 29

Hi my lovely Numlig. How are your days? On birthday I with anybody did not dance, only one.
I have a nice mood today!!! Today I went to find out what documents are necessary for our meeting.
Appeared that I need many free-of-charge and paid documents. I already began to make out some free-of-charge documents.
I constantly think of our meeting and I spoke with mum about it.
She wish us happiness and good luck in our joint life She is sad a little that I leave, but she is very happy that I has found a kind gentle tender and decent man. She will pray for our future.
Mum speaks that we should meet and even better learn each other. My mum trusts you and thanks the god that he has acquainted me with you.
We should not prove that ours feelings are real. I know, that the god has blessed our relations.
WELL, now I want to tell that I have found out about trip to you. We have travel firm in our city which makes the documents for people who want to leave the country. I asked about moving to your country and I got the answer that I need the visa, foreign passport and some other documents for registration. We have defined a type of the visa and it's type which allows to marry in the future but if it will be not realize I must return to my country after ninety days it's limit for visa.
Ok, I need to run now to work. I will write you details in the following letter.
my lovely man Numlig.
I will soon go to my chief, I will ask for leave from work that to me have given holiday for some months.
I waited for your letter and my heart to knock strongly when I have received it. I am very glad that you have written to me.
I do not imagine as it is possible to live without your letter. When I do not receive your letters, to me is very sad nothing also wish to make. Numlig, I love you and I do not know, how there are letters, but in my heart you live only and your love. To me it is not important, as they will go, but you should know only one, that I love you, I shall love you and you always will be in my love, in my life, in my heart which is opened only for you wash favourite Numlig.
I miss you my favourite and I shall love only you. My lovely prince favourite Numlig. I wish to be yours and to be with you beside.
I want you so to inform that I will go tomorrow morning to tourist agency to learn about trips your country.
I will speak to you about it tomorrow when I will know. I will wait from you for the answer and I hope that we will meet soon.
I very strong kiss you and I embrace. Your beautiful Ksenia.

Letter 30

My dear Numlig.
You're always lighting up my heart with the things you do and say.
I feel so happy just being with you this way. You're my my love, and will forever be my my love.
You will always be the love of my life, and please never give up, always have faith in yourself and you will gain the greatest gift of all, the gift of hope and love you righteously deserve.
Every time I think of you my heart misses a beat. You're my theme for a dream! Every moment we share together we grow closer.
I will never forget you. I hope you still think of me too. I love you with all that I am, all that I was and all that I will ever be.
Please know that my love and I are inseparable and I would want it no other way and if time could express my love for you then it's forever and a day, I can't wait to be with you, see your smile, look in your eyes, feel your sweet touch, hear your perfect words and kiss your perfect lips. The way I feel about you some people call it crazy, some call it insane, but I call it true love. I so have got tired today that it is necessary for me rest.
I will finish on it this letter and I will wait tomorrow for day.
So, tomorrow I will have very difficult day that I will need to make so much for my trip. Love always Ksenia.
p.s...I send you an air kiss.
I ask about time of performance and they said that there is many people who wants to make documents and leave the country but if I'll make the application now, and pay for it now, they will make all documents not more than 2 weeks, and if I'll not make the application, documents will be prepared not earlier than two or three months because there are many people who wants to do it. So that I have put in the statement at once.
I was told that I can go to you when I issue all documents. My love for trip to you and registrations of the visa and the passport for travel abroad I need in the following documents:
1 - The passport for travel abroad.
2 - Medical test.
3 - Consular gathering is paid in addition.
4 -Two photos (5x5).
5 - The insurance.
6 - The information from a place the works.
7 - Documents about the real estate. (a maximum of docks).
8 - The certificate of birth.
Yes, so much I need to prepare documents for my trip for you. I have been simply surprised in it, but I for our meeting, I will try to prepare as soon as possible. Tomorrow I will ask for leave from work that I have had time to make for one day to prepare documents and after tomorrow to go in tourist firm, to give the documents for a trip.
I hope that you have received this info and you know now that is necessary for a trip. I will wait from you for the answer.

Letter 31

Hi my love Numlig! I am glad to your message and thanks, that you understand me.
You are, one of those few people in which I can find understanding. How has passed your day dear?
I shall be happy to pass these days with you, I want, that to me these pleasant sensations were remembered.
I with such pleasure have woken up today, I think that for me will be today in very successful afternoon.
You are always in my thoughts and in my heart. I never knew that love could be so wonderful until I met you.
You have given me a new perspective on so many things. I will always treasure our love and keep it safe. I love you.
You are always in my thoughts and in my heart. I never knew that love could be so wonderful until I met you.
You have given me a new perspective on so many things. I will always treasure our love and keep it safe.
Know time to me has come to go to do documents for my visa. I probably will not have time till the evening, probably I will be capable to write to you only in the evening, after when at me it will be ready documents for the visa.
Therefore, the agent tourist agency has told, that I came tomorrow and have given all necessary documents.
I so am happy that I can soon see you. I wish to ask you, what mood at you now when I am going to visit you?????
How you think???? I need to know your feeling to me, your opinion???
I hope tonight to see from you the answer. With love Ksenia.

Letter 32

hi ;-) I have just come not for a long time home.
That so it is tired and it is very strongly tired. I so much affairs much have made today that I do not have forces more.
I have had time to make all documents for my visa are necessary that now I only need to descend tomorrow in tourist agency and to give full of info to the agent. I very much wait tomorrow because tomorrow all to be solved.
From time to time you ask me why I chose you? What is so special about you? Well, the reason is simple.
I chose you because you are YOU!!! I have never had anyone treat me the way you do. I have never had anyone just look at me and make me feel beautiful. You do that to me! You make me feel special and wanted. As liberal as I can be, I would never do anything to hurt you. You mean more to me than you realize. I am hoping that one day I can prove all of this to you!
I want you for you! Well my love. I shall finish this letter and I shall write to you tomorrow the full information, that I have learned from tourist agency. I strong kiss you and I embrace. With love Ksenia.

Letter 33

Hello my love Numlig!
I am tired from everything, I am tired from independent, only your letters calming me during the difficult moments.
In such minutes, I would like to cling to you, to convenient on your strong body, and forgotten all.
I do not represent my life without you, my Numlig. I love you, and I am ready to repeat these words again and again! In us with you still only begins. Only now I find sense in a life. That I want now, it to meet to you, now I understand that all life I searched only for you! I wish to visit you and to meet you.
I have not enough time because I am going to go today to tourist agency. I will write you today all full of info, please be in a network, I want that you have learnt, when my trip to you will cost how many.
I think that today all will be known also we soon we will meet. I will write to you today after I will come with tourist agency.
Ok, I have gone.I shall go in travel agency!!

Letter 34

My love, it I again write you the letter. I have for you very bad news. I do not know as you it is all explain, I thought that I will have money for my documents but when I have come home that I have only $100, but I should pay this money for the Internet and as will go on products, my wages will be not soon.
I today asked on work in loans of money that I could pay, but to me have told cannot give. That to me will not allow.
At me very small salary that I have no additional money I thought that could pay and so to borrow money, but it has appeared very bad It's make me little suppressed and disappointed I don't have so much money. I was make application but I must pay for it.
I asked my mother about our savings she said that the money should not be a barrier between two people which love each other.
I asked my friends about helping me and they said that have not at the present moment.
I asked the advice my mother and she said that maybe you can help me because you loves me????
I have overlooked to inform you, that it is necessary for me to make payment $1020.
I do not want to speak it, but I want to ask you, whether you can help me, can pay in agency of $1020???
I am glad to have again an opportunity to write to you.
Yes my dear Numlig it would be very remarkable to visit you soon, and then we could move after a while to my city if you want it.
I from your letter have understood, that our meeting with you soon to happen. I am very glad to this.
Dream last night has dreamed me, that I shall see you. I already went in travelling agency. This small bureau, as at us small city.
But it is travelling agency has communications with the basic travelling agencies in the nearest big cities so it is reliable and safe.
I signed with them the contract. In conformity with the contract, the agency will prepare me for all documents for travel.
I have received all necessary information, and now I want to inform it to you under the order, for what I need to pay:
1. The passport for travel abroad is required to pay is 30 american dollar / 900 roubles
2. The visa will cost is 70 american dollar / 2100 roubles
3. Medical inspection is 50 american dollar / 1500 roubles
4. Services of our travel agency is 150 american dollar / 4500 roubles.
5. The air ticket is required to take two, there and back. As I come to you as the tourist. Cost of one ticket of 610 American dollars. A total sum is 1220$.
I had at myself of a few money, I have already paid this money for other documents is 500 american dollar.
I can arrive to you when I shall make payment for the visa and in 10 days I receive the visa and I can arrive to you.
I have been very surprised by the prices of my trip to you, I did not travel for a long time already so far from the city.
But I was not frightened from it because I am assured that I can visit you that for me there will be no problem, many say to me that very strong woman. Tonight I will go at home and I will look, how many for me still is available money to pay for these documents. I will inform you tonight

Letter 35

my love!!
Unfortunately I have not received from you the letter!
I was upset a little! I hope that I have not frightened you the letter!
Your help is really necessary for me that we have met!
My lovely, I have absolutely overlooked to tell that in agency I have given yours e-mail the address.
And me have told that they will write to you the letter.
In which they to explain all cost for my visa.
I think that you not against???
The address of agency:
I hope that you will answer me fairly my letter!
I shall look forward to hearing!
With LOVE YOURS Ksenia.

Letter 36

You my love, kiss you, kiss, kiss. I cannot constrain myself to not kiss you. i wish to be with you and only with you.
I want make you the happiest in the world. This my desire. I think of you always. It is really difficult to be so far from you.
It is a lot of ideas in my head. I wish to be with you, and to have fine walk in park.
I wish to go to cinema with you for viewing romantic film. I wish to have supper with you at candles.
This all is really wonderful. Because you will be with me. With you, I shall feel easy. I shall be the happiest girl in the world.
This all owing to you. You my true love. You my angel keeper. I want, that so was always. We necessarily shall be happy together.
It will be valid superb, to spend our free time together. We can do a lot of prophetic together.
In our life there will be no words "You" or "I", it will be one word "WE". You agree with me? I think it really wonderfully.
We shall make all of the decision together. We shall be the happiest pair in the world. We shall be the strongest pair.
Our love will live eternally. I love you all heart and soul. Hope we can meet soon, Ksenia.

Letter 37

My dear Numlig.
I so was delighted to that you can help to pay to me for my ticket. I so am glad to it, I so worried, searched for money.
But all speak to me there is no money and cannot help you. You have asked me as I can receive money and where you should send.
ok, I talked to the mum, she speaks that you can take advantage of a remittance, as the western union or money gramm.
To me have informed, it is a reliable and safe remittance that I without problems can receive. It is only necessary for you to descend in the western union and to make transfer.
It is necessary for you to know my full name and the address:
My name: Ksenia Boulina
My address: St. Muromskaya 27, Perm, Russia, 614111
After you will make transfer I will need to know your full name and the address.
As it is necessary MTCN (10 confidential figures) which should you give in the western union.
Now it is necessary for me to pay $1020. I can be myself when I am with you. Your idea of romance is dim lights, soft music, and just the two of us.
Because you make me feel like I have never felt before. I can tell you anything, and you won't be shocked. Your undying faith is what keeps the flame of our love alive. You and me together, we can make magic.
We're a perfect match. Thinking of you fills me with a wonderful feeling.
Your love gives me the feeling that the best is still ahead. You never give up on me, and that's what keeps me going.
You are simply irresistible. I love you because you bring the best out of me. I love your terrific sense of humor.
You're the one who holds the key to my heart. You always say what I need to hear.
You have taught me the true meaning of love. Love is, what you mean to me - and you mean everything.
You are my theme for a dream. I have had the time of my life and I owe it all to you.
And, of course, I love your intelligence, 'cause you were smart enough to fall in love with me.
Love Always Ksenia.

Letter 38

Dear Numlig,
I do not understand, why you not attentively read my letters. Here:
1. The passport for travel abroad is required to pay is 30 american dollar / 900 roubles
2. The visa will cost is 70 american dollar / 2100 roubles
3. Medical inspection is 50 american dollar / 1500 roubles
4. Services of our travel agency is 150 american dollar / 4500 roubles.
5. The air ticket is required to take two, there and back. As I come to you as the tourist. Cost of one ticket of 610 American dollars. A total sum is 1220$.
I want, that you could help to pay to me $1020. I have written yesterday a full name to you, again you did not read that letter. Here: Ksenia Boulina Petrovna. This are my mom Nadejda, my daddy Petr too. Here info agency:
Address: street Komsomol 43, office 304
City: Perm, The country: Russia, Zip Code: 614047
Phone: +7(342) 412-338
Fax: +7(342) 450-258
You can write a name the letter:
I want to have with you sexual night. My lovely I to think, that in first night with you I shall caress gently you.
I shall caress long you what you to be raised. I to think, that I shall iron and many times to kiss your naked body.
I to think, that I shall not leave on your body not one dry place. I to think, that I shall kiss very many time.
My lovely then I shall as undress up to naked. I to think, that in the beginning I shall approach only to you and again to raise you. My dear then we shall have with you the biggest love.
I to think, that we shall have with you sex within all night. I to think, that I very much to want it.
I very much to dream of it my lovely prince. You to want it? My dear I want to ask you, what you to write to me, how you to imagine ours with you the first night? I to think, that it is very interesting to me.
My lovely I very much to love you! I want to carry out with you all night of my life.
I to think, that only with you I shall have the happy future. I very much to love you!
I love you Numlig! I to love only you one! Ksenia.

Letter 39

My Dear Numlig.
my Dearest, life can be cruel but when it all comes together there is no moment as sweet.
That is how I feel about you entering my life. You have rekindled the flame called love in me.
Now, you are a significant part of my life and I look forward to the day when we can make it permanent.
I love you so much. I love you for your kindness, for your caring and giving nature, for your beauty - both inner and outer, and most of all I love you because you are you.
The fact that you show me who you really are and not what you think I may want.
My love, let this letter be a testament to my true feelings for you.
The whole world can see and know how I feel for you. I love you .
My love, I shall finish on it this letter and I shall wait from you for the answer.
Your beautiful Ksenia.

Letter 40

Has received your letter, you have told to me that have sent that quantity. When has sent? How? If you have sent money, you should me give mtcn and yours the full address and a full name. That I could receive money. You wish, that to you have sent the letter from tourist agency? If you wish to receive the letter from them. Please communicate and write them the letter: Why you have received too info about documents because I have copied and has put. Thought that you have not received that letter. I have written to you, how many and where it is necessary money. You once again have then asked. I full of info gave all to you. Into the account of date and info of flight I receive only when I will already pay for the ticket. I have not paid for the ticket and is not reserved, as I will make the full sum of money for the ticket, the agent will reserve the ticket and I can give yours the full information of flight.

Letter 41

Hello my love Numlig.
I am glad that you have contacted agency that you have written them the letter. I hope they will give all documents.
I think that they cannot give the visa and the passport to you because they are yet ready.
And they probably have already sent the contract to you or can are not present, but they should send, because they have communicated with me and have asked permissions, to give you copies of the contract or not. I have told yes.
My lovely Numlig. I to think, that we with you are very similar. I to think, that we to have with you very strong love.
I want to speak you, that together we shall have with you many happiness and love. You the most fine person which I to know.
My lovely I to love you for your kindness. I to think, that you to have very good heart.
I to think, that your heart is filled only with kindness and love. My lovely my heart is filled with love to you.
I to think, that when we with you shall have a meeting I shall show you all love. My lovely I want to speak you, that when I shall see you for the first time I shall jump to you and I shall embrace strong you.
I very much to dream to embrace you the hands. My dear I to think, that then I shall kiss your gentle lips.
I to think, that you to have very beautiful lips. I to love your lips!!! I very much want to kiss your lips as soon as possible.
I very much want, that we with you would be only together. I to think, that very much want to carry out with you together night.
I to think, that this night to us with you will be kept in mind. We shall have with you the most fine night in ours with you lifes.
I to think, that we with you shall love each other all night. I very much as soon as possible want to have with you a meeting my lovely prince. I very much want to see you and to speak you in eyes, that I to love you!!!!
I shall look you in the face and I shall speak you everything, that I to think of you.
My lovely I want to speak you when I shall see you very much. My heart is overflown words of love to you.
I want to speak you, that I to love you my lovely prince!!!! I send you Numlig many kisses. On always your love Ksenia.

Letter 42

My Dear Numlig. Here is to a man I thought I'd never know. The one who stole my heart so innocently, but with care and grace and perfect love. The perfect thought is us together forever, the sweetest word is your name, and the greatest thing is your love. Every silent prayer that has left my mind, all the empty words that have left my mouth and chased my lips, and all the lonely tears that have escaped my eyes have made me who I am, one to love you more. I love you so much, those five words I tell you so much can't have more meaning than anything else ever possibly could. I love you with all my faults and all my achievements. I love you with all that I am.
I love you for who you are. I hope in the quietest of the night when I whisper out to you, you'll know just what to do.
You'll listen to hear my voice echoing how much I love you.
Love always Ksenia.

Letter 43

Hello my love Numlig. How was your day? You have asked me in what day I can arrive to you and give you info.
But, as I can give you exact date and flight info if I at all have not paid for the ticket.
I do not have money to pay for the ticket. My love, you have received documents from agency?
The agent has told that I can arrive to you in February, 11th. I think that in February, 11th we can meet.
But, if I can pay for the ticket. You can help me? I called not for a long time to you on this number +96 279 540 5478 which you gave me.
The man has taken the call and has asked it Numlig, to me have told that I was mistaken number. You have given me not correct number, why?
My love, I is ready to you to arrive, I already collect a few things in a suitcase. I need to pay only for the ticket and to arrive to you.
The agent has told to me that in February, 7th I receive the documents.
My love I again and again to speak you that I love you my love and only you in my heart burning from love.
My love I want only you and all to wait and wait from you yours for letters,
only you my unique love which so are strongly necessary for me. My love I all to think of you and only about you my love.
My love I each time to dream and dream as we with you to spend our joint time. Only you always live in me and I to dream and I will hope that our life the big happiness for us. My love I even shall know that only with you I am happy and only I STRONGLY LOVE you. That I to recollect all this and my ideas to think only of you.
My love I to see it and I precisely that only you now will know in my heart and my dreams.
My love I to see the big lake in the beginning and I to think that this lake indefinitely and that it more and more and more.
My love I to see that above lake the fog began to rise and that the sun rose from under the grounds.
And at this moment it seemed to me that all world has changed and only you in my dreams and in me my unique love.
My love and suddenly I to see that on water someone goes to me and I very much to be frightened in the beginning.
I to be It is confused and to not know that to me to do. And suddenly I have understood that it goes to me of the person and I to calm down slightly. Then I to see that it you and I to understand that only you are capable to overcome this lake and to reach me.
I to be happy for one instant and to seem to me that the love for me this biggest happiness for us and we to be happy at this moment.
I send many kisses. Yours Ksenia.

Letter 44

My Dear Numlig.
Now that I have you with me, I would like to let you know how happy and grateful I am for you...
every night I thank God for sending you to me. I may not tell you this as often as you expect me to, but trust me, I love you with all my heart and my soul. You mean so much to me.
It is you that I want to see waiting for me at the altar... it is also you that I want to hold my hand in the delivery room and it is you that I want to spend my life with. I promise to be always true to you, to love you and trust you. I love you more than anything this life can offer me.
You made me realize that I don't need to wait for everybody's approval for anything...
as long as I am happy and as long as it feels right for me.
I guess destiny has lead you to me so I guess we're really meant for each other.
Love always Ksenia.

Letter 45

I cannot arrive to Cairo, as I do not have money to pay for the ticket. I do not understand, why you tell me it. If you perfectly know that I do not have money to pay for the ticket. Why you ask it. I have asked for you about the help, I have made all, it is necessary to pay only $1020, but you why do not tell it. Write to me you can send me money that I could pay for the ticket?

Letter 46

Good afternoon Mr. Numlig.
We are glad to see your letter. You wish to learn about trips of our client Ksenia Boulina. We have written you the letter, but is visible you have not received or did not read.
We send you letter copies where it is written about all about trips of our client Ksenia Boulina.
You ni?iceee as you can pay for the ticket, sorry, but we do not accept credit cards and bank remittances,
communications by that now it is a lot of fraud on the Internet. Our client Ksenia Boulina himself should come in our agency and pay for the ticket.
You can send it money to use monetary transfers, as the western union or money gramme.
Approximate flights we will send yours the following letter.

Letter 47

Good afternoon the Mr. Numlig.
We welcomed you, by travel agency "Intourist" .
With you the manager tourist speaks agency "Intourist" Bobrova Irina Nikolaevna.
Give to a few time and esteem it attentively. Here it is a little about our company.
The basic business - the company competence - formation of tourist products for the markets of entrance, exit and internal tourism.
Company strategic targets - at the expense of complex servicing, constant innovative activity, the flexible price policy to fix and strengthen company positions in the market.
«IOE Intourist» - the versatile tour operator which is engaged in the organisation of rounds worldwide. The basic directions - Turkey, Egypt, Bulgaria, Greece, Spain, Italy, Tunis, Thailand, Czechia, Hungary, France, Austria, Malta, Russia and other countries.
Presence of own accepting offices, gives the chance to solve operatively all questions and to provide service of high level.
In the company the unique software allowing in the shortest terms to develop new directions is introduced, to form price offers, to approach to a choice hotel of base, transfers and service services, to work to different offices in a uniform database in a mode online.
We render such services:
· the order of air tickets of conducting airlines of the world for all directions;
· booking of hotels in any parts of the world;
· individual transfers and meetings / prowaters at the airport;
· services of guides, translators;
· rent of machines of all classes;
· the organization of exit seminars and conferences;
· the order of excursion programs on any country.
· rent of sea yachts;
· tickets on all types of transport on a route of round
· Services of Travel agent
· Separate services of Tour operator and Travel agent
In our Company the monitoring system of quality of the work, covering all fields of activity operates.
We ask to pay your attention to possibility to influence to quality of work of our company:
· Service at sending and accepting offices;
· Level of the competence of our employees;
· Convenience of booking and speed of acknowledgement of rounds,
· Other aspects of activity
Now we can inform you that " Ksenia Boulina " has concluded contract with our agency for granting for her Tourist visa.
(Contract N 78644; Visa N 38538263; Passport N 210493942)
Really our agency gives her package deal on granting of the visa and the passport for travel abroad.
All documents for her travel abroad are available.
" Ksenia Boulina " should pay for the visa $300. Ksenia Boulina has already paid $500 For the some people official registration of papers, remained $1020.
List of services given by our agency for " Ksenia Boulina "
1) Visa, and its manufacture -$70
2) Medical insurance - $50
3) The passport for travel abroad and its manufacture - $30
4) Cost two tickets - $1220
5) Consular gathering - $150
We send with these the letter of a copy "Certificate", that our agency provides to clients travel to other countries.

Sincere travel agency "Intourist"
General director: Yaroshkin Aleksey Vladimirovish
Address: street Komsomol 43, office 304
City: Perm
The country: Russia
Zip Code: 614047
Phone: +7 (342) 412-338
Fax: +7 (342) 450-258
We work: from 8:00 - 17:00 (a dinner 13:00 - 14:00) Moscow time.

Letter 48

It can depart in February, 11th to you. Here some flights:
5:50 am Depart Moscow (SVO) - Arrive Cairo (CAI) 4:15 pm
Fri 11-Feb
Duration: 11hr 25mn Alitalia 595 / 896
Connect in Rome (FCO)
9:15 am Depart Moscow (SVO) - Arrive Cairo (CAI) 7:00 pm
Fri 11-Feb
Duration: 10hr 45mn Air France 1145 / 508
Connect in Paris (CDG)
7:10 am Depart Moscow (SVO) - Arrive Cairo (CAI) 7:00 pm
Fri 11-Feb
Duration: 12hr 50mn Air France 2545 / 508
Connect in Paris (CDG)


Letter 49

Good afternoon Mr. Numlig.
To see again glad we your letter. sorry that have not answered at once your letter, at us it is a lot of now clients that we have not time to serve everyone. We does not accept now remittances because now on the Internet it is a lot of the fraud, many try to steal credit cards and try to use it. We very validly concern to our client Ksenia Boulina.
She actually has addressed to us and has paid for documents as has signed the contract with us. We have contacted it and have asked them, whether we can show you copies of documents. She has agreed and has given OK. Here save the contract.
We cannot give a copy of the passport and the visa to you yet because they are yet ready. You can see contract copies.
We hope that we could answer your questions.

Sincere travel agency "Intourist"
General director: Yaroshkin Aleksey Vladimirovish
Address: street Komsomol 43, office 304
City: Perm
The country: Russia
Zip Code: 614047
Phone: +7 (342) 412-338
Fax: +7 (342) 450-258
We work: from 8:00 - 17:00 (a dinner 13:00 - 14:00) Moscow time.

Letter 50

Good afternoon Mr. Numlig.
We are glad is new to see your letter. We hope that you have received yesterday the letter.
You have written to me about your relations and money. sorry, but it not our care. You should solve it among themselves, we only give it a trip your country. Know, now it is very difficult to live in Russia and very small salary.
Our client to us actually has paid for documents and is fast we to it we will give these documents.
We on 100 % are assured that she is going to visit your country and to meet you. She said as to us that you are going to meet and you love each other. It such was happy also the enamoured. We wish happiness and love and live are happy.
We hope that on such questions you more to us do not write, because our business only to provide a trip and to answer questions on business.

Sincere travel agency "Intourist"
General director: Yaroshkin Aleksey Vladimirovish
Address: street Komsomol 43, office 304
City: Perm
The country: Russia
Zip Code: 614047
Phone: +7 (342) 412-338
Fax: +7 (342) 450-258
We work: from 8:00 - 17:00 (a dinner 13:00 - 14:00) Moscow time.



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