Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Eshmekova to Roy (UK)

Letter 1

Hi My new friend Roy!!!
My name is Tatyana. I am 25 years. But it is not main for the girl, but on how many she herself feels most important that. In soul I am some more the naughty teenager. I very much like to laugh and have fun. I think, that laughter is increased life, it is very complex. I find pleasure in all.I work as the manager in cosmetic shop. I very much love the trade.Probably it is banal, but my dream is connected to my work.I live in small, but very beautiful city is Ryazan. Here I was born,have grown and have received the formation. The best memoirs of mylife are my childhood and student's years. I want to tell you frankly, that now I have not easily. I live one with daddy. My loved mum has died, when I studied at school. It is very hard for me to recollect it, but the most joyful memoirs are I, my mum and daddy.I am the attractive person, little bit modest, but very kind. I am very sociable and open person. But in too time I am very vulnerable and sensit live. I am the person very trustful and kind,therefore always strongly am upset, when me deceive. I do not recognize treachery and changes, but I appreciate in people kindness,understanding and purposefulness.I would like, that we have understood each other and became good friends, and probably and it is more.I would like to learn about you more very much . If to you not difficultly tell me about yourself, you and your life are very interesting to me .For me the most important to be happy and that near to me was loved the man. But I can not meet the person in my country who would be for me both the friend and loved man. It is very difficult sometimes to see his soul behind appearance of the person. When you are far at a great distance, it is easier to understand you, we are similar on a private world whether or not.
Butanything so does not pull together as distance. We have not only the different countries and continents, we have different outlook and out looks on life. Do you agree with me? You are very interesting man.It is a pity, but I know only Russian, English I know badly. But I want to learn it very much . I can become your personal teacher of Russian. And will you help me to teach English? Sometimes the most true and reliable way is not from the easiest. It is necessary to pass many obstacles to find the present love.Do You believe in love Even if we can not become close people necessarily we shall find new friends.
It is interesting to communicate with new people to learn about their life, their traditions. But so it would be desirable to find close loved person. You know that each day is monotonous, and your letters will help me in a flash to appear in other country, in other life.Because of work and vital has put so remain timefor private life a little. In my life there were very many disappointments, insults and not misunderstanding on the part of Russian men. And, probably, in you I can find the person who me will appreciate, understand and help a difficult minute. What qualities do you want to see in your woman? What do you pushes away in the girl? What do you draws?
What are your main values in life? What are your dreams? Whether it is a lot of for you means external given persons? Do you involved more with internal beauty? I think, that sometimes behind beautiful appearance disappear dry,malicious and the cruel man. Than usually you are engaged at leisure? What are habits at you? What has you involved in me?
Some people meet the destiny in a train and the plane, some - sitting for the next little table in one cafe, and some people find each other in the Internet. Before my eyes many successful examples when two in love hearts incorporate. Therefore I have hope in soul too to find the the man with whom we would supplement each other of which I cared, looked after, for the sake of which I would live. I dream of sincere and open relations.
I dream to present all love, attention, care andtenderness unique and loved man.
With hope for the future.Tanya
Letter 2

Hi my dear Roy ! How is your mood? I am very pleased, which I have again received From you the message. I very much waited for news from you!!! I hope a smile Has appeared from my letter. You are very interesting to me and your world in Which you live. In you other country and other prospect for a life. I very inquisitive Certainly in the Internet, on correspondence it is difficult to study People, and character, it is difficult to understand his habits, that we come nearer to everyone Another as it is very important to feel an atmosphere, on a meeting two person, Sights, contacts, affinity it is important. But there is other party, it is possible to Be independently, not to be necessary worse or better, than you are in a life. Make you Agree with me? Our world, the world abroad is interesting to me. I like to Travel, get acquainted, and contact new people. Also make you like to have a Rest? You have a holiday frequently? And what country make you visited? What The country is most loved and is mysterious for you, but I was only in cities of Russia. And I have been involved always with the east: India, China, Nepal, Egypt. Ancient Temples and tombs, a unique atmosphere, with unusual symbolics, wisdom and Being immersed in secrets of a life and death - all this attraction exotic is very close To me. It is probable, so is healthy to transfer hot sand, eyes to see The big river of Nile which brings precious water on the rural bases. To me would be Like to see Sphynx which protects an ancient place of burial pharaons in Pyramids. How many secrets these mysterious warehouses of the country!? I likes to float Very much. Water - my elements. I like to fish. But I do not dive with Aqualung in dark dark blue depth, but I want to make it very much. Make you like a Character? I like to lift a vegetable, but most of all I like to tend flowers. I have in Home many internal factories. But I dream, which the small palm tree raised in mine The house.. In the winter I like to slide on a ski. But it is more I like to slide on skates. In us are especially filled in ice and before New Year on a The skating rink places a tree of fur. It is decorated with toys and garlands. On skates all Slide: children and adults. It is pleasant to me when in the street is a Snow, snowflakes vigorously fly, people move ahead street and muffle in soft Fluffy coats of fur, and I sit at home, and I drink hot coffee. During such moments it Becomes warm and convenient. Especially in such weather it would be desirable to leave in The warm place and to enjoy a life. It so is healthy In such weather to appear on gold sandy coast where the bright sun burns your leather, and Your legs caress gentle warm waves. And you put on gold to coast? What do you think of it? I wait for your letter with impatience. You Very interesting to me. Tell to me to all about itself. I would like to know as you Alive, than you are borrowed if not work, what character in you. You see when I Read your last letter has understood, that you very gentle and sympathizing The person. Whether I am valid is right? Write to me, please. I shall wait very much for yours The letter. I wait quickly for your answer. I grieve without you. Your Russian Beauty. Tatyana.
Letter 3

Hi My Dear Roy!!! How are you? Sorry that to you was necessary so for a long time to wait my answer and consequently I sorry that has kept you waiting... Simply I I was ill at me strongly not much was ill a head and and a throat and I had to be treated at home... All this because of weather which at us changes as at us in the morning very coldly and in the afternoon warmly and consequently I so has strongly caught cold... And now to me on it became much better and easier also to me it was very pleasant to find out that you did not forget me and continued to write to me... Roy sorry that this letter short I will be necessary for you shall write more when at me more time now to me will be time to go for work... And still today I shall try to call you I very much I hope that you will be there and we can talk to you.... I Miss Your Tatyana!!!
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