Letter(s) from Ksenia to S. H. (USA)
Letter 1
Hello My Dear, at all I do not know as to tell. So it is glad when I receive your letters that I can not describe it words.
Write me your questions again, I lost your letter. I do not think to go to you because you and I almost do not know.
I have woken up today that my cat Boris, purred and It was tightened on my blanket. I told about it? I have found it on To street also has stroked. More it from me did not leave anywhere. Always went for Me. And I have taken it home, you love animals? And what you love?
Tell to me about the interests. For example, I love ice-cream, Simply I adore it. I like the sea, the fresh wind and a rain is pleasant on To street. I often went before on dances, I love, goes to cinema. I I have a rest, when I dance, when I float. To me it is good. But it would be desirable To enjoy this world together with whom that. With the beloved, for example.
As you think? You would like to dance with me? I am assured, That you well dance and as can learn to dance me still Better. The truth??? I send you a photo.
As you think, in what place you represent our the first Meeting? It is interesting to me where you represent the first meeting.
I for example think that would be fine if we with you could Will meet on coast of the river or the sea. Sat at a little table, about us There was a boat on which we have arrived, and anybody about us was not.
Only we with you. And anybody is more. How you think?
I yesterday went to Olga and we with it spoke about much. It Asks me now each time about you. Transfers you the greetings.
To me to send the regards for it from you?
I do not wish to leave, I wish to receive one more your letter. I hope that Tomorrow you will write to me.
I shall as wait yours for new photos and letters. Kseniya
Letter 2
Hello My Friend, I am glad to receive your letter. I when went Today along the street, has not stumbled nearly at sidewalk. I went and thought about Volume, than you can be engaged. And during the latest moment has noticed, That now shall stumble and has stopped. And that today happens in yours
I wish to learn from you about your friends. What can you tell about them?
Tell to me more in detail. I very much would like to know about them. As you Have got acquainted? How have become friends? Whether for a long time you friends? How many at you
Friends who always will help you?
I do not know why, but in my life have developed, so was it is a lot of Girlfriends. But it is most than me always supported and with all helped Only one. Its name Olga.
How you think, it the good person? I
I shall answer itself this question. Very good and devoted friend. We with it Always were together. When I have told to it that has got acquainted with You. It has been surprised. It has asked, whence at me it is so much Boldness. Also has much asked about you. When I have told, it has told that
You good the man.
I with impatience every day wait for your photos and letters. And I hope, that Tomorrow, when I shall come in home I too shall receive your letter and Photo.
I think of you..... It is a lot of.... And you like me...
Letter 3
I today worked also my hands very much much hurt. I weigh day Did massage. And how you? As your mood? I hope that Well.
I wish to learn more about you and today I wish to learn about your family, about Your relatives. At you it is a lot of relatives? I live with mum in To one apartment. At us only different rooms. At me to have the grandmother and The grandfather. They live in 50 kilometers from us in small village. My grandmother name Nina, grandfathers name Oleg. I am frequent earlier Was at the grandmother. I much to that have learned at it. To prepare various Dishes to watch themselves. My grandmother was my tutor, and it Brought up me. Mum worked also I much tried to study, what All was good in our family. I do not know why, but I cannot To meet good the man in the country.
Sex and anything serious is necessary to many men from me only, I hope that you not such.
I do not know why, but all the man, which normal are already married. I do not wish to marry for Which man I do not love. Which is not pleasant to me. I do not love Quarrels, conflicts, loud music. I want will be with the man which Me to understand, which I shall understand. I wish be with the man which will appreciate me as the person from showers, I do not want that to me concerned as to a silly doll.
With which to us it will be good and
We shall enjoy our happiness. It is not necessary for me much, kisses, Embraces, tenderness and passion of the beloved, here that is necessary for me for Happiness. The main thing for me to be with the favourite person, the rest not so is important.
And you???? Sincerely, expecting your following letter Kseniya
Letter 4

Hello, I hope that your day is fine also you now feel Itself it is good. I am very glad to receive your letter.
I'm looking for a serious relationship I do not want any games.
At me so it is a lot of questions to you, but I am afraid, that you likely You will be frightened, if I shall ask all. Yes? Or not? Tell to me. You to me I am very interesting also wish to learn you better. I wish to know about you many, Before we shall meet. When I learn about you all and I shall be assured in To you I would shall make all that we have met. I do not hide, that Gets acquainted for serious attitudes, and I do not wish to play in any Games. Therefore I ask you to answer sincerely my questions, and I I hope, that you will answer, as well as I am sincere. I shall tell more about myself. I do not know, whether you can define a figure on Photo. My growth 5 ' 7? Weight nearby 60 kg. A breast, a waist, a hip Accordingly 89-63-90. I would like to know very much about you, about what you You like to be engaged, of what you dream? That does not suffice you in your life?
I love, cleanliness and the order, I love cooking, and it is pleasant to me, when people Are happy. I send you a photo.
I hope that I shall receive many your photos also. You are fast to me them You will send? I shall wait for them with impatience.
I wait.... Very much.....
Letter 5
I do not know how to explain it, but I am glad to receive your letter. I It is glad, that you have answered me. When I was on work and houses I all time Thought, you will write to me or not. And you have written. I am happy, to receive Your letter. I to look yours profile, and it has liked me, and I Has solved with you will get acquainted. And me have told, that we approach one
To another. But I think, that we should learn it.
I shall tell more about myself. To me 25 years and name me Kseniya.
I live in small settlement Suslonger It to be in Russia. I was not Married, and to not have children. I live with mum. The father has died on war which was in the Chechen Republic of 1994-1996.
I do not wish to recollect about it. I Work the masseur in local hospital. I have finished College also I am able to do all kinds massage. And everyone speak, that at me
Well it turns out.
I do not know what to tell to you about myself. What you interests? I I love cinema, dances. To not smoke, to not drink alcohol. All that is necessary for me for I to have lives, but I do not have beloved and consequently I have solved
To get acquainted with you.
I to send you a photo, I hope that it is pleasant to you. You can tell to me, what you search in women? Tell to me. I very much Wished to learn it. What character, what appearance? That it should
To be able to do?
I shall be, is glad to receive your letter tomorrow, and I hope, that you To me you will write. I shall answer sincerely all your questions, and I hope, that You as will answer mine.
I already wait for your letter....
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