Scam letter(s) from Ruzalia Byurdyuna to Junior (Brazil)

Letter 1
I am very glad, to begin dialogue with you.
And so it is pleasant to me to get acquainted with such pleasant person, as you.
I think that we can find the general themes and our acquaintance will be pleasant for both of us.
I wish to get acquainted with you more close.
My name is Ruzaliya, you can name reduced me Ruzali (as it to be pleasant to you more).
To me of 27 years my birthday on December, 1st very soon and I again grow old for 1 year more.
I live in such country which name Russia.
Our country very huge and to you it will be difficult to find probably on a card such city, as "Kotelnich".
But if you try, can find it.
If you write me that to me also it will be pleasant to learn about you and about your city, about your family, work.
I work as the seller in a bookshop.
My work very much is pleasant to me, because in an operating time I as read much and I learn a heap of interesting stories.
The girlfriend here works for me and to me it is very pleasant. We communicate every day and we can help each other with work.
From languages I know only Russian and English.
But at once I will tell that my English not so it is good and consequently at once I apologise, if I write to you incorrectly. Ok?
Now I will tell to you about the character. As you have already understood by my first words I am the romantic girl.
I despise lie and insincerity. For me it is always very pleasant to communicate openly, without secrets and lie.
Now I will try to tell to you a little about my appearance though you will see much from my photo which I will send you.
My growth of 170 centimetres, on heels it is above on 3-4 centimetres.
My weight of 51 kgs. I have blue eyes. My hair colour blond. My figure harmonous. Tell to me in the letter on your impression.
Also I want that have told about myself, about your work?
Except work at leisure I have a small hobby. As you already know that books =).
In the house library I have read already all books when studied in 8 class.
But after already so much time, my passion to books has not decreased at all.
To me it delivers weight of pleasant emotions, for me there is no more pleasantly a rest, than to esteem the book.
Earlier I read a lot of fiction, encyclopaedias.
But now at me more and more gravitation to romanticism, to various novels. Tell you like to read books?
Also I love pets, birds. I will be glad if you send me the fresh photo and the story about you and your life.
I Wish to have the first idea, what you the person and as you live.
I will well finish the letter and I will look forward to hearing from you very much.
Do not forget to write to me! I very much would like to know about you as much as possible!
Yours faithfully Ruzali
Letter 2
How you today? How your weather?
I am very glad that you have written to me again. To me became so pleasantly.
I am very glad that you have become interested in my ideas and I have caused in you interest.
I very much hope that this interest between us will not cease but only on the contrary to increase.
It was pleasant to me to learn about you more. Thanks that you tell to me it.
If it is fair, I thought that you will not write to me, but you have written me also me it very much pleases.
I hope that I have found the ideal partner in correspondence.
I think that we should write each other every day and learn about each other more.
At least I will always try to write to you and to answer your letters.
I hope that we can learn as much as possible about each other and we will pleasantly communicate with you.
I write to you from the house as I on work can sometimes use the Internet.
It is not authorised certainly, for it can dismiss, but I will be extremely cautious =).
I wish you to tell a little more on myself.
As I already informed you in the last letter I very much I like to read.
But you understand that I read changeably. Except reading of books I have also other employment.
I very much love sports. But unfortunately so it turns out that I can be engaged in it only in free days from work.
My favourite kind of sports is track and field athletics, in particular run. Earlier I rose every morning and ran.
Run brings not only a lot of health, but it helps to relax, be forgotten and concentrate the thoughts on something and to think of it.
Usually I ran on 15 - 20 minutes. But now when I began to work, I run only during week-end.
Also at school I loved volleyball and was engaged in a few track and field athletics, namely run.
Earlier I went in for sports with such pleasure and pleasure.
Since the childhood me my parents have learnt to love sports and to protect the health.
I often went on various competitions from the school and sometimes even occupied prize-winning places.
And in the winter I ski. We in the country have very good and magnificent places where it is possible pleasantly, and the main thing with advantage for health, to have a rest.
Tell and you love sports? If yes, you are engaged in what kind?
For many now the big place in rest occupies the computer and the TV.
But I at all do not support their point of view.
I sit down the computer, only when necessary on work and now to write you this letter.
TV I also look seldom when there show interesting cinema.
For me important health and I do not wish to ruin it. Therefore I prefer sports and simple reading of books.
Tell and how you spend a free time?
For many young men such actions as discos and other entertainments are now important.
Earlier I and itself went on discos. But now I have matured and I do not have such desire, I do not wish to visit such noisy and even not safe places.
To a regret my free time has come to the end also I should finish this letter.
I very much, even will wait very much for your answer.
To me it will be very pleasant!
Yours Ruzali!

P.S: I send you one more my photo and very much
I hope that it to you will be pleasant also you to me will send in exchange the photo!
Letter 3
Hello dear!!!
How you today? How your mood? How is the weather there?
Here at us the cold winter gradually comes, you know that such in Russia winter? Probably you heard about it =).
I was very glad to receive your message. To me it was very pleasant and even it is joyful. Your message is very fine.
It is very interesting to me to know about you more and I very much hope that we very well can learn each other.
Your letter has changed at once my mood and it became much better. Today my day was very heavy washing has got tired.
I was so is tired, but when I have seen your letter on the mail box all my weariness and grief have passed in a moment.
I waited for your letter as during our acquaintance I have found the partner in correspondence and I wish to know about you more.
I hope, as you have such desire.
I very much want, that in each letter we learnt about each other more and more.
If you wish to know even more about what I do not write.
But in the future I will tell about myself everything about what I do not write in these letters.
today I wish to tell to you about myself and the family. About myself and the work I have written to you already a little.
Now, it is final if you not against I will write to you about the family.
To my mum of 55 years name Vera on pension, the daddy call Boris 57 years as on pension and works.
My daddy seldom happens houses because it works as the security guard in a civil engineering firm. Its watch in a night shift.
As I have brothers and sisters cousin, they live in other cities. We meet only on holidays and when they has holiday.
Most of all I like my lovely nieces. They very much love me and constantly ask me to play with them.
For me it is very pleasant, as I very much like small children.
In the future I also very much wish to have a family, the beautiful husband, lovely children.
Now I write already about the present, when I already adult.
I have successfully left school with a gold medal and have arrived in local university and in 5 years I have ended it.
Then I have arrived in one university, but there I have not studied up, as there have then come hard times, I could not pay study.
My parents have retired and provide me could not and consequently I have started to work as the seller.
I will wait very much for your fast letter! In total you kind kind and fine mood!
Yours Ruzali

P.S: I send you my photo, I am at home on kitchen I drink tea.
I inform you my full data and the address:
name: Ruzaliya
surname: Byurdyuna
country: Russia
city: Kotelnich
postl code: 612600
adress: Vorovskogo 66-12
Letter 4

Hello my dear!!!
How you today??? I am very glad to receive your answer.
I hope that you precisely also concern and express the same emotions when receive my letter.
You like what I write to you? I wish to tell to you that you write very fine letters.
But it is impossible to judge the person, to beauty of his letters.
The main thing for me that you write to me about yourselves.
As you write sincerely or try to stretch a little the story, the character and other.
But after several letters I understand that you very serious person and it is possible to discuss more frank and serious themes with you.
And in general you give the chance to me to learn more and more about you and your country, about your traditions.
In general it would be final to me very perfectly to learn about your country more, and it is even more about your city!
Now I wish to tell to you about the country and about a city in which I live.
In the childhood when I studied history I hated all countries which were at war against my country.
Then I was such the patriot, and a children's head such thoughts are easily driven in.
But when you become more adult, you understand that you did not live in those days and simply do not understand that life.
You understand that so it was necessary. And the most important thing that in it such simple people as we are not guilty!
Well and so in our country it is a lot of cities and various subjects.
In our country there live many the various people, different nationalities.
But most of all in this country I like such nice city, as Kotelnich.
I very much love this city. This city has given me all.
It has given me a life, it has given me my fine childhood, my first unforgettable school days, good formation and work.
In Russia there is such holiday as the Christening which mark on January, 19th.
And for this holiday many people bathe in an ice-hole to be healthy and strong, and the main thing to wash off all religious dirt.
There are many entertaining centres. Earlier I constantly for the weekend spent a free time here.
We had a rest here with the family. Also here there are many various theatres, museums, cinemas, schools and educational institutions.
Our city and our area are famous for such craft, as manufacturing well-known dymkovskich toys and products.
Also our area is famous for such outstanding artist as Victor Vasnetsov.
I very much like my city and I will never tell and recollect my city from the bad party.
My dear but sometimes I am bothered with such monotony when every day you see one and too.
You probably get tired of my sad and monotonous story about my city, about my country.
But I say at once to you that the more know, the is better you represent this person.
I very much want, that you have written to me also about the city!
To in total you kind! Do not forget the girlfriend from Russia.
I very much wait for your letter, do not keep me waiting long as you have very much interested me!
Yours Ruzali!!!!

P.S. I send you one more photo and very much I hope to receive in exchange yours!
I hope to you my photo is pleasant. And if it is pleasant, do not forget to write!
Letter 5
Hello my dear!!!
I am glad that you have again written to me. It is healthy and very pleasant for me.
From the moment of our acquaintance my life very much has changed. Also it is all only thanks to you!
How you have spent today day? At you today good weather?
With each letter we can learn about each other more and more.
It is very pleasant to me to learn about you more and more.
Tell as you represent the woman in the future? Tell what there should be you the wife?
I think that for many first of all the wife should be able to cook food and to erase.
I like to prepare recently a Japanese cuisine sushi.
In a Japanese cuisine it is popular, in each street there is a cafe, restaurant.
And I do not differ from many women. I am able to cook food and who tried it always told only pleasant words.
Tell what dishes you love most of all?
I have started to prepare still when went to school. I and itself very much liked to eat earlier.
First of all very much to be pleasant to me the Russian cuisine, also I had to visit some times Italian and once in Chinese restaurants, Japanese.
From a Russian cuisine I most of all like pelmeni. This dish is very extended in Russia, especially in the winter when here it is a lot of holidays.
For New Year, Christmas and the Christening pelmeni the most important dish.
Without them the holiday not seems a holiday.
Also I very much love pancakes. Since the childhood I loved cutlets Prepared with mashed potatoes.
I very much love "Winter salad" which is very popular in Russia and is present on each holiday.
I love a chicken - a grill and a potato. I love red fish. I in general love meat and many meat dishes.
Also I love fruit, various delicacies and certainly sweet.
From drinks I prefer natural juice more.
From an Italian cuisine I love a spaghetti and a firm Italian pizza.
Only you do not think that I such glutton, simply I eat always norm and I very vigorous person.
By the way, we in Russia have a proverb: "the way to heart of the person - passes through its Stomach!" =)
Tell to me about your flavouring preferences? About your favourite dishes?
I will look forward to hearing from you very much! Write to me!!!!!!!
Yours Ruzali!!!
Letter 6
Hello my Junior!!!
How are you??? Sorry for some delay of my letter for you.
I hope that my letters are pleasant to you and you answer with pleasure and with the big desire instead of so it is simple.
I constantly re-read your letters. To me so it is pleasant.
When you read all letters it is already possible to present definitely your life and character.
to me it is pleasant that you are interested our future. My dear I very much even want that our future was joint.
And how you consider? What do you want in the future?
Junior now I wish to tell to you about the dreams. You became for me such person to whom I can open the soul in which I can trust.
I cannot sometimes trust in the girlfriends at all as understand that for a female such quality is characteristic how quickly to carry all news, that is to gossip. But I only despise it, I do not like to discuss people.
Sometimes I so would like to retire and talk alone to the good, kind person to whom it is possible to talk easy to which you can trust even the secrets.
Junior in you I see such person, kind and the most important reliable.
Now I wish to tell a little to you about the dreams, and already then in your following letter to learn about your dreams, of your future.
Unlike many people at whom it is a lot of desires, I have only one, but very expensive desire.
I wish to be happy. For many the happiness consists only in having many money, to have the beautiful partner in life, to have expensive and beautiful car, to have higher education and to work on the most highly paid work. For me it only temptations.
Much from this only spoils people. I do not require riches!
I wish to be happy, and the happiness for me consists in a simple life.
My Junior for me already a great happiness it only that I live on this fine light, I can breathe this fresh and pure air, drink simple water, to see this warm and a shining sun which lights up all fine world around.
It is very pleasant to me to listen to songs of birds, to see in the early spring as the first flower as on trees there are first leaflets blossoms.
Also I wish to add very important aspect for myself. One more mine idle time but the main desire is to have the good and understanding husband.
Whether for me the person on appearance is important beautiful or not, it is more senior me or not.
The more wisely the man, the much more seriously and I very much appreciate it.
My dear for me the beauty of the person consists in its character, in its sincere beauty.
Often people think that if the person is not beautiful in appearance it does not receive anything.
I simply despise such people who humiliate poor and defenceless for which the world should be only ideal, that is in it all is beautiful, beautiful people,
beautiful houses and other. It is all not correctly!
My love but it is all not for me.
Unique my dream is to find the fine person who can surround me with the love and care and to which I can present the heart full of love.
I wish to form a fine family with such person, I wish to have children.
My dear the only thing that we can leave in the future so it is the descendants, the children.
I have found you and I want, that our relations have turned to the present future.
I do not wish to play for time you to me very much be pleasant also I would like to have a real meeting.
Probably you will think that we hurry up. If we are pleasant each other and we want our meeting, what for each other to torture?
Give we will organise our meeting in the near future, what you think of it my dear? I can leave work for our happy future.
But our meeting is for this purpose necessary.
Junior my dreams and representations concerning the future certainly can to you and not be pleasant.
But this my personal opinion, and at each person always is the opinion.
I very much hope that we will have the general opinion.
You very much have interested me Junior!!!
I will look forward to hearing from you with very great pleasure!!!!!
Yours Ruzali!

P.S. I send you one more photo.
I very much hope that they are pleasant to you and the pleasure and pleasure give to you.
Letter 7
Hello my dear Junior!!!
How you my sweet???
I'm fine. I was so is glad and happy to receive your next letter.
you bring to me so much pleasure and pleasures, after acquaintance to you for me it is very important to receive and read your letters, to answer your letters. My darling your letters so are fine, you speak about such fine things, your words so are gentle and lovely.
When I have got acquainted with you I first of all thought that we will simply friends, orchestras on correspondence.
But with each your new letter all of you it is more and more me interested, I found with you more and more the general themes, the general interests.
I at all didn't assume earlier that my feelings will come so far.
I do not know you will understand me or not but it seems that I have fallen in love with you, I love you! Some days ago after the next your letter I had any strange feeling, my heart as though something has pricked.
When I have checked up mail, and there there was no your letter I have been very afflicted, I grieved for you. But your letter has then come.
You can't present how many pleasure at all and happiness was for me during that moment, how many positive emotions you have brought to me.
after my acquaintance to you, you have made my life paradise. You bring to me pleasure, I constantly wait for your letters as though they became an integral part of my life.
You and your letters for me are very important also I so is happy that I could get acquainted with you.
tell and what feelings are tested by you? Sometimes I so would like to communicate more and more, I would like to learn about each other all. I tell about myself everything, you tell all about yourselves, between us there are no secrets and it is correct, it is healthy.
Certainly you can tell that that I write that to you is only exaggeration, this short-term feeling when you yet don't understand that such love.
My love but if it wasn't love I wouldn't suffer, I would concern without special attention you and your letters.
I don't know as you now from react after my letter. I don't know what emotions will cause in you my letter.
But I have taken this step, I have told about the feeling to you.
My love understand now I completely has opened before you all soul, I have given the heart which is full of love in your hands.
My dear I will wait for your letter with very great pleasure and desire.
I so would like to learn your opinion and your relation to me and to my words!
I love you!!!! You my prince!!!
Yours Ruzali
Letter 8
How you today my sweet? How is the weather there?
Here snow again thaws, sometimes there is not a big rain became a bit colder.
For days on end I spend on former time for work and rest.
As I always try to write to you the letter every day.
When I am on work, I think of you, I represent our first meeting. You thought already of it?
I am very glad to receive your letter full of love to me. My love it so is pleasant for me.
When I have read your fine letter I felt the happiest ******* light.
I so am happy that I have met you Junior!!!
My love as you have spent today the day? My love yesterday all night long I lay and thought of you.
I was so is inspired. My love I was such pensive, I represented ours with you the joint future.
My love I very much want, that in the future we were together that we were happy.
My love for this purpose at us almost all is, our small hearts are full of love to each other, we miss the friend on the friend.
That us divides all with our happiness, so it only distance. My love the distance is our main barrier with you.
Junior if it was possible how show in fantastic films, to enter into one wall and to appear there where you want to be.
My love I would pass at once this wall and it has appeared in your city, in your street, at your house, near to you, in your strong, but also in very gentle embraces. My love it for me seems so is sweet and it is romantic.
Junior it is the most important my dream, you sense of all my life.
My love but such wall isn't present, and consequently it only dream, sweet dream.
My love but we already adult people and consequently we can construct such wall, my love the main our building material is we with you LOVE!!!
My the prince we can construct very quickly such wall as to each other it is a lot of our love, it overflows our hearts.
Junior the love is such feeling, is stronger and stronger which there is no no power on earth.
My love love - the most proof force in the world. It is creating force - the most powerful tool accessible to mankind in its aspiration fortunately!
And to Love - means to test pleasure when you see, you perceive, you feel as all sense organs and in as more as possible short distance of the prince which you love also which loves you!
My Junior the love is the finest on light, without love there will be no also a life on the earth.
My love I love you and I don't hide it, I miss you. My love you the finest and gentle PRINCE on light, you the MIRACLE for which in small heart Ruzali there is a lot of love!
My love I love you and I will wait for your letter!
Now I should
Yours Ruzali!
Letter 9
Hello my love Junior!!!
How are you???
I so am happy! You can't present what it for me happiness to receive your new letters.
Junior your letters are simply magnificent, as well as you!
For me there is no person more perfectly and more important than you my prince!
Only with you to me so it is pleasant and it is sweet.
You became my body of life, the main thing that can be in life and to be constant nearby.
My love for me life was divided into two intervals.
The first when I didn't know you when my life was sad and lonely, and the second after acquaintance to you my sweet!
I so am happy and glad that for me there has come such fine and joyful time. But I on the former am lonely.
The only thing that when you write to me it brings to me pleasure.
My love I would like something else that yet wasn't at us never and of what all enamoured dream.
Junior you probably have understood about what I speak.
My love understand I love you both my heart and soul asks something another.
My love tell about what you dream and whether you want what wanted by me and of what I dream!
This pain distance between us, distance which divides us with you!
My love if for an instant it was possible to meet you though on an instant to embrace you and to kiss.!!!
I very much want to meet you and to be happy together with you!
My love I very much dream of it and of what you dream?
I very much love you and I will wait for your early reply!!!
Yours Ruzali
Letter 10
Hello my love the Prince Junior!!!
How are you???
I am very glad to receive your new sweet letter. My love you so are fine as well as your words which you have put in this letter.
After perusal of this letter in my soul became so warmly also it is sweet. My Darling this miracle, it is simple a positive miracle!!!
You don't represent Junior that you for me mean. You for me all on light!
Junior now I can't live without your passionate love.
But this feeling will be weak, and my life remains senseless if the person doesn't receive love revelation if it doesn't meet it, won't comprehend it, won't acquire it to itself, anyhow, if doesn't indulge in it with all the heart.
Junior to me it is very heavy without you. You cause in me so much passion and sweets. The passion is capable of much.
It can clear unknown superhuman energy in the person.
It can squeeze out the unrelenting pressure even of the most counterbalanced soul titanic forces!
Sometimes it seems to me that I so am weak!
But when I receive your new portion in the form of your magnificent and wonderful words I have so much positive emotions, to me inflow of any fantastic forces comes!
I with confidence can tell to you that all these forces proceed only with one feeling and the name to this feeling - LOVE!! LOVE!! LOVE!!
Junior I love you! I miss you!
And my love is learned only by your love Junior. With letter everyone ours for me it only grows.
Ours with you gentle letters is as the love weapon which we use with which help we express now all feelings.
In ours with you the love of rules doesn't exist. All solves only heart, small heart which comprises so much feelings and tendernesses!
Junior in my soul and in my heart now as though has passed the most strongest hurricane, love hurricane! It hasn't brought any troubles, it has brought in my heart only the sea of love to you! After that hurricane my heart as though has started life over again.
In it there is no former melancholy and loneliness, there are no forgotten troubles, in it now only the most gentle and fine feelings to you my prince Junior!!!!
I love you Junior!!! I so wait for the favourite prince on a white game who will rush in my gentle and a quiet life.
I have already found the lovely prince and in my heart a lot of love, but in my life there is no all one, one fine moment.
My love this fine moment is the our meeting, that fine moment when we can look each other in eyes and understand as strongly we love each other and we can not live the friend without the friend!
I am very strong, I madly love you My Junior!!
The most gentle and sweet kisses only for my prince!
Your lonely princess Ruzali

Letter 11
Hello my love Junior!!!
How are you???
How your small heart? In it still there is a place for my sweet love!!
If we are familiar already so much and we know about each other I am assured much that in your heart there is a lot of love to me.
I love you! Junior for me you it is constant in my thoughts and in my heart! You for me as the sun.
When the sun shines and heats, I am very joyful also to me very pleasantly. And you my sweet!
When you write to me, it so is pleasant and delightful, your letters it is a small masterpiece of your love to me!
Junior I am very happy that I have met you my prince that in our life there was such acquaintance.
My love but I don't know as you, but for me it is necessary, something more real and new.
Junior it is all perfectly and it is sweet, when we write letters each other. I so am happy that you express to me all your love!
But we with you already adult.
My love our relations have reached such moment that it is necessary for us to undertake more serious actions if you are really serious with me and want the happy future.
Junior it is possible after these words you won't understand me. But I very much want to find the happiness.
My love in the life I saw a lot of a grief and misfortune. But I have met you and I feel that my happiness to be on other doomsday. But presently the distance can be overcome easily.
My love if to speak directly my prince I want a meeting with you, I want to be near to you, I want to be together.
We are already familiar with you long time and in this time I have understood that you that person of whom I constantly dreamed also which I saw in the happiest dreams.
But Junior we not children and not teenagers who don't understand that such love and do hasty conclusions. We adult people who have the right to love, on the happiness.
My Junior but we not can so to communicate and write constantly each other letters. We should be more serious.
My love I suggest to meet. My love tell you support my idea?
My love understand what to write letters this one and absolutely other feeling, when your darling near to you when you can constantly communicate, feel with it it warmly and caress.
My love we already adult also it is time to take the step to the happy future. My love Junior tell you want the happy future?
If you are serious, you by all means support idea of our meeting and and to meet as soon as possible.
But if you don't want a meeting as it is possible to speak about any future, especially about the happy future and love.
My love before you there is a choice and I very much hope that you will make the correct decision.
My love I also understand that is possible now at you a problem with work, therefore I suggest to meet at you.
It even on the contrary for me is more pleasant. I can see for the first time other country, especially such fine as yours.
I could get acquainted with your relatives, learn your friends.
Junior now before you probably there is a destiny and sense of all your life and certainly to my life as only with you I will be happy, only with you I see the future!
My Junior please write to me in your letter on on what I ask you now, write me your decision and your choice.
I love you and very much I miss you!!!!!!!!!
Yours Ruzali!!!!!!
Letter 12
Hi my love!
How are you? Unfortunately, I could not answer earlier. I had a lot of work these days, so I went to a travel agency to make a passport.
I want to travel, my vacation from work starting December 28. I have to rest for almost 2 months. Are you happy to hear it? I want our meeting!
We take it seriously, because I really like it.
My sweet prince I miss you. I really miss you! My darling only you are my happiness! Every minute without you, it seems to me a living ****.
My Prince I love you and I'll love only you!
My dear I am so happy that very soon we'll be together! My dear, I only live with the dreams about it. Nothing more to me in this life is not necessary.
I need only you and your love. My dear you are most dear to me, man.
My dear, we have snow! My dear one on the street now, so beautiful! My love I want to now go with you to the park and walk there.
I want to go and hear the snow crunching beneath our feet. But my dear while we're still far away. But I hope that very soon we will be together!
My prince, we will enjoy our love to you! My dear my heart is burning! They are here now ready to burst with all the love that has accumulated in me.
My dear, it must explode. But only if you're near me! My dear you will swim in the sea of my love!
tell me and you have plans for the upcoming holidays? I so want to spend them with you.
My dear to me the most important thing that we have met these holidays together and that our happiness and love and never left us with you!
I have created for you! You were made for me! It's so beautiful! I will always love you.
My dear I swore to God that my life will not be anyone but yourself and I'll give my love just for you.
you are my star, the star of my life, for which I'll follow and which will indicate my whole way of life!
I'll go with you to the end of the world! If you go through fire and water, then I'll go with you!
You are a man without whom I simply can not live and which is so necessary to me!
My dear tell me, who I have for you in your life?
My dear is a ****** question on my part. But I'm so pleased to hear the answer!
I feel so great to read your very sweet words!
I love you and I will love you always!
I hope to get your sweet words!
Many of the most delicate and most memorable kiss in your sweet lips!
Your lone star (but I hope that this is just yet:)
Love Ruzali
Letter 13
Hello my dear,
how are you? How has passed a New Year's holiday?
I wish to continue ours contact. I have now more time to write to you the letter every day.
I very much missed and grieved without you.
Allow to continue our correspondence and to organize our meeting.
I feel you and your heart is close to mine heart.
I trust you, I wish to meet you in a reality. You?
Give in 2011 we shall begin our correspondence in good mood.
Give me your answer again to write to you the letter.
I wish you fine evening.
I look forward your answer!
Do not forget to send a new photo of 2011 =)
Yours Ruzali
Letter 14
Hello my love, Your letters always bring to me mood. I am very happy to be with you you to me very much like, you are necessary to me. Now my enamoured heart belongs to you my kid. I dream about your gentle kisses and strong man's embraces which me so does not suffice. I very much want our meeting when we shall meet we is even better we shall understand each other and we at last can look in the face and hold for hands, have love. I wish to feel your sweet kisses both gentle embrace and caress which me so now does not suffice, support of the man is necessary to me. I trust you and I trust, because you the finest the man, in Russia such was not present as you.
And consequently I want as it is possible to meet more soon and all to solve with our future. Dear as we can meet? I very much wish to arrive to you, but there is one problem which me very much disturbs. My love you understand me and my situation?? my loved you can help? Unfortunately I have no visa, I when was not in other countries. I would be happy to arrive to you and to study your eyes and your sweet lips! I dream to arrive to you to your country, I when was not in other country. I wait that day when we shall be together happy. Our meeting will be not forgotten! I love you!!! I wait your decision!!! The most sweet kisses for you my prince.
Yours love princess Ruzali
Letter 15
Hello my love!
Excuse me, I could not answer you earlier.
My problem of a delay of the letter, was because I work all these days.
I have for you joyful news.
I have received from work of a few money.
I wish to travel at last to your country.
I have very big desire to meet you.
I looked the prices in your country and I know for a trip.
The travel agency offers in February hot trips on the countries.
Really low prices!
I am ready to pay my trip independently...
But I do not have not enough a few money for a trip.
I wish to ask your help, 100 - 150 dollars.
I io?aanu in money within the next few days.
All rounds leave quickly, on it I should reserve these days.
When I shall arrive to yours noa?io, the Travel agency gives hotel.
I can live in hotel, we can meet there!?
If you do not wish to meet me, I leave in Thailand on the sea.
Our meeting in your hands mine dear!
My love answer me as it is possible more soon, you will help me or not?
I shall be very glad to see you!
Your love Ruzali.
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