Scam letter(s) from Alina Zozylia to Klaas (Netherlands)

Letter 1
Hello my new friend Klaas! How are you doing? I hope that at you all well. Today I was very happy to receive your letter. For me it is very pleasant, that you have paid attention to my structure. Earlier I never searched for new acquaintances through Internet, and only communicated here with the friends and friends. But now I wish to try to find the future destiny here because I very much wish to adjust the private life. It is very complex to live without the desired, good and responsible person to whom you can open the soul and heart. Now I wish to tell to you about myself. My name is Lyutsia. To me of 26 years. I was born on Desember, 21th, 1984. I live in Russia. I was born in Moscow, and lived there five years. After that my parents have decided to move to live to Kazan. Then I lived and studied there. After leaving school I have acted in Kazan state university on economic faculty which has finished well. At university I have met the husband from whom we have divorced three years ago. Probably we were very young. To me there were 20 years, and to my husband 21 year. We were often littered and abused to each other and consequently we have decided to leave that not nerves each other. We did not have a child and consequently together nothing kept us. But unfortunately and after that my private life was not adjusted in any way, and I till now could not find the person with whom would like to divide the life. But the hope dies last! And now I very much hope to find second half all over the world, in fact nobody knows where there can be my destiny. In a life happens both success and mountain... Thus I hope for one more chance in my life! I search for the person who will be fair also responsible which is always ready to help a difficult minute which will support and understand me. Also I very much want that between us always there was a mutual understanding and trust because without it it is impossible to build attitudes. I hope that you agree with me. I wish to hear your opinion on it! Today I wish to attach the photos that you could see me. I hope that my photos will like you! I also shall be very glad, if you can send me a photo from your life. I shall be very happy, if you will tell to me something from the life because I wish to learn you better. Excuse for my English language because I know it not well enough. I studied English language at university, and now I try to improve it in the free time. On it I shall finish the letter. I with greater impatience shall wait your answer, and I hope that soon you will answer me. Lyutsia!
Letter 2
Hello Klaas! How are your ? Today I was very happy to receive your letter. Here already on an extent of several days your letters heat my heart, and I am very happy that with each last day we learn each other much better. I wish to tell to you very important thing! Probably you know, that now in Internet it is a lot of deceivers. Only I do not want any games in our attitudes because during our dialogue you have interested me. I want full confidence and mutual understanding between us, and I hope that you also want it. Thus I ask that you did not play with me and my feelings because I do not wish to spend your and time all for nothing. I think that you understand me! I want warm attitudes between us that and always we helped with all and supported each other! And more serious is possible then our dialogue in something. I know what now very difficultly to trust people, but please trust me and then at us all to turn out. I want the person which will always find to love and appreciate me which will trust me which never will deceive me which will not give me in insult and with which I shall feel as behind a stone wall. I very much wish to create happy family and to give birth to children! You wish to have children? I always wished to have the boy and the girl. I wish to become the best and careful mum for the children, and the good wife for the favourite person. I very young! To me only 26 years! I very much wish to have the remarkable and romantic future! Probably you heard that the life in Russia is very difficult, though Russian people has already got used to it, but I feel very tired from all it. Therefore years I already am a lot of think of crossing to other country, but unfortunately I do not have such opportunity. I very much loved the former husband, and wished to make its happiest person. But it constantly deceived me and was the incorrect husband. Problem of many men in Russia - they abuse spirits too much, and constantly deceive the wives. I see that you very good and fair person. And I am so happy, that we could get acquainted with each other. I know that it not a modest question, but please tell to me about your attitudes. If to you unpleasantly speaks about it then we can close this theme. Now I reflect on the future much, and I understand that now the shoulder of the strong person beside with me is necessary for me. I wish to enjoy a life in full. The life is short, and it is necessary to appreciate each lived minute. Except for it I like to think and I have many dreams... One of my most treasured desires - to meet the remarkable person who can be my best friend and the favourite husband with whom I can divide other part of my life in good and a hard time. I hope, that you can become this person for me! What do you think of it? I wish to hear your opinion on it! On it I shall finish the letter! Please write to me as soon as possible. Yours Lyutsia!
Letter 3
Hello Klaas! All is good, and I hope it in you also. I was very happy to read through your fine letter. Today I had the difficult working day and therefore I am very tired. But it was very interesting for learning to me, that you have written today. I with impatience waited the moment when I can receive again from you the warm letter. Unfortunately I have no own computer and therefore I write to you from a working computer when I have a free time. This my fourth letter, but seems to me, that I know you many years, since the early childhood. Almost from first day of our acquaintance I had to you the appendix because it is very easy to communicate to me .Please, speak me about the childhood because for me it would be very interesting to learn about it! My childhood has passed cheerful enough and interesting, and there were many moments that to me were remembered for all my life. It were the best years in my life! Then I had no problems and cares, and there was a life only full of happiness, pleasures and pleasures. Now, recollecting it, I understand, that it was very amusing! I very much liked to go with friends on a children's children's playground. In summer I together with parents proceeded the small river, which not while from our city. I could spend there time all the day! In winter I together with friends skated, skied and played snowballs... In the childhood I very much liked to go with girlfriends, and sometimes we were very disobedient, that our parents offended by us. But I think, that these moments were in a life of each person! There was time, here again there there has arrived my first educational day to school. Possibly it was the most unforgettable day in my life, because as this moment in my life has appeared many duties. I studied at one school with friends, but on it with many of them our ways sending. After departure of school all ran, who, where, who was included into university who leaved for other city to operate in medical college and to build career... But we till now sometimes gather to speak about a life and many other things things. I very much love friends, and I do not wish, that they have lost! I till now sometimes recollect, how we together cared and cared of homeless animals. And even now I sometimes help, and I feed homeless animals because I cannot see their suffering. I the childhood was very happy and sometimes I would like to return time back, but unfortunately it is impossible. I am assured, that in your childhood also there were many unforgettable moments! If you want, can tell to me about it. I have written All of you, that wanted, and on it I shall finish the letter. Write to me as soon as possible, I with impatience shall wait your answer! Yours Lyutsia!
P.S. Dear age for me does not matter! Main this mutual understanding!
Letter 4

Hello Klaas! How are your? Having woken up today in the morning, washing the first idea was about you. Having come for work, I at once have checked up mail, and was very happy to receive from you the letter. We know each other a few time, but it seems to me that I know to you during long time. It because we always understand each other seems to me. You became very important for me, and here already on an extent of several days I think of you much. It seems that you also are interested in me and so is remarkable to feel that somewhere there is a person who constantly thinks of me. Probably I have early begun conversation on this theme a little, but I want that you knew about it. What did you do today? I am interested in everything, that happens in your life. In the free time after work I watch TV, very much I like to knit, I read female novels and magazines, to go with the girlfriend on shops. In the some people weekends we gather all company to descend at cinema or theatre. It very much is pleasant to us! I also wish to know, what foodstuffs you prefer. I good enough cook, and very much like to prepare for something new of culinary dishes. I often search for new recipes on cookery at one popular forum in Internet. I know many dishes from Russia, the Europe and Asia. But I prefer Italian, Japanese, Georgian and certainly Russian kitchen. You sometime tried Russian food? There Are many tasty dishes! If in the future we shall meet with each other then I can prepare for you for something special. This all that I wished to tell to you today. I with greater impatience shall wait tomorrow your answer. Lyutsia! P.S. Dear I is very glad that you have a child!
Letter 5
Hi Klaas! How are your? I'm fine! I am always very happy to receive from you the letter. You have what weather? It is so interesting that we live in one world, but we have various time and weather, and we speak in different languages. I never asked about your religion. You are religious? As to me, I am somewhere in the middle. I trust in the god and I visit church, I try to do it 1-2 times a month. I ist the Christian. It is a lot of people in the world are Catholics, but in Russia a lot of people are Christians. I do not think, that we have the big distinction with Catholics. Certainly I do not know how many differences between these religions, but I think that their sense the same. You spoke that I can ask any questions. Today I wish to ask to you some questions. 1) what your full name? My full name Lyutsia Mullahmetowa. 2) What your favourite ice-cream? I very much love vanilla ice-cream. 3) what your favourite aroma? My favourite aroma a jasmin. 4) Who is your favourite musician? My favourite musician ist Roxette. 5) You like to go in for sports, and what your favourite kind of sports? I very much like to go in for sports, as it helps me to support the good form. I 2-3 times a week go to fitness-club, I run in the mornings. Also I very much like to play volleyball and table tennis. 6) what your favourite season? My favourite season summer. 7) that to you to like most of all in me? You the serious, responsible, intellectual and careful person. 8) where you see the future? I very much would wish to create happy family in the near future. 9) you test what feelings to me? Though we communicated with each other only through e-mail, but I test to you very much warm feelings. Sometimes I think, why we have not got acquainted earlier. 10) If you had one desire what it would be? My desire very simple, I wish to be happy. On it I shall finish the letter. I shall hope in your following letter to hear answers to all my questions. Please write to me more likely!
Yours Lyutsia!
Letter 6
Hello Klaas! Thanks for your answer! I have very good day today! Today in the morning I as have usually gathered and have gone for work, on road I have met the girlfriend. We with it were very good friends at university. But after the termination of university I saw it only 2 times. Last time it was several years ago. Therefore we have decided to come into cafe that about much to talk with each other. It has told to me, that it married and has two children. Now it lives in Switzerland. Several years ago it has met the person from Ottenbach in Internet, and they married in some months. Now it has arrived on two weeks to Russia to visit the parents and friends. It has arrived here with the husband. But unfortunately when I today have met it, it was one. Therefore we have solved next week all together somewhere to have supper. I have noticed my girlfriend and consequently I am assured that at them very happy family is how much happy. I am very glad for them! I very much hope, that once I will have a family and I also shall be very happy. I really very much dream to meet the good person. You very interesting the man, and for this time you have interested me. I am happy, that we have found each other and we can communicate now. Our attitudes can probably grow in the future. Who knows? I am glad that you always understand, or try to understand me. I feel very free when I write letters to you because I can easily tell to you all the ideas and ideas. I never was such happy, before acquaintance to you. How you have lead today? I am always very curious about your life because I wish to learn you better. After a meeting with the girlfriend I thought of you much, and probably we should meet also each other. I think that the meeting can be following step in our attitudes which will help us to learn better each other. What do you think of it? The Internet never will open our feelings that the real meeting when we shall see each other face to face can make. On it I should finish the letter because I should come back to the work. I shall wait your answer! Yours Lyutsia!
Letter 7
Hello Klaas! How are your? What new happens in your life? Every day your letters very much please me. And every day I understand all more, that between us very much strong feelings which in the further can pass in love really arise. You became a part of my life, I wish to embrace you, to feel your heat, to study your kind and gentle eyes, to feel happy and safe near to you. I want that at us all was good, and I hope that time and desire will help us to open the feelings. Now I very often think of us and I try to present our joint life! Sometimes I feel you so beside and is close to me, and I forget big distance between us. I feel, when you are in good mood and when you are sad. When you are happy, I am happy together with you! Only from an idea on you my heart starts to fight more strongly, and I understand that between us there were very much strong feelings. How you think that such love? I consider that the love is when two persons see the reflection in second half and test to it warm-heartedness! But the love this very fragile feeling which can as to inflame and easily to go out, and consequently I very much ask please never offend and do not offend me because I do not wish to be disappointed in you. I only want that our attitudes always were full confidences, mutual understanding and sincerity to each other and then our attitudes can be named rather happy. Now you can probably think that the purpose of my dialogue with you - only desire to leave from Russia. But please believe that it at all so! You have completely changed my outlooks on life because earlier I at all could present that it is possible to find the destiny through the Internet. I thank the god and the Internet, that we have found each other in such big world, despite of distance between us. Now I think of you every day and every night! It is so bad, that we live far apart, and are not capable to meet tonight that it is pleasant to spend time. I have so many plans for our further future, and I very much would wish to begin with you a new life. What do you think of it? You that person whom I wish to see every day during all life, and only with you I shall feel the happiest woman on light. You do not represent as I is happy, that at last have found hope for the happy future of what earlier only could dream! I hope that soon all our dreams and imaginations will be embodied in a reality then our life will be full only of happiness and pleasures. On it I shall finish the letter, and I shall hope very much that you will reciprocate! Tomorrow I shall wait your answer. Lyutsia!
Letter 8
Hello my love Klaas! How are your? I am very happy to receive your answer! When I have come for work in the morning, I was very happy to read your fine letter. I was very glad to hear, that you also very much wish to meet me. Therefore I have taken the day off on work as has gone to the aunt who works in the Travel company. I have returned from it about an hour back. When I have arrived to the aunt, it was very happy to see me because we did not see each other long time. My aunt has told that I have addressed to the address of, and there was that a registration of my trip easily enough and simply. Also it has explained that I will need to make the passport, the visa and to buy tickets then I at once can fly to you. I have asked it about the prices for tickets and all documents, and it about all has in detail explained to me. My aunt at once has checked up cost of tickets of airline on the near future. The price of tickets depends on quality and comfort of places and consequently it has advised me to fly the Economical class as on these tickets there are enough reasonable prices. The price of tickets to you from 540 up to 650 Euro, and then it can be little bit more dear. But I shall require return tickets as it is a guarantee for my government, that I will not have any problems with returning back. What do you think of it? By the way my aunt sends the regards to you, and has asked you to care of me. Also it has told that you did not worry about my tickets and documents. It has told that personally will borrow in registration of my documents and consequently all will be good. I was very happy it to hear! I can already order the tickets? Also I shall require the Tourist visa to entrance to your country. This visa will operate in current of half a year and consequently we shall not have any problems. The visa together with all necessary documents and the passport will cost 90 Euro. Registration of my documents will borrow only 10 - 14 days. I think that it quickly enough. You do not represent as I were happy it to hear! At present at me is a few money. Therefore I can pay the visa and the passport, but unfortunately I am done not allowed with opportunities to pay tickets. I very much hope that you will not deny assistance to me! Now I require nearby 650 Euro for a trip to you, and I very much hope that you can help me with this sum of money. In the Travel company have told, that I did not worry in occasion of registration of my documents because they many times made out such trips. But before something to do, I should be convinced that you will help me. Please write that you think of it? I think that our meeting will allow us to learn each other much better, and I think that at us all will be very good! Even now I represent the first day of our meeting, and I am assured that this day remains in our memory as the best day which completely will change all our life. I ask please do not destroy my hopes, and make all for realization of our dream! The destiny has reduced us with you, and we only need to make a small step to our joint and happy future. On it I shall finish the letter and with greater impatience I shall wait your answer, in hope to hear good news! Yours Lyutsia!
Letter 9
Hello my love Klaas! How are your? I hope that at you all well. I so am happy that I can to speak with such good person! Almost from the first letter I understood that ours the person of the dream, but already now I in it am completely assured and have understood that except for you nobody is necessary to me. I cannot transfer words to you all feelings which I to you test. But you will understand how much strongly I you I love after our meeting. Certainly right at the beginning of our dialogue I very much wanted that at us all was good, but I could not think that at all all will come so far. I at once have understood that at us one purposes and plans in a life, and I so am happy that our dialogue in love! I am very glad, that soon we can meet each other, in fact after that we at last of what so long dreamed! Now I constantly think only of fine day when we for the first time shall meet each other. I represent as you cost with a bouquet of scarlet roses and wait for me. I approach to the terminal where many people meet someone, but from all of them I notice only you, both of us we see each other and in our eyes there is a spark, and heart to each other starts to fight with each step more strongly. And here at last there comes the moment about which we so long dreamed... We strong embrace each other and our lips thaw in a gentle kiss which remains in memory for all our life. Both of us we understand that this moment will change all our life! I think it it will be wonderful! Certainly I understand that it now only my dreams, but I very much hope that soon all our imaginations will be real! Today in the morning I went to the Travel company to give some documents and to pay money for registration of the visa and the passport because I do not wish to lose minutes as I very strongly miss on you. To me have told that all my documents will be ready in current of 2 weeks. Whether I can fly to you so soon? What do you think of it? I can remain with you for 15-30 days, and I will be assured that this best time of our life. Also in the Travel company to me have explained that the return ticket at me will be the open date, that is I can take off in a month any flight up to Russia. But if we shall understand that we can not live the friend without the friend, we shall find a way out to not leave never. Now I need to pay only the tickets then all will be ready for departure to you. In Travel agency have asked that I have paid tickets before reception of the visa that they in advance could order for me flight. I think that you completely understand me! As you already know that the price of tickets from 550 up to 650 Euro, but then the prices can increase a little and consequently it will be much better if I in advance shall buy tickets. Today my aunt has once again told that I did not worry about what because it to take care that my documents have been issued by the best way. I very much hope, that soon we shall together and we can start to build happy family! After the Travel company I have gone to the nearest bank that at the nobility how you can send money. I have talked to workers of bank and all to them have explained, then to me have advised to take advantage of system Western Union. Probably you heard about it? To me has explained that Western Union is one and the best, and the most important reliable ways of remittance which many people all over the world use. It is the company works worldwide and is almost in each city, therefore I think that you will not have any problems to find bank Western Union in the city. You will need to be sent money addressed to my aunt. To send money to you it will be necessary to know a full name and the address of my aunt. Therefore I think that it very easily! Also it is very convenient, because I can receive your money in 1 hour after sending. Now I want you will give you all full information in which to require! A full name: Lyutsia Mullahmetowa its address: Russia the city of Kazan street of the Area of Revolution the house 75 apartment 215! For reception of money I will need to know your full name, your address, and also number MTCN consisting of 10 figures which to you will be given right after with sendings of money. For more detailed information you can descend in bank Western Union and talk to the manager or come on a site I am assured you will understand that it is system is very convenient and simple. For a today I am a little tired, and consequently I now shall go to have a rest home. But I hope that tomorrow I shall hear from you good news because I want that day of our meeting has come as soon as possible. On it I shall finish the letter and I shall wait your answer! Yours Lyutsia!
Letter 10
Hello my love Klaas! How are your? I hope that at you all well. I Is always very glad to receive from you the letter, and every day your letters Give me so a lot of pleasure. I so am happy because I know that Each last minute approaches our meeting, but nevertheless sometimes to me Happens very badly because I very much do not have my attention The favourite person. You do not represent with what impatience I wait day Our meeting, and I very much hope that you will try to make all, for That that we have met as soon as possible. Now I would give all That though for a minute to appear near to you, but unfortunately I It is powerless in it and consequently I only need to wait and hope that All will be fast well. I know that our love is very strong, and for the sake of Our happy future we shall overcome all difficulties in a life... Dear up to you I only only existed in this world and mine The life was boring and monotonous, but as soon as you have appeared, in mine Lives all has changed for the better. I am assured that from the date of our meeting The best time in my life because I at last shall be a number will begin With the favourite person. When I think of you and I dream of ours To meeting at me seizes breath and heart starts to fight more strongly. With Everyone I think about you to me I would be desirable to laugh at happiness, and every day More and more I understand that between us there were very much strong feelings. You You do not represent as I am glad that our dialogue in serious Attitudes, and now I understand that nobody is necessary to me except for you, Because only with you I can live rather happy Life of which dreamed all life. I very much love you! I very much I love you! I very much love you! I very much love you... And these wonderful I can repeat words to you infinitely. Well on it I shall finish the The letter also I shall wait your answer. I shall hope that soon I shall hear from You good news! Yours Lyutsia!
Letter 11
Hello my love Klaas! How are you today my love? I’m fine! My love I'm always glad to get your reply! Now I think that never and nobody told me so beautiful words like you! My love you are very great person and I'm very like you! I don't want lose you and want to stay with you so much time as our live allow it to us! My love I know that sometime we can have happy live together! And I hope that my dreams will come true! My love because I don't want to be hurt! I'm very like some words, which was written some times one of poets! " Work like you don't need the money, Love like you've never been hurt, and dance like no one's watching " ! My love I always try do it, and hope that sometimes my live will be better from this rules! This is naive, but nevertheless ... It's very great that you can help me with money! My love because you should know that this is for me very big money! My love I can't afford it by myself! And I really hope that we will be together very soon! I love you my dear! My love I with impatience shall wait for your letter! I very strong kiss you and I embrace!!!
Always your love Lyutsia!
Letter 12
Hello my love Klaas! How are you today my love? I hope, that all is very good! My love at me also all is simply fine, because in my life you have appeared! My love you my most favorite person, I never want you to lose! I always want, that we were together with you! Only you and I! We together! My love we shall be the happiest pair on all light! We will have very beautiful children, our parents will be simply glad for us! My love about love you would know as to me now badly and boringly without you! I so would like to see you... Is strong, strong to embrace... Is strong to press you to itself and never to release! About as it is healthy to realize, that you have most favorite person on light, only it is very far from you! My love but I think, that it not such and the big problem, you see as they say, that always there is an output from any problem and I hope, that we too shall find an output from ours with you problems! My love I can not live without you, I quietly can not sleep, when you not near to me and so it is far from me! I constantly think only of you! All my ideas only about you and it is more about anybody! My love even dreams, that we with you together dream me, we live in the greater house, and at us very beautiful children! About dear unless it not extremely? Unless it is not healthy ? My love I want to tell you only three words: I love you! And it is valid so! My love please write to me faster! I with impatience shall wait for your letter! I very strong kiss you and I embrace! Always your love Lyutsia!
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