Scam letter(s) from Olga Baloshikina to Mark (USA)

Letter 1
Hi Mark!
I am very glad to receive your letter, I hope that we learn each other in our letters. I want to know about you more in detail, what are you doing, your hobby and many other things. I already wrote my name is Olga and I am 28 years old, on April, 21 it will 29 years to me. My growth almost 171 centimeters and weight about 58 kgs. I think myself attractive. I independent and resolute, but very lonely girl. I have white hair. A beautiful figure. I was born and live now in the city of Zvenigovo. Now I live one and I work in one small firm as the seller - adviser. Studied in institute. But could not find work by a trade.
My girlfriend works in travel agency and she speaks that many girls leave abroad happy, and there get family. I still never would see the girl which have come back sad of abroad, all of them come back joyful from there with the husbands foreigners. I am tired to live one and to achieve all one. The person which my support would be necessary for me. I shall wait for your letter.
Letter 2
Hello my friend Mark! I am sincerely glad to receive your letter. It means, you are interested in me.
I like it. And now find out something about me.
I live in the Russian Federation, the city of Zvenigovo is more exact. This city is near to the city of Kazan. It is in 800 kilometers to the east from Moscow. My city not big but it constantly grows also to me to like here.
Color of my eyes grey - green. To smoke I hate, therefore and I do not do it never. Sometimes we use a few fault or champagne. Always all I try to do myself and to achieve successes in all.
I try to conduct a healthy way of life. Likely it is interesting to you why I have decided to search for the friend and the husband on the Internet. I want to have the friend and the assistant who can prompt me kind words and the help a difficult minute.
Therefore I have decided, that the Internet this best means for acquaintance.
Also my decision was affected with the following fact: my girlfriend has successfully got acquainted on the Internet with the successful American.
Now they live in America and they are very happy together.
The mutual sympathy will allow us to learn each other better. Who knows?
Can also we shall find great love. I want serious relations. I hope have not bothered you with this long letter.
I also am interested in you. You like to travel? I never was abroad.
But I well present a map of the world. I hope better to learn you.
With impatience I wait for your answer. Olga.
Letter 3
Hello my friend Mark!
I am very glad to receive the letter from you , each your letter pleases of me. Our relations was already fastened and it too pleases me. I hope, that we can construct our relations up to the end, lovely my friend. I thought of you all time. I heard, that on the Internet it is difficult to get acquainted with the good person. Having thought about you, I have decided, that I have carried. I very much hope, that it so. I would like to learn about you more. Write about yourself more in details. I would like to learn, that you like, more in details to learn your interests, a hobby. For example what are you engaged in the evenings that I could present you.
Sometimes in the evenings I like to walk on the city. There are not a lot of places of interests in our town but I like it. And I think I will leave my town, because I want to reach in a life of success in work, to create family and to have children. To be the favourite and loving woman.
And what you want from our relations? Answer me please!
I very much wait for your letter!! Your Olga
Letter 4

Hello my friend Mark! How are you? How is your mood?
I have had time to become miss on you and under your letters. Already with impatience I expect each your letter. My familiar people speak, that I recently very much excited and joyful. I think, that dialogue with you has changed me in the best side. And it cheers me up. I am glad for you, that you till now write to me. I hope very much, that you also joyfully perceive dialogue with me. Your letters cause hope in me for the best. I also want to learn about your sensations and feelings. You even dream me. Imagine, I saw you. In dream you embraced me. It was pleasant to me much. Excuse for so frank recognition, but I think, that between us there should not be secrets. We should tell all each other. We should trust each other.
One day I went in small business trip. I wrote already to you, that I work as the seller in a boutique. This work calms me, and gives me energy for the further life. I like beautifully and with taste to put on and I help the buyers to shop. The summer is fast and time of bathing and rest will come, therefore in our shop there are more and more visitors.
From the childhood I like to spend summer in a garden, on fresh air. We there nearby have lake. It small, but there is very good to bathe. I like to bathe very much. Even I was engaged in navigation 5 years. There was not baa at me, but, unfortunately, there was no the best. I shall send you a photo. I stand at lake where I bathe. It is a photo from last autumn. You like to go in for sports? Or you like to look simply? I also like to look sports. Sometimes looking tennis, volleyball, soccer. Came to me please more photo. I want to see you in different vital situations. I shall wait very much for your letter.
Your Olga.
Letter 5
Hello my love! I'm fine. It is especially good, when I think of you. Thinking of you it is frequent, I always have a good mood. Love gives me many positive emotions and my work is good too. Our love gives the future to us and enables to make family.
Tell me how you represent ours future with you ? What you see our family? It is important for me to know your opinion. It seems to me, that I have well enough learned you, but my darling is better to listen once again you. You are already as native for me .
I have strongly become attached to you and I wish to connect all remained life with you. I hope very much , that you will be the good husband and we shall sometime give birth to good, beautiful and clever children. They will love us. They will name you the daddy, and me mum. It to like you?
I did not think, that I shall search for the destiny and my second half on the Internet. But your letters have mentioned all my deep feelings. You have enabled me to love. I often imagine, as we go with you along the street, and people looking, on us are pleased for us. I was lonely before dialogue with you. I did not have not enough your heat and love. Through your letters I have received dream. I very strongly pray, that it was executed my darling. Write me more about your dreams, of that as you see ours with you a life. With love, YOURS OLGA
Letter 6
Hello my beloved and favourite Mark!!!
I hope, you have good mood, and also, I hope, that it is all good at. It is a little sad to me that there is no you a beside, my darling. In my HEART ONLY YOU, In my IDEAS ONLY YOU. The LIFE FOR me is YOU, YOU, YOU!!!!!
My feelings speak, that you are the man, dream of my life. You will bring to me happiness and all will be happy. I Trust in it.
And are you trust, my love?
You often dream me. I dream about you almost every day, my darling. More often I see, how we meet the first time. You learn me, and I learn you. I am represented you, you very joyfully smile to me. Then we embrace. Also we understand, that at last we have found each other. I often imagine this stage. Often I think, how we shall meet, as we shall see each other for the first time. It is much excites this moment to me. And does it interest my dear? Write to me please your sensations. I want their nobility. I also wish to know your experiences. I wish to know, that you very-very strongly love me, Write me more quickly. I shall wait for your answer with impatience.
With love,
Your Olga.
I send a little Olga Do you like her. This my mum and I.
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