Scam letter(s) from Marina to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1
Hello, my name is Marina. I am looking for a life partner, may be it's you! I read your profile, and I'm very interested in you! So, I want to tell you a little bit about myself!I am 29 y.o. and I live in western part of Ukraine. I am a nice-looking woman, have a positive look on life, like to risk and try new things. I'm romantic person! I am looking for a loving and loyal man, who knows how to make his woman happy; a man in whose hands I will feel protected and loved. I want serious relations, I want to experience love which would be a big, mutual and never ending for both, me and my partner; I want love and romance, passion and happiness to come into my life and stay there forever. I want to live full and happy life, which is impossible while staying lonely.
I want to enjoy life with my partner! I want our union to be based on mutual love, respect and ****** compatibility. Do you want the same?
If it sounds good to you, I will be glad to continue our communication.
Looking forward to hear from you soon!
Here is my e-mail
Letter 2
Hello again dear! How are you doing? I am very glad to receive your answer. It is very pleasant, that our acquaintance is advanced. I like to read your letters. They bring a great pleasure to me and a hope that our Internet communication will lead into something bright, wonderful and romantic... I'm a woman who likes challenges and I'm not afraid of obstacles. I am ready to overcome any obstacles, to start new life in a new country, to overcome distance and learn a foreign language. I hope, it’s not a problem for you that I don’t know English language so far. If you wonder why my letters are written in a English, it’s because I get them translated, but I am going to learn English and I have started searching for the classes of English where I would learn English fast. I want to tell you some more things about my life. I live alone, but I have two brothers. My mom bore me without father and I never knew my father. When I was 16 y. o. I lost my mom. It’s sad not to have parents, but fortunately I have my brothers who are my only close relatives. I have graduated from the medical colleague and I work as a nurse at the hospital. I have always dreams to become a doctor, but I didn’t have a chance to study at the medical university as studying there is very expensive and I had to work from young years. I have various interests. I like to cook very much! I do it with great pleasure! Especially for loved ones!!! I like going to gym and to the swimming pool several times per week. Also I like to play bowling and billiards, to watch good interesting movies at the cinema, to go to the theatre or just visit friends and spend time with them. Most of the men just tried to use me as their toy and liked to show me to their friends like a trophy they got at some competition. As soon as I found out such behavior and attitude to me I went away. I do not like being played. I want real love and real feelings in my life. I have never met a man who could cause such feelings in me and whom I wanted to share my life with. I know that a lot of things depend on our attitude towards the other person and maybe if one of my previous boyfriends hadn't been so selfish and arrogant but loving, faithful, caring, attentive and honest I would have been married by this day...
But to our luck and happiness it didn't happen and we are here now with you talking and knowing each other better. And who knows, maybe in the future you will become this man who causes such feelings and such wish in me... I believe that when a man loves a woman, he must give security, protection, respect and loyalty. And much, much love of course. I do not like fights or conflicts at all. I always try to discuss the problem and never scream or argue. Faithfulness is important in relations for me and to avoid unfaithfulness in relations I would please and satisfy my husband in *** and I want that our ****** life would be bright, various and full of tenderness and passion. May be I want too much, but people in a couple should strive for making their relations perfect and both work hard for it. Do you agree with me? Give you a hug and best regards! Please, write me back soon. I am very interested in you. Marina.
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