Romance scam letter(s) from Elizaveta Lisenook to S. H. (USA)
Letter 1
Nice to hear from you!
I was waiting for your letter!
How are you? how do you feel yourself? How was your weekend? whare have you been?
I hope, that it was good rest for you.
you wrote me full letter, and i like it, because you can be open to me!
I appriciate it!
I was glad to know some information about you! So, what is name of your son?
I want to tell you about myself too!
My full name is Elizaveth, it will be Liza for short. So you can call my Liza. I am 30 years old. I was born on January,25 1980. I am Aquarius. To be honest I don't believe in horoscope.
Well, I am from Ukraine as you know. I live in the Eastern part of Ukraine. I live in the small town, Svatovo.
I live with my mother and father. I am the only child in my family.
I have a dog and love it so much. I love animals very much.
I work, I am a decorator and I love my job very much thought it doesn't give me a lot of salary.
I live with my parents, my mother (Alena) is the teacher of Russian language and literature and my father (Vanya)was a miner. Now he is retired now. His job was very difficult and nowadays he has some special problems with his health because of that job. I hope that everything will be ok and he will live more more year!!!!!
I have one dog. I love it dearly, he is Lastik. He is a wonderful friend, very devoted and loving.
I like cooking very much. I adore this. My favourite dish is baked chicken with meat and different sauces. I also like fried potatoes with mushrooms. I adore ice cream with different fruits (especially strawberries) for the dessert:)))
So it is about me!
Why you must considr me, because I think, that we are in common with you!
You was marriea and I was too! I don't know, why, but I want to communicate with you and to know you better!
I hope, that this part of my life can help you to understand me better!
I was married for two years and I spent the amazing one year of our marriage. We loved each other and we supported each other in everything. We dated for four years and then we decided to marry, everything was amazing.
But the second year was a hell for me. I don't know how strong I was to go through all that. You know, he was the sportsmen, he was a boxer.
he loved what he did and he was very good in that. I tried to support him in his dream all the time. He trained for one competition, it was a serious competition for him. He was the best, but he lost. I don't know why, what has happen but he lost. He changed immediately, he was another person. I didn't understand him, he became rude, angry, ruined. I tried to help him, it was not the end of the world. He could train again and win another one. I tried to encourage him, I did my best, but I was helpless. He lost his heart, he lost his interests to everything. He started drink (he never drank before). He stopped his training, he stopped working, meeting friends. He was at home all the time, and drank all the time. He didn't have money and I stopped giving him money. I knew very well that he would go and buy vodka for these money. He started to sell things we had in our flat. It was horrible, one day I came home and I noticed he sold my jewelry, I had.
One day I came home and there were nothing to sell, he was very angry as he didn't have the money to buy what he needed. He demand money but I didn't have them at all. He started shouting at me and suddenly he hit me. I was shocked, I was so afraid. I was ready to give everything what I have to make him to leave me alone.
Suddenly he saw the ring on my finger, he tore it away. It was the last ring I had, it was the wedding ring. I didn't see him for some days. I was happy as I was horrified. It was a difficult decision to get the divorce, but it was the end of everything, None could help him and he didn't want that help. I got that divorce. But I didn't feel anything inside me, it was the end for me. I lost my world, my husband, my love, my hope. I had to sell the flat as he left a lot of debts, I couldn't pay. I moved to my parents and I paid all those debts. I still don't know anything about him. To be honest I don't want to know anything.
I hope, that you can understand me now!
I am so sorry as my letter is too long, but I am so happy that I shared this with you. because you will understand my inner world better. I am waiting for your reply,
kisses, Liza.
Letter 2
Sorry for my long silence!
I was busy a little and a little sick!
But don't worry, everything is ok now!
I feel myself better and can continue our communication!
How are you? How do you feel yourself?
you wrote me nice letter and i can say you, that I am a serious person!
I am looking for serious relations and want to find serious man!
I don't want to play with you and I don't want to hurt you!
I hope, you believe me!
If you weant to communicate with me after my long silence, I will be glad!
take care and have a nice weekend!
kiss you, Liza!
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