Scam Letter(s) from Ksenia Dusha to John (Australia)

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Letter 1

Hello dear,

How are you? I was really glad to meet you on-line.

I want to tell you something about myself. I am a standard girl from Ukraine, who wants to find her happiness. My name is Julia. I am 28 years old. I am blond girl with gray eyes. I am looking for serious relationship. I am so tiered of the heartless cruel and frivolous men. I want to find my real love. You may ask me why I am looking for my love in the Internet. I want to say that I am looking at the men in my country and realizing that there is no such kind of men I am seeking for. I want to find sensitive and gentle man. I want to find a love to the rest of my life. I need serious man who can care about me and our family. I am tiered to take care about my self by my own strength. I need a man who can support me with everything.

Now I want to tell you about my daily life. As I told you latter I am from Ukraine. I was born in Kiev, but now I live in Aleksandrovsk . It is very small town. I live along. My parents dyed when I was 10 ears old. They perished in a care crash. I have older sister, but she leaves fur away from Aleksandrovsk . I work as a fitness trainer in a small gym.

I have high education. I was study in the Pedagogical University. I am a teacher of physical training . I like to read very much. It is my hobby.

When I was younger I was writing poems, but now I do not have time for that and also I did not had an inspiration. But you filled me with enthusiasm and I wrote one shirt poem. Maybe in a time I will tell you this poem, if you want of course.

Now I have to finish the story about me because I afraid to boring you.

I have some question for you:

Tell me please about your country, about your family, about your work. What is your Astrologic sigh? Tell me about what you like and what you dislike. I really want to know about you more. And I will be waiting for your reply.

Letter 2

Good Day John,

How are you? It is very nice to read your letter again.

I want to tell you why I am looking for my partner through the Internet. I am tiered to be along. I wanted to find a man Hear in Ukraine but now I understood that it is impossible because there are no real men in Ukraine. I was hurt so many times and I do not want to fell pane never again. I think that you will understand me because you are looking for your love in the Internet not because of your happiness in real life. So I decided that my future husband will be from another country. But I have one problem: I do not have a computer at home, I even do not know how to use it and also I do not know any foreign language. Because of this problem I thought that my dream to find a real love will never come true. I know that I have to learn English because it is commune language in many countries. But now I do not have such opportunity to learn this language. So I thought that I will be along till the end of time.

But one day I sow advertisement on TW of one translation firm. So I decided to go to that firm. I explained all my situation and they said that they can help me not only with translation letters but also with sending them. And now I can communicate with you. I hope that you don't mind because I really want to know you better. I hope that you won't stop our correspondence because of this.

By the way I want to ask you do you like animals? I like all creatures on the Earth, and especially I like dogs. I have a dog. It is my best friend. We live together for a long time. One day he saved my life. I will tell you this story next time. I call him Bobik. He is very funny. I love him very much. So I really hope that you like animals.

Darling, I would like to know you more. I would like to know your music tastes or what is your favorite movie. What colors do you like or dislike. Tell me all that you want me to know about you.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Kiss you, Julia.

Letter 3

Hi John,

I really glad to get your letter. How are you today? How is your mood? I want to thank you for your understanding me. I really glad that you don't mind me do not speak English and that I am using translation firm. I do understand that I have to learn English and I will do that as soon as I can.

I want to tell you something about my country. It is very beautiful. It has rich woods, fields and meadows. We have very beautiful culture and interesting traditions. I'm sure that you would like my country if you can see it. I will send you my photo with my town against a background. So you can see the nature of my country. I hope that you will like this photo. I do like nature. In spring and in summer I with my friends often go to the nature. We have river that runs hear our town. It is big pleasure to sit at the beach near of the rive in the middle of a hot summer day.

You know, I am real romantic. I believe in love to the death. I believe that everyone has his second half. I believe in fate. Because I think that it is fate that we have met in the Internet. I am very interesting what about you. Do you believe in fate? Or maybe you think that everyone can make they're one life by they're own hands?

In my previous letter I promised you to tell the story about my doggy. Once I was walking with Bobik in the park. It was dark on the street. I let Bobik run without dog and set on the bench. To me came strange man. I do not know from wish side he came. I did not sow him before. Hi took from his pocket a flick-knife and said me to give him all my money. I said that I do not have money right now and that I am just walking with my dog. He lifted his arm with knife against me and at that moment Bobik grasp into his hand. Than that man drop the knife, I said Bobik "PHU" that means "DON'T" And that man ran away.

I have to go not, but I will be waiting for your next letter.

Kiss you, Julia.

Letter 4

Sweet John,

It is very nice to talk to you again. How are you today? I am very good. First of all I want to thank you for your letter. You make me happy with every your letter. I feel that we are becoming closer to each other with every new letter. Don't you think so?

Today is very good weather in Ukraine. The sun is shining. The sky is clear. And it is warm. I like such kind of weather. So I am in a good mood right now, but I am so happy not just because of good weather.

Today to my place came my sister with her doter. I am very, very happy to see her. I have not met her since last Hew Year Holiday. I miss her very much. We have made some photos. I will sand you them with my next letter. OK? I told Olga(my sister name is Olga) about you. She was very happy for me. She told me she would like to meet you personally. But unfortunately it is impossible because tomorrow she haves to leave me because she haves to work. And also I think that maybe you are busy too. Even if you can come in the nearest future I have to say that I won't have any free time for communication with you because the next three month I am very busy with my work. But still I think that it would be grateful if we could meet someday. I know that now it is impossible but in the future... What do you think about this? Are you agreeing with me?

Honey, I am very interesting what do you feel about our relationship?
Do you feel something about us?

As for your question about do I have to pay for each of your word. No I pay for each letter.

I have to go now. I really do not have much time today. Hope to hear from you soon.

I send all me kisses for you. Julia



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