Scam letter(s) from Ksenia Dusha to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1
My dear, hello!
I want to say,
that i am looking for my happiness here and i hope you will have interest to answer me in future.
And for now i want to tell about me a little.
My name is Kseniya, i am 28 years old and i live in the Southern part of Ukraine in Crimea.
As for my hobbies, i like to go in for sport, to have fun with my friends, to listen music or to read book.
Also I can cook very good.
I am honest, nice, kind, open-minded, friendly and pretty lady.
I am very romantic person indeed and i am dreaming about the day, when i will meet the ONE for me.
Maybe it is you?
Let us check it.
If you have seriuous intentions, you are welcome to write me to With kiss from Kseniya.
Letter 2
Hello, my dear!
It is really nice to hear from you!
Thank you!
My darling, I will tell you more and more about me with pleasure!
All I can say from the very beginning is that I am such a girl, which can be your revolution!
Love is really very important for me in this world, it is truth!
I am such a girl, which can make you happy, which will do all the best for the one, who will love her!
So let me say, that as you know my name is Kseniya.
I was born on 18. 08. 1981 in such a town as Sudak in Ukraine.
So, i think it is time to tell you a little more about such a place like Crimea in Ukraine. It is very beautiful peninsula in the South part of Ukraine. The nature hear is very beautiful, the climate is very good for health and of course the Black Sea.
As for my family, i still live with my parents. I like them a lot.
I work as fitness instructor in the fitness center "Konsol-sport" .
Letter 3
for now i think it is time to say why i am still alone.
Many men are looking only at my appearance, but in my life i am looking for THE ONLY, which will love me, make me happy, make me feel safe, which will share our emotions and we will be happy.
My darling, it seems to me, that we will have a chance to be closer and to be really good friends.
Dear, let us know each other better, let us get closer and i hope we have a good chance.
I will be waiting for to hear from you!
With kiss from Kseniya.
P.S. My darling, thank you for your photos!
I like you!
You are attractive!
You can be sure,
that we are looking for the same!
You are welcome to know me better!
You are welcome to get closer with me!
Hope you will answer me here soon and we will be more than just a friends in future!
Thank you for your photos once more!
Letter 4

My dear, hello!
Oh, it was such a pleasure to read your answer.
My darling, i want to make you sure, that i am serious girl and i am here not for playing games, ok?
I will answer all your questions with pleasure also!
Do not worry, please!
I think it is time for now to tell you a little more about my family and my work.
My family are my parents and my sister.
They are very nice people and i like to spend my time with them.
Mother is a teacher and my father is a doctor. My younger sister is working as manager on the firm and she is also studying at the University.
As i have said to you, i work in fitness center and i am glad to make people healthy, to help them to make their body strong and beautiful, that is why i have choose such a profession.
Also i want to say, my dearest, that my hobby is to knit.
I like to do something with my hands and i fell like i can do it really good.
If we will meet each in future i would like to give you a present which i will make only for you.
As you can see, i am very open-minded person and i am very romantic, i like is to spend time on the beach.
It is nice to walk, to see the waves ...
And sometimes i like just to seat and to see the nature around me, the people, the sea ...
Oh, how i wish you were near me in such a moments.
You can just seat near me, hold my hand, look to my eyes and kiss me gentle. So, my dearest, i think i will better end my letter for now before i went to far in my dreams!
I like you!
And i am really happy to have such possibility to share my feelings, my inner world with you.
With kiss from Kseniya.
P.S. Thank you for your photos also!
You are attractive!
You are my type of man!!!
I like you a lot!
I do not drink Alcohol
and i do not smoke at all.
As for kids, i want to have two children - a boy and a girl!
Thank you for your photos once more!
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
I know what you are looking for and i am looking for the same, do not worry, please!
I will never disappoint you, i promise!
I hope you will do the same for me, my honey!
If you still do not trust me, i think there is no need to answer me!
Take care! I wish you all the best!!!
Letter 5
Hello, my dear Friend,
I am sure that our meeting is not spontaneous and it can bring to us something special.
Look at the star sky tonight and you will see that it is full of beautiful stars, but there is one of them, which is the brightest and the most wonderful. It is your star, because you noticed it among other stars.
I asked you about it because I felt the same when I saw your profile.
It seems to me that there is something attractive in you and I couldn't hold myself to write my message to you.
So,time will tell. I will be very happy to continue our correspondence,my angel.
I will be waiting for your respond impatiently.
Your Anna with love.
Letter 6
Good day, my dear, I am very happy to have your respond because I am sure that our communication will become special for us. I want to know more about you: your hobby, your daily life and your dreams because you interested me very much. Unfortunately there is not enough one letter to write to each other about everything that we want,but I do hope that our correspondence will help us in it. My English is not very good, that is why my best friend Lara helps me with my letters. I come to her place after my work in the evening to write my letter to you and I am grateful to her for this help. I do hope that her English is not bad for you. :):) Unfortunately I do not have my computer and it is the second reason why I need her help. Anyway,I think that it will be not a problem for us because I will try to learn English as soon as possibly to be able to write my letters to you by myself. I understand the importance of English in our relationships and I will try to do the best to overcome a language barrier between us. You can ask me about the purpose of my search in the Internet. So,to my opinion it is a great opportunity to get to know each other before the meeting and serious decision. We can discover each other in our letters and it will help us in a reality. :):) Also I do not want to concentrate my search only on men from my country. I think that a real love doesn't know the distance,age and nationality. :):) I have not been married and I do not have my children because I think that a marriage is a very serious step and I do not want to be in a hurry.I want to have my one and only man forever. So, maybe I am speaking about you?? Who knows. :) Ok,now let me introduce myself. My name is Anna. My parents call me caressingly "Annushka". I have a very nice family: my mom, dad and my brother. I like them very much! I was born on the 31st of May in 1979. My height is about 168cm, my weight is about 56kg.I live in a small town Lugansk,which is situated on the East of Ukraine. It is a small, but very beautiful town. There are a lot of pine woods and wonderful lakes. I adore my town. I live with my mom and dad. My brother has his wife and little daughter and they live separately from us. I like to visit them and to play with my niece.
She is a princess!! :):) As for my work,I am a teacher of Russian and Ukrainian literature. I work at school almost a whole day because the salary of teacher is tiny here. So,I should work hard to earn something. The age of my pupils is from ten to seventeen.You know, I like my work very much because I was dreaming to be a teacher in my childhood and I do not regret about my choice in spite of everything.
Well, I think that I should finish my letter today. Please, write to me about yourself and send to me your photos. It would be great to continue our communication!!! I am sending to you my warmest regards,
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