Scam letter(s) from Angie Seun Sailes to Glenn (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Glenn my love
I hope all is well with you.i miss you so much and have tried calling your Cell phone at the time you gave me which you said was convenient for you.i tried to call you several times but you never told me you would be awake by then which is 7am.i so much wanted to talk to you and left you a message on the phone.Glenn my love,i am glad we are making progress towards achieving our life long dream.i am so determined more than ever to make this work.the smiles on your face is what keeps me going.i know how much you have put into this relationship and i cant afford to disappoint you.i promise you my love.we are going to be together.i am very sure about that.we have alot to offer each other.i know the journey has not been smooth but i believe with God on our side we shall make it.i am praying and hoping you are able to pull a minor miracle by being able to send the $2500 for us to complete everything and be together.i know that is the most important thing right and i am very hopeful it will happen.please do not be afraid as everything is under control.i love you very much and can never afford to lose the possibility of being in your arms.the arms of the man i have truly loved wholeheartedly.i understand when sometimes you find it difficult to believe when i tell you i love you.because i know it is due to bad experiemce and i am here to change all that.please open your heart and accept my love.knowing very well i cant hurt you.only love you and care for you.take care of yourself my love and hope to hear from you soon.
love always,
Letter 2
Hello Glenn my love
I hope all is well with you.i can understand the pain with which you wrote this email and i feel very worried because after all i have gone through to prove to you i am still doubt every right to be insecured because of the circumstances but my love,you will admit for a fact that i have been more open to you than any of the women you have met on the i have already told you my real identity is rita donald.there are no two ways about it.i am telling you the truth.i dont have any other yahoo account with my photo except this i already explained Anna is a good friend of mine and you even talked to her online.i have no reason to lie to you or mislead you.i am who i say i am.names like Angie Seun which sounded like an asian name has nothing to do with me,a clear case of impersonation is going on here and i will get to the bottom of it.i really have no idea about what is going on,i have not talked to any man about any relationship ever since we started communicating.i have no idea what you mean by i am misleading you and others.i have never stood anyone at the airport and i have told you about my previous have absolute no reason to believe i am playing games with you.from the begining i have proved to you that i loved you,showed you my webcam manytimes,sent you pictures when you needed proof.nobody gets a boarding pass if they are not at the airport and were not ready to fly.i sent you image of my boarding pass,my ticket and other document to prove to you i was really on my way.why would i lie to you after all this years of sticking around just to make our dreams a reality. I have told you several times how i dont get in touch with you whenever i call you so i decided to use a call centre to call you and that explains the noise in the background.people where also there making calls.i have used my number to call you several times and you can even confirm that on several occasions you dont get my calls.its very difficult my love not to hear your voice.because i so much want you to be my love too and for it to be forever.i know all this circumstances are trials and they will certainly end when you give me the chance we so much desire to make this work.please remember how long i have been waiting for you to realise we are meant to be together.we have alot to offer each should know that all this insecurities you are feeling only means this is true and its are only insecured because nobody has ever been open to you and has gone this far with is true,you are afraid because you have seen how persistent i am and know that i belong to you.sometimes i think you are doing this because of the love i have shown you all this time.its amazing,please let us enjoy our love and be free.i have done all that it takes to prove to you that i am really coming including my boarding passes.but until we are together it will not mean anything.i swear to you will not disappoint you or break your heart.just have faith and take things easy.we are almost there.and we will make it and prove anyone who doubted true love on the internet works wrong.i have no doubt in my mind and i am certain this is our destiny. I understand you borrowed the money in the first place to enable me fly and your efforts is not i vain.i am taking this opportunity to tell you that,you will have absolute no regret as you see me touch down from the plane.this is our chance to make our love happen.we have both been through emotional and physical pain but that will never happen again.we have come a long way for it to be a game.i will never hurt you or take advantage of your emotions because i know what you feel for me is true love only if we can make it together.i promise you that is going to happen.i am so afraid of hurting you.i will never do that.your heart means alot to me than anything.that is why i am fighting very hard to make this work.i am fighting so hard to make our dreams a reality.i cant afford to lose another chance of being with you.i had my fears but after carefully knowing what you truly feel for me,i felt i needed to give love a chance and that is exactly what i did and i know God will never disappoint me in making me love you. I have never stopped loving you ever since we started this relationship.i know we are yet to meet but my love,you have shown me so much love and care i never thought i can are kind, caring,compassionate and bring to me a happiness no one else has bring to me a love i have never known before.i could not imagine what my life would be like without you.i know that i dont want to even have touched my heart in ways no one could ever comprehend and i want to spend the rest of my life with you.there is nothing on this earth that i could ever give you that would ever come close to how i feel about you.i want to be with you for the rest of your life,and i hope you feel the same.if only you knew how much i want to stay in your life,or is it wrong to be so young,yet feel so strong about you.i do not know what love is.but if it means caring for you,respecting you,believing in you and putting your happiness above my own,then i am in love.this is not ****,crush or a game.i really do love you.i hope that we find a way to be happy.take care of yourself and hope to hear from you soon.
Love always,
Letter 3
Hello my love
I am in Amsterdam now and i am having a problem with the airport officials.they said vaccination and health card has expired and they wont allow me pass until i got it renewed.i dont know how i am going to do that.i am using a public computer right now and i feel stranded.i dont have enough money for a phone call.please try to get in touch as soon as possible.i will be looking to chat with you same time we use to when i was in Ghana.please come online so we can find a solution.take care my love,dont worry because we are almost together.take care my love.Bye
Letter 4
Glenn my Dearest
I never changed my ticket information.already you know i had to delay my flight because of the circumstances therefore there is a need for the information to change.i was allowed on the flight to amsterdam because that is my transit point to newark international upon reaching here i was going to get a new ticket giving me access to a seat on the plane bound for New Jersey (EWR).how could you say such a horrible thing to me knowing very well right now i am depressed and trying to find solutions on how to get my vaccination and health card straightened so i can continue my trip.this was not my plan.things happened this way and you know i will definately inform you before i take any you even care about me.
How could you say i did not answer your emails,calls and texts when you know very well there was a network compatibility problem therefore my network in Ghana will not work in i left my phone to my mother because it was even giving me problems.i didnt have enough money to call you from here and only have the opportunity to use a public computer and had to wait for several hours yesterday just to talk to you and all you could give me was to call my uncle.we never planned it this way and it was never intended to be this could u also say i have hurt you when i am the one going through the hardtimes in a country where i am alien to.i need to talk to you unless you tell me you dont want to see me again and have me at the mercy of people who could harm me.have to go now because i have limited time on this computer.have a good day.bye
Letter 5
Hello Glenn my love
why do you keep making up all this confusion.i am in a critical situation and all you could do is keep tormenting me.if i had no intentions of coming.i will not have gotten on the plane in the first place.the travel agency is suppose to get all my documentation and neccessary paperwork done and they have done just that.remember that i had to delay my flight on numerous occasions with the recent one being just this last week before you sent me the 800 to pay the penalty.right now you are complicating things by suggesting i had intentionally left the airport without proper was due to expire before i travelled and it was at the amsterdam airport it was detected because every document of mine is genuine.i sent you those text messages when i was at the airport in ghana so definately i would have the reception of the network to send you a have really hurt me by saying i am just playing games with you.its like piercing my heart with a dagger.i would never break your heart or make you suffer knowing whats in place.i know very well why i am coming and that is to make your life better.i am not a cheater or a liar.i am honest and i am determined to prove it to you,that is why i have been able to get on the plane to see you and let you know i am real.if i had not being stopped at the airport because of my expired health and vaccination card.i would not be here in the first could you say i do not care about you.why do you keep suggesting things which are not true and you know how i feel about you and care deeply about you.playing games has never been a part of my life.why do you keep making statements that suggest otherwise.why do you have to bring my uncle into this.i am talking about us now.remember the 2500 was suppose to be a guarantee to ensure i am a genuine traveller so that money is not going to be in my hands but an insured travellers check which can only be released when i reach my destination.and for your friend who is coming here for a business trip.tell him to meet me at venere bed and breakfast.i am not living at a house or anything.for Gods sake i dont know anyone need to send me some money and also find a way to have my medical documents renewed because i cant be living here besides its dangerous for a woman like me and only have to use the internet once in a while.i have tried on several occasions to chat with you but you didnt turn up.i hope you do because we have alot to discuss.i hope you are not in anyway trying to abandon me here.thank you for your patience and understanding.even though you dont believe me,the determination to prove you wrong drives me on.take care,and since you are so good at finding out where i live.why dont you do that now so you can really see i am in amsterdam and only being delayed because of this little issue and have to rectify them so the airline can issue my new ticket to continue my trip.have a nice day.Bye
Letter 6

As usual i knew you were going to bring up some twists because you just feel like only have one reason to do this.that is you are deliberately delaying my trip to come see you.its either you have a wife and now trying to give up on me on trying to do something i have no idea of.if you like give me your friends address and phone number.i will find him and if you want him to find me,then give him this address.35 Capucijnerstraat.Keizer Karelplein 13. It is the house with the grapevine at the front.and by the way i always say bye at the end of my emails so dont try to confuse it with anything.also my uncle has tried on several occasions to reach you and you dont pick your call.why.please and send me some money here.i am stranded and please try and find a way to renew my health card so i can know its not possible to be issued with a new ticket to return because my ticket destination is EWR.hope you know that my final destination is New Jersey.stop making things difficult.i am gettig depressed day in and day out.i hope you find reason in your heart to help the woman you love and want a real life with.take care.bye
Letter 7
Hello Glenn
i have not twisted any story to you because i never told you any.i have only told you the truth.i have never lied to you.i never cancelled my trip to EWK NJ.i already explained to you that its because i had to delay my flight that was the reason why NJ wasnt on the itenary.and you know that my transit point is the netherlands where they would issue me a new ticket for me to continue my trip.infact they are doing that now.but i dont want to have my ticket and my health card is not rectified which lives me in limbo.if i had not left Ghana by now because of the health card you would have found a reasons to persecute me for intentionally failing to make the trip.i didnt want that to happen so i took the flight even though i know my health card was almost expired.Glenn.i am only trying to take the empty space in your could you say i have another man and how did you hear that.I am sitting here alone thinking about how happy you make me and how if I had the choice I would do this all by myself if it meant making you is about making the other person happy.Glenn i don't know how i would survived without you.I want to be with you forever no matter what.Just sitting here, missing you. I wish you were here to cuddle with tonight and every night until forever. I know this is temporary, and that it serves a greater purpose.but frankly it stinks, I am so very proud of have shown me greater love and strength even though you have not met me in person.I am sorry we ended up like this I just wish it never came to this,I still Love you with all my heart,come back. you are my soul mate.I miss you.i wish that i was with you.making it all right.There is no greater gift on Earth than Love, and baby the way you Love me, makes me feel like I could climb the highest mountain peaks.I am so lucky and thankful to have you in my life.You are a wonderful man to me.We have struggled but I know in my heart we will win.I believe in us and the strength of our love.I love you very much and with my whole heart.I will never say goodbye to you.for even when I take my last's only another reason to say another hello.We are soul mate's,forever by one anothers side.i don't know what to do anymore with all this love i feel for you.i will always love you. you have changed my life in so many ways.maybe that's the reason for being in my life.i love you more than you will ever will always be in my heart always Rita.
Letter 8
Glenn my love.your choice of words to describe your anger and frustration is uncharitable.i know you are under pressure to either believe me or disbelieve me.but i will suggest you go for the love i have not told you anything which is not the truth.from wednesday to monday has 5 days in between them.first of all when i got o amsterdam i was supposed to be issued with a new ticket to continue my trip but after they found out about my health card which also served as an identification togther with other documents.they declined to issue me with a new ticket because i have to first rectify the it took me some time as i try to talk to them but after realising i had no option but to contact you.i did.and that was the right time because i had try to do it by myself but didnt work.i have been careful because i fear coming under your harsh criticisms which has been the benchmark of this relationship.Glenn i have no reason to lie to you.i believe you have every right to be upset because i would do the same if i were in your shoes.but the real reason you should consider is a woman like me will not depart her resident country to another country if her intentions where not to meet the person she set out to evem talked about me enjoying a two weeks vacation in amsterdam.but i would like to ask you that.if really i just wanted to get to amstefam and get back?what would i benefit from would have been better to have stayed at home and spent the money rather than paying an airline for an expensive ticket only to merry go round and back.Glenn please think carefully about this an realise you are only taking harsh decisions on me.besides i gave you a correct address and even gave you a specified address with the vneyard in front just for your friend to be is only true love that will make me leave even tried to compare me to others when im actual fact all the women you have met never tried to board a flight.and you know for a fact i am the only woman who has been more open and honest with you.even though i will agree with you that sometimes i do not forthcome with information you need to be sure.i will tell you that things like that happen without any fault of mine but circumstances.i intend to show you genuine love and care and this is the only way i have to show you.its so unfortunate things have to be this way but i believe this are challenges and its the price i have to pay for the love i have for you which i know i will overcome.right now i know my uncle needs your help with his business whiles i am also trying to get an important document sorted out so i can get my ticket issued so i can be with you.i want to be there before you go for the lnow its in this light i have decided to come be with you and give you all the love and care you so much deserve.i love you very much but i will hope you are able to help me first and if you can extend it to my uncle.i want you to know that if anyone would cheat.lie and betray you.I Rita will never do that.i await your response so i know which direction to fo now.Rita
Letter 9
Glenn please refrain from saying i stood you up at the airport because i didnt.all my intention was to get to EWR NJ.i will never betray you because i love you very much..i will need about 700$ to complete and renew the health and vaccination should send the money to Jalil karimu in Ghana.i have already sent my mother an email with a scanned copies of those documents and the authorities will renew it in Ghana and i will have the renewed copies by fax to enable the airline verify it so i can be issued with a new know you can only start your life with me.hope and love.its going to be a beautiful experience to make our lives better.i will await for your response.Rita
Letter 10
Glenn my loveI did not say i fear you.i only said i was afraid of your criticisms which you have always done.i will never fear you because i love.i agree we do argue sometimes but true love has never been an easy thing.sometimes you have to stay in the fire and fight to make it dont have to give up easily.besides i am not in your life to give you any kind of problems.i am hre to make you happy.i know you have had your fair share of heart aches but i am not going to be one.please Glenn i know you have alot to deal with but you should re consider wanting to re start your life without me.its really painful to say that to me.i am never about giving up on you because i know you are insecured about everything happening around you and going to find it diffclt explaining to your family especially your daughter.i do appreciate your efforts and i will not disappoint you.believe me.because you have not just invested money into this but your emotions which are criticalto every challenge true love will face.i want to show you real appreciation so you know your efforts have not been in vain.i love you Glenn and i know it does not mean anything to you.but its true.Rita
Letter 11
My love Glenn
I have been trying to send you a reply and always getting failed message.i dont know why.please let me know what is happening.i love you always,Rita
Letter 12
Glenn my love
I hope all is well with you.i dont know what happened last night whiles we were stopped responding.please tell me what happened.i was also hoping you sent the money i requested from you.i have already informed my hopefully you will be able to send the money this morning.i pray you you send the $400 or maybe what you can afford.but i prefer the former.anyway kindly explain to me what happened last night.i miss you my love.please let me know the mtcn after you send the always.Rita >Glenn my love.i thank you so much for being there for me and also sending the
>money which my mom told me was 850$ when she went with her friend to collect.i
>so much appreciate this efforts you have made and it will never go unnoticed.i
>want you to know that our love will stand this test.right now i have instructed
>my mom to help in paying for the renewals of those documents and let me know
>what happens so i can get my ticket issued for my onward continuation of my
>trip.thank you very much.take care of,Rita

Letter 13
Glenn. I will need your total support at this time. I cant afford anything to go wrong.please Glenn try as much as possible to get the money for the taxes.its the only thing we need for the money to be transferred.please i really need your support. I am counting on you.Robert
Letter 14
Glenn, I Know you are having a difficult time with regards to your surgery and its related problems. I know i have never been under the knife but that does not stop me from feeling your frustrations.i am a man like you and i know what you are going have to believe me when i say this is the last time. This is for taxes so i can finally get this over and done with. You have no idea how stressed and depressed i am because of this transaction. I thank God its almost complete. I know its my transaction and i pleading for you to assist me this last time. I did send you the agreement and business registration so you can verify my authenticity.i have no idea why you will think of me in any terms besides being a credible man.i know the surgery has made things difficult but you are my only hope.and i am still counting on you.thank you for everything.i will not disappoint you.Robert
Letter 15
Glenn my love. I hope u had a goodnight sleep in anticipation of our meeting. I feel all excited about it. Last night i was buzzin you and replying your IMs but i never got a i figured you were tired and so went to bed. I have informed my uncle that you are going to send the money to the rep in Ghana using my moms friend name Jalil. My mom had requested you send her some few dollars. I.m waiting for the mtcn. Thank you my love.Rita
Letter 16
Glenn my love, at this time i dont want you doubting me. I have absolute confidence nothing could go wrong.and i promise you this is going to be my own way of saying thank you. Your love and care is my sole responsibility and i am going to do it deligently like you deserve. You have been through alot emotionally and physically too. That is why i feel guilty for not being in your life early enough to take care of you.i am anxiously waiting for my depature date so i can finally fly to have nothing to worry about me. I will fly safely into your hands.i just wish i had wings so i can fly to you. But not to worry thursday is just around the corner. All our problems will be solved as you will have more confidence and belief in me.please try and send the money earlier because of the time factor against the transaction. I also hope you add the few dollars my mom requested from you. I will be waiting for the always.Rita
Letter 17
Glenn my love
Thank you so much for sending the have no idea what this means to my uncle and i assure you my will not regret this.i know you did this out of the love you have for have done alot in my life and i thank you very much. you just don't know how much I love you. You are the best man any woman could ever ask for,thank you my always.Rita
Letter 18
Glenn my love
I hope all is well with you and your excitement building up.i want you to know that you are a sincere, caring, loving man, and I wouldn't trade you for the world. I am so thankful and blessed that you loved me as much as I love you.Thinking about our future fills me with anticipation and excitement.I will forever be grateful that you came into my life and made all my dreams come true. Together we are perfect, and I will enjoy spending the rest of my life with you. I love you more than words can say.Knowing that I will see you on thursday gives me goose bumps.its for good my love.I pray that you will accept my love for you in your heart.take care,love always,Rita
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