Scam letter(s) from Eunice Lamtey to Herbert (USA)

Letter 1
Hi Herb
did i say or do anything that got you upset or did you simply stop writing me because i asked you for a favour help me get my own laptop which will let me always stay in touch with you?? that aint fair..ask yourself , if you couldnt help , all you should have done is just tell me and i will understand my dear. any way , in any case i do miss you and you will always be remembered..
Letter 2
hi sweetness
was excited i finally heard your voice yesterday. hope you fine and doing great, was abit sad i had no email from you when i checked. what happened? all the same i miss you and hope you doing great.
Letter 3
hi sweetness
thanks for your concern and encouragment. hope you fine my dear and i hope all is well with you... sorry i couldnt write back early..had the chance today..
honey , honestly we writing each other mails could work but remember that it will take a while before we will be hearing from each other and i honestly wont be happy with that my dear, your emails always make me smile and i always get excited when i hear from you and whenever am writing you..
also sending each other mails will weaken and slow how we getting to know more about each other . i pray you will do this for me , for us , for our happiness and future my dear Herb, i saw this very nice laptop selling in one of the electronic shops here , its $599 but i do have a little in my savings am willing to give up and get it , its 200$ so i want to ask for this favour for you add up with the rest needed so i can get this , with that i will always stay in touch my dear and that will fastern we knowing each other. Please do this for me....and for us. Hope you dont get offended..
Missing and thinking about you. Kisses
Letter 4

Hi Sweetness
let me first apologise for my lately behaviour. you absolutely right about everything my dear , short emails , etc
well didnt want to tell you this but neighbour started a different behaviour few days now ,she sometimes doesnt even allow me come in use her computer , and even if i do she tells me she is expecting a visitor so i should just send you a short note and leave because she needs her privacy , alot going on here but i just dont wanna complain to you and i just had to stick to her ways because i dont have an option , as am writing you this email , she just shouted a while ago that she wants to use her computer in some few minutes so i had to rush and send this real quick. at first i could spend even up to 30 to 45 mins reading and replying to your emails because i always want to take time and write all my mind ,thoughts and heart tells me to you my dear. am really sorry about this , please dont feel bad about it my dear.
also with the questions , am sorry let me take this opportunity and give you quick answers on them .
with my family members , i have a very big family but that changed to a very little now ever since we lost my dad , for now i can say my little family is consist of me,my mom , uncle and his wife and his kids..thats all ,we all live in a small 3 bedroom apartment here. but we do have alot back in the village , aunties , uncles , etc with friends , am skeptical about making friends , its always said a lot of friends aint good so i have selected friends , a few of them who understand me and keep me company whenever am down. how about yourself?
dont ever think i lost interest okay my dear, just dont love bothering you with my personal problems..have to run now..bye
Letter 5
hey sweetness
how are you doing and how is work?
Letter 6
Thanks my dear... send me your phone # again my dear.
Letter 7
sad its my b day and not any wish or email from you baby......any way i miss you and wish you were around me
Letter 8
No i have no kids my dear. how about yourself??
just a short note to say hi to you and also wish you all the best in your week.
you also in my thoughts and mind. be good and God bless you.
Letter 9
i didnt do anything special today though , normal stuffs , went to the market , got more food stuffs , came back did some cleaning, washing and cooked for the little family..will watch a lil bit tv and also iron for tomorrow church service...but hey you were in mind and in my thoughts through out the day..smiless
Letter 10
Hi my dear
good day to you. hope you fine and hope you enjoying your weekend. thanks once again for your sweet email which lifted my spirit yesterday. i will be patient and wait for the good things God has for me..Smiless not only me but for us too.. smiless
i always get sad whenever you say you wash and clean stuffs yourself, a lovely and sweet man like you shouldnt be doing all that yourself. wish i was around so i do all that for you..smiless
so when exactly do you travel again? and when will you return again??
what will you be doing for the rest of your day?? take care and stay sweet my dear.

Letter 11
thanks for the words of encouragement my dear. it helped me so much and i apeciate oit so much my dear. you absolutely right my dear, God is in control and he will let good things happen for me at the right time. thanks once again. how are you doing?? ges you home? who will you be spending your weekend? miss you..smiless
Letter 12
Hi sweetness
so sad and down today.. its like my dreams are shutted. was turned on a load i applied at work.. wanted to have a little b day party for myself and friends..dont know what to say to them because they keep calling and texting me where the party at?? we getting ready for your sweet party , etc
sorry for bothering with my personal problems, its my own cup of tea.
any way hope you back home safely..wish i could hear your voice tonight so i will be okay.
Soooooooooooooo Down
Letter 13
Darling Herb
your words are so kind, sweet , heart touching and i also thank God i found you. i want to thank you for been so nice and sweet to me ever since we met Herb. I truly appreciate everything. My Dear, from the little i even read , hey am with you and you have my support to improve and get into the writing industry my dear , i will give you the maximum support and help you will require from me my dear... i know God has a reason and plan for you in the writing industry so you need follow you heart and improve in that. I want to also note you on the fact that , WHEN I LOVE , I LOVE SO DEEPLY MY DEAR...and also a a one man woman type who always give out the best to my man because i always want to see that big smile on his face always. i will love ,cherish and adore and respect you...will always make sure i do things you want and be that desirable partner you wish me to be... i always gave out my best in my past relationships though we humans are not always perfect.. but what i strongly beleive is that , for sure there are bounds to be problems , quarrels , misunderstandings , etc in friendships/relationships and even marriages but both partners ought to be understanding , calm and solve them amicably each time they arise...with this there will always be peace, happiness and the relationship will last very very long...My prayers is that i meet the right man this time and i promise he will never ever regret having me in his life....smilessss A man i will love in both good and bad times , in thin and thick, health and illness, in all times.....I wish you a safe trip back home my dear...Kisses
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