Scam letter(s) from Irina Rumyantseva to Vagn (Canada)

Letter 1
Vagn, you to me very interesting person. I hope that that I to you was not rough in the previous letter, and it has not pushed away you from me. Vagn, I would like to learn you, I hope that that I as is interesting to you. I very much wish to receive your letters and your photos. Vagn, I hope that that all will be fine also we will communicate.
Letter 2
I see your letter, and this means that we are seeking the same thing. Vagn I have already told you my name Irina. I'm not married and have no children. I live in the city Shimshurga. I am cheerful and sociable girl. I like to achieve your goals. In other matters on which I spent most of my life. I have loyal friends, many colleagues. I'm always in the spotlight, because I am working with children. But it happened in my life that I have not met her love. I really want to love and be loved. By this I'm here! Vagn I would like to know why you're here? What are your reasons? You are alone? I have been registered on a site of acquaintances but as soon as I have met you I have removed the profile. Vagn, Many people see me, say what, I'm happy! They conclude, despite the fact that I always smile, respond to all requests participates in many events. I'm energetic lifestyle. But not even those who do not realize how bad I go into the apartment in which I was not who can not wait to go into a cold bed, and sleep only with thoughts about what will happen tomorrow. In the morning, opening his eyes, did not not see anyone near him. Before, I did not attach any such significance but now when I start to become more mature with each passing day more and more to think about it. I want to meet your other half. Vagn My soul is tired of longing, and I hope that that communication via the Internet it is possible that something will change. Vagn, I hope I was not sad in that letter and it is you like. Your new friend Irina!!!
Letter 3
Thank you for your letter! How was your day? What did you do? Today I had a very busy day, and I'm very tired. But, in spite of this fatigue, I came here that would write you a letter. Vagn, So I want to warn you of something that perhaps I can not write every day because I am writing to you from the library. It is not far from my house, but the holidays it does not work. I also sometimes leave their parents. But I'll be sure to warn you in advance if I can not write. Ok? Today I want to tell you a little about his life. Vagn I was born and raised in a small town Morki. Also there I was in school. After my school life passed before me was a lot of ways and had to make a choice. I think this is the first adult to the child a choice that he has to decide for himself. Tell me about her first independent decision? Unless of course you remember it! So, as I have always been a creative person, and while attending a regular school, I worked in addition to art school. My choice fell on the Institute of Musical Institute. In our town, no such institution was and I had to leave his home and go to town Shimshurga. I think it was from that moment, I started my adult life. I, as I remember tears in your mother's face when she walked with me. We do not want to leave, but we knew that so needed. And in 2000, I began to learn and to strive for their dreams. Student life was all and the poor and hungry, but at the same time, it was a lot of fun. Vagn, We lived in a dormitory at five in one room, we had a kitchen in some rooms and in the evenings when we came to school we were going to cook. I think that that's where I learned to cook. From there I learned a lot of recipes and cooking, I watched how to cook the other girls and tried to do it as adding to the dish its flavor. At night, we had long stayed up talking and dreaming about our future life. We have tried to learn, was not so easy. But at the institute realized this and gave the student recreation. We spent a lot of events, concerts in which we acted. Every year, we gained experience, became closer with my friends, there are many new acquaintances. Gradually, it became easier to learn, and live in a strange city. And so in 2005 I graduated from college. After that I decided to go home, all summer I spent at home. It was a wonderful happy times. But the summer has passed very quickly. In autumn, I went back to Shimshurga. Rented a small apartment, and got a robot in an elementary school, in the direction of the institute. I immediately fell in love with his work, and so far I'm staying in the same place. Now I think of how to begin adult life with a smile on his face, though at the time was very difficult. But I stood firm on his feet and walked forward. I guess I could not do it if I did not in those who did not believe. Vagn, I am very grateful to my parents and close friends who were always with me and supported me. Vagn, Tell you about how you're getting an education? How did you become an adult and independent man? I would be very interested to hear about it. I hope you will be interested to read my letter and see my photos! Vagn, I just really wish that you could send me your photo that I could treat you! Vagn, If it was a picture where you are after in school, it would be great! Waiting for your letter and I hope your picture!! Your friend Irina.
Letter 4

I'm glad to see your letter!! How did you weather? We had sun all day, it's very uplifting! Do you like sunny weather? My day went well today. I was all day at work. Vagn I really love my job. As I have said it relates to children. I've been a teacher for 5 years. I teach piano lessons and choreography. And you play or what musical instrument? Vagn, You would like to learn to play the piano? I think I would be able to teach you this! I have three groups of children. In each group of 15 people. I am so excited to teach them to dance, discipline, and music. I love these children. Vagn, Sometimes it seems to me that what I replace them to their parents. They are always changeable mood, sometimes they act up and I had to reassure them. And I like to do it. When children with whom I was doing, it turns out I'm so pleased to see it. So we have a lot of concerts and performances. Likewise, each month we have is a concert for parents, where children show their success. All parents of children who are taught by me, very grateful to me. And I am happy from what I'm doing something good for people and bring them joy. My day is always filled with smiles and bustle. But when I get home I become very empty. Vagn, You know like this? It is very difficult, I always think only about what would be quickly passed the night and this morning I again will not alone. But I do not despair! I always try to make people well and with all my heart I hope that someday I would meet that same man, and between us will flash a wonderful sense of love! I think that everyone should love and be loved! Vagn, What do you think? It is important to you? Vagn, Before I thought then that it will come with time but now I understand what is not when most will not come if you do not open our hearts. And I'd love to do it, but only for a single person! Vagn, What would fully trust him and love him with all my heart without fear of getting burned. Vagn, And you had ever true love? Or are you just as I expect its second half, which is designated as the fate of you? And in general in my life, the motto "everything that is done all the better! This is such a sanguine motto, which always gives me strength. Especially at work, since there is required a lot of energy that would have charged her of my students. Vagn, Tell me about your work! Do you love her? Or are you just doing it for what would survive? What helps you cope with everyday life challenges. I have found your address on a site of acquaintances. I am waiting for your letter and the responses to my questions that will help me get to know you, oh what a man!! I hope you're just asking me all the questions that you are interested. Vagn, So I want to ask you all if you know what I am writing to you? Vagn, I taught English in school and in college, but he still is not as good, and sometimes I do not understand everything that you write. By this I want to warn you that you would not take offense if I suddenly did not answer your question. Maybe I just do not realize that these did you mean. Vagn, In such cases I want you to ask whatever you just wrote that question again! Ok? At this point I will finish my letter! Your Irina!!!
Letter 5
I'm glad to see your letter!! I really like what you write to me! " How was your day? What is interesting happen? You know, Vagn. you get closer to me! I think the fact that you very interesting man and you have to talk about. So today, I deleted all the profiles from the site, and will only communicate with you. I wish that you would just write me alone! What do you think about this? Do you wonder me? In the day off I visited the parents. Usually I in the target sit at home I listen to music, or I watch TV. This morning I was preparing to eat, and cut his finger. When I tape up the finger, I remembered how as a child I ran up the stairs and fell. I very strongly cried, my mother heard, and took me into the apartment. I have on my leg was not much of a scratch, but I was very scared and I thought then that I am no longer able to walk. Mom reassured me and bandaged my knee! As a child, I often fell and received various injuries since I was very curious child, and tried to learn everything. I climb into the trees from where then could not get off and then my dad had me take off from there. Vagn, My parents have done a lot to me, they gave me a good upbringing taught me and gave me all her affection and love. Vagn, I am very grateful to my parents for everything they do for me. My mom and dad are now retired, they live in a small ancient Kanash. They moved there after retired. My dad is a real man. When he sets a goal he achieves it! To me, he example of the perfect man. Throughout his life he devoted to us with her mother. He had a dream to age with his mother in a house which he built with his own hands. During the ten years before retirement he started building this house. He invested all his energy into this house, and finally two years ago they moved to a small village in this beautiful home! It is very beautiful, near a pond, where the father goes on a fishing trip. I also really like to go with him, but probably more like boating. In my dad's a big rubber boat when it swim felt like the ship. Do you love boating? Do you have own a boat? I think you might be interested to know their names, the name of the mom and dad name is Zoya Volodya. These are two wonderful people who always support me, love. Sometimes I do not have enough of, and so depressed by the fact that we are not together. But I often travel that would see them! " Vagn, Tell me about his family, with whom you live? Tell me about your parents? I am very interested to learn about it and I hope that what you tell it in my next letter. I'll wait for your letter! " Also I would really like to know whether I'll become a little closer! " Irina!!! ps Vagn, I'll be very pleased if you could send me a picture where you and your family!
Letter 6
Vagn, I very much hope that that you were offended by my girlfriend and on it you have not written to me today! If it so that I ask the deepest apologies for it. You that that I Also wish to tell the adult girl and I always solve that that correctly and that was not present!!! Vagn, I think for you more important my point of view. And on it cease to take offence and write somewhat quicker to me the letter and that I have very much become bored ….
Letter 7
Today when I went to work, I met one of his girlfriends. Her name is Sveta. We had studied together at the institute. Recently, we have not often get to meet. Since I have a lot of work, and her husband and two children. We were so excited from what they saw, and she invited me to go to a cafe to drink coffee and pastries. I accepted her offer, and we went to a cafe frequented by a student. She told me that soon will meet graduates of the institute. I was very surprised, because after graduation, she did not have a single meeting. She told me a lot about her life that she had been new. Sveta, asked me how my personal life. I told her that talking to you. She was very surprised that I'm on the Internet. She asked me why I can not meet someone here. I told her that I want to meet good, interesting man, that we could with him was to talk about. I think the fact that people from another country is very interesting. In man, for me the main thing his soul, that I can learn from the letters, and everything else for me is in second place. In general, I believe that that communication through letters, to learn more about the man, because the letters can say what can not be said openly. And on the one hand it is very romantic, as in the old days the two lovers sent letters to each other with pigeons. I think that it can compare with it! Vagn, And you think? Vagn, I want to meet a man with good manners. What is missing in Russian men. Sveta for the second time in a marriage, her first marriage was not happy. Her first husband, a lot of alcohol consumed, and when he got beat Sveta, called names, broke everything in the house that could break down, and drove home. She very often had spent the night with me, I remember how she cried all night long. I was so sorry for her. Sveta, thought that it would take time and will change, but went year after year, but he still remained the same. Then she decided, and divorced him. Now she is happy, she met a good man, he practically does not drink or take care of her. Their children were born. When I see them together, I am pleased to see how happy they are. It's so beautiful! We talked a lot with Sveta. She told me that I was careful with you, that I would not repeat its mistakes. At the end of the conversation, we promised each other, then that will see more and to enter each other's homes. This is a very nice girl we had a lot of history together, all the troubles and joys she was always with me. As well as Katya. With it, we are familiar from childhood, we went to school and lived in neighboring houses. When finished school, went together to learn, but she learned to stomatologist. We had no where to be parted. Now we see each other almost every day, we go to each other. She is married. I think that that, Katya, very happily married. I am very happy for her! Husband Katya Sveta name, he often goes to work on the north, because in our town is not much work. And now they want to have a baby in this country is very difficult to contain children. He tries to earn for the family, in order that they would have been all good. Sveta understands this and look each time waiting for his return. When Sveta leaves us with Sveta often going in my house that would sit down to talk about life. When there is time, we go for a walk somewhere. It is like a sister to me. I think if you knew her, would you still say that it is a good man! I only have two friends, but they are loyal and I can always rely on them! And you have many friends? Could you tell me about them? I hope that you will not be offended by Sveta, because she reacted with concern to you! And asked me to be careful. I think it can be understood, she had to go through a lot. And she does not want what I would repeat its mistakes. I hope that you will not be angry with her for it! At this point I will finish my letter. I will wait for your answer with impatience. Your Irina!!!
Letter 8
Your letters, please me. In independence of that with what mood I have come to library, it to become better when I read your letters. Vagn, tell to me about that as there was your day? Than you were engaged today? Vagn, today I went to a hairdressing salon to have hair cut. Usually I am am cut by one woman. But today it was not also me another cut. It was very unusual me. In the beginning not so it was pleasant to me. But then already at home I have approached to a mirror have looked also to me that seemed that I became more cheerful to look. Vagn, but I think that that this business not in a hairdress. I think that that I became more cheerful from that that I communicate with you! And you will come great value to the hairdress where you have hair cut? You have any constant place? Vagn, you know when I was small and only have started to go to school me my mum cut. I remember, it so was pleasant to me. My mum very much watched me. And on it at school friends rumpling named the woman of fashion. Vagn, and you had any nickname at school? Children always think out something. Yes, at all only children here for example now me the girlfriend name Irishka. Vagn and how you name your close friends? I will wait for your letter, I hope soon, very soon it to see! While, so long!!!
Yours Irina.
Letter 9
Vagn, With each letter you get me all the more interesting. I already think that we have so much in common. I look forward to your letters, because they raise my spirits. I did not even notice as last week. Do you like to receive my letters? I would love to entertain you with your letters! Today I came to work, all my colleagues liked my new haircut. Vagn, Tell me that you love to do and that brings a smile to you? Tell me about it. It seems to me that you love to watch sports? Is this true? I think I'd love to have you in this part of the company. I love to watch TV, and various programs. I really like about the program history. I like to learn about how it was before. A lot of you know the history of their country? Could you tell me about it? I do not know much about your country, but I'd really like to know your culture. That would be very educational for me! I also love to meet company and play various games. Most often I do it at work. When I see that children are very tired, I tell them to gather in a circle and we play hide and seek! It's all over this child's play. Have you ever heard about it? You know what this is? If you are over it will be interesting, I can tell you about it in the next letter. And you have some or a hobby? My hobbies include embroidery and knitting. I like doing it. Knitting and embroidery, when I was little my grandmother taught me and after that, I never stopped doing it. In the beginning I was knitting for dolls, then gradually began to knit, something ******. Now in my wardrobe a lot of things that I tied myself. So I often spend a variety of activities at work. You remember I told you about concerts once a month in which the children perform for their parents? I hope that you remember! " So I'm doing is always something new in these statements. Every time I come up with different dances, which are the children. This is so cool. I'm sure what you would really like if you saw it! " Do you like dancing? Tell me you went to, ever children's concerts? Vagn, Know me so easily with you, communicating with you, I can talk about everything. I'm not ashamed of nothing. I myself wonder how I get open to you! Please tell me more about how to pass your day! I am very interested to know your life! I look forward to your letter!
Your Irina!!!
Letter 10
My mood is awful today. Vagn, I have left work. Even it is opposite to me to speak about it. My chief, has come today to me in the end of the working day and has asked to come then to it into an office. After all pupils have left, I have gone to it to an office. My chief not when did not ask to come me to them. I thought about what it that that does not arrange in my work. In general as the person it is very exacting. But when I have come it to me have started to speak what that nonsense, and have started to stick to me. I to it have told that that it not to like me and that that I will tell about it to his wife. He to me has told that that then it will discharge me from office and has started to stick to me further. I not that did not need to do and I have struck to it a slap in the face and have run out from an office. I have run faster home. I cried, and now on my eyes of tear. I wished where to go, but have thought, that you will worry. I have come what to write to you. Vagn, I feel such defenceless. Why with me nearby there would be no man which could protect me!. Vagn why men think that that if the girl is lonely, means to it it is possible to stick? I had relations, but not long because I wish to feel the present love. And I not when did not test such feelings. I all life wait which unique man I will love also which will love me!!! I cannot the word “I is simple so to say I love you”. Only when I can tell it, I will be happy. I hope, that when or I will meet such person. Vagn, I am assured that that it not when will not cause me a pain, and will protect me. I at all do not understand men who can cause to the girl a pain. That seems to me that for the man it should be low. I am assured of that that you not when could not hurt the girl. Because, when I look at your photos, in your eyes I see that that at you is smothering. You the kind person. Vagn, you very much like me, you not such as all. Forgive me but I cannot write to you more now. I need to calm down and consider all. Vagn, I hope that that you understand me!!!! Yours Irina!!!
Letter 11
Vagn, Thanks for your letter. I am glad that that you have written to me!!! Today I have come into school, have written the letter of resignation and have taken away the documents. I long thought, how I will not tell to my pupils about that that I more at them to teach. Then I have dared and I have come on employment have told it that I will not teach more at them. Children very much were upset. Vagn. So painfully that to me I was necessary to hurt me that of whom I love. But I very much hope that that when they will grow they will understand me. When I left a class on mine eyes there were tears. Vagn, I adore these children, they to me all as native. But I cannot work more there after an event! I long thought yesterday of it when I recollect that as this animal tried to touch me with the paws me enrages. I thought what to speak it to someone or not. Has solved that that it is not necessary to do it as its status is high also that that I will tell me will not listen, and he will think up other history in which I it will appear is wrong!!! So I have decided to leave simply easy. How you consider, I have correctly made? In my head confusion. I have left work. It is not a pity to me that I can teach to the groups of employment more. But I think that that, I will visit them. I think this best that I can make!!!! Vagn, tomorrow I cannot write to you as I will go to mum and the daddy. I need to stay with them and much over what to think. I need to decide what further to do!!! I hope that that you on me will not be pressed out! I have already got used to you. You such person to which would be desirable to open. I am happy that that the destiny has given chance to us to learn one another. I will miss very much your letters, but I will remember you every minute. I will write at once as soon as I will return!!!! I hope you you will not take offence at me.
Yours Irina!!!
Letter 12
Vagn, today I have arrived from parents. I have well spent time!!!! I have considered all and have decided to search for new work. I have told about it to parents, they completely support me. Vagn when I have arrived to parents, they were very glad me to see. We talked much. They have understood at once that not everything is all right. I have told it about that that happens. The daddy has flown into a rage from it. Vagn, but gradually he has calmed down. I have asked not to lift them again speech about it. Then it has left to flood a bath. And we with mum have begun to cook food. In the evening at supper I have told to the parents about you. I have told it about that what you the interesting man and about that as to me to like to communicate with you to communicate. Mum asked me on you much, I told all. Then I have gone to a bath, and have laid down to sleep. In the morning I have woken up from singing of birds. I have gone on kitchen, mum did not sleep any more and made a breakfast. I have washed and have gone to walk on street. There very beautiful nature. I went and thought of that as it would be fine to go now with you for a hand! My head was visited at once many by fine thoughts! Vagn, you can present yourself it? Thinking of you I have left very far. Then I was developed and have gone back when I have come, the meal was already on a table. We had a bite also I has decided to go home. And already when I went in the bus, I was visited by thought that that I and itself has not noticed as has forgotten about all bad that happens. I went and thought of words of parents, thought of that that it so well when there are those who you support. The trip home very much has inspired me. And I have gained strength for search of new work. Vagn, I have noticed that that when to me happens badly me pulls as a magnet in the parental house, and I come back from there always is full of energy and optimism!!! Vagn, tell to me than you were engaged? You missed on me? I very much missed!!!! Vagn, the daddy and mum asked to send you regards!!! As that they are very glad, to our dialogue. And how your relatives concern our dialogue? On road to library I have bought the newspaper with announcements, of that who it is required for work. Now I will go home, it is necessary to see many announcements, probably, that I will find, that that approaching!!! But it is now not so good with work. As all over the world now crisis. And with work at us it is very bad. Close many enterprises, and many people remain without work. On it I think that that work search will not be a lung. I very much hope for that that at me all to turn out and soon I will be arranged somewhere. Vagn, you trust in me? How you think at me to turn out? Tomorrow I will come and I hope to see your letter!
Letter 13
Vagn how today there was your day? My day is fine today. Me all overflows with energy. Vagn, it is all because of that that I have woken up today with fine mood. Today you have dreamt me. Vagn, this with was fine. To me dreamt as we go with you nearby about what that we talk. We are surrounded with beautiful green avenue, we go lengthways her, then unexpectedly you pick up me on hands and start to turn with me. I laugh, and even in a dream I have felt warmth of your embraces. Then you have put me on the earth and we have appeared the face to each other in your eyes I saw the reflexion, reflexion of the blue sky. This dream such was such distinct I so did not wish to be overslept. Vagn to like you my dream? You would would like that he became a reality? Vagn, in me that that varies. Now I not when do not long, I think that has put only in you!!! That seems to me that my life varies. And it is very healthy. My day was today all I am occupied would go in many places what to get a job. But yet that has not found, but I despair. I would like to be arranged by training what to be engaged in that that is pleasant to me. But it is now very difficult as in our city this trade is not especially claimed. And you have schools of dances? Dances are extended in your country? At us it not so is developed. On it there are not enough schools, as further not where to develop. So in most cases in dances in our country are engaged only as a hobby. And I always wished to be engaged in it professionally and to raise the level. I am very glad that was pleasant to you washing a photo. To me it is very pleasant that was pleasant to you washing a photo. I hope that that you liked my dream. I will look forward your letters and a photo!!! I would want that you sent, more than the photos where you smile to me. Yours and only yours Irina!!!
Letter 14
Vagn I am glad to your letter, I very much miss you, and I think of you constantly. Last time all that I do it I think of you. Each your letter as an adventure for me. I read them with ecstasy. Me dances, to Art interest, me interest music. Aching very much wished to find a pile love and to create a happy family. I have asked the cafe Internet the manager, whether I can communicate through skype. Vagn, me have told, that skype will not work because of very small speed of the Internet. Thanks for your photo, very much were pleasant to me your photo. Vagn, you the fine man! In you understanding and kindness. You know, not all people are capable to possess such qualities. I always dreamt to meet such as you!!! Vagn, you so are similar to which that man I searched for all life. But I still completely am not assured of it. But I very much would want that it was so. Vagn, in my life that that has turned over. She became interesting and is filled by sense after we have got acquainted! Tell to me, our acquaintance has changed as that your life. Vagn, now I try to fall asleep faster what in a dream to see to you and when you come to my dream I is happy. Vagn, I at all do not understand last time that happens to me. Vagn, I test to you that that especial. I feel that that to me not when it was not necessary to test. When I read your letters my heart fades, and in me as if all turns over. I can represent you hours and I have all new and new dreams. You represent even when I go to bed I embrace a pillow and I represent that it you!!! Vagn how you think it love? I not when not whom did not love, and I do not know that happens to me. But so it would be desirable to trust me that really love and that that you that person for which I are created. You not when not hearing that speak that each person has second half and when the person meets her, he to become as though whole. The life changes and the person to become is happy. You trust in it? How you would think we there could be two half one another? I do not know as it have happened but I think that that I LOVE YOU!!! I am am overflowed now with emotions I feel as if I fly. Vagn, you the first man to which I have told that I love. Also that that inside speaks me that that you the first and last man who can admit to me love!!!! I understand that that it as that unexpectedly, but I could not be silent more about the feelings to you. Now I very much wished to find out about that that you feel? I about excitement will wait for your letter! I hope that that today you will come to me in a dream!
Your sweet Irina!!!
Letter 15
I have recollected history that when the person is born there is a new star and when who that dies one star falls. One star - one life. I looked at the sky and searched for our stars. It is very interesting to me, what occurs, when two persons, enamoured one in another become together? Vagn how you think? I think, that they unite. Also become more and more brightly. I hope, that written English you understand mine and understand my feelings. Vagn you know, what happens yesterday? I, as well as thought, have met you in the dream. It was so perfectly. We have met in the street, I went along the street and thought of what that, you went to me towards and thought of the. And we have casually faced, Vagn, you have asked, I will go with you to cinema or not. I have told, I do not know. You had one more ticket, and you have invited me. And I have gone with you to cinema. But cinemas we did not look, we communicated with you more. When the comedy has ended, we left cinema happy and happy. You have told, that spend me. When we have reached the house we did not wish to be separated. We stood about my door both talked. Also have not noticed, how became close one to another and we have kissed. AS our FIRST KISS was fine!!!!!! IT was fine!!!!!! On my body there has passed a pleasant shiver. I have fallen in your embraces, and you have kept me, and we continued to kiss. Vagn, you see dreams? You can describe them? I would like, what our dreams would become a reality, you want it Vagn? I send you the kisses, and I hope, what tomorrow I will receive yours as, you will send them to me?? Something I have fallen into a reverie and nearly have not forgotten to tell to you. Today, I have gone to housing and communal services, you know what is it? At us there pay for utilities. I needed to pay for light, and there I have met with Sveta But she hurried up home because it needed to make a supper to the husband. I am very glad for it, I too would like to make a supper for the favourite person. You would would like that I made a supper to you? Sveta has told that is very glad that has met me, she has told to me that that was going to go today to me. Vagn, you remember, I said to you, that when we sat in cafe with Sveta it has told to me about a meeting of graduates. This meeting will be tomorrow. You not against if I there go? To me it is important that you will tell on it. I will look forward your letter!
Your most gentle Irina!!!
Letter 16
That you have written thanks for that to me. I am very glad to see your letters, it for me is fine! Today I would go in many places what to get a job. I have passed many places, but or that that did not suit me, or all places have already been occupied. I already have gone home and on road I have gone through a kindergarten, there I have seen announcements that it nurses are required. I have come there, to me have told that that for this purpose what to get a job to them it would be necessary to submit all documents and to pass interview. I have left at all of them my documents they have told to me that that all will consider and in a week I can be approached there and to pass interview. Vagn how you think a trade of the nurse in a kindergarten it well? Tell please that you suspect the account of it. Vagn, forgive me but on it I should finish the letter as for this purpose what to be in time on a meeting of graduates to me it would be necessary to go faster home and to change clothes. I do not wish to be late. I hope that that you understand me. I will write to you tomorrow, and I will tell about that as all has passed. Vagn, you a charm!!!!
Yours and only yours Irina!!!
Letter 17
Vagn, how your affairs my sweet? Whether all at you is perfectly in order? I very much grieve for you the sun!!! I very much would want that you have sent me a copy yours of films. Yesterday I have very well spent time. We very much did not see for a long time all. Vagn, you know and I one remained not married of all with whom we together studied. Almost all have children. At everyone the cares. Many have come on a meeting with the husbands. Vagn, you know so interestingly to look at those whom for a long time did not see. All have very much changed. We sat in cafe, we laughed recollected the student's years. You know together we have recollected so much, I even from this did not remember half. Vagn, me it was very cheerful. You are glad for me? Then all gathered home and Sveta, with husband Tolik, have decided me to spend. We went and talked Sveta has asked me about, whether I communicate with you. I to it have told about you about that what you good. She asked me to transfer apologies to you for that that it in the beginning has not so treated kindly you. You accept its apologies? I hope what yes. Vagn, know I all road went and thought only of you and about that what somewhat quicker to lay down to sleep and dream about you. Vagn, my desire was executed to me you have dreamt!
Yours and only your asterisk Irina!!!
Letter 18
I am glad to see your letter. Your letters for me are very important. It is important to me to know that with you. As you! Whether I love you and I very much worry as it should be you. I very much would want that we were a number, that we could see every day each other and could care about each other. My darling Vagn, I understand all that you to me write. I very much like to read your letters. Vagn, I think are familiar much if I arrive that much as well as what we will do? We will be happy together? To me it is a lot of for happiness it is not necessary. If you smile and at you all will be good that it will be happiness for me. It will be so? Vagn I do not know as close your people will react. They will accept me? At you probably other customs. I do not know, you after all in other country and as as will be and as all will occur. Vagn I do not know. How you think, all will be good? If you tell what yes that I will come also we will be together. What to you speak acquaintances? You to tell it about me? They will be glad for us if we are together? They will not stir to our happiness? How you think? Vagn I would need to know all it what to be assured that I will not bring to you frustration by the arrival, and we can enjoy our love. I will wait for your letter, and answers to my questions.
Yours and only yours Irina !!!
Letter 19
Vagn, you know, today I weigh day I think of us. About that as though we were together. I very much wish to trust in that that all will be fine, but I hope that that you understand all gravity of an event. I hope that that you understand that that for us for both is very big and important step. Vagn, at the person in a life always there comes the moment in which it chooses also that that he will choose, will be with it further. I very much worry. I weigh all. Vagn, I heard about that that there are bad men in America which offend Russian girls who come to them. But I am assured of that that you the good man and that that with me there will be all in a full order. I should tell to you about it because it in my head and I would want that you knew that that I completely trust you. Vagn, you the fine man. But I need to consider all, I need to solve all for itself. In a life I always do the considered steps and I cannot give you the concrete answer now. But I will think. I hope that that you will understand me! Vagn, you only present as it for me if I go to your country. I there not when was not, and you I as not when did not see. At me now in a head of thousand thoughts, a shower to ask to you. It is the big step and I think that that to you as it is necessary to reflect well about it. My darling Vagn, I very much would wish to speak by with you to phone. It would be pleasant to me to hear your voice. But unfortunately I do not have phone. Probably, if there will be a possibility I will call you. My friends do not have phone. Vagn, I will try to find phone what to call you. As soon as I will find phone I at once I will call you. Vagn, remember I spoke to you about that that when to me happens badly or I do not know the answer to a question I go home. Vagn, I think that that now just such situation. Tomorrow I cannot write to you I will go to parents to me it is necessary to consult to them. Vagn, I very much, very much hope for that that you will understand me and will not take offence!
Yours Irina!!!
Letter 20
Vagn, my love I am very happy to hear your answer. I am glad that that you as well as would want that we were together. I love you all heart and soul. Vagn when I in the first have received your letter, fairly to tell I did not think that that it to turn to such feelings. Vagn, now I cannot live without you and day. Earlier I heard much about love, about that as it is fine, but not when itself did not test it. Now I understand that this such. To me all without a difference, for me the main thing that at me is you, other all without variously. I will be assured that with you I the happiest girl of the world. I am very happy that that our feelings are mutual. Vagn, each person should have second half, I have found it. It you Vagn!!!! Today I have been very strained, I all thought of that that you will answer me. When I went to library my heart fought as if one million times a minute. I have opened your letter, and my heart has stood. Thanks you Vagn!!!! Thanks for that that you are. Thanks for that that I have found you. You trust in destiny? Vagn after we have got acquainted I I trust in destiny, not that in the world does not become in vain. All life I was one, I waited for that minute when there will be you!!!! My thoughts now all are mixed, I think of much. I also dream, I worry, I weigh all. Vagn if both of us agree to that that I come to you. I will learn all about a trip. Vagn as soon as I learn all I I will inform you. Vagn, I think that that it not all so simply, but I will make all and I will arrive to you. I am assured of that that it in my forces. Moreover into the account of forces that that absolutely now they do not suffice me, when I went to parents I have caught a cold a little, but I think that that it not that serious and it will pass. I think when we will be together we will care the friend at that time when to us badly. We will share all life experience. I think that that together our life will be fine!!! You too so think? Well. On it I will finish to an owl the letter, tomorrow affairs much, still I wish to descend in hospital what to pass inspection, and that the doctor would write out to me any tablets, that cold would not turn in what that more serious. As, I will go and I will learn about that as to me to arrive to you. I will write to you tomorrow my long-awaited Vagn.
Dreaming of you Irina!!!
Letter 21
Vagn, is glad to read your lines.My darling Vagn, for me it is not important where me to live. For me it is important to live with the favourite person. For me it is not important rich or, is not present for me important that would wash the beloved loved me. Thanks for that that you bring to me in them a smile, pleasure. Vagn, I am happy when I read your lines. And I so would like that you spoke it to me looking in my eyes. You want it?. As I spoke to you, I visited the doctor. But before visiting the doctor in has staid huge turn, in our hospital now there are physical examinations, on conscription. I at all do not understand why it passes in simple hospital. From for it there huge turns, even old grandmothers sit and wait for that when there will pass physical examination young men. Vagn, and at you before conscription young men as pass physical examination in usual civil hospitals? I think, that the state should take away special places for this purpose. I very tired to expect, the doctor to me has told that that at me not that terrible has written out to me bromgeksin. You know that this medicine. He to me has told that that it will soon relieve me of cold. I will be on it hopes. Vagn, in hospital I have met my former schoolgirl Olga, it was with mum they as have melted on reception in the doctor to the pediatrist. Olga, was ill with a chicken pox. I have wished it the prompt recover. She has asked me when I to them will return. I would not like to speak to it, but I have told that that I any more when at them I will not teach. It was very much afflicted but I have told to it that that she very presented girl and when she will grow it can understand all it. Then I have looked in my bag and I have found sweets have treated her. She has smiled, and to me was so pleasantly to see this smile. Vagn, I very much like to see at close people a smile on the person, it does me pleasure. Vagn when I will arrive to you I always I will smile!! You will be happy from it? Vagn, today I wished to go to travel agency what to learn about a trip to you. But I have not had time to make it today as, very long time have stayed in hospital. Tomorrow I will go there and I will begin our meeting. I very much wish to speak to you about the love looking in your eyes, and I am am pleased very much with those that I can do it soon!!!!
Yours and only your loving Irina.
Letter 22
To me painfully to speak to you about it. But I cannot arrive to you. Vagn, it is very expensive to me. When I have heard how many the trip I will cost has not fainted nearly. Vagn, I have asked them whence they took such prices. They have explained me that that if I do all it is itself leaves even more. As it will be necessary for me to go and receive documents most. And at them contracts everywhere are concluded and consequently they do it more cheaply, and faster. Whether they have asked me I will conclude the contract on a trip. I have refused. Vagn, forgive me, forgive me for that that I to you have encouraged, forgive for that that I spoke to you about that that our meeting will be very fast. I trust in our love and I trust in that that all dreams realizable. Vagn, I do not know that to you to tell, I understand that that I am guilty to you. But if you forgive me we can continue dialogue further. And further we will already see that to us to do. I love, I love you all heart and I would like to shout so loudly that you would hear about it!!!!! You are necessary to me, and your love!!!! I beg you forgive me for that that I was so is silly and have not learnt about all in advance. I thought of that that my savings will suffice, but it is not enough of it. I simply did not know. Forgive me Vagn!!! Vagn, you at me good and I hope that that you will think and will try to understand me and developed situation. I very much hope for your pardon because without you my life is not meaningful! I love you, I love, I love you Vagn!!!! I hope to see your answer! I LOVE YOU!!!! Without you, I do not know what for to me to live. I am created only for you!!!
Loving Irina.
Letter 23
How you today? I am very glad to see your letter. I love you and very much I miss on you. My darling Vagn, I am very glad that you have not thrown me one, I am glad that you have written to me. My darling Vagn, I very much love you. My favourite Vagn, I very much wish to meet you, I very much wish to be near to you. My darling Vagn, I wish to arrive to you but I do not know where to me to take such money what to arrive to you. I do not know where to me to take such big money for travel to you. My favourite Vagn, I cannot arrive to you as it very expensively for me. Vagn, I very much would wish to hear your voice, I very much would wish to speak by with you to phone but unfortunately I would not have phone what to call you. Vagn as soon as I will find phone I at once I will call you. In my city there is no international public telephone booth. Much can be spoken about how people love each other. I all the night long thought, what such the true love? I long could not fall asleep... Because thought of it? There are many stories in and histories about the true and strong love between the man and the woman. I think, that the true love is not absolutely such situation when to the person it is good with other person. This moment is certainly important for love, but I consider that there is an additional moment in which the sense of love consists. I think, that love it and still such condition when to the person it is bad without other person. You agree with me Vagn? Because can be so, that to you it is good with any person and you think, that it is love but when this person leaves, you becomes indifferent on it. But if to you very badly and sadly without this person then this condition of soul also can be named LOVE. What do you think of it Vagn? To me it is very sad without you... I can confidently tell that it is love. I LOVE YOU Vagn! I know, that you miss too me... Thus we have mutual love... The true love which will allow us to be happy. You agree with me? In this life the most important to understand, that it is the true love and when the person understands it, he becomes happy... I can be mistaken, but I so think. That you think of it Vagn. Tell to me please. I wish to know, that you think. I with impatience shall wait for your answer. I love you and very much I miss on you.
Your gentle and loving Irina.
Letter 24
Vagn, my love I am very glad to see your letter. To me it is very bad now to me badly from that that I would not know a way what to arrive to you. To me it is sick from that that between us there was this barrier. I not when did not think that that it so costs much. Vagn, I think of those ways which can help me but while to me not that does not occur. Because it is the huge sum for me. My darling Vagn, I very much miss on you, I very much wish to meet you. My darling Vagn, I am very glad that you have written to me. My favourite Vagn, I wish to congratulate you on a holiday of day sacred Valentine. Vagn, I very much wish to see you, I would like to arrive to you, but I would not have money what to arrive to you. My darling Vagn, I live in city Shumshurga. My address: country Russia, Shumshurga, street shkolnaya, house 7 apartment 3. Vagn, you speak about that that can help us. But how you can make it? I thought that that this problem lays now only on my shoulders and only I can influence it. And from it to me became even worse because I thought that our happiness depends now only on me. But time you speak about that that can to help as that probably it is possible. But I know what ways. Tell to me as you can make it? Tell what at us there are variants? It will give me hope of that that we will be together. Vagn, you all that is necessary for me in a life. I wish to be only with you!!! Vagn, you know to me even in a head that has not come that you as that can influence our meeting. I as will find out about ways as you can help to meet to us. Vagn, thanks you, after your letter to me became much easier. It because now I know that that I will carry this problem with you. Vagn, I trust in our love, I trust in that that you my destiny. And I all heart hope for that that together we will overcome all barriers on a way to our happiness. I will look forward your letter, and your plans for our meeting! As tomorrow I will go and I will find out about that as you can help us. I hope that that together, we will find a way to meet. I love you my unique and long-awaited!! Once again thanks for that that you have presented to me hope of that that we will be together!!!
Yours forever Irina.
Letter 25
You the swine!!! If you do not remove it from your site, to you there will be a trouble. My tears to turn back to you a trouble. For what you have placed me as scam? I **** you. You awake a damnation. Your hands will decay. When not be you will understand it. You will see, That I can do on distance. To you a trouble!!! A trouble!!! Seven damnations will be on you!!! Delete that that you have placed on a site. I will check up it. If you do not remove, you Will see all angrily this world. Think, you have not enough time. Then you cannot go at all and only troubles will be with You.
Letter 26
I love you Vagn!!! I still love you!!! I have been very surprised the nobility that you so have made. As you could so to offend me!!!
I loved you, now at me hatred to you!!! What for you so have made... To me it is very insulting. You have spat to me in the person.
I hate you!! My tears - your trouble!!!
Letter 27
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