Scam letter(s) from Shela Rae to Roy (USA)

Letter 1
Dear Sir
We greatly appreciate you contacting us with the following information which we have provided below. However, Miss Samiratu Osman has been here earlier and today.we have the name in our data for all visited customers, also she has given us the assurance that she want us to facilitate her travelling documents to the states. Beside Ghana Airways, we have KLM, LUFTHANSA, AIR ALITALIA, BRITISH AIRWAYS, SWISS AIR LINES ETC, AMERICAN AIRWAYS. It would depend on the particular flight she wanted to use, which is under our commodity. There are two types of Visas that we can secure for our successful clients (paid applicants) that is the TOURIST VISA & H1B VISA. The difference between the two is, with the H1B VISA, is the primary method for bringing in level foreign employees to the USA. The H1B visa enables US employers to hire foreign professionals for a specified period of time which is can enable your partner to work during the stay with you. The H1B program allows workers in specialty occupations to work in the US for up to a total of six (6) years. One of the things that makes this visa so desirable is that, unlike many other nonimmigrant visa categories, it is a "dual intent" visa. This means that a visa will not be denied simply because a person has intentions to become a permanent resident. The assumption is that if for some reason the permanent residency petition is denied, the person would still have the intention to return home. Another advantage to the H1B visa category is that the recipient in the States does not need to demonstrate that there is a shortage of qualified US workers and, consequently, a labor certification process can be avoided. Aside from documenting that the position offered is in a specialty occupation and that the employee has the appropriate credentials for the job, the recipient need only verify that the H1B visa worker is being paid the prevailing wage for the work being performed and that employment of a foreign worker is not harming conditions for immigrant workers and also to the non immigrant. That of the TOURIST VISA, (B-2) (Short Stay in the USA).
This visa allows you to enter the US for six months or less to travel for pleasure or seek medical treatment. Your partner is only engage in visit /tourist-related or medical treatment activities and a limited period of time in the US whereby, we will show a sufficient financial resources of our firm to support your partner to secure the visa.After six months, one may apply for an extension of stay, generally for another six months and also, she will be granted the visa since the applicant is not an exempt as a citizen of a country under the Visa Waiver program. Which if it had been soo, would be allowed to stay for only 90 days. Mr. Roy Arias send me a mail when this information get to you sir, and your partner can get her visa including the necessary traveling documents within 15 working days.We look forward for your response after which we will give you the next step to follow. INCLUDING THE PROCESSING OF HER DOCUMENT SHE WILL BE INVOLVE THE FOLLOWING PROCESSING
*PassPort fee=$200 *Visa fee........=$250 *medical Test Fee=$100 * Travelers Vaccination Card fee=$50 *Police Report Fee=$80 * Travel Issurance Fee=$210 *Airline Ticket-$ 1700 *Total Amount=$ 2590.00 Sir all payment must be made before we can start processing the document. because we have a trip in U.S which we will like to involve your lady to that trip so sir if both of you are serious then Mr Roy Arias e-mail me when this you get this informations. thank you MR.Richard Tengey
Expert Travel and Tour
Letter 2
Mr Roy your wife i have been here this morning with the half of the payment and want you to know that we will send u the copies of thd passport and the visa and also when we finished booking her flight we will send you all the information about her flight. Mr Roy we want you to know that the total amount of the travel is $2599.00 and you make a payment of $2000 and is left with $599.00 and you have to make that payment between tomorrow so that she can be with you by friday. THANK YOU
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