Scam letter(s) from Julia Kreneva to John (USA)

Letter 1

Hello dear John!!!
I very much regret that I could not write to you earlier, but have been borrowed with preparation of our school for final day. After day of release the school in Russia has no lessons in the summer. There are only elementary grades which have summer camp at school in the summer. They have various entertainments, excursions, campaigns in a wood, on the nature, zoos, museums. Teachers divide 3 summer months on some changes. Each teacher is obliged 4 weeks to work with children. The rest of the time is given for rest. I also shall have some free weeks. But now I do not know exact date. It will be known next week. Now our school to prepare for release of the senior classes. It very much hard work. Release of schoolboys will be on June, 16. It is the big holiday for each school!!! All the week long we prepared for this event. It is possible to tell that almost all now is ready.
After tomorrow our country celebrates day of independence!!! People will have a rest 3 days. Our director has told, that we too can have a rest 3 days. I am very happy!!! I can have a rest from work, meet girlfriends. I and my girlfriend Nady we are going to go to her on a summer residence. There there is a clean lake and we shall bathe!!! First time in this summer. I want to tell that weather all the week long was very cold. The rain, and sometimes a thunder-storm every day was. The sun today has looked out!!! It is the big pleasure. Today I the first time could reach a computer for all week. I am very glad to your letter!!!
You have written about tennis.... Now I very seldom have time to play tennis, but certainly I shall teach you!!! I hope that we shall play together tennis.
I not so love sports of water, but I love skis. Each winter I have ski entertainments, but usually I do it on equal district. I never on went in mountains. I hope that you can learn to do me it!!! I think that you will learn me to dance a tango and exotic dances too. Certainly I shall be your partner if we shall be together.
Many thanks for your photos and for a photo your children. They are fine!!!! I very much would want to meet you together and to communicate with you.
I have very much missed on you and missed every day!!! I hope you you will forgive that I could not write to you some days.
How your affairs? I hope that you have good mood!!! What do you have new these days? I want to ask you... What colors in clothes of girls like you?
I wait your answer with impatience!!! I love you and very much I miss mine dear Claude!!!
Only yours Tatjana.
Letter 2

Mine dear John!!!
I am sorry, but in the last letter misunderstanding has turned out. The matter is that I used a computer my girlfriend Tatjana. Last lines " I wait your answer with impatience!!! I love you and very much I miss mine dear Claude!!!
Only yours Tatjana. " have been added automatically by a computer because it has such installations. It is very silly mistake and I hope that you will understand it.
Whole, with love Julia
Letter 3

Hello my dear John!!!
Today in my city the big holiday. All schools have release. It is my holiday too!!!
I want to answer your question at once. I never had divorces with men. I wrote to you about it earlier but probably you have overlooked or have missed it. I completely understand you and I want to tell that I do not want a deceit also. I want fair relations which will be based on trust!!!
I have visited a site which you advised me. I very much liked linen which I could see there. I very much like the dark linen executed as a fishing network, a fine network, various laces and patterns.
To me very much to like to dress beautiful ****** linen, but I think that it will be only for my husband. He will have an opportunity to observe me at any time, it will depend on our desires... I hope that it there will be you... I want that it was you... Hope what be fast we can together. The ****** life is of great importance in relations... I very much wait our meeting and I hope, that we can see and communicate in the fast future.
I do not want that between us there was any wall about which you has written to me. I want that our relations were the cleanest and open before the friend the friend. How you think?
I believe you and I trust. I hope that your feelings very strong.
I very much wait your answer. Whole, Julia.
Letter 4

Hello dear John!!!
I could not answer you immediately... My computer was found in office computer to companies. I have returned its there several days back to improve it. Several days back I have visitted the night club, there I visitted its girlfriend. She zhenschina-dj. I have asked her show as this does and she has said that will teach me to play on special player and instrument. She has said that me necessary to book them if I want to teach and become DJ. I was much interesting and I want to learn. I have visitted the site - There, there is all necessities. Now I colleted money to buy all necessities. I have already bought the earphones and amplifier. Remained to buy player and miksher. But I have not a sufficient amount presently. You will be able to see this on put. Now this my second daydream after you and our meeting. I think that I shall be able to show that, that I learned;learnt just when we shall have a meeting.
I hope that your days passed in joys and sunny. I much wait your answer. You my love and my eternal waiting.
The Love, embrace Julia.
Letter 5

Hello dear John!!!
I really could not write earlier. My computer to be in computer company, which installs the special programs that I have been able to use it in functioning DJ. What turned out to be this costs several cherish, than I expected earlier. I have been able to buy only half of the necessary equipment.
Today daytime I returned from tourist march. I, my sister with her husband and daughter, my uncle Vladimir (58 years) and my aunt Anna (57 years), we reposed ashore small timber yard on distance 7 km from nearest road. We have rescued in tent and prepared meal on campfires. We bathed in clean, transparent water, went fishing, collected the mushrooms and berries which grow in wood. This was splendid. I have got the big amount of the impressions from this march. At one of the days was a rain and we floor of the day sat in tent and played in different plays, sang the canto, played on guitar. During rain we have scattered the big campfire which rowed us 3 days. We plenty of walked in wood, we saw much different beasts and birds. I have for the first time seen the owl and bat. Once we saw the moose. Very beautiful nature. This is a most best rest which I got in current of the last time.
Certainly I much want that we were together. Presently I have a greater vacation, which will last before August 31. We can have a meeting in this time. If you want...
How your last days passed? I shall try to write you each day. Presently I search for the extra work to buy rest music equipment and so the whole day "run on city". I shall try to name you number my girlfriend. I much bad talk on colloquial english. I think that, I shall be able to understand you. I shall be able to write the number in current this weekend.
Much wait your answer and letter. Tenderly embrace and miss you...
Kiss and love, Julia
Letter 6

Hi my perfect and wonderful John!!! I am again glad to see your letter.
Summer now in full heat. It + 29 + 32 degrees
This kind of weather is considered normal to our place. I've got used to cold.
Each your letter brings warmth into my heart.
I dream of that day when it will be not the letter and our long-awaited meeting.
Today it is not magnificent weather in the street. Weather is not very warm and sunny.
In such perfect day best to be in the street and to go for a walk on fresh air. It is so pleasant.
It is wonderful. I know probably I am too romantic and I love a nature very much. Yesterday I dreamed of us walking in the forest. When I think of you, my favourite man, I become so happy and it is pleasant and joyfully on heart, that for me it would be desirable to fly with happiness.
I understand that I can not live without you, without your words, without your embraces and kisses. For this that I searched all my life.
You probably are intended to me by destiny. I should connect life only with you my lovely. I am happy that you are mine. I value it very much.
I do not want to lose you never. You are my sense of life.
I want that we will be with each other. I shall wait your letter soon.
I hope to receive it and to be delighted to your answer.
A lot of kisses to my darling,
Your always loving Julia.
Letter 7

Hello my dear John.
I am very glad that you love me and have very serious intentions in our relations.
I love you and I want that we have faster met.
When I have read your letter I very much have wanted to come to be near to you.
Tomorrow I shall go to travel agency, and I shall find out all concerning the visa, pasport and tickets.
I think that when we shall meet we shall have the unforgettable moments.
I very much want to meet you in the person. It is very interesting to me, it will be new feeling for me.
You too wait for it?
I always think of you.
I wait your letter.
It is a lot of kisses.
Your Julia.
P.S. I shall write you tomorrow afternoon my love!!!!!
Letter 8

Hello my love John!!!
For me the very large happiness, that you have answered to me.
I hope, that you have today very good day.
My love John please calm down and do not worry, I to you all am very detailed I shall tell, that you would not have any doubts.
I want to arrive to you under the tourist visa. It is the visa of the form B-2.
It is given out in Moscow. Term of its manufacturing from 7 - 10 days. Cost of all necessary services makes 357 $.
To receive this visa it is not required of the official invitation. As I shall be in your country as the tourist. I can be with you during 90 days.
That on Tourist Visa I should buy two tickets (there and back)
So a rule of this visa demand.
And I should buy tickets through this travel agency, Because so a rule of contract with travel agency demand.
I very much wait for our meeting with you, my love.
I very much want to be with you.
I found out that cost of tickets in travel agency up to you Will cost about 1000$.
As to international passport... I necessary to collect several documents, required for its registrations. He costs about 115$. I have collected these money. But visa and tickets cost some cherish. I shall not be able to find such big amount presently.
I should like to that we have conducted together 2-3 weeks also. If all will well that we shall be able to be together before the end August. That you think about this?
The Government our country tries to collect more taxes from people, which will move for border, at year term particularly, when plenty of people move to travel or repose.
My dear John, what the most nearest international airport around your city?
I want to say that I shall take with you jeans and shorts. I think that I shall dress the gown, when you will see me for the first time.
I think that you itself will solve where I shall remain in the first night. I will pleasantly be any your choice.
As you pertain to our feeling?
As you think, are able we remain together lifelong?
I also much hope that you never will offend me. This much it is important for me.
One thousand air kisses for you my prince.
With all love and respect yours Julia.
Letter 9

Hi my loved John!! I am glad to read your letter it lift my mood, and I feel on top of the sky when I understand that have found you and you trust me and share our feelings!
I for a long time might not find such remarkable person as you I thought why it much. But then to me clearly that began possible to understand true whether or not the person having with it the big dialogue, and only when know that there is that the man with which wishes to connect the life, heart begins to beat even more often. It so is wonderful I thanks you that you have woken me from all problems and give forces and hope for our meeting!
I should tell you that at me difficult day today was and I have decided to leave work earlier, have asked to replace me the girlfriend and at once have gone to the Internet of cafe to check up a mail, it so is wonderful to receive from you letters, I always with pleasure on them write the answer, but I ask you do not take offence if it comes not at once, I was unable so frequently to write to you it is connected to work, and I can not spend many money to visiting of the Internet, but I always aspire as is possible frequently to check your mail, I can not without them it as a drug, I have very much become attached to you for all this time!
I am going to go now in park which am not far from my house, this place very romantic and I frequently there am, it gives to present me that soon we can meet and as walk in a place, I so wish it!
I know about your habits, I very much you understand your excitement, but I should admit to you that I hate people which pretend, or only play what that a role, it most of all pushes away me in the person, I have accepted you what you am, and it is pleasant to me! I really wish to see only good your parties, and it is pleasant to me that you the open and fair person! And I very much love you!
As to money I really should tell you that I had ways to receive it but I was given up by all my girlfriends and ask in a duty the man I can not in our country they count that if they you when that have helped in the financial plan, you mean him than that are obliged, it I can not admit it only essentially I do not want to be to whom than that am obliged! I ask you reconsider the decision, it really is necessary for me only for our meeting, I have no what deceit of you, I when can not exchange feeling for these green pieces of paper, I think that you understand me? I when would not address to you for the help if had this money!
My love to you grows with each letter I knows that when we shall meet that our feelings will increase many times!!!
I am very happy that there is on the ground such remarkable person as you, and I know that that will not prevent our meeting!
Always in your dreams Julia!
Letter 10

Hi my loved John! I with impatience wait always for your letter, I spend the whole days thinking about you and about that as we shall have remarkable evenings, I very much wish to see you to touch your body and to feel like the present woman! I long would search for the man which to me was pleasant and loved! And I have found you I ask do not destroy all our plans, do not **** our happiness!
I want to tell you THAT I VERY MUCH WISH TO ARRIVE To YOU I think that it will be most favourable in calculation of money, you see I when was not earlier abroad, and I wish to learn your family, and your friends closer, I do not want that our meeting was what that monotonous and the more so at us in Russia a complex situation concerning criminals. This question very painful for foreigners, at us is such organization of gangsters as nazis, and they give not enough opportunity to have normal walks by evenings, I think that the meeting in your territory will be much more convenient, I want to tell that if you know there is such opportunity of payment of trip as " travel check " then will not be what risk that you experienced for money it is the most optimum variant I think that quiet conditions has more romantic character! I very much love you!
Dream about our meeting today has dreamed me, it so is wonderful, I want to tell about it to you slightly!
All began there was a fine weather in the evening and we send to walk on park there was many people and all paid to us attention, all spoke " about what remarkable pair! " And we were in delight from each other, the small warm rain then began, and everyone began to disappear under roofs of houses and only all of us as went on the main thing reddening and kissed! Began star night and we send on a beach what that the river, it was so wonderfully we had chance to remain alone and bathed in water, I was the happiest person on the ground I felt like confidently and enjoyed lifes!
Then we have begun to be engaged in *** directly in water. I when was not engaged in *** in water earlier, but it was higher than any pleasure, we were happiest people on the ground, it so me to please! Then we send in number and long spoke about us about our future, and I felt that it not dream and a reality but here have rung out an alarm clock and I have woken up...........
I so regretted that it was dream I when would not like to wake up and be only with you but I know that soon we shall together and it is all will be repeated!
I very much love you write to me a fast reply, I wait for it always with impatience!
Only yours Julia!
Letter 11

Hi my beloved John! I am happy to read yours the big letter! It of me has cheered up! I should tell you that I shall begin to leave on work already for Monday to save my holiday I it I shall begin when I shall have on hands all money for trip to you and I will have time more than 4 weeks it so it is wonderful, I should to ask that you have solved you concerning my trip to you I the visa has learned that and the passport for passage of customs house will be ready within the limits of 4-5 working days and the ticket I was necessary need up to your country a minimum one week prior to a start, this necessary condition of airline, I should inform you that is all the true information, and I with impatience want to begin to do documents, it will force us to meet soon!
I very much love you and I miss much, to me you are difficult to realize that you are in many distance from me!
I want as to be near to you and to love you!
Inform me I very much I wish our prompt meeting!
Only yours for ever Julia!
Letter 12

Hi my beloved JOHN!! I am very glad to read lines of your letter, I receive pleasure reading your beautiful and encouraging letters, I with each letter understand more and more that we with you in are much similar and we have many general interests which us pull together, I sometimes can not present that we with you are copied only by letters, I sometimes have such feeling that we are familiar with you in a reality but sadly to realize that while we not together! I think that this moment soon will come nearer, and we can be in embraces each other!
I want to answer your Question as you and asked, I should tell you that I really am going to receive the visa and the passport in a weekend it I think that not the big difficulty, as to my family I have senior sister her name Mariya and she already is married at her the good and noble husband, I am very glad that I too have found you and the happiness! I give a lot of time to work and I can spend him in emptiness, and I therefore have undertaken to work further to be with you as I was possible longer today I start again work that my holiday was more! I am sure that can visit you for 4 weeks even more, it will be visible on a situation, I really very much like to be engaged in ***, but only with the loved person of me raise a smell bodies a touch to a ****** I really can test pleasure rather quickly it depend on the man.:) I am sure that we with you feelings are similar!
As to the god I believe in him but should admit that I not frequently go to church it about2 once a month, same belief as you, and I am sure that the majority of people which they search for the happiness it will find not important where it would not be, and I am sure that the love which was found for 1000 kilometers in much stronger you see by you so persons through his letters you well will learn feel his emotions...
I really want to have to you a start in 20 days but I should you inform that to me is required to pay the ticket up to you I spend many money with registration of the visa and the passport, and I have decided that you might help me money to purchase of the ticket up to you, I think that it really learn please the ticket up to you on the airlines how many will cost, and I too shall find out cost at the airport it happens that the prices for tickets different it depends on the country from where takes off! I should you remind that tickets is necessary the reservation beforehand that then there were no questions at customs house! I very much love you, and very much wish to see you soon....
Ask still that interests I you may has answered not all your questions! I hope that you are not tired to read my letter.:))
I am very glad that your daughter too has found âñîå happiness, and has found the good friend! I think that she will have remarkable future! As to us I think that you should not be in loneliness and we soon should meet and solve with you our destiny!
How you have lead these days off? What new was at you? I yesterday have given a lot of time on cleaning of an apartment, and we then have together met family, it so is wonderful to have beautiful supper in a circle of family, I have told to mum that at us with you dense attitudes were fastened, and I was glad that mum is glad for me and that I have found the happiness and the love! She has told you greetings and that you cared of me!:))
I to finish to me it should is time on work. I with impatience shall wait for your letter!
Only yours Julia!
Letter 13

Hi my loved John, it Julia! Is very glad to receive your
I want I shall tell that I to go today in agency which am engaged in my documents and to ask that they have made to me their copy and I at once shall send you it on the computer, I hope that all already will be made out today I yesterday has received the passport for travel abroad and today if all will be ready, I at once shall send you it, I understand your excitement, and it is correctly necessary to be cautious, but I love you and a code to not disappoint, I can not break our happiness as your daughter yet has not decided not to return back? That new from you write to me frequently, I am always glad to read your mail your letters to me always do pleasant mood, I think days up to our fast meeting!
Too it is very a pity to me, that we with you are divide with such distance. Today we with Mariya have decided to arrange to ourselves again " cultural - mass action ". To us to city there has arrived popular singer - executor Oleg Gazmanov and group HI-FI. They gave only three concerts in our city and on last we have decided to descend. I not the fan of this executor, but at me have played only female curiosity. You see in our country this singer is considered a star and I have decided to look, that from itself this star represents. Though executors also have tried on glory, and people simply exulted from seen, but for me anything especial (as I not the fan of these executors), you is better! The concert passed in stadium. In stadium was a lot of people, all shouted, were pushed. I still has not so good impression from this concert. And then the mood has absolutely deteriorated, when what that "bear" has come to me on a leg. Is not present with bad mood it is impossible to visit concerts. After a concert salute was. Salute has liked me. There were many volleys and all of them were beautiful. That I love the only thing from these actions so it is salute. And you love salutes? And how frequently known executors visit your city? And after a concert I have decided to go in the Internet of cafe and to write to you the letter as I have lead today day. Write. With impatience I wait for your letters.
Yours Julia .....
Letter 14

Hi my loved John! I am glad to read your letters and I am very happy that them there was much I had difficult days off and the first worker day this weeks was finished also I has decided to write to you the letter as well as promised earlier, I had some problems in connection with a copy of the visa and the passport to bring it in the computer and at last I all have finished to legalize papers and was on reception in agency on travel, it was Interesting conversation by way of flight, me is necessary to specify what airport is conveniently from you that you might me meet without problems, I think that you to me will answer it as is possible soon, it is necessary to be defined with flight and cost of the ticket up to you I very much hope for your help you see to me have informed that the reservation of the ticket should me to be not less than for 2 weeks before a start!
What at you new? How work than you were engaged in days off? To me all is interestingly...
Now I shall try to answer all your questions it pleasantly for me I when had no what children I think that you have correctly understood me, I am very glad to have you and I think that you will give me to time much when we shall a number soon, I want to tell that I very much love bathing suits of bikini, and I like my body I does not hesitate to be on a beach....
With impatience I wait for your fast letter, only yours Julia!
Letter 15

Hi my loved friend John it Julia. I am very glad to read all your letters. They do me in good mood and I always try to write to you quickly and to answer all your questions, as to age it is really important for me only our attitudes and love age not important, main it is feelings and happiness I to you as you and asked I send a photo I hope that you are glad! Still I want from YOU the PHOTO smiling personally to ME and for me the man. NOT ENOUGH variety (smile) is very a pity that! But there will be I think strongly pleasantly! I think of our future life. Many interesting cares for my future life, for example Russian and American cinema, viewing and discussion are obligatory together (smile.) I like to read in the free time books. Time is very a pity that a little, I read only when in a bed before that how to go to bed. I have for example read ALL books Sidni Sheldon as YOU have noticed books about the Biography to me like more.. Travel on a nature and big (is (a lot of) to fish to me the main thing sports passion (smile) also is very pleasant to like me. Only early very much it is necessary to rise from dream or to not accept dream in general. (Smile).
As to trip I wait only for your help I am glad that you have replaced the windows it I shall estimate when I shall come to you! I have learned that the bank in which is the Western Union is not far from my work and I there can receive your money as to cost of the ticket I have learned at the airport cost about 1380 dollars it it will be convenient for me and I shall not have changes it is direct flight up to you at you there are full my data I very much hope for your help and I very much want as soon it is possible to arrive to you and to embrace you! As to your photos I really think you the pleasant person and you to me very much it is nice! I hope I shall repeat all coordinates that you might make translation correctly Russia Yaroslavl my surname Kreneva name Julia I hope that you will make remittance at once!
At us in Russia is sports passion to collect many different edible grades mushrooms in August in a wood. You do it? Weather good, the sun. I continue each day run in a wood. The sun, pure crystal air clearly shines. It is pleasant to run and think of you and about mine it is possible joint life with you. I have considered in more detail about the future life. Yes I dream slightly. I am firmly sure, I want to try to change the life. You know that at me has failed to create family in Russia. I am afraid to grow fond of persons in Russia. I think you understand me. I have understood under your letters you may grow fond of me as well as I you. I begin to miss when I do not receive from YOU the letter, even irritation because of emptiness in my heart without dialogue with YOU (smile) With huge love and happiness YOUR lady Julia there is some!
Letter 16

Good afternoon my love John!. I have received your letter, do not apologize, write when can. When I read your letter, in me even have appeared on eyes of tear of pleasure. I see, that we are necessary the friend the friend. How you there without me? I here very much without you people. You in ideas always with me. You show very strong interest to me it very pleasantly to feel. I very much began to think " us with you which waits for us forward. Write to me all questions in which you interest. I shall be very pleased to answer you them.., you now, the second person in this world that to me it is necessary most of all. The first person - my mum. I very much hope that that our meeting speed the future is carried out. I am very grateful to you, that you trust me. Through the Internet it - as that is not natural, we should take each other in hands and a sight the friend the friend in eyes and to speak concerning it as the world is perfect. In me very good mood. I want to know all. To me you very important. When I began to correspond from you, I had that that hope, that in us with you everyone will be good. With each your letter I have understood, that I have found, that the person that to me it is necessary. I as well as you want to see, that you trust to me very much faster to this, it would be desirable. I want to capture you tenderness. I examine that creation of the spiritual emotional basis of the person is exact and it is meaningful to the purpose of formation of family. I want to inform to you that my feelings and words concerning you always were, I am sincere also always understood, that we place a lot of trust that our union would be when it is real. Now I am sure be relative all 100, that I can to you to trust. And you, that the person that to me it is necessary. When I read your letter, I saw in it your sincerity and fidelity to me. I have made your letter for me directly big conclusion which is possible for expressing in three words, I LOVE YOU. Today I even felt so highly, in me all gathered so easily!, because my ideas were directed concerning you. I as knew, when I think you, and you think of me, and it to heat up my soul and a body.. But we should entrust each other, without it we simply may not exist. Today, when I continued road home, I thought it so much to me to recognize you concerning it. You see between us there should be a full trust and we should know be relative each other all. You probably think, that I such not modern, but I believe, that all over again time I should have affinity with the loved person. Now in me the big propensity to you, I do not know, why but it - the truth. Sometimes such dreams dream me, that it is a shame to me to you to speak concerning it. This dream dreamed me today at night. We have supper with you in you, at home and then we go to you in dream, and we begin to be borrowed with you love. The justification, that I speak with you so sincerely, but I think, that you should know concerning me only. I should tell you that I very much suffer because you on me press and accuse me in deceit,, but I really speak you the truth and when had no an idea to take advantage of you, I really have love to you and when I to arrive to you that you it will understand, I shall take the ticket for August, 27, and a copy, I at once shall send you know that I you not to subspecies and we soon shall together as to the letter I not might write to you as at me was not to time, I think you understand me, with true and big love to you your beloved!
I would be happy to visit you- a limit of my desires. Your love Julia!
Letter 17

Hi my loved John, I am glad since morning to read your letter, it is always pleasant for me, I shall do today purchase of the ticket and at once I shall send you a copy of it, I have fine weather behind a window, it so is good, it increases productivity of working my day! I with impatience wait for that day when I was fast I can with you near to my love with my happiness!
I really am not offended on you I forgive you, and I ask to trust you to me really get old to do all that we as I when you to not afflict was possible soon together, and!
I very much wish to nestle to you and to have ours with you happiness! I understand your feelings reading each line of your letter, it has no that equal and I feel all your qualities! IT SO IS HEALTHY!
I think at you for the present night, but I want to tell you with kind morning my love when you will wake up, it so is wonderful and fast I shall speak really to you these words and to have a kiss always...
I shall finish the letter, and at once with impatience I shall wait your answer. I know that we are created the friend for the friend! I sure in it!
Only your true Julia!
Letter 18

Hi my dear John! I am glad to tell you that I have the ticket today up to you but it will be a start from city of Moscow up to you I has in flight one change it will be in Atlanta, and then the plane will land in to airport Hartsfield Intl Arpt Arrival: August, 27, 21:35, Minneapolis St Paul Intl! Flight number DL488 I think it wonderfully and I am glad that our dreams come true! I should tell you that I am going to Moscow tomorrow on travel up to Moscow to me my girlfriend gives it not so many money and shemay add to me! I think that you too are very happy!
I tomorrow when shall come to Moscow to you at once I shall write, and you always keep abreast of events! I want to tell that I of a code began to hold the ticket in hands it to me there was such hope that already through as far as days we shall be together and that will not prevent us, I tomorrow at once shall specify all data at airport Domodedovo and ?????? the customs control! I will be sure that all normally! And night I shall spend the night at the aunt, sheis very glad to our meeting, and she transfers you greetings, I today have warned her that I shall pass through she!
I am simple in delight, I am ready cry for pleasure that we could all to win I shall have you a lot of love and kisses and I shall be true to you always! Only your love Julia! Ps! I nearly have not overlooked as you and I asked has made a copy of my ticket up to you! I still want to tell you that I am very happy that have met you!
Letter 19

Hi my loved John I should at once to you inform many news it difficult day to be was tired but I have found one Internet of cafe in Moscow and at once I write you about all news! I am glad in the first to read your mail and shall be glad to meet your friends, I has reached was successful not what problems and the train under the diagram has arrived to Moscow. I at once have gone to the aunt to leave things at it before trip on the airport, she was glad to my arrival, and now was just released, I so was am surprised that I need to have with myself at entrance to your country cash about it me who earlier has not warned I such sad and I pay do not know where to find this money it is such sum big, and I should her to show at passage of customs house it prove that I solvent the person at you in the country, I all confused at me all is ready and only does not suffice this money, is the sum makes in 2500 dollars, I should ask you the help I hope only on you, me have explained in customs house that I should them show cash, I tried to explain that me wait and has told about you that you is provided but it do not suit with this money a customs department! I all upset I do not know what to do, I ask you the help to me, I as soon as to arrive to you I at once to return this money, I do not know what to think, why so all is difficultly arranged why all so. I know that you can help me with it and I promise you that I of you shall not bring and at once to return to you your money as to arrive in to airport Minneapolis, I learned what else ways may be for the decision of this question but to me have informed that other variant is not present... I very much love you I with impatience I wait for your meeting, I shall try to call to you today and to tell all I very much want to hear your voice, it is important for me I VERY MUCH LOVE YOU MY UNIQUE LOVE!!!! The addressee for transfer of money I have specified it change only city it there will be a Moscow, and I can receive in anyone branch western union your money the country Russia my full name you know it Kreneva Julia. Always I wait from you the letter your unique Julia PS foto for my lovely John!
Letter 20

Hi my loved John! I have a problem in connection with reception of money you to me number control which I has not informed should tell in bank, I all worry also it to me difficultly I very much you I like try to type you soon and to learn all I just from bank I ask write to me all exact data, without it I can not receive your money! I should go in a public telephone booth and cause you! I very soon shall with you and that will not separate us! I all in love to you!
Yours it is eternal Julia!
Letter 21

HI my dear John, I once again have decided to check up from you a mail and I wait from you the letter tried to find a public telephone booth but it while I one place was difficult has found but there very expensive prices for a bell I can not allow myself after dinner should start work other item, I have decided to write to you once again! I am very glad that we may to count hours up to our meeting. It also is wonderful to be sure I that it is destiny with you! I thought of us much and loved all my dreams, I do not know while in what I shall be dressed when you will meet me, it depends on weather, but I necessarily shall inform you about it in the following letter!
I ask you as soon as will read the letter that at once specify all data that I might receive your money it including number of the control which you to me have not informed earlier...
I do not know while than to be engaged and all I walk near to a building where there is a Internet of cafe, and I most happy wait from you the answer of persons due to you! We shall be remarkable pair!
I am very strong you I kiss yours for ever Julia!
Letter 22

Hi my lovely John, I all to be nervous, I do not know as with you to communicate to me not give services of the street phone as I can not buy to it a card of payment to talk the item is in 9 quarters from station, I all in a panic you see banks are soon closed, and I tomorrow in fast race should pass the customs control, I hope that you already have risen and read mine to you letters. I think that your heart feels it!
I very much love you. Very very much....
I hope that today nevertheless can receive your money tomorrow have normal landing aboard the plane! At me tomorrow a start from Moscow in 12 .35 pm and I should pass the customs control by 11 already!
I wait for your letter very much. Also I hope that I can phone to you soon. I very much want to listen to your voice. Only yours Julia!
Letter 23

Hi my loved John!
I am in a hurry to you to inform that I successfully due to your letter descended in bank and I had your money might not at once to write to you the letter because banks were already closed also I should hurry up receive your money then I at once has gone to the airport to pass the customs control today and tomorrow to go aboard the plane without problems, I should tell you that to me did not give customs the declaration as under the law I should have for each day to live in America of 100 dollars per day on need my visiting on dates of the ticket leaves 27 days and me was necessary to show to them the sum at a rate of 2700 dollars, at me only yours $2000 and I do not know what to do as me to leave a situation, I think that you will support me in this situation! I need in 700 dollars that I did not have questions at customs house and I could receive the declaration for ????? in your country! I believe that to us that can not prevent!I very much miss on you and this time which does not give us to meet, but I know that our meeting is divided with hours and already soon I can kiss and embrace you!
Only yours and for ever Julia!
Letter 24

My love John I should tell greetings to you very important news my aunt today together with me send to receive your money to have a start to you but suddenly at her there was a heart attack and it was necessary to me urgently her will deliver in hospital and I might not act differently, I regret about that that I really could not take your money today I all confused my aunt very bad her is required attention, I think that you on my place has acted in the same way and when has not given relatives! I ask an apology I really I love you my love to you pure and I wish as soon it is possible to arrive to you, I today have changed flight and flight I have postponed for Monday know that I precisely can take your money on Monday and at once have a start to you, I can not leave the the aunt in such situation! I know that you will understand all also I to you at once I shall inform number and time of an arrival!
I think that we always should gain my or your relatives, not reflecting on anything!
I shall have tomorrow a campaign in bank and to specify all parameters! I shall write to you at once as well as that occurs, I very much love you strong yours always Julia!
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