Letter(s) from Maria Perova to SUren (Denmark)

Letter 1

Hi my dear! I'm very glad to receive your letter and to learn, that you too want to meet me and to hold in the hands. It is pleasant to me to know,that there is a man,for which I the desired man and which expects,to see me. Soren,and as your native people will concern to that I will arrive to you? Soren,I wouldn't like to create for you any inconveniences. Soren,today I visited the agent travels. He has told,that their firm can prepare for me travel. It will require approximately about two weeks. They will be to prepare for me the passport and insurance,then they will be to order for me the visa. The agent has told,that behind the visa I owe to reach in Moscow in your embassy. He has told,that now uneasy to receive the visa of the tourist to you,but they can care of,that I could receive the visa almost without problems. The ambassador it,a little time will be required to reserve for me the ticket and to develop more convenient route of the plane. I have told them,that probably I will conclude with them the contract for my travel, toon. Tomorrow I will learn from them full details rather cost and necessary documents. Today I had small free time from my work also hadn't time in detail all to learn. So i will talk to my parents to ask them,to help to me to pay this contract. I very much hope,my lovely,that at us all will be good also we can be speed beside with each other. I very much frequently I think of it. I have various imaginations concerning us of a two. and you,my favourite? Dear Soren,I wanted to learn from you,if cost travels will be large,whether you can help me with some by part it? My parents cannot be named as the rich people,and I not wanted very strongly to worry their finance. I hope,that some money for our meeting willn't be a problem for you. But if yours financial position now heavy,I will try itself to find any the decision for this purpose. Favourite,write to me is speed.

I love you. Kiss you. Your Masha.

Letter 2

Hello my favourite Soren! How are you doing? How there has passed your day? I hope that that at you all well! My favourite Soren I was offended by your letter therefore as you do not trust me! My favourite I understand that that you worry and are afraid, but you should understand and me I not itymit you worry concerning this trip, I very much wish to come to you but also at the same time I am afraid therefore as I go to another's country for me where I know only you and I can hope only for you! I very much am afraid to be deceived, but nevertheless I calm myself and I try to trust you, my favourite Soren and you worry because of what that of money, it has very strongly offended me! My favourite Soren I hope that that you will understand me, if I could take this sum where that still that I would not address to you for the help I have simply arrived to you, it is very a shame to me to ask you about the help, but I do not have other exit therefore as my unique desire now to be with you together! My favourite Soren I have found a part of the sum but only 130 euros, other part I do not know where to take! My favourite Soren I went today to travel agency both have signed the contract and have paid a part of the sum 130 euros for documents! My favourite Soren I will need to pay now my documents till the end of this week, to me so have told in travel agency! My favourite Soren I hope that that you will understand me and can help me! For me it is very important, I very much worry in this occasion therefore as our meeting and further our happiness depends on it! My favourite Soren for that time that we corresponded with you you to me became very close also to me that seems that I know you all life, that's it on it I will do all to meet you my favourite Soren! Now I need from you only your trust and understanding and then we soon will with you together my love! I constantly think of that as there will pass our meeting in the airport, in wash imagination many ideas, and with each idea our meeting to become for me all more mysteriously and more mysteriously! My favourite Soren and you reflected about our meetings, thought as she will pass? Now I finish my letter to you and I will go to sleep and hope for your good answer! I look forward your answer! Whole yours Masha!

Letter 3

Hello my favourite Soren! I was very glad to receive your letter! My favourite Soren as you? How are you doing? I hope that that at you all well! I went today to travel agency and has signed there the contract, and also with me have spent interview, on interview to me have told that that my documents will be ready in a current of two weeks and if I observe all rules of the contract that I easily I can to receive them, My favourite to me have told that that I should pay documents in a current of five days, or to me can give the penalty that I do not want! My favourite I hope that that you understand me and can help me with a current of five days! I very much love you and I wish to arrive more likely to you, I hope that that at all of us will be good also we will be together with you in the near future! I very much wish more likely you to see, embrace, for this time that that time which we corresponded with you I to you on became closer so much, that that seems to me that I know you all life! I very much love you also my unique purpose now only to meet you and to be with you together! My favourite Soren I understand that that some information is necessary for you, I went today to bank and took the information, the adviser talked to me I set to it questions concerning that as you can send me this sum, the adviser to me has told that that they can suggest to take advantage to us of services of the Western union, he has explained me that that it is system of remittances, very fast and convenient, and also it to me has told that you could make to me I should send transfer to you the full data. Therefore as all transfers receive only presentation of documents proving the identity. My favourite I now will write to you to you full data which to you will be necessary in the Western union. I hope that that to you all clearly and you will accept this way!The country: Russia,Republic Nizhni Novgorod,City: Dzerzhinsk,Street: Lenin,The house: 26,Apartment: 15,The postal index 606000,My full a name:Maria,Surname:Petrova,My favourite Soren and also me have told that that for reception of this sum it will be necessary for me to obtain from you your full data and (MTCN) transfer number. I hope that that you can understand and make all it therefore as I very much hope for you and I wish to arrive more likely to you my favourite, I wish to inform at once to you that that when I will arrive to you I would like to get a job and first of all to give to you this sum, my favourite Soren I very much hope for you and very much I hope for your help you very much I love and I wish to arrive more likely to you, with love yours Masha!