Scam letter(s) from Diana Richardson to Robert (USA)

Letter 1
hey thx for replying u have no idea how much spam i getfrom this site..
my name is diana btw! nice to meet u and yes im
im really just looking for a nsa situation
im assuming you were looking for something similar? haha well heres my pic
if ur still interested hit me back
Letter 2
cool :)
lets do this then yea? let me know when ur free
just do me a favor and sign up on my profile clsafe
its a service i used to make the guys i meet are safe bc ive had somebad experiences in the past
its free to sign up when ur done feel free to give me a call/txt (my cell is on my profile)
heres a little sneak peek? hahaha :P
talk to u soon
Created: 2011-02-23    Last updated: 2011-02-23    Views: 1301


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