Scam letter(s) from Anna Balabaeva to David (England)

Letter 1
Good afternoon Mr. David Excuse Mr. David. Today to us have informed that Anna Balabaeva have released on a subscription about not departure. From it have taken away all things including documents connected with travel and traveller's cheques. Anna have given only the personal passport that it could move in Russia.
Last information which to us was informed by the lawyer, he has told that there are 7 days to solve this problem by to bribe the official and easy to close business. In a bad case in 7 days if it not to make, will get criminal case and then we can already help nothing. You need to make the fast decision. 1) Or you accept the help of the lawyer and count on 100 % positive result in this business. All things and traveller's cheques will be returned Anna.
2) Or in 7 days inspectors will get criminal case and court. In this case destiny Anna Balabaeva will be not known. Term or the huge penalty can threaten it. It is expedient to use in this case the first variant. We do not have telephone support of foreign clients, for this reason you could not call to us. Our phone is accessible only to calls in the country. Best Regards, director of travel agency "Geo Tour" Ivan Izotov ___________________________________
Phone: (+7 962 590 1594
450092, Ufa, street Pyshkina, h. 59/61
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