Scam letter(s) from Irina Rumyantseva to Ian (Canada)

Letter 1
Ian, today I did not sleep all night long. I thought of us. About that as to us to be together. Ian, I have got tired to wait, I was tired from that that I cannot with the beloved. Ian, I have solved I will search for ways itself what to arrive to you. I hope that that at me all to turn out and our meeting will come true. Ian, I am simple already and the truth has got tired to press that that.
What that of a miracle. I think that that I need most to make all. Otherwise to our meeting not to be executed. And if he not to be executed.
To me not when not to be happy. You are necessary to me only and only your love. I will do all for our happiness. Though I also do not represent that I need to do and with what to begin. I know one, that for this purpose what to us to be together. We need a considerable quantity of money. At me they are not present. But I will search for ways what them to find. Though where at heart I even do not represent that that to a smog to make it. You are necessary to me!!!! Also I will make all that in my forces. Tomorrow I will go to parents, to consult to them. Ian, I will write to you as I will arrive. With impatience I will wait when again I will see your letters.
Yours and only yours Irina.
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