Scam Letter(s) from Ksenia Dusha to Ethan (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello Hunter!
You are very interesting
and kind man. My name is Yana and I'm from Ukraine. I can say that I'm very romantic, kind, interesting and goodlooking girl who is searching her love here.
I want to find a person who will realy love me and will be able to take care of me.
I feel very lonely and I want someone to be near me.So I'm very glad that you have send me your letter. I want to ask you to write me on this address.
I'm waiting for your answer
Your Yana.

Letter 2

I was very glad when I saw your letter.You are very interesting person.Thanks for your photo you look great!
I want to tell some more about my life.So I'll start from the very beggining. I was born in Ukraine in a small but very beautiful city Lutugino . My name is Yana(it is my full name) and I'm 25 years old,
I have long blond hear and big green eyes, my weight is 56 kg.
Now I live along in the rent flat. But in future I hope to have my own flat or a house where I'll live with my husband and our children.I have a very big family,My parents are very nice and kind people,also i have two brothers 18 and 28 years old. I think that my parents are very happy people. There relations are very warm , and they realy love each other they are living together already for 29 years and during this time I haven't heard any quarrels between them.I hope that I will have such relations in my future family too, it is very rare thing when people can understand each other without words.
I'm very shy girl but I have a lot of friends and I like to spend my free time with them very much.I work like a manager in one building company in Lugansk.
And I can say that it is very hard but interesting work.
Maybe you want to know what I'm doing here, you know I had not very good love experience in my life,so one of my friends advised me to try to find somebody
here.Maybe the fortune will smile to me and I will find a good person whom I will be able to trust and who will trust me.
I want to ask you to tell something more about yourself,your work,your family
I realy want to now everything about you and if you have some questions for me pleas ask and I will answer on them with big pleasure.
I hope to receive your answer as soon as possible.
Your new friend Yana.

Letter 3

Thank you for your answer. I was very glad that you decided to go on with our correspondence.If to say honestly I thought that nobody will pay attention at me because there are a lot of beautiful girls here, but when today I have opened my post and saw your letter I was very happy,I really was sure that nobody will write me.
I haven't got Internet at home so today after visiting my parents I went to the Internet cafe, I don't know English very well so I have to ask a translator to help me in writing letters to you.At first I thought that it will be a problem but now I really understand that language cant be a barrier in relations between two people.
So now I can say that you are very interesting and kind person and I think there is something common between us.
Today was very hard day for me, I had a lot of work and after it I should go to my parents for a dinner, so I feel very tired.
But now everything is ok and your letter helps me to forget about it.
I want to tell you about my dreams for future. As each women I want to find my love, I want to be near a person who will understand and take care of me. I can't say that I'm lonely because I have a lot of friends whom I can trust but you know sometimes there are such situations when you can't tell everything to your friends and you want to share your problems or thoughts with the person who loves you and who will be always near you.
I heard a lot of different stories about relations in Internet and some of them are not very good, but also there are such situations when people really fall in love and everything in there lifes were good. For example one of my friend Olga also as I tried to find her love in Internet, and she really found a very good person Jack and now she lives with him abroad in London and they have a wonderful daughter.She calls me very often and I see that everything is really perfect in her family. And so I decided to try it myself.
I don't know why but I think that you understand me. I'm very glad that I have find such friend as you and who knows maybe in future it will be more than a friendship.
So now you know me better and I want to know what do you think about me?Do you have some dreams?How do you imagine your future life?And what such man as you doing here?
Waiting for your reply,
and more real photos with your friend or family

Letter 4

Hello,my dear!
I have just received your letter, and it again warmth my heart.
How was your working day?What were you doing?
I'm very happy that I have found a man who really understands me.
It is so wonderful when you have a person with whom you can be as you are.
And I can't real understand how I was all this time without you and how could it be that we haven't met before.
Yesterday evening my friends called me and invited to go with them to the theatre, and I agreed . It was a perfect play by Molier "Tartuyf".I liked it very much!!!But it would be more better if you were near me,and we were holding our hands together.
If to speak about my hobbies I'm found of music in all it's manifestations.
Also I like to cook very much and I think that I do it very well, and on each holiday my friends ask me to cook something special for them.I want some day to cook something for you, I think you'll like it.
Once my mother said me that the person who will marry me will be the happiest man in the world:)My mammy wants me to have a good and happy family, but I think it is too hard to find right person today.In our country you could hardly find a person who will take care of you.
A lot of men are very rude here but I was said that men in your country are much differ from those who are in my country. I see that you are a very good person and i don't want to lose relationship with you, I really want to believe that you want the same.
You are very kind and honest man.Your letters are so warm and kind.Now I understand that you are the man whom I were searching for...Kiss you, Your Yana.

Letter 5

Hello,my sweetheart!!!!!
Now I have a small break at my work so I decided to go to the cafe and to write to you. And I was really happy to receive your letter today because it means that you still thinking of me. Your attention is very important for me and I'm very happy that you give it to me. I have never met such person as you,you are very sensible and kind man but in the same time very masculine.
I think that it will be great for me to come to you.
Sometimes when I'm not in a good mood I think that I'm the loneliest person in this huge world and that nobody could understand me, but now I understand that it isn't so.
This night I were thinking about that how wonderful it would be to sit with you in a cafe to talking with you about some interesting things, to laugh together.
I want to see your eyes to feel your smell and I just want to hold your hand in my....
I can't understand people who think that distance can brake feelings between them.I think that if you really love person it doesn't matter where he lives or what language he speaks,if your feelings are serious you will do everything to save your love. And it is very important when people want to be near each other and when they believe in there future.
I also heard a lot of stories about religion problems between people,my friend were in correspondence with one man for two years but when she said to him that she is Christianity he didn't want to have any relations with her because he was a Moslem. I can't understand it.
I hope that we wont have the same problems.What do you think about it?
It's a pity but I have to go now...I will wait for your answer.
Miss you,
your Yana.

Letter 6

Hello my love!!!
As usual I'm very happy to receive your letter!
Sorry for not writing you,I have some financial problems now ,so I can't pay for the help of translator...our relations are so important for me but I don't know what to do.
Yesterday I went to my parents and ask them to lend me some money for correspondence with you darling.But because of this financial crisis they don't have money too.So now I have only one to continue our correspondence.So now my trip to you is also a problem.
I hope everything will be ok and we will not lose each other.You know after that I read your letter something changed inside of me, I understood that I really very afraid to lose you....and I haven't got such feeling before I think that I fall in love with you.
So now I believe that dreams can become true!!
I hope that very soon we will meet each other and I will be able to look in your eyes and to say how serious and tender my love is!!I can't imagine my life without you, you are the best man in the world.And I know that you will not hurt me.
I will wait for you next letter...
Love your Yana!!

Letter 7

Hello my darling!!!
Honey I love you!!!!I want to be always near you...I have very special feelings to ,I can't say it in must feel it.
I was very happy when I saw you letter.If to say honestly I thought that I wouldn't be able to write to you anymore.But know I really feel that you love me and you wont leave me along...I can't even imagine my life without are the seance of my life...I can't breath without you honey!!!
I'm very happy that the life gave me such big present like you!!I want to be near you honey.It is very important for me to be near the man whom I LOVE.
Now I'm writing you the letter on my last money...I know that it is a shame to ask money from you...but I really don't know what to do with this problem...I understand that of course also have financial problems.
I have to pay 2 $ for one photo and 5 $ for the letter. This Agency has unlimited service I have to pay 200$ for one month and 350$ for two months.
I'm very thankful you for your desire to help me...and I'm very happy that you belive me and want to be with me darling.You are the real man who will not leave his love in any problem.Here is the address on which you can send me money darling.
Yana Lyashenko
Privat Bank
Chapaeva Street,62
Privat Bank
I'm very happy that we will be able to go on with our correspondence,it is really very important for me honey.I will try to give you my telephone number in next letter.I want to hear your voice,to imagine that you are near feel you my love.I told everything about you to my Mammy, and she is realty very happy for me that know I've found such person like you, the man whom I can trust.

Letter 8

Hello honey!!
I was very happy to hear from you again.
Darling I have send you all information
you need to make transfer for me through Western Union.
It is correct information,please check everything honey.
My full name Yana Lyashenko
Country Ukraine
Privat Bank
Address Chapaeva Street,62
Privat Bank
I don't want to lose you ,our relations are very important for me.I want always to be with you.
I don't know if I will be able to write to you because on monday my account will be closed if I wont pay for it.

Letter 9

I went to the bank on Saturday,and I took all information that you send me.
But I was told that there is no such transfer.
I think it is a mistake.
Please honey check all information,maybe there is some mistake,I really don't know what to do.
Here is once more all my information.
My full name Yana Lyashenko
Country Ukraine
Privat Bank
Address Chapaeva Street,62
Privat Bank
As I already told you our relations are very important for me,and I don't want to lose contact with you. I'm not really sure that I'll be able to write to you,because agency perhaps will close my account.
I hope to hear from you soon....

Always yours Yana.



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