Scam Letter(s) from Irina Sawina to Warren (Sweden)

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Letter 1

Hello, I think you are astonished to get my letter, I will try to explain, at first I live in russia. I am going to leave russia to work abroad I am dance girl and I will work in dance club. I like my work and I like to see that people get pleasure to look at me and my dances.
they tell I am pretty lady I see that not too many girls look well enough and there are many reasons for it. you should know I worked a few years in modeling business and I care of my body and my face a lot and I want to get pretty life i think I deserve and I need to meet man who can care of me and be my beloved man!
there are many men here they want to be my men but I want to leave russia and I prefer to meet foreign man I know they are more kind and more smart and just different ones, don't drink and don't rude.
I don't smoke and i am social drinker, sometimes I like to have some red wine to relax and just to dream!I am 26 years old. I am sending photos I want you to see how I look like!my name is Tatiana. and if you have the wish to meet me please send your photo and some info about you.
and send your real name.



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