Scam letter(s) from Xiaoyu Yangyu to Steve (USA)

Letter 1
Hello My Dearest Steve How are you doing to day? I hope your week was warm and smooth. Let me further introduce myself more, as I know that all about me was details in my profile. My name is xiaoyu,I am from jiangxu province I was born and grow up there But now i live in houjie dongguan.Guangdong province. The main reason why I decided to join online dating was to find the right man that I will spend my rest of life with, I knew it will take time to correspond well get to know him. I am nurse by professional. I work here in Houjie Yiyuan as RN Nurse, I have been working here for the past three years. I like my profession, even as it is much stressful I adore it. I live with my elder sister and her husband . I studying in university of Beijing my mother passes away 4years and my father passes away 11 years ago after going through illness. My late parents were always proud of me because they know that i am the kind of girl who never give up in life, I work hard to see the betterment of tomorrow, I am sincere and caring, I like the way i live my life with simple style and i keep on moving forward. I am happy that i have good anuty who love and care for me, and her and her husband treat me very good. I am open minded person, I like to treat people the way i want to be treated, I am very kind and loyal girl with respect, I want a man who is ready and serious for us to further knowing each other well better to enable us match forward future together as partner. A man who knows or witness the emptiness of being lonely what it causes in life, a man who has respect for woman. I want a man who is caring, kind, sincere, honest loyal and respectful. A man does not see pleasure in deceiving or having affair behind his partner. So my dear steve. Are you this kind of man? I need a man who is ready and willing to commit with love and kind, with respect to me and my family, maybe wondering why i choose to respond to you while you are older than me. I prefer matured man like you because you have seen things in life and once you love you will always respect the marriage, I guess I am right. You maybe wondering why I am still single while I am looking good in appearance and behavior, I have been in relationship two and half years ago, but all I got from my ex boy friend was disappointment and heart broken, But I think because he was very young then and he dont know what love means, I want you to tell me more details about your self and also send me some of your current photos, I am ending my letter here for today till I read from you. Yours friend Xiaoyu
Letter 2
Hello My Dearest Stevw, I will wait for your reply and photos then, Always take good care of your self as you travel
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