Scam letter(s) from Sarah Thompson to Steve (USA)

Letter 1

Hello, I do not know, whether you remember me, but we with you corresponded on a site of - americansingles
I have profile there was and we talked to you not much, My name is Sarah Thompson from usa, am 27yers. usa,in NY . 5'7 fth tall single heart broken... i am very sorry to tell u this that a guy put me to a **** ...... i lost my family by car accident 5 yrs ago while i was in texas three years ago..... came to new york after i lost my family........ ...... do you like to know about the recently heart broken that i had? and why i stucked right now in Estonia my email is
3weeks ago i meet a guy on the inter promising me that he loves me and his from Estonia and told me to come and visit him and i pay him a visit he take me to a hotel and the next day nigth that i will wake up i cant find the guy any more he ran away with all my money and the goods i brougth. can you see how mens are some how bad and the i am is that the hotel we lunch at am holding the hotel money hotel bill, I lose my cellular telephone, and now I can not call friends, and the hotel do not want to release my document and passport am holding the hotel b and i will be glad if you can help me out will like to hear from .i will be happy if we really get into relationship , but i hope you understand that i am stucked in a hotel in this unknown country and if can be help to me to call the hotel and help me get out of here i will be pleased and i will never make you regret helping me cos i need someone truthfull like you are in my life. thanks let me know if you still want me after all the mess i am into but if u reall want to help me out can u call the hotel manager and ask him how u can settle my bill and i will need ur phone number so that i can call u when u have settle my bill I promise if U can get me out of here by helping me talk to the Hotel management on how U are gonna help me pay the bills i have encured here to the Hotel Management i will surely pay back when i get back home and hopefully i will then accept that i've found a new life with U So it's up to U to decide oin what U wanna do with me concerning these issues Waiting to read from U soon The telephone number for the Hotel Manager is with the secretary if U wish to speak with him concerning this issues and verify this things i have said Thanks and God bless, Sarah
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