Scam Letter(s) from Grace Dede to John (New Zealand)

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Letter 1

Hi babe,
how are u doing today????????????? it been a while since i heard from u and i believe things are ok with u. i wanted to send this mail to check on u and also for u to know that i care about u so much and patiently waiting for u to return home so we can plan our meeting. darling i never got the details or MTCN for the $800 and i hope u will do your best to get that for me love u the most my king and i believe u are taking very good care of yourself for me always know i care and i love u
your wifee

Letter 2

Hi darling,
here are some nice pics i made for u and i hope u are going to love them
i'm off to bed sweetie and hope to chat with u soon
take care and enjoy your day
your asian princess and future wifee

Letter 3

my luv,
it is my wish that this mail get to you and find you in the best of health and in good shape, my luv. darling, i am really sorry for putting us into this situation. i didn't know it was illegal for me to travel with such thing but to my little knowledge as a lady i decided to hide them in my cloths so that when i get to you we will sell it and make lot of money to better our lives, our future and thats of our kids.

hun, all thought i may be in custody but u are still my luv, i love you for who u are and no matter how hard the situation maybe or how long they are going to hold me, nothing will ever change what i hold in my heart for you. my wish is for us to be together and spend the rest of the days and years on earth together. hun now we are been made to pay a fine so that i could be released and we will start processing documents as soon as possible for the Gold bar to be sent to you either freighting or by a curier service so we will need to pay a fine of $2000nzd and also an extra $500 to rebook my flight with either Emirates or British Airways and as soon as the bars has been sent to you i will also be on a flight to you.

I love u so much darling and just waiting for you online
take care
from your wife



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