Scam Letter(s) from Victoria Petrova to Kalle (Sweden)

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Letter 1

Hello my Dear Kalle,
What has happened? Why you do not answer me?
Please write in any case.
Sincerely, Vika

Letter 2

Hello my Dear Kalle,
I thank for your fine and beautifully letter!
I think, that you really unusual person!
I very much want to meet you!
But I now have very big problems for payment for my examinations at university where I study.
Whether I do not know I can ask you...
But me it is real there is nobody to ask with it.
But it is very important for me!
I should pay 600 EURO. I have 400.
But I have not enough 200 EURO.
You could send me this sum of money?
Please write,
I really need very much!
I very much very much wait,
My kisses,
Sincerely your, Vika

Letter 3

Hello my Dear Kalle,
I regret, but I have no my own account.
But may be you could send me money by Western Union.
My mum sent money earlier to our relative in the other city in such a way.
She has told, that you should know my surname and my name - Petrova Viktoria Eduardovna.
And you should write to me your surname and your name, the sum which you send also control number of transfer.
I very much thank you for understanding!
I think, that you really very kind and sensitive person!
I so want to meet you!
Please, send me as it probably is it quickly.
I really need in this is very very much urgent!
My mum sends you many greetings!
My kisses,
Your, Vika

Letter 4

Hello my Dear Kalle,
I answer on your questions:
Certainly you can trust me!
My address:
Russia, St.Petersburg, 199053,
2-Linia, house 41, apartment 5.
Number of my passport of the Russian Federation:
40 04 759206
But I have no my own account.
Please, send me money by Western Union.
my full name - Viktoria Eduardovna Petrova.
What about Zoja.
Yes, she was my girlfriend. But she has very badly acted with me,
And we be apart now.
I do not know, that she does now.
I have no dialogue with her.
Please, send me this sum.
I really very much need!
For me it really is very important and very urgent!
Please I very much wait!
My kisses all for you,
Your, Vika



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