Scam letter(s) from Mirabel Kumah to Richard (USA)

Letter 1
Lovely Greetings;
How are you today? many thanks for responding to my message. How is weather in your country, hope you are enjoying it or not favourable this time? Mine is very hot in that afternoon and night. My name is Cynthia Naime Roland i am a young single girl from Ivory Coast and presently i am residing as a refugee here in Dakar, Senegal as a result of the civil/political war that was fought in my country. I will send you a number you will use to call me later. Please bear with me. Thanks for your understanding.
Not withstanding, I will just tell you little about me; My parents are late Dr. Laurent Buika-Moye Roland and Late Flora Aldama Roland, my father was the personal adviser to the former head of state on public matters, before the rebels attacked my house one early morning killed my mother and my father with my little brother, it was only me that is alive as i was on campus studying, with help of UN i managed to make my way to near by country Senegal where i am leaving now. I was a first year law student before this **** incident.
I will like to know more about you. Your likes and dislikes, your hobbies and what you are doing presently, my hobbies are reading watching music Movies, going to beach with friends visiting a place like zoo and doing every other thing that gives joy and happiness. but now i read much books. I will tell more about my self in my next mail.
Attached here is my picture, i will like to see yours.
Hoping to hear from you soonest.
Letter 2
Warm greetings from the depth of my Heart; Thanks for your email once again, how are you doing and with everything in general, hope it is very fine with you and all around you? i will be happy to be with you, and i found out you must be the kind of person as well that i can share my experiences and what i am passing through with and thereby making you a good friend of mine.
Nevertheless, I will be the most happiest person to join you there, but the problem i have now is my passport has expire, i will need to get another one to be able to join you there or will be glad if you can come here as well, I will be happy if you can assist me to get new one to be able to join you there, if you can afford it as i have bad days here with hunger problems so i do not want to make things difficult for both of us, but i will be so happy if you can afford it. Thanks in advance. I have a limited time in the cafe located in the camp as there is many people that are using it, that has been why i do not have much time online. Despite, I am hoping if you can come here as well.
Nevertheless, My dear, I am doing very fine too despite the poor condition of this camp, where we are many girls in one hostel, sleeping on three on a double buck spring bed only foam without bed-sheet, and the worst now is that cold season is here, in the night mosquitoes do bite me because i do not have anything to cover myself, to eat is problem, I have the feeling that this piece of mail will reach you in a perfect state of mind and in a better healthy condition. I appreciate all your message once again. I stopped my study after the death of my parents an my only brother by the rebels, since i found myself here, now i have no relations aside the people that are in this camp with me. I wish to come over there if you can assist me. i am glad to know you. Actually it takes once to know a friend by one day and we will start learning each other gradually, actually i want us to be friends though i know distance is far but i believe that love is a bridge that can connect far distance to be closer. TRUE LOVE is the most Precious Treasure, True Love is the most Beautiful Emotion but very difficult to find True Love in this selfish world. I have seen the life very closely, that's why I know how precious Love is. More about my parents and my family, I was brought up from Christan home, in the family of Late Dr. Laurent Roland Buikamoye and my late mother Mrs Flora Aldama Roland. My late father was a full time politician and businessman, While my mother was a Medical Laboratory Scientist in Yamoussoukro the capital city of Ivory Coast before there death in 2004.
Despite i am 22 years old. i am not married and i do not have children. I am all alone in this **** call refugee camp, with no relation. I go your email address on internet through a email address searching company, I will say it is divine that i got your email and you responded, Please pardon me if i am intruding to your privacy, but i did as i have no option left for me than to die.
My dear, i will like to join you over there in your country with your family as my life is going down here daily i am suffering in this prison called refugee camp were people are not taking care of and where there is no food rather treating us like a prisoner. Imagine a young girl like me staying where people are not taking care of us only remembering my past each day of my life, where other young girls are enjoying with there family and celebrating their life but i spend all my season in this prison called refugee camp. My condition here is very critical, to eat is not easy, i do eat the food to eat, the food they give to us here; they have inadequate vitamin, and I do sustain with the little care from a Catholic Reverend Father and the gifts from outside. Please i need your help i am writing this letter with tears running out from my eyes even to eat i have nothing to eat i am not talking about my dress but the problem is to eat and to be free out from here but i believe and hope on you please don't allow me to die here, and God bless you as you help me out from here. God will Be with you always. I stop in my first year in the university, I was studying law, before the **** incident that robbed of my joy. In my next mail i will tell you more about my self, despite here is a number you can use to reach me, it is owned by the Bishop Keith Evans who serves in the church located in the refugee camp, I have told him about you; Tell him you want to speak with Cynthia when you call, remember it is church office phone, If i am not close he will send someone to call me in the hostel. Here is the number the number you can use to reach me once again +221767557563. Despite, i have many things i will like to share with you, when i arrived to your country, hope to hear from you soonest. I will be going back to the Refugee camp now. I will in patience shall wait for your letter!!!!
I wish you happy day
Sincerely beloved one,
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