Scam letter(s) from Ksenia Elmekey to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my sweet! My dear, I am very pleased to once again see your beautiful letter. Now I understand that this is really love, and that we'll love each other!
Today I went to sign the dismissal of my work, now I do not hold here in Russia. I did it for the sake of our meeting. I try to do everything possible to see you real soon.
I want to inform you that tomorrow morning I met with my mom to go to Sochi to her home. I'll talk to her about what I'm going to depart from Russia and fly to thee, my beloved.
By the way I want to tell you that my mom works at the embassy, I think it will help me with the necessary documents for arrival to you.
Hopefully I'll have some good news.
I love you very much and do not want you to lose. Sorry for the short letter, but now I just want to relax and tomorrow will begin to address questions about the necessary documents for arrival to you my love.
I want to give you a gentle kiss and a nice hug. Waiting for an answer from you soon.
Letter 2
Hello my beautiful! I have some news. You know, for departure from Russia I just need to be in possession of what I would have to come to you in Atlanta, it (visa + passport + medical insurance and other
documents) My mom will be able to help me with these all the documents, but I need to book their flights at their own expense.
Today I went to find out the cost of airfare from Moscow to Atlanta, told me that the flights are about 780 euro. I do not think that tickets are so expensive. I can not overpower this amount.
I told you that my mom prepares all my necessary documents, including a visa to you country. Soon, my documents are ready. I want to tell you that my mom says that I need to buy tickets here in Russia because it would be so convenient to prepare the documents for me.
I am not very comfortable to ask you for help, but she really needs me now. I do everything in my power. I want to know I can rely on your help?? I hope you understand me correctly and be able to help me with money so that I could book flights.
My mom said that the documents do not easily, but for me it said will as soon as possible, she told me that now need to pay and book tickets. I am not able to earn such a sum, and now all hope for you my love.
It is waiting for your answer!
Letter 3
Hello my beautiful. I will now give all my special photo for you.
This shows that I love you very much.
I look forward to our meeting at an early date. I really want to be with you in Atlanta. I am now very necessary amount of 780 euro is about 1090 dollars.
I hope that tomorrow you will on Tuesday go to the bank Western Union and send help for my flight. I miss you and look forward to our first meeting.
My mom is very happy that I was just recently a very happy person. By the way my documents are ready at the end of this week, if I pay for tickets in the next 2 days.
I hope very much to your actions. A gentle kiss. Your Ksenia
Letter 4

Hello! I'm so glad that I can communicate with you via the internet, I'm not very much familiar with the Internet.
I am very ashamed of you now to say this, but I can only use e-mail, the more I am not familiar with other parts of the Internet.
You gave me your email address to and I decided to write to you. I really liked your profile. You have me very interested.
This is my first letter to you and I want to tell you a little about yourself. My real name is Ksenia, and what is your real name?
I am 32 years old and is already ripe age for marriage. I want to say straight away that I'm looking for only serious relations.
Because I have a mature age, and I'm not going to play with your feelings and ask you not to play with mine. I hope you understand what I mean.
Tell me honestly, you are interested in our communication? On it I finish my letter. Hopefully I will soon hear from you and a few of your photos.
I can tell you in my next letter to give some more of my photos. It is waiting for you to respond. I wish you a successful time.
Letter 5
I was very pleased to receive your letter, it will lift my spirits. I am glad that you are interested in me. You can not even imagine how I am pleased. Thank you.
I have already said that I need only serious relationship and I think that you will not play with me. This is the most important thing for me.
I think that you can trust and tell you about my life.
I love animals and I have pets at home. I really like to swim and I sometimes go to the pool when the summer season I am going to visit my parents in Sochi, and there is the sea and I spend a lot of time on the beach.
I love to sunbathe and swim. Likewise, I support the figure probably do many women. I go to the gym several times a week. I really like to perform fitness exercises.
I hope you like my figure, or if you are interested in more obese women?
I have kept her figure, as any woman who wants to look good.
I saw your picture that you sent me, they are very beautiful and I love it. If it is not so hard, I'll be glad to see more new photos from you.
I want to tell you about my work. I worked as a salesman at a supermarket, I do not really like my job, but I'm very tired of this work, because he's such a big store in our entire city.
A very large number of buyers and should serve all. At this point I probably will finish my letter and I hope you also tell me more about you and your work. We should learn as much information about each other.
Do you agree with me?
Waiting for your respond soon. Ksenia
Letter 6
Hi! Your letters make me happier and I am very glad that you write me such wonderful letters.
Before going to sleep, I was just recently thinking of you and imagine us together, tonight I even had a dream, though we are in the same bed and gently hug.
But when I awoke, I realized that it was a dream and a place you have had a number pad only. Then I lay still for a long time and could not sleep thinking about you my dear.
I think I love you truly and I can tell it to you. My favorite if we really love each other, then we must continue our dialogue and to write letters to each other as often as possible. Do you agree with me?
Lately I feel so happy because you found support communication with you. Now you are to me the most important person in my life and I do not want to lose you.
I hope you too are experiencing the same feelings towards me as I am to you. Remember that I love you and always thinking only of you my favorite. I want to give you a sweet kiss.
I wish you a happy day!
Letter 7
Hello my dear! How are you today? I'm so happy to receive your letters. I want to tell you that I love you, but very afraid of the word love, because a lot of deception on the Internet.
Dear, I trust you, and have no doubt you. I think we will be able to create a happy family and I think we can talk with you about the feelings between us.
Are you ready to take me seriously in your heart? I do not want to play games and want to talk seriously about feelings, especially feelings of love. I'm in love with you, but I'm still not sure of your feelings ...
Tell me whether you like me now? I understand that relationships are built over time and we should not hurry anywhere, but I want to know whether you intend to take our relationship seriously?
Today is fine and I am, I have only two friends who I can trust and we always encourage each other before they do anything significant in life.
I told my girlfriend, it's okay that she was not worried about my fate. I'll tell you what we're doing with her friends at the weekend.
Just want to say that I do not like disco. We often go to a cafe or even in some places where you can take a table and sit with my friends, we tend to communicate in this way.
Sometimes we go to the cinema and movies. Recently, we go only to the 3D movie, because it is good quality and I really like these effects. Do you like going to the cinema?
Sometimes we even walk into a store and buy clothes. Buy clothes, I just go with his girlfriend, why she has a good taste of choice and she always tells me that I was going, and what does not.
I think I have good friends and I love them for it and respect him. I think it's time to finish my letter, I will wait from you soon. I wish you a good time!
Kissss Ksenia
Letter 8
Thank you for your nice letter. Once again I am happy to see your letter to me. You know, without your letter, my mood is very sad, I understand that I need in your letter every day.
You asked me in your last letter about the difference in age. Please do not worry about it. All in good order. Is no problem. I want the man was older than me.
I want to know everything about you certainly do not write words all my life, but I want to know about you as much as possible because I am interested in you and want to continue communicating with you.
Yesterday my grandmother came to me, I told her that I communicate with you via the Internet. She tells me that I have time to look for a man with whom I could spend the rest of life.
I told you that I really like to talk with her grandmother about life.
When I start talking about you, then she became very interested, I have nothing to hide and say what you really a wonderful person.
She looked into my happy eyes, I then realized that she was very happy for me. I send you my pictures where I am in Moscow, very much hope that they will like you. You know that Moscow is the capital of Russia?
I look forward to your prompt reply!
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