Scam Letter(s) from Laura Timi Tunde to Robert (UK)

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Letter 1

Hello Robert
Good day to you over there, how is everything going with you there? ,hope things are moving greatly with you and your family, anyway i just decide to write to you back, I have a lot to say to you in this my mail which i hope you don't run away from me.
So to start with, my name is Lora Timi Williams , i was born in in England(Guernsey), but i left there at the age of 5years old when i lost my dad, though i should have still been living there but it wont work out because my dad's family kept pressurizing my mum in accusation that she was the one that killed my dad, which really frustrated my mum so much that she later got married to an American man who is from the state(Georgia), and been a young girl then i had to followed my mum to the state where she got remarried to the man, though i enjoyed my stay in the state with them because i was sent to schools in state up to high school level, thank God that am now old enough to own my life , though i plan to relocate to anywhere that is if i could see someone that would really show love to me because i have dated local men around which i found that they are all full of cheating. and i also have the fear of God in me...Presently am in AL and I am tired of staying lonely and looking for the man who will make me feel safe complete and comfortable in arms and would like to know if u have ever tried along distance relationship and would like to know the girl which u tried that with,I have really been through a lot in my past,I am looking for a man i can trust,I Will like to relocate with the man i can trust with all my heart and fall in love with,My education level is high school and would like to study more my personality traits are,Friendly Kind, Intellectual, Sensitive nurturing Loving, Romantic, Self Confident, Serious, Responsible. Humble and Decent My favorite activities are Cooking, Entertaining, Home Improvement, Decorating, Playing and Watching Movies, Tv Shows, Political Trails, Go Charity Events, Museum Centers...I have really been through a lot in my past,since this incident had happened life seems very miserable to me and Life has thought mum many things. Now i am trying to relocate to find my soul mate.I didn't hope i was going to find my soul mate on the dating site but just gave a trial. I hope you are an honest man because the most important characteristics to me are compatibility and friendship. I'd like to find someone who's open, honest and easy going. A sense of humor is a big plus.I am looking for a honest, loving caring, open minded loyal, kind hearted, considerate, understanding, polite, decent, humble, trust worthy and down earth to every one in life and generous laugh with any one to make people happy and lifely that will not be double dating a soul mate so he won't cheat on me,I am not a lady that is after riches,nor wealth i am wanting a True Love and to be treated the same way i will be treating my Man. My ex bf did took advantage of me,Which really hurted me so much cause i was so honest trusted and loving .But my love took me for granted cause i loved him and gave him all my heart he cheated on me I learnt never to trust any one in life,I will caution my self in any relationship i am getting my self into cause my ex bf took me for granted cause i can't stand a second heart broken.if we do find out that we are meant for each other then we could both find a way on how we are going to meet each other in person
That is all about me and where i stay now, though love is easy to spot, when someone has found it but you must have hope in your heart before you can love and also that sometimes what you're looking for is right where you left it, which i don't know if it might be you.
With all this that i have gone through though is very painful but i always believe that, that is the way God wanted it because we are nothing but a pencil in the hand of the creator.
I will stop here for now till when i would reading from you again, remember even we are not lovers we can always remain best of friends, bye for now.


Letter 2

Hello my friend ,
Great to read from you again.I was very happy to read your mail again.How are you doing today?Hope fine.I was about going to bed and i turn back to check if i have receive a nice mail from my nice friend again and that was right your mail have been awaiting in my mail box since.So i have to reply it before going to bed.You know what i think we just have to keep the ball of this relationship rolling and see where it will lead us to,Maybe marriage.
,Nice to read about what you would wish for if given 5 minute grace,wow,that tells you are a man of great mind who cares a lot about people.yes i have once fallen in love and didn't work well for me. It's actually what you wished for i would also wish for if given that grace and that was why i called you a man with great mind cos great people with great mind do think alike and i see myself to be one of ........ I don't like given my pix out . i have never given my pix to any man online before but i can see that it really seems you are serious with me and i will give you more ......i really like your words and been thinking and reading your mail often and often.
,It's really nice knowing you .Am deriving great pleasure reading your answers to my questions.Here i go another question for you,IF I MAY ASK CAN YOU DESCRIBE YOURSELF IN FIVE WORDS.Bye



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