Scam letter(s) from Larisa to Jonathan (USA)

Letter 1
Hello! How are you?
My name is Larisa. I have seen you on dating site. You look me very interesting person.
I would like to find out u better. I am lonely women also i search serious relations. I send to u some of my images.
If u interested in our meeting write me. I hope in your fast answer.
Letter 2
Greetings Jake!
I am very glad, that you have answered me my letter so quickly! First of all I want to tell to you, that it is very pleasant for me, that you have not disregarded my letter, and have written to me! I am very glad, that we communicate with you! My friend I have found yours e-mail on one of sites of acquaintances, but the name of a site I have not kept. I think it not the main thing, I think more important that we have got acquainted with you. It is very good, that you have left the e-mail and due to this, we can communicate! I want to tell to you a little about myself! As you already know, my name is Larisa! I live in Russia. I hope, that it does not confuse you! I live in Russia, is far from the central part of Russia. My city is very far from Moscow, and for certain you did not hear about my city! My city refers to Kemerovo! You can look on a card where there is my city! The city is in Western Siberia. It is located on right and left coast of the river Tom' in a place of a confluence of it of the river Iskitimki. To me of 27 years and I never before was not married, but long time I reflect on the family future, and it is one of the reasons why I have addressed on a site of acquaintances. After I have stopped to go to school, I have gone to study in institute. I have finished institute 3 years ago, and some years I work as the manager, in one large trading company! I like my work! I do not complain! I all quite accept my work, but only there is one lack - very few free time. But when I have free time, I like to carry out it with the girlfriend! I the lonely, fragile woman in this difficult and complex world, and for me was important to feel support of the reliable person! Forgive, if I cannot frequently answer you! I have work and I not always can come in the Internet of cafe and write to you the letter, but I shall always wait for your letter! The matter is that I use the Internet of cafe to write to you letters! I can visit the Internet of cafe only early in the morning, before work, or late at night, after work! Or probably I can write to you in the afternoon when I will have break on work. I hope, that you can answer me in the near future! I with impatience shall wait for your letter! I with impatience shall wait your photos!
If you had any questions write to me do not hesitate! I shall be glad to answer your questions! I shall be happy, to receive your letter in the near future! Yours faithfully, Larisa …
Letter 3
Good afternoon my friend Jake!
Why you have not sent me your photo? Please make it. I very much wish to see your picture. You liked my pictures? Well?????, today I shall send you some other my pictures.?????, I am glad, that you also wish to continue our acquaintance.
I think, that you have already understood, that I have serious intentions to get acquainted with good person to have with it serious attitudes! I became very much interested in you, and I want, as far as possible to study you better. For me everything is interestingly, concerning you and concerning yours a life. I shall try to tell to you a little about my character. I can tell to you that I very romantic woman. I seldom have bad mood, and I about optimism concern to a life.
I like, when around of me cleanliness and a cosiness. I as love pets!
The cat, her name is Milka at my place lives. A black cat, in a photo you can see her. And you love pets? You have pets? I very inquisitive, in a life I wish to see and try everything, actually the life is given only once. I love music, and earlier I was engaged at musical school, in a class of a piano. Except for music, my passion - cookery! To me delivers great pleasure to do various dishes. I like to communicate with interesting people. In men I appreciate such qualities as honesty and fidelity beloved. Fleeting novels it not for me. I am ready to give all only to this the person whom I shall really love. That person will not doubt, that I love it. Till this moment I never met the person who could win my heart. Though I do not think, that at me the big requirements to the man. On the contrary, I prefer, when the person is modest and simple in dialogue. I seldom peer on occurrence and even on age of men. For me, the most important in the person - kindness, validity and care. Some people speak, that the love does not exist, but I do not wish to agree with them. The love between the person and the woman is!!! How you think?????? You trust in love? Once I wish to find happiness with a favorite the person. It seems to me, that in a life for the woman the most important strong family and the favourite person together with whom, she would bring up children. I want to ask you, tell to me, you dream to see, what the woman every day near to you? For the sake of what woman you are capable to make everything, it to grasp its heart and always to be together with it?
Forgive, probably, still early to discuss with you such frank things, but it is very interesting to me to know, what women draw your attention. I have shortly written to you my prospects on my future. If it is interesting to you then we can discuss these themes in more detail. I shall wait for your letter on mine e-mail. Sincerely yours Larisa!
Letter 4

Good afternoon my friend Jake!
I am glad to receive your letter! Your message as a solar beam, has brought to me pleasure! I am glad, that you have again written to me!
I feel, that with each message, we become more close to each other, and it very much pleases me! It is always pleasant for me to read your messages! I send you in the letter the new photos! I am glad, that you like my photos! But I very much would like to learn about you as much as possible! Tell to me about itself and about your family! What attitudes at you with your family? How frequently you see and are together? In my family always there were very much close relations, my parents already very long time together. My father call - Victor, to it of 58 years and it works as the builder, and my mum - Svetlana, to it 54 years and she already anywhere does not work, she the housewife!
I see, how strongly my parents like each other. Sometimes I look at them and I think, as it is good when two loving hearts incorporate together, they have a child and these hearts become adhered to each other even more strongly! I want to have the same future.
We live in a convenient apartment with three rooms, one of which - mine! We, with mum and the daddy, like to spend time together. We frequently together leave to walk in city, we go to cinema if there is an interesting film, my parents very much like to go to theatre and I as I like to go on interesting performances to theatre. In my family there is a tradition. Every summer, we go by coast of the river Tom'.
There we do a shish kebab. Tom' - very big and wide river, especially, a fine kind opens in the evening, on a decline when in water solar beams as though water has been drawn in red color start to be reflected.
As you already know, in a private life at me anybody is not present, I did not speak you, but I had attitudes with the man!, certainly, it is not pleasant for me to write about it, but I would want that you knew it. Certainly I had attitudes with the man, but I have finished them after have learned, that it has changed to me with my girlfriend! You at all do not imagine to yourself as I was malicious on them because I did not understand why they so with me have acted. The girlfriend tried to ask me a pardon, but you, likely will understand, I all the same could not forgive her. We now simply greet it in the street when casually we shall meet, but already so we do not communicate, as was earlier. And the man with whom I was - it came to me home with colors, too was sorry, but I to it have told, that there is no sense to come to me because all the same I with it any more when shall not be and after that it has ceased to go to me, all this approximately was 10 months ago. You know I do not regret, that these attitudes have ended, because for me is not necessary such the man which can to change to me. Some people speak, that if the man changes to the woman - that it, means, that that that did not suffice it in attitudes, I so do not think and completely not agree with such words. Because I tried to make his happy and from - for it I do not feel the mistake or fault that it has changed to me, he had all. I not when shall not change to the man with whom I shall be because I do not want to hurt and sufferings to close people. I am ready to give the favourite person everything, I shall be always devoted to it, and in our family never there will be quarrels and conflicts, on it I finish the letter, write to me the ideas which you have, having read my letter. I shall wait your message. Your girlfriend Larisa!
Letter 5
My friend I read your letters closely, I do not understand why you so speak me.
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