Letter(s) from Lusine to Jonathan (USA)

Letter 1

Hello, my new friend! Thank you for what you have not disregarded my letter. Frankly, I'm a bit worried and thought that you do not answer.
But now I see your answer and a smile on my face. I am glad that we can know each other closer. In our town just recently opened Internet cafes. Previously, I've never been familiar with the Internet.
Therefore, our acquaintance for me - this is the first Internet communication.

To our continued relationship, I would tell you more stories about me.
As you already know, my name is Lusine. I was born in Armenia. Now I'm 29 years old. My height is 1.70 cm, my weight - 55 kg.

I live with my dad and mom. I do not have brothers and sisters. I was born in one of the most interesting countries in the world under the name of Armenia. Armenia - a country with a huge story, with its own traditions and customs, which were created over the centuries and are valid until today. Armenia is a country of sun, beautiful mountains and many lakes. I believe that the main component of Armenia are the people who live here. The main distinguishing trait - an ability to appreciate the traditions and rules. Honesty and ability to respect - it is something that every resident knows of my country. Lies and betrayal are always very strongly punished. In ancient times, deceitful people driven from their family.

Children from an early age are taught to be fair. So, I got a very good education and most importantly, that I realized - you need to always be honest to people and then life will be successful. People will never abandon each other in trouble, always ready to help in difficult moments. Armenians are very close-knit people. The main motto - "One for all and all for one!" I want to tell you a little about my parents. My dad, his name is Armen, works as a driver of the truck. Pope carries food to the shops of our city. My dad likes the work he performs. Previously, when I was little, I often rode with dad at work car. I enjoyed watching from the window of the car. By the way, my dad is now 54 years old.

Of course, I can not tell you about my favorite mom. My mother Rahima works therapist. Work my mother is a very responsible and difficult, since from my mom depends largely on human health. I love and respect my parents. As a child, I, like all children attend school. I really liked the school because I could learn something new. I graduated from 11 classes, with honors, receiving a gold medal for academic success.

After school I went to university at a special "accountant."
University, is a very exciting time in everyone's life. At university I learned a lot of friends, has mastered the skills of my work. I tried very hard to learn because their parents raised me, and I could not disappoint them. After finishing university, I was faced with finding work. It turns out that it is very difficult to find work for young people in our country. At first I worked at non-specialty, which has received. I worked as a salesman in the grocery store. But more recently, opened a large organization is not for the sale of household appliances, where I now work as deputy chief accountant. I really like my job. I try to give all the best to the maximum. My friend, you probably think, why am I writing to you because I'm good in life? In my life the most important thing is not happy - I have no love! I'm looking for the man who could truly love and respect me. I want to find a man who was able to trust in all. I want to find the person with whom I can share joy and sorrow. I want to find my soul mate, the one piece, which I so much is not enough! A friend of mine, maybe it was you? Please tell me a story about you. Do you work? How is your life? What do you like to do? I am very interested to know you. I am very interested in Internet communication, as it is with me first. I look forward to your new email to me. Your new friend from the country of the sun, Lusine.

Letter 2

Hello, my friend Jake!!! I waited impatiently for your letter. Thank you for what you have not disregarded my story. I am very pleased to learn you closer.

How do you sleep? How is your day today? What are you doing? How's your weather? I think that everything is fine and your day is full. My friend Jake I think you might be interested to learn about what I love doing in your spare time, what I enjoy in life.

As I told you earlier, I was born in the beautiful country of Armenia, with many centuries-old cultural values and traditions. Therefore, my hobbies are mainly directed to the study of culture, architecture and folk life. I like painting, theater, and everything connected with art. I love listening to classical music. You know, when I was little, I read a lot of historical books. I always liked to learn the cultural values of Europe and Asia, as well as the United States. I believe that we need to know the history that surrounds our world. The most important thing is that we live in a time of peace. In each country, followed cultural rules, and Armenia is no exception. As I told you earlier, the people of my country are very honest and kind. It is very important in my country. People devoted to religion, committed the worst sin. I want you to know my other hobbies.

I love to play sports. I believe that the movement - that's life! I like to run in the mornings before work. I try to go to the gym, because every girl should keep a good figure. In the summer, I like to ride a bike, swim, play volleyball and sunbathe. In the summer, I love to meet a dawn and follow the sunset by the lake. Maybe in the future we will be able to meet the sunrise together, my dear friend Jake?

In winter, I ski and skate. I've always wanted to ski down from the mountains, but this is just my dream, which may in future become a reality! I love to read books. I especially like the novels and love detective stories. I love listening to music. Particular preference is, I certainly give classical music - Bah, Mozart, Tchaikovsky. I like some electronic and pop music, too. I have never traveled outside of my country, so one of the most cherished desires in life is a journey. I would like to look at the culture and people from another country. I am very interested to know you. I think we will find a common language.

All my friends tell me that I am cheerful girl. I really am an active lifestyle. I like meeting new people and learn. I love the cheerful company. Now, unfortunately, I do not have much time to chat with friends, because I have a lot of work. I am very calm, romantic and intelligent girl. At heart, I am sensual and gentle. Sometimes, I like to walk alone, in a city park. I look at people's faces, I see a lot of emotion. Someone enjoys life, someone's life is broken and there is no better chance to go back. But people continue to live. I was very hurt to look at the sad faces. If I had the opportunity, I would give everyone happiness and smile. I've always wanted with me was a man who will be able to truly love me. I am looking for true love. You're looking for love, too, Jake? I think we are similar in many respects. In relations I appreciate the confidence, understanding and love for each other. I want a man with whom I have always understood me, never hurt and love. I only want a serious relationship. I do not want any games. I think you're looking for a serious relationship, too, Jake? I look forward to your new email to me. Your friend, Lusine.

Letter 3

Hello, my dear friend Jake!!! Thank you for your new, beautiful letter. I am very pleased that you did not leave me unattended. I am pleased that we continue to communicate and know each other closer.
Today is a very good weather. Smile on my face. I do not know why, but now I smile more often. I really like to communicate with you Jake.

Today, I would like to talk to you about the relationship between a man and a woman. All of us, when we feel love, but not always, those feelings that we experience the real thing. Somebody likes for the benefit of whom it attracts money wealth. Very few people in this world like the real thing. Do you agree with me? I would like to build a relationship without deceit and mistrust. I think it's 2 main components. In our country there are customs that are respected for centuries. My dad, from childhood I chose to groom. In 18 years, I had to marry a man whom had never even seen. But I refused. Dad was a little angry at me. I told my father that I have my point of view and can not live with a man who never loved.

Now, I'm completely free in choosing people. But in our country there are many men who are trying to use a woman only for sex and personal goals. A woman in our country has become a slave, which is 24 hours a day should work and look after my family. Men are practically doing nothing. I do not want to live with a man who would not respect me.

When I was 27 years old, I met a man named Arden. First, our relations have developed very well. We were walking in the park, staring at dawn and sunset farewell. I think you have found a man who will love me for life. But after 3 months of our relationship, I learned that Arden wants to use me just for the sake of sex and personal needs. I learned that Arden bet with friends that will tighten me to bed after 3 months of our relationship. I am very glad she had learned these details before he came into my confidence. I immediately stopped the relationship with this person. I'll never let me use. I want to find true love, without deception and provocation. I want to make a man love me, not as a sexual object but as a girl, for which you want to live! I hope you're just such a man. My friend, please tell me about your past relationships? What do you expect from our relationship? I want to know you more and develop our relations. I look forward to your reply. Your friend from Armenia, Lusine.

Letter 4

Hello, my friend Jake!!! Thank you for what you have open for me. It is very important that between us there is a thread of credibility.

I am very glad to receive your new letter. How is your day? What are you doing today? I hope you're ok. Today, I want to tell you more about the work I do. But first, I wanted you to know how I get to work. My work is about 50 minutes from home. I have to get up at about 5 o'clock in the morning so as not to be late. I'm going to shower, cook breakfast and going. I must get to work on the bus. In the morning a lot of people, all jostling.

My working day begins at 8.00 pm and lasts until 18.00. I really like the work that I do. I work in a great team. Psychologists say that firstly need to choose a psychological atmosphere in the team, and then only the position held. The most important thing is the psychological climate.

As you already know, I worked as a deputy chief accountant at the firm, sales of household appliances. Our company has opened only recently, but now confidently enters the market sales. Our team of 25 employees. Quite a bit, but still friendly folks. I am very glad that I could get into this organization. The essence of my job is to count the profits and losses of the organization, preparation of financial statements for certain periods of time. My job is very important. I think that working with the finance organization is always difficult, since there is a big responsibility. Maybe in the future, I can get a raise, but since our organization has a brand new, soon to think about it.

Usually after work I go to a gym or pool. I love to play sports. I'm trying to keep in good shape my body. I think every girl should follow up their appearance and likes beloved man. My friend, a child, I attended the volleyball section. Our team took a leading position in the city. But I was not a big toe injury, so I had to retire volleyball. But even now, I love to play with the ball in the summer at the beach. In the summer, I love to swim in the lake. I remember how my father taught me to swim. This is so cool. My friend, you know how to swim? Do you like swimming? Do you love sports? What sport do you like more? Please do not hesitate to tell me all about you. I want to learn you closer and develop our relations. I feel that we are very similar. Please tell me more about your work. What are you doing? Do you like the work that you perform? Unfortunately, my time in Internet cafes over. I must go. I look forward to your new email to me. Your friend, Lusine.

Letter 5

Hello, my dear friend Jake!!! Thank you for your new, beautiful letter. I am very pleased that you will never leave me no attention.

Today in Armenia, perfect weather, I really wanted to walk. It is a pity that you did not close. I would like to walk with you in the park.

How's your weather today? You feel well? I very much missed you. When I saw your letter on my face began to smile, my heart beat faster.
Thank you for what you give me happiness. I woke up very early because the work necessary to make a lot of records and to prepare a paper for the chief accountant. As soon as I woke up, I immediately started thinking about you. I was wondering about our relationship, because you became my very good friend .. Thank you for what you came into my life. Without your appearance, my life would be as dull and boring.
But now everything is different. I enjoy every moment of life. Today, on the way to work, I saw a man who was bad. All the people just passing by and nobody wanted to lend a helping hand. But I am a very kind man and I can not remain indifferent in such situations. I helped the woman climb. It turned out that the woman sprained foot and could not get up. The woman thanked me very much.

Since childhood, my parents put me in kindness and honesty, so I'm willing to help a person in any situation. I am educated man and I value the way I brought up my father and mother.

Sometimes, I close my eyes and sinking into his childhood, in those times when I was a little girl. Even if Dad has told me that should help your neighbor, and never deceive the people. Most importantly, know the 3 rules of life - "Do not kill, do not deceive and do not steal." By following these rules, life would be fair. I believe that we should respect their parents.

Parents helped us in childhood. They were building our future, did everything for us to become good people. But now we must choose our path ourselves. Please tell me about your family. You love your parents? Now, at least for 1 day, I would like to become a little girl and make a most wonderful desire. If it is in my hands had a magic wand, then I will make come true peace and love throughout the world.
I do not want people to cheat each other. I wish that every house lived a true love. Mama always told me - "Do not stop there. Look forward and it goes "

I always try to adhere to this notion. People in this country say "The one who searches always finds" I believe that in my life, I'll find someone who will love and respect me. Perhaps this man will you be Jake! I believe in our future. The main thing to look forward and never give up. You need to forget all the bad, the past and live only for the present. Do you agree with me, Jake? I look forward to your new, beautiful letter, with the story. You're a wonderful man. Know that somewhere far away there is a girl who thinks about you. I am sending you the warmest and gentle kiss. Your friend from Armenia, Lusine.

Letter 6

Hello, my dear friend Jake!
I very much missed you. Now I was able to get to the internet cafe and I am very pleased to see your letter.
Thank you as always, do not leave me unattended. I am very pleased that we continue to communicate and develop our relations. Today, again, perfect weather. The sun is shining. In the morning, I got to thinking about you. You became my very dear friend Jake!

How's your weather, my friend Jake? How's your mood? My friend, today I would like to talk to you about religion, about what people believe and what can be built upon. Armenia differs especially religion and faith. Religion and faith in our country is one of the important components of the Armenian people. Since childhood, I attended church with his mom. Therefore, since childhood, I realized that I never deceive and betray the people. As I told you before, I always stick to this rule. My dad believes in God, but because of work, dad could not go to church with us. I believe that faith is in every person, regardless of gender or nationality. You can not go to church and pray, above all believe in the soul. Do you agree with me Jake?

Every church in our country is not only a place where men pray, but also some architectural and cultural value that has been created for centuries. Church attended mostly by women. After visiting the church, I feel much better. It seems to me that God gives me strength. On weekdays, I can not go to church, but I try to do this almost every weekend.

Men do not like to go to church. Most men live to old customs and traditions of Armenia. Men in our country cherish all those traditions that have been built over thousands of years - to love and respect of children, never cheat and be honest.

It is a pity that now, in this harsh world, to men only sex and women for personal purposes. But I am convinced that the world is a man who is looking for a really serious relationship and true love. I think it was you, Jake!!!

My dear friend, please tell me you believe in God? You know, during the time that we speak, I realized that you are very interesting, thoughtful and intelligent man. I am very happy that we met. You became for me a very good friend. Thank you for what you came into my life. I felt a sense of life. My dear friend, please tell me how was your date. Did you miss? I'm very bored! Unfortunately, now I must finish my letter. I look forward to wait for your new email to me.
Your best friend from Armenia, Lusine.