Letter(s) from Tatyana Nowiykowa to Jonathan (USA)

Letter 1

Hello. I am Tatyana . Im 28 y.o.. I live in city Cheboksary, it near 750 kilometrs from Moscow. I seen the advertising that there is possible to get acquainted with the man on the Internet. It was very curious by me ,I have filled questionnaires, and now I want to meet the person which is getting acquainted with me. Im the kind women. I live together with my mum and very much I don't have man's heat. I want to search second half serious relationship. If you interested in me I will tell you more about myself. If you still alone, write me please on my email: popularnost@lavabit.com I very much wait for your letter. Kisssss Tatyana.

Letter 2

Good evening dear stranger,
You written Tatyana from Russia I hope you remember me ?:)
I first time to have acquaintance in the Internet and I do not know as I should begin the letter for you.
But I will try, I am very bad know english language and
To write through a translation program , you can do it as.
My sister Polina it to find man in the Internet and now they married and to live in USA,
She to advise me a tax the my questionnaire for the Internet of acquaintances agency and I write to you now.
To me of 28 years and I work as the teacher of art dances.
I work as the teacher at dancing school and very to love the work.
I woman which don't play game, I live and want to love and create a family. My heart want only love.
If you serious man and you the lonely man and your heart opened for love, answer me...
I hear that in the Internet is a lot of deceit and only I do not want to waste time!
You should speak to me always only Truth, ok?
It is very important for me and I promise that never a deceit you!
Tell me about your self Jake,please !!!
I send you photos of me! Please send a photo for me I to want to see your eyes!!!
I will wait your answer, I hope that you serious man.
Yours faithfully Tatyana.
P.S. We can speak on phone and I to want to hear your voice, but now we are very little familiar, I hope for understanding.
Probably soon I to give you my number.
I hope my translation program does clear for you the text of my letter!

Letter 3

Good day dear,
How you today?
Now 6 pm evening in my city Cheboksary.
My city very small, but very beautiful !
2002 years my city has been recognized the most beautiful and pure city in Russia.
My city to be on great Russian river Volga! You to know this river?
Maybe later you can fly to me and see my home and city, I can show you beauty Russia.
Tell me about your city?! You have work much in your day?
I have very difficult day today and I come from my work from dancing school very much late 6 pm .
Today I to have many pupils. I learn to dance steams the man and the woman, these are art dances.
It is very beautiful, you like to dance?
You are more senior me, but it isn't important for me.
It is very interesting for me as we a meeting with you!
To me give your e-mail agency of acquaintances. Me very pleasantly our dialogue.
The my thing is soul and heart of the person, I too any more not girl "28 years" :)
I want create a family and it is very important for me.
I very much want to see you in Scype on webcamera, I will buy the webcamera and we can see each other.
You to have Scype? I give you my phone when we speak on Scype .
I to live with my mum, it the pensioner and not to work.
My father to leave from our family very much for a long time. I don't know the father.
If to you I am interesting to tell about myself in the letter following.
I will wait your answer and your photos do new to me please!!!
Be sincere with me, we should speak only truth !!!
I hope you serious man and my heart not a deceit me!
Good day for you my dear man.
I should go meet with my girlfriend we should go to Theater...
With things about you,
Tatyana from cold Russia.

Letter 4

My dear man,
I am very glad to see your answer for me.
For me it is important that we would understand each other.
Today I speak about you with my mum and she is very glad for us.
Mum speaks that it is destiny for me and my sister a meeting the man in the Internet.
I speak to you that my sister a meeting the man in the Internet and they to live now together in USA.
I send you a photo me and my sister. I speak with you is very serious and sincere, you are very interesting to me.
To probably you it is not clear why I search man for border, why not in Russia.
Men in Russia very much not reliable and many to drink alcohol I isn't assured in tomorrow day there. I not to drink and not to smoke, only red wine is very rare.
In Russia I love the man and we met 4 years, but I have learned that he has deceived me and I can not forgive treachery.
I very sincere and cheerful woman I look at life about a positive always and I will be necessarily happy and to have a strong family!
In the days off I will go to shop and to buy camera and we can see each other very fast.
Please prepare the camera on the computer.
Now I will make a supper and I should go.
I will prepare pies with a stuffing from meat and fruit.
Probably soon I will prepare for you the pies.
Now I will finish the letter, I will think about you and wait your answer.
Sincerely yours Tatyana

Letter 5

My dear Jake!
I am very glad that we to have dialogue and a meeting in the Internet.
For me it is very strange also I never thought that can have serious acquaintance here.
But now I wait your answer and to think about you.
I to speak with mine the director today.
He tell that since February, 9th I to have holiday from my work for 40 days.
I am happy because I was very tired from work.
I very much would like to have a rest, but I don't know that to me do in my holiday from work.
Probably we can a meeting? You can arrive in Russia to me in February or I can receive the visa and arrive to you?
I very much to want our meeting because 1000 letters not replacement 1 meeting, I am right?
I speak with you very seriously and I hope that you sincerely with me.
I very much want to see you in Scype only there and to think of it, on Monday we can speak and see each other. I to give you phone in Skype and we can speak.
Now i should go to sleep, my eyes closed .
I wait your answer about our meeting that you think about it...
With thoughts on you, Tatyana
P.S. This photo i do in Turkey, last summer with my girlfriend .

Letter 6

My gentle man,
I am happy to write you this letter now.
In my soul now spring and I smile. I need to see your eyes, I to have excellent time for our meeting.
Since February, 9th I to have holiday for 40 days and if you to want to find seriously meeting you time for me.
I to give documents for reception the visa in travel company.
And in 7-8 days I to receive the visa.
I to have money for the ticket and I can arrive to you without a problem.
I can remain in your house you can spend with me my holiday I there can be with you 28 days??
We will together very soon, if you the serious man.
I to want our meeting and to want to see your eyes.
On Monday I to have camera and we can speak and see each other.
Promise that you not to betray me and to be protection for me!!
I to wait your answer.
Please be sincere in the following your letter.
Yours Tatyana

Letter 7

My dear,
I am very glad that you the answer to me seriously.
We will together very soon.
I to give you my data Nowiykowa Tatyana, city Cheboksary, st. Petrova 23-145, Russia.
My date of birth of 5/15/1982.
My phone +7 961 378 3468.
I was called by the manager from travel company and to tell that for reception the visa I need in the Invitation from you.
Write the Invitation for me to my manager on her e-mail 2x2-travel@mail.ru !
You should write the your address and phone,
What airport I should fly , how many days I can remain in your house.
On Thursday I will go in Moscow for reception the visa and at once I can fly to you.
I have bought camera and I can speak with you in Scype add me tatyana53281.
I want to see and hear you, call to me on phone when you will be in Scype.
Send Invitations to my manager today without it I can't receive the visa.
With thoughts about you and our meeting, yours Tatyana

Letter 8

My dear Jake,
I happy woman now because feel heart we will be happy together.
Thanks destiny that we a meeting!!
I was called by the manager now and will tell that the visa is ready on Thursday I is very glad.
On Wednesday night I go in Moscow.
I want to hear your voice on phone every day please call to me often, because in Russia very bad lines.
Since 10 mornings till 9 evenings on Moscow time I on phone.
I very much to worry in our the first meeting how we will find each other in the airport??
I in red a jacket what you will see me quickly.
I want what we to spend our first evening together with candles and red wine.
I dream about our meeting every minute.
I buy for you a souvenir from Russia I think that you to love it.
Now I will go in travel company and to give papers for the insurance document.
We will together very soon, as soon I will have tickets I to give the information on my flight.
With things about you, yours Tatyana

Letter 9

Hello dear Jake,
I in Moscow now don't worry about me all all is good.
I on hotel Rosinka and write to you from Internet-cafe here.
I am very happy the ambassador give me the visa today!!
Now our meeting nothing will prevent.
Tomorrow I will go travel company to the manager, and I will buy tickets
As soon I have tickets in my hands, I give to you the information on my flight.
I think about our meeting every minute and little to worry because hesitate, I want to see faster your eyes and to feel you.
Today my phone doesn't work, because I should buy a sim-card in Moscow.
I hope that I can buy it tomorrow, and my phone will work.
What weather in your city now? I very much to want to make a supper for you, you like fried fish with vegetables?
I very much like to cook and I want make it for you.
To me is very boring, and I am absolutly lonely now and one in a big city.
I want to be in your hands and to feel your breath.
Write me sweet and gentle words for me please, remember "the woman to love ears".
I will wait your letter and miss you.
With things about you,sincere your Tatyana

Letter 10

My dear,
I not have possibility to write you because the Internet-cafe doesn't work also I to write to you now from tourist agency now.
My manager very much has helped me .
He has included my phone you can call me now I to have tickets!
I reserved tickets and my departure from Moscow on Thursday evening!
My manager give you the information on my flight write to he on e-mail or call on phone.
I pass preliminary control on customs and I should have 2000 euro cash it is the law, after act of terrorism in airport Domodevo I think you know about it.
Without this money the customs won't let out me from Russia.
These are very big money for me and I not have this money.
I call my mum and she has sent me the last 500 euro.
I need in 1500 euro, without this money I can't fly to you. I do all i'm can for our meet.
I buy tickets and I will fly to you on Thursday, if you help me.
I will return to you money as soon you a meeting me in the airport.
I won't be expenditure your money, I should show on customs what to have cash.
Excuse me what not to tell you earlier about it, but I didn't know this law.
My manager will help us to be together. You can send 1500 euro to my manager.
You should make it faster because I to have a departure on Thursday!!
I hope that you the serious man and we will be together!
I to want hear your voice please call to me.
I will wait your answer and I hope you can help me for our meeting.
Only your Tatyana