Scam letter(s) from Anna Razumova to Claude (Brazil)

Letter 1
Hello my dearest Claud!!! Well hello, how are you doing on this wonderful afternoon?:) I am very pleased this afternoon, as I have got your letter and it has made me very happy:)))
You seem to have a way in making me happy. Why? Is just because you seem to be such a remarkable man. I am so very lucky to have found such a person as you are. Being sincere with you and having a desire not to have any misunderstandings in future communication I want to explain to you that I am using the firm to translate your letters and mine, as i don't know any other languages except Russian and Ukrainian and I don't have Internet access. Hope that it won't be an obstacle for you, as it is not for me. I know that I should learn English, and I wish to do so, but I have never got a chance. When I will have financial opportunity I will learn and I am sure I will learn fast as I am a very good and dedicated pupil. I have only a mother, because my father left us when I was a little child. I have never seen him. As I know he lives in Russia and has his own family. I don't blame him, but I saw how hard it was to my mother to grow me up alone. When I was 16 years old, my mother met a man who name is Pavel. Now they to live together , and I'm so glad knowing that she is happy now. He cares about her and supports her, I see how much he loves my mother, and I really happy about them. I have a question for you, darling, do you believe in dreams you have at night? As for me I believe and not because somebody told me that dreams say the truth but because I made sure in it for my own! I had a strange dream this night, it was me and you in it and we argue about something, and our argue was so laud and emotional that I even woke up at night,I was so sad that we had a quarrel but then I remembered that if in your dream you argue with somebody this means that in reality you will have a strong friendship and the harder you argue the stronger relationships will be between you. And you know,my darling,we had such a bad quarrel in my dream that in reality we have to be really happy together! So I fall asleep again in a very good mood:) I really need to have a strong loving shoulder, as even being strong I am staying woman and want to be weak and cared about sometimes. I really do love hearing from you, you have such a wonderful spirit. I really do hope that you liked the picture I sent you:))) Have a nice day! I really glad to meet you:)Hope to hear from you soon:)))
Letter 2
Dearest Claud, i have borrowed some money to write to you at least this letter . I am sorry for the situation that has occurred. I really was using the service of translation agency as my level of English is low and was paying, but just right now I have financial problems(our administration at work does not pay off our salaries in time) and I just could not pay for future letters. I am not asking you to pay, but if you can I will really appreciate this, dear Clau. I got so attached to you and I have so special feelings to you and I really want us to be able to communicate further .I want to continue our relationship and I want it to grow into something ****** and serious.
Also I use the service of translation company as they also provide Internet access along with translation so it is very convenient for me to use, as I come from work receive the translated letter and write a reply in a paper and leave it to the translator and she translates and sends it out. I know that translations are free in lost of web sites, but they are very poor - most of the on-line translation softwares translate just words, not considering the context of the sentence, agency that I use propose professional translation of correspondence, text, documents, etc. My honey, I'm waiting for your reply and I hope so much that you will be able to help to pay for service of translation agency. I have asked translation agency to send you their price list , which you can see at the attached file. I'm missing you so much...
Have a nice day! I miss you very much and wait for your reply:)
Forever yours Anna
Letter 3
Dear Sir. First of all, we want to clear for you that we are a translation service and our service consist of translation and printing your letters to your lady, when reply is ready, we translate and print that letter for you and send it to your e-mail address. When your account is over we send you a detailed report of your expenses and your balance. Here is the price list (in United States Dollars) of possible options in paying for correspondence: 1. We can offer you "Unlimited correspondence":

- one month "unlimited correspondence" - 150 USD
- one month "unlimited correspondence" with printing and scanning photos - 200 USD
- two month "unlimited correspondence" - 250 USD;
- two month "unlimited correspondence" with printing and scanning photos - 350 USD

2. We can offer you "Letter by letter" translation: - translation and printing of one letter - 5 USD
services of translator - 4 USD;
Internet services - 0.5 USD
printing of a letter - 0.5 USD
- scanning of one photo- 2 USD
- printing of one photo - 3 USD Payments can be maid directly to the company(by Western Union, Money Gram or bank account) or in the name of your lady and she will receive the money and pay the fees. Please note that bank transfer will take about 4-5 days to come to Ukraine. Western Union and Money Gram transfers can be received within an hour from the item you have sent it. For example, if you choose sending money through Western Union and Money Gram on the name of your lady in your documentary you have to write: name of the receiver: Anna iLiyano
address: Syvorova pereylok, 15
zip code: 49000
city: Dnepropetrovsk
country: Ukraine

Then you should pass the following information to us and so can give it to your lady to be able to receive the transfer - it should be your full name, country of residence, amount of money that are sent and Money Transfer Control Number, that you will be given at the Western Union Department or secret code that will be given to you at the Money Gram, after you have made the transfer. Also you can go to the or and can send money using credit card on-line. Feel free to contact us at or this address. We are glad to assist you and your lady Anna. Waiting for your further information and hope for our future cooperation. Sincerely yours,
Miroslava Kiwalowa,
translation agency
"Profesiynuy pereklad"
(professional translations).
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