Scam letter(s) from Inga to Daan (Netherlands)

Letter 1
Hello dear daan! I am glad that we can begin to communicate with you. To me, this first experience on the Internet and I'm glad that I can correspond with you. To be honest I do not really imagine how to begin my letter. But it seems to me that I should tell you a little about me and my family:) As you already know I live in the country of Russia, in city Ivanovo, you ever heard anything about this city? My childhood and youth was in Russia. Here I finished school.
And just received a higher education. I graduated from the faculty of architecture. But unfortunately here I can not find a job in my field because a creative work is not in demand here in my city. That is why I work here in the cafe as administrator, I am not very interested in this job but I have to work, because i have something to live. I live with my mother and grandmother after the divorce of my parents.
To be honest, I dream to go to another country and start a new life because i don't see life perspective here.
Tell me a little about you family and life, I am very interested in this!
You might also want to know why I'm looking for my second half here.
To this are many reasons, first in my country is very difficult to find a decent man who will respect woman, because There is no respect for women as in west country's, historically the mentality of Russian men. Secondly, I want to try something new and I think that the Internet is the best way to make new acquaintances. This method I advised from my girlfriend who already lives abroad with her husband and they are very happy together.
And I decided to try my fate and find happiness here.
I feel that I need drastic changes in my life because I feel the emptiness inside my soul. I sincerely hope that all is not in vain. I also would be interested to know the reason why you are a registered here? If you do not mind I want to ask you some personal questions.
Were you ever married, and how you treat to children? And are you ready to have children? Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself, but I think that we will find a common language, and maybe something more:) I'll wait for your answer with impatience.
Your new friend Inga
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