Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Belyanina to Paul (England)

Letter 1
Hello my love and (very strongly I hope!!!) the future husband Paul!!!
I at all do not know how to begin the letter. As you already know - today there was my interview in embassy. Today on interview I "have been simply killed"!!! I now shall tell all to you, my love Paul.
And I ask you!!! - read the letter attentively, and try to understand me!!!
My interview began at 09.30 o'clock. Though should begin at 09.00 o'clock. At us in Russia constantly all affairs made at the wrong time!!! But in it there is nothing terrible. I have gone through it!
Interview all the same began. I and 11 more person were in reception of embassy. I have gone on interview of the third under the account. I very strongly worried and afraid of this interview!!! Managers of embassy have started to set to me many various questions. But I was ready to these questions. I answered very adequately!!! Managers of embassy have told, that all is good. My visa have approved!!! I was really very glad. I wanted to run at once in the Internet of cafe to inform you this good news! I was so happy, that have overlooked about the following procedure!!!
Then I have gone to another cabinet in which reserve tickets aboard the plane. There as there was a manager of embassy. It was very lovely girl. It was easy for me to communicate with this girl. First of all, she began to ask me, whether all my documents are ready - documents that I could travel in England. I have told, that all is good! And I can fly to you, my love Paul. We very lovely talked to this girl.
And in our conversation very serious problem about which I did not know earlier "has emerged"!!! It appears to me it is necessary to have at itself cash to take off from Russia. About it of me who did not warn earlier. And the sum of "cash" - 1500 euros. When I have heard this news to me it became very bad. Managers of embassy have brought waters, and have calmed me. I was simply in a shock!!! I have asked embassy to contact agency through which we have got acquainted. I wanted find out why me have not warned. Managers of agency have told, that warned me. This rule has been written in the contract which I concluded with agency. This point was in the contract! Probably I have not noticed it. You, my love Paul, should understand me. You saw how strongly I worried! I ask you to forgive me for my offence!!!
I as have found out for what was necessary to have so much money, at a start from Russia. It appears, this money confirm that I can contain myself (to pay for an apartment to eat, pay for travel, and another) first time in the another's country. If I shall not have this money, me will not release from the country. I speak you fairly! You knew, that I never deceived you, and I do not gather it make never. I did not want to ask yours the help. For this reason I have not written to you the letter at once after ending interview. I simply was afraid to make it!!! I till now very strongly am afraid of your reaction. But I continue very strongly to hope that our love to each other can overcome all obstacles!!! I very much hope for it!!!
First of all, I have gone to the Internet of cafe to contact my parents. I wanted to ask their help. I as have asked the help not only for the parents, but also at girlfriends. I have carried out some time in the Internet of cafe. I waited for the letter from the parents.
When I have received the letter I have begun to cry. My parents have no money to help me. Parents simply do not have money in general. As my girlfriends can help nothing to me. I have left from the Internet of cafe, and for a long time cried. I did not know, that to me make.
Paul, understand!!! - I really did not know, that I will need additional money - cash. I did not know, that I will need to have 1500 euros. If I knew about it I all over again would discuss this question with you, my love Paul. I thought, that I should receive only the passport for travel abroad, make the visa, and buy tickets.
On it I had money!!! I spoke you about it. And I did not ask you the help to arrive to you. I thought, that all will be much easier! But I was mistaken …
I as have been very strongly surprised with that tickets aboard the plane cost is very expensive. I have asked, why so!!!??? Managers of embassy have explained to me, that cost of tickets aboard the plane, still includes insurance. This insurance as is necessary to sit in the plane. This insurance costs 315 euros. On this insurance at me is money. I took little bit more money, than it was necessary for me. And with insurance I can solve this problem!!! But to take off to you, I should have 1500 euros - NECESSARILY. It very strongly upsets me as I have no this money!!!
I spoke managers, that this money are not necessary for me. I spoke, that I fly to loved to the man, to the future husband - to you, my love Paul. But managers of embassy have told, that it is a rule of agency, through which I made all documents. And the contract cannot be broken!!! Paul, I really very much love you, and I want to be with you. I very much want to begin a new life with you!!! I want to execute all our dreams of which we dreamed! To me who is not necessary in this world, except for you! My heart belongs only to you to one. I speak you it in all sincerity! You and know it, is not that so??? I all life searched for the man which I shall grow fond so strongly, and I have found are you, my love Paul. I was really very happy, knowing, that we very soon shall together. But now I on half of way to you. We are protected from each other only by one problem - cash. Our happiness is prevented only by this money. I ask you to help me with this problem. I know, that you worthy the man!!! And I am sure that you will not throw the beloved (me) in a difficult situation. You will help me to find exit, whether not so???? As I should show this money (1500 euros) only!!! I shall not spend this money. In it there is no necessity. I shall bring your money with myself!!! As soon as I shall arrive to you I shall give you your money. I promise you it!!!
Understand me correctly!!! I saved money, on which I now arrive to you, very long time - 1 year, or even is more!!! 1500 euros are big money for me, and my family. I cannot independently find money. At present I ask yours the help!!! I ask, that you have helped me!!! I ask you, my love Paul - the help to me!!! If you can help me I shall arrive to you the very first flight of the plane. I very much want to arrive to you, my love Paul. You are necessary for me in this life!!! I very strongly am afraid, because of this problem, to lose you. I do not want to lose you!!! I love you, and I want to be with you!!! I want to begin a new life with you, and only with you!!! Now all depends only on you, my love Paul. I can hope only for your help!!! I shall finish the letter. And with the big impatience to wait for your letter, and your ideas, concerning this situation …
I strong whole also embrace you, my future husband Paul!!! --------
Your true love and future wife (I very hope!!!) Olga.
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