Letter(s) from Anastasia Belyanina to Mike (Germany)

Letter 1

Hello. Thanks for your message. I hurry up now. I will give you mine email - vasilevav@ymail.com. The Best regards

Letter 2

pleasant to receive your letter. I recogniset I worry a little. ))))
As I am not familiar with you enough. But I hope we `ll soon get acquainted).
I do not know what to write to you. I had no correspondence in the past.
I am afraid to seem vulgar or silly. I regret for some mistakes in words.
I can use some words incorrectly. Forgive me. English language is not native to me.
I have studied English language at school and university.
I was taught in university . it seemed to me to these yesterday. Time is ruthless, unfortunately.
I will be grateful to you if you tell to me about my mistakes of spelling in words. I can improve the English language.
I hope we `ll not have a problem in dialogue.
So, I think it will be interesting to you to see me. I send you my photos. I hope you `ll not be strict to my photos. These are photos from New Year and last summer in Sochi.
Well, I think it will be interesting to you to find out about me directly.
I`m 36 yrs . I was born in October, 2nd 1974. My growth 5,7 or 170 sm
You will see all in photo))
So, I `m a lonely. I was not married. I do not have any children.
I do `t smoke, and I do `t drink some alcohol. As I care of my health.
I `ll rejoice, whether you write to me about you directly.
What your hobby? You were married? Where you studied? Where are u works? I `ll be glad to find out about you more))
I think my letter will arrive up to the end for today.
I `ll wait yours for the letter. I will answer your letter as soon as I can.
best regards

Letter 3

Hello Mike,
I`m glad to receive your letter. It `s a pleasant surprise for me.) I live in the city of Izhevsk, in Russia. You know something about my city? I listen to music in my free time (it depends on the mood, I listen to what music), I like aerobics, jogs to prepare. I `m a Christian, I trust the God.
I love sports meets, meets, there is also a long walk, and I think the main thing personally - health. Thus I do not smoke, and I do not drink, in a word, I - a healthy kind of a life. I am a romanticist, silent and peace. I am independent, and I feel great, capable to adapt to the various situations counterbalanced and sensitive. I appreciate comfort, and the house life means much for me. I search for the person through the Internet, not for the friend on the correspondence. I search for the good person who can love and care of me with whom I could divide the majority of private thoughts. Because we can speak about all here. I can tell my sincere thoughts. And you can tell to me about all. Mike, I think, that you write with full gravity and do not wish to play with things and ideas. I write to you with full gravity, I hope for your understanding. I search for my half of heart, which knows how to respect and care the girl.
partner with heart which does not wish to disappoint me. person who possesses good conversation and sense of humour. Someone which I can hold softly and to be the darling to the one who receives love and returns her. Certainly, I understand, that ideal people do not exist. I hope you receive more than the work, the hobby, the city. What your first impression about me? I `ll try to write to you often. I with impatience wait for your letters!
I `ll be glad to receive your new photos.

p.s I too think, that wedding it not the main thing, it only formality. If people can be together why documentary support is necessary to it?

Letter 4

I am glad to see you again. hello Mike!
I read and I write answers to your letters independently. I have no house computer, I can write to you only when I on work. I could not be registered from Russia, and my friend Anna have advised to try to be registered with other country. I do not wish you to deceive. I also appreciate honesty in people. I liked your photos. You look perfectly well. I wish to clear a little conversation on belief in the God. I trust the god, but not churches. The church became similar to the commercial organisation which extorts money from people in the form of donations and the help.
I suppose, I waited for your letter))). I was glad to receive your letter. As each woman loves attention.
Though you have a little written, but to me it is pleasant. I not an exception.
But I do not like lewd attention. You understand me? I often see lewd men.
And I do not communicate with them. Probably, therefore I am lonely. Many men do not respect and do not care of the women.
On it I have decided to go all over the world. I am romantic.
I think that use of very romantic letters. It reminds me of ancient times.
When people are copied through mail of a pigeon. Each letter was the long-awaited message.
I think, that it is romantic. What do you think of letters?
It is amusing to have correspondence with you.
Probably it - because you have on the other hand a planet?))))))))))), and we can learn about the friend the friend as new continent?
I find interesting to learn about you. I wish to study some of problems if you allow me?
Mike, I am interested in how your friends name you? What do you have a nickname?
I do not have nickname. But my colleagues named me Oksana. I work in the insurance company.
I love the work because, it gives me a lot of dialogue with different people.
I studied in Izhevsk the State Technical university at Faculty "Economy and humanities". Has finished IZHGTY in 1997. I have studied 5 years for this purpose.
I studied well, I only have received a good estimation.
I do not have work for my speciality, but I will not grieve for the future. I believe, that all will be fine!
But I do not have friend to whom I can tell the most close thoughts.
I do not have friend who understands me, except my friends. I had friends in the past.
But we communicate very infrequently now. We studied together at university.
We have a majority of amusing girls. It seems to me, that it was very recent. I do not have considerable quantity of my photos now.
But I will send some of the photos now. I hope, that it will receive your photos also)))))).
Our communications - great pleasure for me.))) I have presented, as our conversation would consist in if we spoke with a tea cup.
You drink tea? Probably coffee? Probably our dialogue not could last longer than some phrases when we have met personally.
As I am a little timid to speak with the stranger in the street. And is possible we did not see each other in crowd.
And our letters allow us to know each other better.
Mike, I should go now. But I cannot. I wish to write you something else about me to directly and my life. I am interested in what you do now?
I hope you will use the Internet now. I will go now. I send to you two cups of tea behind our full pleasant conversation))))))))).
Yours Oksana.

Letter 5

hi my friend Mike!
Thanks for ur letter. How are you? I hope All well. I trust appendix to the person which is you, long communicate with it
Also spend time, and it is already heavy to imagine a life without this person. And kiss very much, I love, but only with the loved person. I - like dishes the majority of fish. Yes, I like to go to campaign and fishing. In the summer we are frequent with friends, we go on campaign.
I have received your photos. On them you look the cheerful and taken place man. I am glad, that you are frank and fair with me. It is really a shame to me with Russian people. It is unpleasant to me to realise that in other countries there is an impression that Russian women swindlers and cheats. I am very amazed to quantity of compliments which you have presented to me. I see, that in your life was a lot of interesting, career growth and falling, but without a thing it the life hardly would be cheerful. You have begun conversation on a family. I can tell to you a little about the family:)
I will be glad to tell to you about a family. Mike, I have already told to you, that I have a family. I have mum and daddy. They live in a city of Sochi. And I have sister Irina. I will be glad to tell about mum. My mather ` s name - Olga, 61 years, she worked as teacher.
My father Alexey, 79 years, worked as engineer. They pensioners now. My mum always said to me I `ld find such person who `ll be valid to love.
I think, that between the woman and the person, there there should be only love relations. It `s not necessary to get married or married only on these who at that from pair is many money or the big house. It is not important in relations. I think, that the most important which should be present between the woman and the person, is only LOVE. Relations at all cannot be played. It is impossible to play the person. As the person can place a deep wound in a shower.
And then it or it can take offence at the world and when will not find second half. These serious games, heart of the person can break. I think, that money or that is another, in personal relations does not matter. The most important thing - LOVE. Here it should be present between the woman and the person. Even if the person not in a condition to love, but it has such quality - Love. That it in desire will reach very much and will love fairly. It is necessary to have only such quality - Love. If to have it in relations, probably to reach very much. My friend Mike. it will be pleasant to me, if you tell me to it that you think of my words and your opinion concerning it. I will be glad to learn about it from you.
Here it seems, that time has come to finish the letter. Time has departed imperceptibly.I `ll stop to write letter now, and I `ll look forward to hearing from you. Mike, I `ll send you my photos. These are photos - me and my sister Irina when I visited my family in Sochi in the summer. Mike, I hope you `ll send me photos with your family.
I `ll wait your letter.

Letter 6

Hello my dear. I can tell with all sincerity, that each your letter is a case to my pleasant mood in all day!!! I cannot pay attention to troubles to work. I have a pleasant weather in my Soul.))) me, it is pleasant, if you have a good mood from my letters. Each your letter is a particle you. And it is pleasant to learn to me about you.
It is pleasant to me to hear the new nickname. you can write to me in German. I understand German also. They are similar and conformable with English. I even can speak in German. At institute we studied two languages. In Russian the darling sounds as e?aeiue or ai?iaie . I thank you for your soft kisses. To me really it is very pleasant:)
I have read the book "King Arthur". You read this book? Not to love me a scene of duels in this book.
But it was pleasant To me romantic plots in this book. To me loved in knight Lancelort of a manner of dialogue.
I represented me the princess. I read about creation of noble tournaments for a gain of heart of the princess.
Hundreds brave knights wished to reach a hand only one beauty. Books - my private world. I like to read the book.
Possibly, it because I do not have any sufficient dialogue in my life. I wish to communicate with the unique person.
Romanticism - an inseparable part me. I see world dark blue eyes of the romanticist.
I think, that each girl deserves not the knight for a life, but nobly represents interests of the beloved.
I understand that a life it not the book. But we can bring romanticism elements in a house life.
Everyone our next day should begin with good mood.
Also it would be pleasant to make to me a breakfast and coffee for my loving person.
It, not because I wish to like, for this reason which to me I is sincerely pleasant to care to half of heart.
Unfortunately, I do not have any half. But I the optimist!
And I do not stop to search and hope. My girlfriend says, that it is my distinctive character trait from all other people.
Each my new day begins with morning aerobics and warm-up of my body.
As I am assured, that the beginning of my day will influence all the day long, till the evening.
It is pleasant for me. I look assured, that the girl should pleasantly for eyes as the princess. It only occurrence of the person.
I regret for people who has conclusions about the person on its appearance. I am assured, that the person at heart!!!
And we can open only to the sincere interlocutor. On it we should be in the greatest possible degree sincere in dialogue with you.

I can tell about the childhood. I think, that you can estimate me from the very beginning of my creation as the Person.
And it has mentioned my development. The age of the child is subdivided till September and after September.
I will explain. On 1st of September the Russian child goes to school.
It is the Russian holiday of knowledge. Children of your country go the same day? I do not know about your similar holiday.
Children go to school after achievement of 7 summer age. Training of the child begins with 7 summer age.
But my mum did not have any possibility of supervision about me.
And me have sent at school at 6 summer age. I was a considerable quantity of younger messmates within 1 year.
I was happy!!! It was my first day of my training! My mum has presented me the big white bow for my hair.
I on a smog to forget my gratitude and sincere love to my mum!
I have gone to school with a huge bouquet of yellow tulips. This bouquet has closed me completely!
My white bow has been noticed because of a huge bouquet of yellow tulips. I looked amusing.)))))
I was happy in the childhood! I can describe the modest and happy childhood very long.
In the following letter I will write to you about my childhood more.
I am capable to write to you about each sad and joyful basis of my life.
To me it is pleasant, that you read and represent me. How your childhood has lasted?
It would be pleasant to hear to me about your childhood. You were the disobedient or silent child?
To me the one who is pleasant to write to the person, listens to me.
And I like to listen, who speaks with me. You seem me sincere. It would be pleasant to receive to me your photos in each your letter.
And I will send the photos also but if you send also.

Well. I will finish the letter today. It will be pleasant to learn to me about your basis.
What did you do today? I ask to smile always when you recollect me.

Letter 7

Danke fur eure Schreiben! Hallo meine lieben,
Ich bin froh uber Sie gelesen. Ich kenne viele Ihrer Briefe. Ich bin froh, um Ihre Briefe immer zu sehen.
Ich versuche, euch ofter zu schreiben. Aber ich war machtlos wahrend langer Zeit. It `s schade. Aber wir konnen, dass wir )))))).
Es gibt ein russisches Sprichwort: «Wir sind so reich, dass wir!» Sie verstehen diese Aussage? Sie haben Aussagen in Ihrer Kultur?
Sie konnen schreiben Sie mir etwas? Ich werde jubeln ))))).
Ich wollte Dir schreiben Morgen. Aber ich, die Arbeit zu beschleunigen. Ich wachte um 5.30 heute. Ich mache Fruhstuck fur mich direkt an.
Ich wollte mit Ihnen teilen, aber du warst nicht neben )))))). I - die vorbereiteten Salat, haben Frucht, grun Rupturen Tee gewaschen.
It `sa bescheidenen Fruhstuck.))) Ich war auch gewaschen Fruhstuck. Meine Kollegin Anna hat gebeten, ihr auf der Arbeit mindestens 1 Stunde zu ersetzen.
Sie sah das Kind in einen Kindergarten. Ich helfe ihr, wenn ich kann. Es hat noch keinen Ehemann. Sein Freund hat Anna geworfen, als er erfuhr, dass sie schwanger ist hat.
Es passiert oft in Russland. Alle Kollegen ihr helfen. Ich habe kam fruh zur Arbeit.
Mein Arbeitstag war normal. Meine Arbeit mit diesen 8,00 von 19.00 Uhr habe ich abends ab 12.30 Uhr von 14.30 Uhr.
Fotos, die auf einer Eisbahn haben im Februar dieses Jahres wurde gemacht. Ihre Kinder in Fotos sind charmant. Ich mochte zu ihnen den guten Freund, wenn irgendwann komme ich zu Ihnen.
Ich wollte Ihnen wahrend langer Zeit uber die Kindheit zu erzahlen. Meine Kindheit war in Sotschi. Sehr schone Stadt.
Viele Kinder waren in meinem Hof. Und wir spielten sehr oft zusammen. Ein gutes Klima. Wir liefen am Ufer des Meeres. Und wir gesammelt und gerettet cockleshells Quallen. Die Wellen sind im Herbst viele Quallen an Land auf dem Seeweg Stimmen. Wir gingen und sammelte noch leben Quallen, und zuruck ins Meer entlassen. Einmal wurde ich von einer Qualle gestochen. Ich habe in ein Krankenhaus mit einer Allergie bekam. Aber sobald ich wieder habe ich wieder an der Kuste weg. Diese Kinder ist Unsinn, gut zu sein auch nach mit Ihnen schlecht behandelt. Aber es war mir ubertragen weiter. Erinnerung an diesen Fall habe ich Verstandnis dafur, dass nicht immer schmerzlich, weil so wollen. Da die Quallen gestochen hat mich, wenn ich gerettet, ihr ein Leben. Auch kann und die Person nicht erkennen, dass nicht schmerzhaft. Aber in Zukunft wird er dankbar sein))

Ich vermiete Wohnung fur mich jetzt in Ischewsk. Es ist ein altes Mehrfamilienhaus auf 5 Etagen. Es hat wahrend Bord des Prasidenten Chruschtschow errichtet worden. Nicht so gunstig. Aber es ist billig, die mich veranlasst. Ebenfalls in der Nahe parken, in denen ich wahrend Wochenende mit den Freundinnen zu Fu?.

I `ll schlie?en den Brief zu kaufen. Ich werde auf deinen Brief warten.
Mit freundlichen Gru?en Oksana

Letter 8

Hallo mein lieber Mike!

Ich bin wirklich froh, Ihnen den Brief erhalten! Es beeinflusst mich sehr gut! Meine Seele wird froh fur sie: Wenn ich Nachrichten lesen.
"Wir sind so reich,!, Dass wir" Dieses Sprichwort bedeutet, dass wir nicht schatzen, dass wir haben, finden Sie mit allen von uns verloren wir zu denken beginnen.
Ich verstehe Ausdruck "Schmetterlinge im Bauch":) das einzige, was ich zu sagen, Schmetterlinge im Bauch nur geschehen, bei Frauen wunschen:) Aber auf jeden Fall verstehe ich, dass ich nett zu dir bin. Daran habe ich nicht denke, dass neue Wohnung zu nehmen, es ist teuer genug ist, und ich habe keine Mittel fur diesen Zweck. Ich mochte lernen Sie ein wenig in Russisch zu sprechen. Zum Beispiel das Wort "Liebling" klingt, als lybimaya oder dorogaya:)
Heute hatte ich sehr guter Tag fur mich. Ich hatte eine gute Stimmung. Wetter auf der Stra?e war Solar und klar. Wenn ich sehe, dass Ihr Schreiben, kann Waschen Seele zu erfreuen!
Ich denke, dass Sie die gleichen Gefuhle empfinden wie ich ich jeden Brief zu schreiben, Sie sehr vorsichtig, ich sehr viel, denke, dass ich schreiben kann Ihnen jeder Zeit! Es wird durch eine gro?e Freude gemacht, wenn ich schreibe fur Sie! Heute auf meine Arbeit Ich dachte, die meisten unserer Korrespondenz. Ich dachte, die meisten Ihrer Briefe fur mich. Jede Minute, wenn ich auf der Arbeit war. Ich wollte die Arbeit zu unterbrechen und zu prufen, bis mail. Aber mein Chef ware nicht froh, es. Deshalb habe ich fur Sie bis zum Ende des Arbeitstages als erschienen ist eine freie Zeit geschrieben. Ich wollte nach Hause gehen zum Abendessen haben. Aber dann hatte ich nicht die Moglichkeit, Ihnen zu schreiben heute. Ich denke, dass Sie sich nicht freuen, ob ich hungrig zu schreiben.))) Ich bin jetzt sehr mude und ich sammeln Hause. Ich mochte in add:) dieses Schreiben, das ich schicke Fotos.
Mit freundlichen Gru?en Oksana

Letter 9

Hallo meine lieben Mike.
Sie reprasentieren nicht, wie ich Deine Frage ist wieder glucklich. Ich bin Ihnen sehr dankbar fur Ihre Beziehung zu mir. Ihre Briefe sind sehr teuer fur mich. Wie mir so nie betrifft nicht, wie Sie mich betreffen. Obwohl zwischen uns so gro?e Entfernung und wir dich nie gesehen. Du sollst mir die kurzen Briefe nicht schreiben. Ich lese jeden deinen Brief mit dem Genuss. Ich habe aus dafur ein wenig gescheitert dass die Russischen Sportler die Medaillenplatze nicht eingenommen haben. Im Russischen gibt es keine Artikel. Ich will dir sagen dass du mich die Prinzessin nennen kannst, und ich ganz nicht gegen wenn wirst du mein Prinz! Heute hatte ich einen Schlaflosigkeit nachts, ich konnte nicht einschlafen auf jeden Fall. Fur mich Gewinn verschiedene Gedanken. Gedanken uber die Zukunft, die Vergangenheit zu erinnern. Ich auf den ersten Blick Ihnen und unseren auf die Korrespondenz. Ich habe nicht bemerkt, wie eingeschlafen.

Am Morgen habe ich die Katze geweckt. Sein Name - Murka. Ich wusste nicht, Ihnen zu schreiben uber sie. Ich habe Lust, mit Ihnen uber ein beliebtes Katze zu schreiben. Es hat mir von meiner Lieblings-Freundin, als sie noch ein wenig vorgestellt. Murka, sehr schon, hell und freundlich. Murka ist es angenehm, mit einer kleinen Kugel zu spielen. Sie alle Zeit lauft auf das Haus, wie die Wahnsinnigen. Bereits Zeit hatte, um zwei meiner Vasen, meine Lieblings-Klette, die mir von meiner Mutter vorgelegt worden brechen. Aber ich alle gleich liebt. Murka als kleines Kind. Alle Zeit zu Zeit sollte es nach gereinigt werden mussen. Manchmal komme ich nach Hause von der Arbeit der mude. Ich gebe in das Haus, und ich sehe, dass in dem Haus die volle Unordnung. Und sie erfullt mich und fangt an zu schnurren. Danach in mir, es wird empfohlen. Und alle schlechten Gedanken auf ihr zu verschwinden. Bei mir ist es schlecht ist, oder wenn ich krank bin, legt sie sich dicht an mich. Und danach wird es mir viel besser. Sie la?t mich nie, wenn fur mich ist es schlimm. Ich schicke Ihnen das Foto. Um zu zeigen Ihnen, was gut und vorsichtig Katze lebt in mir. Ich hoffe, dass sie angenehm fur Sie ist. Darauf beende ich den Brief. Ich hoffe, dass lange es nicht erforderlich ist mir, dass mit Ungeduld zu freuen von Ihnen zu horen.
Ihre Prinzessin Oksana

Letter 10

Hello my dear Mike! Thanks for your honesty. I am very glad to read your letters. I hasten to come every day on the mail box, then at what your letter cheers me up. Your letter does me happy and gives me hope of very good future. I think liking to you, and it forces me to check the post address in an operating time to receive news from you. I am very grateful to you. I understand very well, and I like to observe your life and your gravity. I cannot tell that I love you, I feel that we are close to each other. I can understand you, I can entrust much. I am always frank and fair with you. I will never deceive you. The most difficult in a life it to gain trust. At school you try to gain trust of teachers through good estimations, among friends you should support them and help, and among enamoured you can make nothing, only to be a number, and you already trust:) Yes, I trust you as the enamoured person. It is pleasant to me to correspond with you. You are very sincere to me and consequently I think that we can have a joint future. I wish to thank you for that that you write now in two languages. Where I do not understand in German I can look English. It really is very pleasant.
I write to you in English because to me really so easier. In my free time go to pool to be engaged in swimming. Sometimes I go with the girlfriend to park, when there is no affairs much. At leisure I try to prepare new dishes. I like to do something new. Today - beautiful day also is many people in city streets. Not coldly snow also falls. It would be desirable as child to open a mouth and to catch snowflakes on language. I went one, thought and dreamt, that who that could go with me nearby, hold me for a hand. I am actually very lonely in the life, and it happens from shortage of mutual understanding between people. People are so insistently in ideas and problems which are sometimes very difficult to reach consciousness of other person. Address to you as it seems, speaks with you as it seems, but with cautious consideration, that we do only the usual offer. Very seldom on a question: "How are you doing?" - we can hear a real situation of things in a life. We never noticed, how some children can be opened? It is so fine. To me it is very pleasant, that you are frank and fair with me. I would like to find the person who will be opened and always will be young soul. And
I think very often on responsibility, that we take, when we begin relations. When people interfere with a life, become friends or enamoured, we bear the big responsibility for the emotional state and the further behaviour of with whom we communicate. Every minute any word can become solving in a human life. Unfortunately, not all understand it so deeply, and many people do not think in general. Human indifference to all except itself - a primary factor which
defines the majority of things in relations of men and women in the modern world. We will make it, and our feelings, but do not notice that happens in a shower of the favourite. I have got tired of this indifference, and I wish to be about the person, you love me, understand me and think of me. I hope, that you understand me and that I write to you. Our correspondence becomes very expensive to me, and I would like to develop our relations in a way of mutual understanding and respect. And I really hope to continue our relations. I believe, that you not against it.
Kind regards.

Letter 11

Hello Mike, I waited today for your letter.
To me it was very pleasant, when saw your new letter. Every day I depend on your letters more and more. Each line of your letter gives me pleasure and a smile. So it is pleasant, that every day I am written by the person who also waits my letter. I thought over your offer to visit me. It has forced to think me, whether it will be convenient you in my small apartment? My house too small. And it will be inconvenient me before you. I would like to visit you, if you not against. I never was abroad Russia. And it would be interesting travel. Speak Germany very cultural country. And I would like to visit you.
I completely agree, that some things can be co-ordinated only at personal meeting. I never you saw, did not hear, but nevertheless you seem me native. All of us not angels, are not present ideal character. And we cannot speak about love only because we do not know each other. Yes I know how old are you, where do you live, as you concern me, but the love does not develop of knowledge. At times it is enough of for love simply to see and to know anything about the person. At times it is not necessary any gifts, that your half knew the main thing how many sugar to put to you in tea. All it develops of trifles, from of benefits and lacks which you can grow fond and will hate. But without lacks there will be no full picture of happiness. Here to you my representation about love.
To me you are pleasant to receive from you photos where I see, that with the family and friends. I hope that I too sometime will get acquainted with these remarkable people.I wish to tell about the usual bottom what occurs almost always. Awakes me my awful alarm clock. Awful, because in it an awful sound. As usually there are 5.30 o'clock in the morning. I placed an alarm clock for insurance, suddenly I cannot wake up, and I will be late for work. I do not want, which have dismissed me. This work satisfies to me. Has woken up, at once has gone a bathroom. It is necessary to put in order personal hygiene. Has quickly made to itself a breakfast. Has given meal to a cat who looked very hungry and at times shouted more loudly than an alarm clock.
Office where there is our insurance company near to the house where I live. But now coldly. I should reach on a trolley bus. Work begins from 8 o'clock, but it is necessary to come earlier to put the documentation in order. From 12.30 till at us a dinner. We with my friend Anna go to a dining room which is near to our office. There it is possible to eat cheaply but it is tasty. We discuss during a dinner work and the house. We share the thoughts. We are very close. After work at 6 p.m I go home. In the winter darkly at this time. Sometimes I come on a way To Anna to play with its child. It cheers up, gives pleasure. As the small person can love you as the friend, to trust you, to share the fears and experiences. It so is pleasant. Children are not able to say lies, they speak that that think. If it remained in adult people. … when I arrive home that I see the house disorder. It is all my cat makes. And it comes nearer to me and looks at me such eyes of pity. I take a cat on hands, and I play with it. I give meal to a cat. I make to myself a supper and I go to bed. And passes almost all my everyday life. Today I should buy gift Anna. At it tomorrow birthday. We are going to congratulate collective her.
With love, Oksana.

Letter 12

Hello my dear Mike! I think that you have correctly understood me, and really we not can sleep together first time. We should learn each other before. Mike I have an offer! What if I will call to you from a public telephone booth? In what language we will speak? I think as English and German will be quite good for our conversation. But all the same in what language it is more convenient to you to speak with me? I would like to know your phone number to call in the near future. I would like to hear though pair of words from you. I think a vocal exchange will translate our relations on higher level.
I thought even of your visiting me. I not against, but also not so want our meeting in Russia. I with pleasure would go to you. I wish to look the world, except Russia I anywhere was not. And for me there would be to appear a huge surprise where-nibul in Europe. Tell to me more about a city where do you live. Sights, people.
Mike for me to find new people uneasy. I modest and timid. Not I can come into with each person contact. I have no man already long time. Especially for limits Russia. After you have written me the first letter I were very happy and in my heart the hope has lighted up. And suddenly it is destiny? And suddenly this interesting and formed man also is what searches for my heart? And I wrote you each letter from heart, shared all thoughts. Told much about itself. I do not have man except you with whom I keep in touch.
I am always fair to you. When I wrote the first letter I have informed you that I do not have children. I do not have more native brothers and sisters except Irina.
Was cheerful enough to see history as you played with boys in football. I can recollect only a similar situation which have occurred to me in January. I as usually went on work. I passed by school, and one of boys has unintentionally got to me a snowball, I was not malicious on him, opposite I was very glad, I blinded a snowball and have thrown in the answer. Snow firing was fastened. I was overflowed by positive emotions. I as the child ran and threw in children snowballs, they made too most. After that I have come for work as after heavy jog out of breath and happy. At times children give to us so much positive thoughts, that you wish to plunge into the childhood. Beautiful and carefree. As it is pleasant to feel itself as the child sometimes.
I have received your photos where you play a golf. I never played a golf. In Russia these sports are not developed. I would like to try to play a golf sometime.
On it I finish the letter. I look forward to hearing.
Your Oksana

Letter 13

Hello my dear Mike. I am glad to receive your letter. It is not a pity that could answer you yesterday more. ???????? was to think over your offer. Such happens seldom, but nevertheless happens sometimes. I am very glad to hear that you are going to come to Izhevsk. My exact address to Izhevsk Dostoevsky With-. The house 10 apartment 5. I will be glad to place you in my modest house. We should move a little, but I hope it there will be no big problem for us. Tonight I will go to the girlfriend, to me joyful news about your visit to Russia would be desirable to share more likely! I love you, I wait a fast reply. While. Yours Oksana.

Letter 14

Hello my dear Michael! I am glad to see your mail today. Yesterday I did not have an access to the Internet and I could not write to you earlier. I thought over that that have written. It sounded easy and openly. I have written I love you. Yes really I feel that between me and you is that that more than friendship. I apologise perhaps I have hurried, but I should tell to you of it. We have agreed to be fair with each other. I have told it. Unfortunately at me is not present mobile and a home telephone number. The unique way of connection remains e-mail. If you give me the phone number I can call to you from a public telephone booth.
I wait for your answer. Your Oksana