Scam letter(s) from Janne Banks to Kevin (USA)

Letter 1

Hello Remember me! You want to hear the truth? Alright the truth hurt you know, because if I had told you the truth right from the start I wont get all those advises of yours, it has taken me this far anyway thanks. I am not what you really feel I am, I'm just a guy who need to make money likewise all those whom you've been victim to but the truth is, I never intend to fraud you because it is not my style and if you feel you meet females from here, it is a ****** lie, you know why because all them girl don't have time to be on the internet rather they'll sell their body for money, if you know what I mean (its just the situation of the country). The time and money to waste wont be an issue. We have a population close to 150million and quarter of those stay in Lagos and the major business avenue is this same Lagos. I think I will end my story here for now, but if you really want detail I will give you all of it. Sorry to have lied, please forgive me ok. I don't expect your reply but better clear my conscience, my country has turn me into this and every other like me, I run an Internet cafÈ with money I got from my pops will yet competition is killing me couple with the fact that school has taken me away from my business and my workers tell me the same stories. Remember that night I was there through the night and you asked me to leave and I told you it was late and I couldn't make it out. Anyway bye and thanks for being there all the while, may God pay in abundances because you didn't give me fish but teach me how to fish, which never give up no matter the situation? If you want my personal data I will give it out willingly, so you know I am not bluffing.
Letter 2

How are you doing? Really don't know how to say this but it won't be known if I don't let it out, You gave different opportunity but it appears I don't have those qualities but I don't know why you keep repeating my mails I figure out if you are truly God sent as my heart keep telling maybe I let it out frankly.
I don't if you can assist my financial status in a way of trust I promise I will return whatever given to me out of trust, I will not betray you.
It is so easy to say, you will think but there is no better way let you know.
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