Letter(s) from Tatyana Malshckova to Gary (USA)

Letter 1

I am happy to be talking to such a nice man, as you Gary! Thank you for your nice letter:-) I hope very much to get know youbetter! I would like to tell you more about myself. I was born on the19 of April, 1982 in Kharkov, Ukraine and still live here. When I wasa child I always wanted to be the one out front - in all child's gamesI had to win. Later on I have understood that it is not the mostimportant thing:-) There are things that mean much more to me - likefamily, love, care. I was brought up in a friendly loving family -unfortunately I was the only child...Things worked out in such waythat my parents could not have any more kids - but they gave all loveand care they had and I really appreciate that I had happy childhood.I also want to have kids - not only one:-) (by the way I have no kidsas i have stated in my profile but really love kids - they are reallyflowers of our life) but unfortunately I have not met such a man tillnow with whom I could have started a family...that is why I am herewriting to you and I see you are here for the same as you are writingto me - right?!:-) I don't really believe in horoscopes or any kind of prophesies - Ijust know that everyone has its second part and when they meet eachother they will know that there he/she is - my second part - my lifetime partner, the love of my whole life. I have never experienced thatin my life, but really want to fall in love with a man and to give himall love and care that I have, my heart, my soul, myself till theend... I am 28 years old and have never been married before - I had twounpleasant experiences in my life with men. My first love - the guywhom I have been dating for about four years, I waited for him when hewas in the army, then turned out to be gay and he was just pretendingto be ordinary man and needed me to cover his real being:-( The secondexperience was with a man with whom I have met in a cafe. We gotacquainted, but have been friends for a while, then step by step wehave started to fall in love with him, were thinking of gettingmarried, then he has disappeared. I was really worried. Then a womanhave showed up at my door - she told me that she was a wife of my manand they had a child. We had a heart talk with her and I haveunderstood everything...she wished me only good thing - she said thatshe does not wish any other girl a life of her's - she knows aboutaffairs of her husband, but can't leave him as they have a son... I have understood then and have decided that if I will get married toman - it will be the man whom I will love and trust more then myself,the one to whom I will dedicated my life, I don't want a career of abusiness lady, I don't want luxury or fame - I want to be ideal wifeand Mom. So this is my life. I have to be going. I wish you to have a nice day and will wait foryour response soon.