Scam letter(s) from Sophia Nyarko to Mac (USA)

Letter 1
this the pics that you ask for and hope you will love them that is my lovely grand mum....she said hi to you ..
Letter 2
thanks for the mail and am very sorry for the late respond i was having problem with my net that is why but hope all is well and hope you are greats as i am here this are some of my mew pics that i took and hope you will like it and will be looking forward to hear from you again have nice day and stay blessed..
Letter 3
thanks for the early reply am very grateful to hear from you and i will like to no more about you if you don't mind .. about your past relationship and also what you are here for ..and i will love to see more of your pics to ..have nice day and stay blessed..
Letter 4

thanks for the pics and i really like them and i will be happy if you can let as have achart on yahoo if you have one so that we can talk much and no more about as well ..
Letter 5
it dose not work you have to get yahoo id couse this will not work here om my yahoo i dont no why add me on an let see ..
Letter 6
that for the request i have accepted it and hope to chart with you soon..
Letter 7
fine deaf am great here and i have being thinking about you dear hope you also great as i am here .....
Letter 8
this is the new pics i took for you hope you will love it ....
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