Scam letter(s) from Nina Starodubtseva to Michael (USA)

Letter 1
Hello, Michael. Nice to hear from you ! Your letter means a lot for me. I can see that you are honest and open minding person. I hope this letter will help you a little to see with whom you have correspondence...
I was born and still living in small town which called Nezhin. It is situated in west part of Ukraine. My date of birth is 05.03.79. I am 31 years old, but I do not have wrinkles to proof it)! I am trying to keep my body and health in good shape! And I hope I do it well! I am heights is 170 cm, weights is 55 kg. When I was junior I dreamed about be actress or top model (xi-xi). But time was showed me that I must to be more serious. More of than I dreamed about Paris, Milan, NYC, and my English was very poor:). But the way, my English is suffering till now:-( I can just to speak on English, but not to write. I use translation service for correspondence with you. I hope you will ok with it. I finished university, oh, it was long ago. For now I work in social air by pension fund. Here not very big salary, but I like to help people. I am trying to do everything for people who need my help. My parents are old, they need pension too. I can not to help them with money. That is why I try to do everything for improvement of pensioner sphere. My parents are living in small village not far from Nezhin. I have very good team on my job, and I like to spend more time in my office, because I do not like return to my lonely apartment! I have apartment on a long lease, and live alone.
Last relationship, yes, I had it. More than 2 years! I was needed so much time to see that he was not my person. I gave him my love and care but he did not need it! And more of that he did not return me any feelings which I need. But the last thing which I did not want understood -he stole all my precious adornment for his lover! In that day I understood that our relationship must to be finished. I do not angry for him, because our past can be hindrance for our future! I still believe that I can meet good person- whom will need my love and whom I can give it in return! I do not believe in fairy tales anymore, because I am not a little girl. I believe that true relationships can be growing from friendship, respect and mutual understanding.
Michael, if you feel desire to write me again, I will be wait for it with a big pleasure. Please, be free to ask me, and remember that I will give you only honest answers. So, please will not ask me about some awkward situation for example: « Dear, how was your first kiss in the morning, when your teeth was not clean? »:) Joking...just be free to ask.. Nina
Letter 2
Hello, my dear Michael ! Thank you very much for your letter and so sweet words to me! I am so happy that you liked my dreams, because I wrote it from my heart.
Dear, you turn me up! I think of you all time I dream about you all nights! What are you doing with me?
I want to take you by your hand and bring you to our bed! I put you on the back and take off all your clothes! Your **** are hard already , but I do not touch him yet. I begin to kiss your wet lips, neck chest... you try to say me something but I do not give you possibility to do it I kiss again your lips..After I take your hard **** in my hands and begin to touch him by my lips, tongue... oh, yes, you like it.. I begin to do perform ********... faster ..faster. You want to kiss my ***** and I seat on your face by my ***** yes, you like it...
do you like position 69... Honey, what are you doing with me? I want to feel your **** inside me... I ask you about , and it!
youfack me slow but with pressure, and faster faster.. your touch my ****** and I am moaning with satisfaction... faster faster ... I say you that I am caming and you say me that you ready too...yes, yes,, we do it, we do it in same time and we are kissing.
Honey! I am crazy about you...
I want to have serious relationship and therefore have to change my life in the near future. So, if it would happen with us, then it must be real deep love and common understanding. Both have to make compromises in order to create a new life. This is really a key question in life and will need both sides to work on it constantly in order to make it happen. I like to get your letters so much, they brighten my day and make me feel very good. I can see that we can be a very good couple as I see your nice personality shines through your words. And I feel very comfortable. Kiss you, Nina!
Letter 3
Good day, sir Michael. We are translation agency which used your Lady Nina for
correspondence with you. At this moment your Lady does not have money
for paying for our translation. That is why we can not translate your
letter for her. You can help her to pay for our service. If you will
want to help her we will send you all necessary information for
helping to your Lady. With regards, TA "Columbus "
Letter 4

Dear sir.
We got your letter. So we gave possibility for her to write you as free of charge the last time. "Hello, my dear Michael!
Since we have agreed about honesty and trust between us, I think that you should know the following. Before being registered on a dating site, I understood that my English language won't allow having correspondence with the foreign man, and I have decided to find a correct way out. Certainly, the best way would to learn English, and would write to you by myself. But, unfortunately, I don't have possibility to start learn English, because English lessons are very expensive for me. Also there was a variant to use mechanical translation in on-line. But, people who work in marriage agency have warned me that mechanical translator can't translate all letter’s nuances, and sometimes even can to deform the sense of the letter, therefore would be much better to get help by the expert . And I have found translation agency where personnel are rendering the professional help to me for correspondence with you. But, I can assure you, here high-class experts are working, and you can not worry about confidentiality in our mails. Here very good collective, they even have understood my position (I don't have possibility to pay an overall cost for their services), and have allowed paying half of cost for the starting... And also they have allowed using their computer and the Internet free of charge (because I do not have PC at home), so I will not have spending for Internet service also.
As far as I know, many swindlers use the Internet for the bad purposes; therefore I have decided not to hide anything from you. I would like that you will know that I will never will fall to level of the swindler, because my parents have brought up me always to be fair and kind with people, and never to deceive anybody. I hope you will understand me. Your Nina" Dear sir. As you can see we are serious agency and we are trying to help people as good as we can. We can to send you the copy of the passport of your Lady. So you could see that your lady is real person.
And we sent you also the copy of our licence. You could see that we are serious agency.
But you must to understand that we are not charitable corporation. If you want to keep correspondence with your Lady, will let us to inform, and we will send you all necessary information for helping to your Lady Nina
With regards, TC
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