Letter(s) from Zuwieratu Abubakari to Vassilis (Cyprus)

Letter 1

Good morning to You My Dear ,
How are you ?.. did you sleep well ?... am doing very good ..
Nice to meet you again ... i just want to say hello to you and to Know how you are doing today , and also what are your plans for today ?.

Kiss and take care .

Stay safe and waiting for your reply soon ..

Thank you .


Letter 2

My dear ,
Thank you so very much about your words and also to your photo, am very glad to read them , you make me smile and also happy with your words, am very very happy to get to Know you and i hope to get to Know you more .
i will send you some other photos more and i hope you will like .
and also , tell me , how is your day going ?.. are you having a good time there ?... the whether here is very nice almost all the time , so am having a good time with my Mother down here ...

now i send you some photos and i hope to read your reply soon ..