Romance scam letter(s) from Elvira Brian to Remy (Sweden)
Letter 1
Thank you for your letter. For the sincerity in your words. Honestly very pleased to receive letters knowing that these letters from far away and writes them to a man for whom I already begin to feel sympathy. Forgive me for my openness in their thoughts and feelings, but as you know I was brought up in an orphanage and taught us there to open your senses and be transparent and forthright. I believe that I was brought up properly. Now I myself am waiting the moment to have children and create around and about them, only love.
I want some of what you say. You know that most people around the world looking for their second half and when they find often happens that they let her, never realizing that they were released? ... If each of us was given a hint more than that next to us was the man whom we can love all of their own lives and not let him go. I think it would affect the history of mankind in its development. Since everything that happens in life has its origins and roots in the love and connection of two hearts. My character is monogamous, and I would be interested to hear your opinion (what you think about it) ........
Exactly one year ago, I had the feeling of love, and as the man that I am by nature a romantic, I gave this feeling 100. My lover seemed to me as I liked. But in fact he had the desire of my presence for the sake of sex. More he did not want in the relationship between us. It hurts now to talk about and remember. Petux, all the time asking me to shoot photos of our sex and my body. I resisted, but he was always frightened me so that leaves me, if I'm not going to let him shoot himself. I have made concessions, it seemed to me for a harmless whim of her husband. But in the latter, he used this video and photos on social networking Internet. After I learned it, can you imagine that happening to me? ... I was crushed, and not long ago I just woke up. I needed the help of a psychologist. I could not cope with such a mockery, and callous nature of his men. He knows that sex and intimacy issues I'm very modest, even with my favorite man. And when I saw your video and pictures on the internet, and I showed them Elona, I naturally was broken. I cried and could not believe what happened. In his defense Petux said he always wanted me to be caught by them in frustration. He wanted to see me in a bad mood. He saw me as the first time, and nothing else when it does not happen to see me this again because I put the point in our relationship with him.
Since a year has passed and I was able to conclude that life can not endure the betrayal and lies from the closest person to me. I will not forgive the betrayal nor when.
Tell me about your failures, that in your life probably just happened as I have ......
I'm ready, more in touch with you and read more of your letters, so I ask you not to stop their emails and keep me happy your responses. I'll be very grateful and will pray for you God.
Sincerely Your friend Tatyana.
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