Romance scam letter(s) from Ekaterina to Geert (Belgium)
Letter 1
My name is Ekaterina. I am from Russia. I am 30 years old. And I want to find love. I saw your profile on a dating site and decided to write to you. I hope you're just looking for love. And I thought it would be nice if we could write to each other. And to begin our acquaintance. I'll wait for your answer. And I'll tell you more about myself in next letters.
Letter 2
Hello Geert!!!
I am very glad to receive your answer. I thought that this would not work and you do not write me. But you wrote, and I'm very happy about that. I hope that we can become good friends and maybe more. You probably have a question, why have I written? I liked your profile. I decided to find love on the Internet. But I do not even know if this is possible. There are many people who found love in Internet. But if we do not find that same feeling that we are looking for. Then we could be just friends. I think it's fine to have a friend in another country.
Today I want to tell you about myself. My name is Ekaterina. I am 30 years old.
I was born on January, 12th, 1981. In city Moscow, in Russia. It is very good city, I live here all life. You can find my city in googlemap. Just a little about me. I do not smoke. and do not drink alcohol but good wine sometimes. I have no children. I love kids, but I do not even know if I want to have their children. I think that I can not understand it, because that is not there right man. My height 175 cm. My weight 52 kg.
As I to you have already told, I search for the love on the Internet. I have got tired to remain one.
And I wish to find the person with whom I will divide all remained life. I never used the Internet for search of people earlier. But I heard much, that it works. Also that many people find the love.
And I as hope, that I can find the significant other. I travel much, I was in many countries of the world. I very much like to learn other countries, other cultures. I could not find the person, here in Russia. And I have decided to find the person abroad. I met many the Russian women abroad which were married for foreign people. And I saw, that they really appreciate female qualities.
Here in Russia it is very difficult to meet the person whom it will be valid to appreciate all qualities of the woman. So, I very much hope, that you search for the same.
Also that our acquaintance will grow every day.
As to my childhood it was enough hard time. But my parents did everything that it was easier.
I have left school with distinction and have then entered the institute. When I have started to study at institute, I have gone to work, to pay any part of the study. My father has died when I was 20 years old. After his death, it was very heavy to pay institute. Also it was necessary to work much. But we with mum kept very much. And I could finish institute and receive an economic education. Now I work on the prestigious company And I receive good enough money. I work for a company "GasProm". You may have heard about this company. We supply gas to Europe, and the next country. I work for a manager and looking for new people and so I am looking for new clients.
For today I can independently live and help mum.
I romantic, cheerful, optimistical, but unfortunately till now the lonely.
Certainly in the life I met set of men, but they sufficed only on romantic meetings. I would like to find the person with whom I could create a family.
I will stop the letter to receive your answer in hope. You are very interesting to me!
I look forward to your reply! Ekaterina. P.s. I hope that my English is understandable for you. I taught this at school and when I was abroad I got a good practice for my English.
Letter 3
Hello Dear Geert!
I am so happy to receive your letter. It was very interesting to me to read your letter.
I very much hope, that our friendship will lead us to more serious feelings. To me really it is very pleasant, that you continue to write to me. And I never thought, that on the Internet I can meet such good person, as you. Today I wish to tell to you a little about my interests. That it is pleasant to me in a life.
I like to listen classic music, pop music, jazz. My favourite writers it Gogol, Bulgakov, Pasternak. My favourite poets Esenin, Pushkin, Blok. I very much like to read verses.
Verses it is my little weakness. You likely heard much about them. From meal I love the European dishes. From wines I prefer the red. As very much I like to dance. Some years were engaged at school of ball dances. I like to look films of genres a comedy, a melodrama, a detective, a thriller, suspens, musical. I do not like to be late, long to wait, miss. I do not love lie, envy, jealousy, greed, hypocrisy, dependence.
In people I appreciate honesty, decency, conscientiousness, tolerance, resoluteness, boldness, fidelity.
I as very much wished to hear, what you like to do at leisure? What do you love from meal, music, films, writers? You like to travel? What do you appreciate in the person? I with impatience will wait for your answers!
I as very much like to travel, always very interestingly to meet other people, to learn other culture. I was in Croatia, on Cyprus, on Island Haiti, in Austria, in Spain, in Italy, in Turkey. Very much it was pleasant to me in Austria and Spain.
As I often should go to Ukraine on work. And I always wished to visit more many countries.
And I know, that I will necessarily make it. Probably then, in the future you want to travel with me. I would be very glad, if you have kept my such company. :-) On it I will finish the letter. I will wait for your answers. I hope, that you liked my letter.
Yours friend Ekaterina.
Letter 4

Hello my dear Geert!
It was very pleasant to me to receive from you the letter. Each your letter for me as if a new breath of fresh pure air.
How your mood? My mood simply remarkable! Today I have met the girlfriend of the childhood whom we did not see about 12 years.
After leaving school she with the parents has left abroad. First time we wrote each other letters, but then communication with her has interrupted.
She told much about herself. Now she lives with the husband and two children in the big beautiful house.
In the evenings they all family gather behind the big table and talk about the past day. On days off leave on the nature or simply cheerfully spend time together. All happens how she and dreamt. You know, I so am glad for her!
The main thing it that at she there is nearby her a favourite person and her fine children! When she told about it, she as if was shone! It so is fine! When she has asked about my private life, I to her have told about you.
That you very gentle, kind, courageous and sympathetic! She as was glad for me! She to me has told, that so many Russian girls who live now abroad, and that they it is really happy. She has told to me, that here in Russia men do not see female beauty, and abroad really appreciate all qualities of the girl. I as many times met abroad many girls from Russia which were as are happy, that have left abroad. I too see, that here in Russia I will not meet the person whom I will love really. Now I understand, that I never and did not love really. Certainly at me were warm and tender feelings to people but when they deceive, it not to name love. And I so wish to learn true love.
I wish to learn and feel this feeling. And I very much hope, that sometime I will fall in love really. I think, that for any person it is very difficult to live without the significant other. But who knows, is possible we after a while we will understand, that we are created for each other. I see in you, only high qualities. And I cannot understand, how such person as you remain so long one. I am very glad, that we became such good friends. And I very much hope, that soon we will more than friends. And I very much would want, that we have met as soon as possible.
Because it is so interesting to me to write to you. It is so pleasant to me to be your friend. And I very much hope, that as it is pleasant to you to be my friend. I live alone in her apartment. And my mother also has an apartment and lives not far from me. On it I finish the letter. And as always, I with the big impatience wait for your letters.
Your friend Ekaterina.
Letter 5
Hello My Dear Geert!!
I am so happy to receive your letter. How your mood? I'm fine. Today I wished to tell to you a little about my mum.
For all life I did not hear from my mum of shout or even conversation on the raised tones. She solved all family questions easy though the father happened sometimes is quick-tempered. But my father as very strongly loved me. And they always wished to give me more the best life, than at them. And I think, that at them it has turned out, because now I can afford much.
My mum had to work much after death of my father. She had to help to me to pay study at institute that I had a good formation.
During this moment it was very difficult to me to see my mum as she tries for the sake of me.
And I so am grateful to her that she has given me all it. And now I try to help her as in everything that she more never had to reflect on money. a few days later her birthday. And I wish to make to her, something very pleasant. There will be a big family supper.
I long thought what to present to my mum. Mum - the loved one, the most native and favourite. The gift for mum should be thought over, here not a place to unnecessary knickknacks. After all the loving person gives only good gifts. But for many years I have presented already much everything, therefore my difficulty at a gift choice quite naturally. Mum is a person who has given me a life. Perhaps you could tell that I can give her?
I have very good news to you. Today I thought of where I can depart to the holiday. I have a holiday for 30 days. And I think, that I could visit you. I think, that you will be glad to our meeting. Tell to me, that you think of it. You would like our meeting?
I think, that it would be good time for us, and for our best acquaintance. You search for the same, as I. We search for love.
And I think, that when we will be a number, we can give to our feelings full freedom. If you are ready to meet me tell to me about it. And we will need to discuss some details. Inform me what you think of my travel to you? I will wait yours for the answer.
It is time to me to finish my letter. I need to buy some products still. I wait for your letter. I do not know, how to you to tell, but it seems to me, that I have fallen in love with you. It is so fine!!! I did not test for a long time such feeling! I already even have forgotten, how much it is fine!
Yours Ekaterina.
Letter 6
Hello My Dear Geert!!
I am so glad to receive your letter. How your mood today? At me very good mood today. Today on work I have decided, that I will take the holiday.
My holiday will be for 30 days. Each time when I take holiday, I try to go to any country to travel. And I wish to arrive to your country.
I very much like to travel. For me it was always interesting to learn traditions of the different people occupying our planet. After all it is very remarkable, when there is a possibility to go to a trip to absolutely other country, where other customs, traditions, other language, other society of people. I think, that it will be a good trip. And good time for us!
I think, that this trip will be for us the good beginning for our feelings. When I will arrive to you, we can see, where it will result us. How you look at it? It seems to me, that it is excellent idea! You only should tell to me, whether I can stop at you in the house? Or I will need to reserve a hotel reservation not far from your house? If you agree to meet me I can start to do all documents. And it will not occupy a lot of time. I very much hope, that you agree with me that it will be valid the good beginning for us and that very soon we can understand, whether is valid we are created for each other. I wished to visit so a long time your country. And now it is so pleasant, that I can visit not only your country, but also you. I with impatience will look forward to hearing from you! I very strongly wait for your letter.
Your friend Ekaterina.
Letter 7
Hello My Dear Geert! I am glad to receive your letter, but I have a small problem I'm facing now and I do not even know what to do. The fact that all my documents are ready. I got insurance, and other papers I had already ordered the plane tickets and paid the money for it. But when I came to get her visa. I passed the interview and then told me that all is well and that I can fly to you. But then I was told that I need to show them the money. I just did not understand what they want, but as it turned out, to enter into your country I want to present 1500 Euro, I do not have to pay the money. I should only show this amount. This as proof that I can spend this money in your country. More accurately called, it's customs. I have a 1150 Euro. And I need another 350 Euro. I do not know where I am now taking the money. The problem is that I had to pay the salary 3900 Euro, but I was told that I later will transfer money to a credit card that until April 3, I will transfer money. I always paid at the time but now it is a problem. And in the visa department told me that I need to bring money to the March 29. I feel very sorry and it is not convenient to you, but I do not know what to do. And it only remains to ask for your help. I very much hope that you will be able to help me with money. I will not need this money forever. As I've said I'll give you your money back. I need the money for only a few days. Forgive me for this letter. I do not know what I'll write you back in this letter. I'll wait for your letter. And I very much hope that our meeting will still take place, and that we have a good time together. I'll give you your money back as soon as I'll be with you at the airport. Since this money is needed just to produce. I am waiting for your letters. I very much hope that our meeting will be held very soon. I love you Geert! With Love Ekaterina.
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