Scam Letter(s) from Evgenia Belova to John (England)

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Letter 1

Hello John!
How are you doing?
I think that you are all well! I ask you that you wrote me more information about yourself.
Before we can know each other more. Generally you want a serious relationship? If so then good.
I ask you that you wrote to me as soon as possible.
I am glad I will answer you and also display photos. Evgeniya!

Letter 2

Hello, my new friend John!
I am very pleased to see from you. And now I have a great desire to start several new types of dating ...
And I hope that during our correspondence, we can get to other good friends or maybe more), who knows, I think You will agree with me ... I am very pleased that a marriage agency in which I asked for help in finding the person with whom I can talk.
And you came to my criteria. I hope you would not mind communication? I really, really want it.
In any case, I am very pleased to learn What you said to me, and we can start our communication.
I think that in this letter I am writing to you at this point you will be interested to know me a little more, and now I'll try to make it as detailed as possible .. and in your reply I'll just hope that you will tell me about your personal life as well .. I begin. My name is Evgeniya. I was born on July 25, 1982 that is to me now 28 years old. My height is 175 cm and weighs 55 kg.
I was born in a town called Ufa. This is a fairly large city, and if you would be interested, you can easily find it on the map ..
My city is very beautiful, especially in the winter it's beautiful. I live with my parents in a two apartment in the city center. I have no brothers or sisters. I just do not have children but I want them to have.
I have no computer at home! I have to write you a letter from an internet cafe.
I work in a local newspaper, advertising manager columns. This work has me completely satisfied.
I came in the morning and come to like all the work. In the life of me happy.
But now I do not have one, it's nice and warm relationships with man, it is desirable that this man was a foreigner.
You may ask, why can not I find a young man in Russia. I will answer you. Because Russia live people who like to fully possess the woman. And women are slaves.
Do you understand me? I have seen many men, and I met many men, and one of the them, I was warm and very good relationship. I thought it was relationship will last forever! But he betrayed me, and I could not forgive him. These relationships was about a year ago. And since I do not trust Russian men. That's why I decided to get acquainted person on the Internet. Maybe you have a question, why I decided to look for another through the Internet.
I recently watched about dating online. They talked about happy couples who found each other at a distance. I am very impressed!
And I decided to try to find a friend, just because I believe in pure attitude!
And that's one of the sites I saw your profile and send you a letter. In my free time I like to read romantic books.
As it is written about love. I also love reading comics. Sometimes at home I listen to music that calms me.
Sometimes I with girlfriends I go to the theater, cinema or museum.
I have many good friends, most of which I am working with the agency. I love to play sports.
Sports help me to be healthy. With sports, I support her body in shape. Last week, I have 3 times in a gym, aerobics do.
When the weather is good, my friends and I love the outdoors. And now I want to ask you some questions.
And I want you to answer them honestly: Your height and weight? Why are you looking for a girlfriend on the Internet?
Do you want a serious relationship? Do you play sports? Have you been girl? Why did you part with them?
It is important to know: how old are you, what city you live as your full name.
And I want you to write in detail about myself. Now I conclude my first letter, and I look forward to your reply.
If you send me the answer, I am pleased to write you my next letter. Once again try to explain about yourself and your life.
Your new friend Evgeniya!

Letter 3

Hello John!
I am very glad to see your message. I am pleased to read your message.
You should know that I want to build a serious relationship, not just friends, but something more.
I hope you still want it).
so I hope that you will treat it very seriously.
Now I want to tell you about my hobbies, and not much about my character. What would you have been able to find out more about me)
start with the fact that I represent from itself, I think that you would be better to know what my friends think of me, because they see me from the side.
My friends say about my personality that I am very romantic and kind man. This view of my friends.
Yes, I really try to be very good and romantic, but I can and get angry when I am wronged. I am very sociable person, I like to speak with a good, smart people.
I appreciate in people honesty, loyalty, understanding, patience and attitude to those around you people.
And what qualities you value in people?
I love sports, keep myself in shape, so I try in my spare time to visit the gym, and gymnastics.
I value health, and therefore do not smoke or drink.
In the evenings, and in my spare time I love to read novels, and instructive book. watch romantic movies and comedies.
What do you do in the evenings?
So I talked about his hobbies, nature).
If you do not understand something then you can ask me questions).
And now I'll wait for your letter. Where I just hope that you can tell about you and about your qualities;)
Your Evgeniya!!!

Letter 4

Hello John!
I'm so glad to hear from you a new letter ... Every day we learn about each other more and more new, and you tell me more and more like it:)
I will again send this letter to my new photo, I hope you liked it.
In this letter I would like to tell my family about my work.
In my family there are three persons, it is with me is my mama and my papa.
Unfortunately telephone for me a very serious problem and I would not very easy to call you, but I think it is in no way affect our fellowship, because we have an e-mail and we can talk there for all our questions.
My mum call Valentina her in 1955, she now works in a hospital nurse, she will soon be a pension, together it lives my dad, he was 60 years old, he retired, he now does not work because of health he was not very good. My dad name is Victor.
I live with their parents in two-room apartment in the heart of the city. I really love my family.
And I, as you know, I told you about this, I work in a local newspaper, the manager on advertising columns, my problem is to calculate and publish a certain number of leaflets, and advertising of various products that would place then this advertisement in the newspapers of the city, or on billboards in our town now! My salary per month is 100 EURO per month. This money is in Russia that would be enough to live.
as you understand I live alone in the apartment, I have to pay for all utilities, and eat, to me it's enough for my life. Because in all of Russia is not very expensive. But wages as you see is not very inspired)
I love working, I can not even live without work, from childhood I always used to be anything to do. Since I was born in the village. And only then we my parents moved to town. Since the village in general can not survive because there is no work, and life is very complicated.
I love my family, my job.
And now I want to ask you about your family. Tell me about your family well).
I shall wait letter from you with impatience.
Your Evgeniya!!!

Letter 5

Hello dear friend John!!!
I am glad that you write again and write me letters. I am so pleased to communicate with you.
The letters which I wrote you I told about my family, about the purpose of his hobbies, work. And I learned a lot about you but we must still learn a lot about each other.
In our communion, in our letters, we must be honest, because the relations between people based on trust and honesty.
I hope that I correctly say?
What is the name of the newspaper where I work? It is simply called "The newspaper of the city Ufa. Why?
Do you know this? What about the fact devstvenitsa or not I am what I am too shy to answer.
But since you and I have no secrets I'll tell you what I devsvennitsa.
What about the gifts that I do not want gifts because I was told that if you send from one country
The Internet is very surprising, because even though we have a case in point, between us with you a very long distance but thanks to the Internet we are able to be in touch, we are able to communicate in spite of the distance that separates us from you.
It is so surprising, because if not then the internet we are able to could not have come across, but who knows, maybe it is fate.
something that we've found each other) but we will not go so far. time will tell us that you are destined).
But you know I've heard that the internet has a lot of deception about the fact that someone is using it for selfish purposes,
And it is very spoiled me feel, I can not understand those people why they do it,
why do people use the Internet that would deceive others people they spoil the relationship between people, it is so awful.
I also heard that there are foreigners who are acquainted with the girls and called them to him, and then forced them to engage prostitution. Because of this I'm going to be very careful, and I will not meet with a man in whom I am not sure and whom I know very badly.
I really like them to share with you my thoughts and think that you are too, please. I ask you that you wrote me!
I'll look forward to your next message.
Your Evgeniya!!!

Letter 6

Hello John!
I am very pleased to see that you think of me and do not forget to write me, I love to see what you think about my opinion which I wrote to you last message.
Unfortunately I do not have enough time to say something to you. I work late and then I go Internet cafes that-be to see your message and reply to you, and then I come home I do what no-whether to eat and go to bed.
Because it the next day I again have to get up early, something would have to go to work.
But I'll try to find a time that, we could talk with you, because, I just want to talk with you.
Today, in my letter I'll send my photo again, and I hope that you will be glad to see him.
So I hope that I can still see your photos).
Dear I would really like to know how you love to spend free time.
I'm quite a cheerful person and love to spend free time with friends.
We go dancing in the cinema, sitting in the garden. But unfortunately this does not happen very often, why it is very much work. And speaking sincerely, then the last time I bring these entertainment less fun, why I wanted to spend their free time c beloved man. For example spend a romantic evening or just walk around the city, watch a beautiful place, but unfortunately I have not found my favorite, I hope that I can find someone with whom I would be interested.
But I can not understand one have such a good man like you, why not girls?
I think that the girls themselves running for you).
What are you looking for in life?
And what sort of girl you would like to find something to share with her their own destiny?
I'll wait for your letter.
Your Evgeniya!!!

Letter 7

Hello my dear John!!!
I am so pleased to again and again to see your message. I am happy to wait for your letters, I am very interesting that you write to me, I am very interested to communicate with you.
As your business?
In this letter I would like to tell you about my daily routine.
I have to wake up very early in the morning because I have to be at work, that's why I get up early in the morning.
I'm so lost in thought, you know how it would be great if I could wake up next to you) and say Good morning to you my beloved!
My name Belova. Did I not said? What about future with you, yes I want to be with you my prince because I really like you!
I want to create with you family. And do you want? What about my English, I know very well this language because I learned it from the very childhood. What about our meeting?
I would not mind that we meet with you. But I wish that I could come to you and not you to me.
Because if you come to me then my parents will not understand.
But now we're unfortunately far from each other.
Well I will continue to tell you about my daily routine.
Then, I do not much warm-up that would be in the form.
After the workout I go into a bath, brush my teeth and shower.
When I do, I start to prepare breakfast as I usually do a breakfast of coffee and sandwiches with sausage, and cheese. In general I try not to eat much fat something to keep myself in shape.
This is how my morning.
Then when I did everything I dress more beautiful. And go out on a stop on the bus.
I ride the bus to work about 20 minutes.
At work, as you know I work in a local newspaper, the manager on advertising columns, And I think that you imagine what I do, the more I told you that I do at work, what responsibility rests on me.
My work ends as I do clock, and then I go into internet cafes that-be to see your letter, Only after I write you a letter I'm going home.
At home I cook dinner, and read novels, and sometimes we go with a friend at the club something to entertain.
but I constantly think about how it would be nice if you were beside me, but I understand it is only a dream.
And what is your daily routine? I'll wait for your message and I hope you write me your daily routine. That's how you spend your typical day. Okay?
Well on this I'll end my today's message.
I'll wait for your letter).
Write me soon my dear!
Your Evgeniya!!!

Letter 8

Hello my dear John!!!
I am very glad to see your message.
I am pleased that we're more and more we learn about each other), I like to communicate with you and recognize you.
I'll like to say that I appear to you a warm feeling, not what would it would be love, just trust and respect.
About Love is too early to say why that we're not familiar, the more I have not seen you in reality. but we're friends and they will stay, I hope so and I told that would be very happy to continue contact with you, because, you're very interesting man!
At their first letters, I said I want to find a decent man, and build their relations only on love. but now I understand that this is not true, and we with you can and not what does not, for whatever reason.
But despite this I would love to stay with your friends, this is so good that I found you, I'm no where and with any man was not so interesting to talk as you.
What about the fact that I came to you and that you and I were together, I'll think over your proposal. Okay?
As soon as I think about and discuss the matter with parents and friends, I'll give you an answer. Agree?
You are very intelligent, honest and serious person. I can give you a lot to tell and share my life with you. and if I in touch with you, that is, we're going to continue to write to each other, I'll be very happy, I want to continue to write to you, and see your letters.
I hope that we'll continue our conversation. My dear write me soon. I will miss you!
I look forward to your letter!
Your Evgeniya!!!

Letter 9

Hello dear John!
Dear I am so glad to receive your letter.
I am very pleased to read.
When I came to the internet cafe and saw your letter, I immediately rose mood, and now I sit and smile, I do not know what's going on with me), I see your letter and I am happy!
In this message I would like to tell you more on the food which is why I believe that every girl should be able cook, it is the most important women's cause.
I know how to cook, like any respectable girl.
My dear, I almost sat all weekend at home and thought about our meeting.
Finally I decided that we should meet as soon as my joy. I love you very much I love and want to come to you!
I like to cook Russian food. at what other dishes I do not know how to cook.
I learned to cook when I was a little girl, I spent all his time in the kitchen with my mom, and now I know how to cook a lot of dishes that my mother taught me.
Especially much I love cooking Russian soup, when you try to be anything Russian soup?
This is a Russian dish, which is made from vegetables, very tasty.
Have you heard about Russian cuisine?
Also I would be interested to know that you love to eat, and you know how do you cook?
I hope you answer my questions in the next message. And now I must go. Today, we are friends going to rest, I do not know where we're going. I'll write you tomorrow and tell you how held this evening. do not miss me)
I am sending you a kiss.
Your Evgeniya!

Letter 10

Hello my dear John!!!
I am glad to receive your wonderful letter from my dear man!
Every time I tell you the truth, that I love to read your letters, your gentle words that I neither when nor who did not speak, and that is what I'm very grateful.
I see that you are always around helping me, so happy for me, are experiencing trying to help me with my problems.
I understand that you are the man that I was looking for my whole life. You are my darling, the man of my life.
Darling, I always dreamed about such a man as you and it would be great if we could have had together. My dear what about meeting? Do you want me to see you arrived?
I thought about our meeting in the near future, I think it would be very good. We have learned a lot about each another, we have a lot in common, and we have excellent relations with you. During all this time as we met, met, you told me so much liked, I was so used to you that I do not have something worse than that thought that I lose you, most do not want to lose you, I want to be with you. be with you my dear!
I'm so happy favorite)
I send you my picture and hope to get your picture in my next letter.
With love your Evgeniya!

Letter 11

My love is John.
I am madly glad to see your letters, your letters always filled with great love for me, which warms my heart.
I can not wait when I'll be there with you, my dear, I am today, as well as was promised in a travel agency and learned all you need For this purpose, so that we could be in place, my lord.
What about the fact I will go to marry you, I do not know yet. Because we're no where not met.
I think that this issue should be addressed at the meeting. Is not it?
I do will be a lot today, when visited, but about everything after 1 more! In the first tourist, I was told that the fastest and convenient way of our meeting will be, if I get to travel Visas!
Tourist visa is valid for 3 months, and prepare within 1-1.5 weeks, if we start the process Preparation of visa very soon, that in 10-11 days, we will Number with each other, if it is not good? I do not expect that we can be in a place so soon, my prince.
To obtain a tourist visa needed more other documents.
My dear at the agency told me that the total cost of my tourist visa and other documents to arrive in your country will be about 600 euros. I ask you that you helped me with this sum.
I think that you can help me with my dear organization of our meeting.
I really hope you can help me with payment of these documents.
In the travel agent asked me how I will soon begin the process of preparing a visa and other documents to which I replied that probably it will be in the near future, because we are with you love each other, and we want to be in place! I'm probably most happy woman is currently on the planet dear.
I do not think that we can in a place so quickly on it just wonderful. Now everything depends on you, how you can help me soon because I can not afford to pay such high costs.
But I think that a man should help the woman. Are you a real man, and I love You are my prince!
I very strongly love you, you're my prince you my ideal I love you more than life. I will love you forever! I am glad that we can so quickly become the number one another.
Sweetheart, I love you madly badly. I look forward to wait Your letter.
Your love Evgeniya!

Letter 12

Hello my dear John!
How are you? I think that all is well!
My dear, I am eagerly waiting for your response and then finally wait.
My gentle, I love you.
I very much want to be with you.
As soon as I read your letter. I ran to the bank. What would be a consultation.
I asked how you can send me money. I was told that the bank transfer will be very long.
The bank advised me to Western Union, This is a money transfer system.
I have been told that there is very convenient to send money.
I asked that the need for translation.
I was told that I should give you their data. Here's my data:

Full Name: Evgeniya
Last Name: Belova
Country: Russia
City: Ufa
Street: Lenina 21-34
Postal Code: 450000

I have been told that you must tell me your full name, complete home address.
This is needed to ensure that I was able to get money.
And most importantly it MTCN. The number of ten digits.
You give it when you send me money. You must be saying to me.
MTCN - this is the most important. Without MTCN I can not get money.
When I go get the money. I should be writing all your data and MTCN.
What would get the money. Favorite me please help me as soon as possible.
I am very happy that soon we will be together. I love you very much.
I keep thinking about our meeting.
I will wait for your letter.
Princess Evgeniya to Prince. For the most beautiful on earth prince.



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